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continued from datre067

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Are the life forms of the new physicality designed ahead of time?”

DATRE: No! They’re like everything else, they evolve. They are being developed right here on your planet now. But the thing is that you can’t see it, because it’s all happening on the ‘insides’ of your bodies at the present time. It’s the ‘insides’ of your bodies that are changing. You’re changing within the ‘head’ area. You’re changing within your throat area. You’re changing within the stomach area. Why do you watch television and see all the ad’s for something for the tummy – that is why? They can say, ‘well its because your food is not pure and its this and that and it’s the next thing’. No, the energies are changing the construct within the physical body. No big deal, it goes on all the time. It has gone on for eons. That’s why you are ‘what’ you are today. That’s why you look like you do today. This is what you have ‘evolved’ into.

JOHN: In other words, everyone on the planet is an image of their forefathers in manifest form.

DATRE: But, they keep changing it. Everything keeps changing, keeps changing and NO you did NOT come from an ape – as much as you want to think you did.

JOHN: Actually, the ‘apes’ came from us, as a model.

DATRE: Yes, they thought it was pretty good so then that animal kingdom picked it up at one point in time. That’s fine, no big deal.

JOHN: OK, John’s next question is… “Will the new systems have a dead zone?” They’re again talking about this new physicality.

DATRE: No! This has not proved to be a ‘good’ experience. It has actually retarded the growth in many areas of… it… you would have moved along a great deal faster, perhaps, had you NOT had a ‘dead zone’. Because, in the ‘dead zone’ many have ‘evolved’ and then scraped, so taking only small portions. If you did not have a ‘dead zone’ it would have been an entirely different evolution. That’s why, the decision was made, by ‘mass’, which is you, that the ‘next’ experience would not have a ‘dead zone’. The ‘evolution’ will be ‘different’, entirely different, in all three areas that you go to. But, that is ‘evolution’, that is what’s the fun. The fun is not staying in the physical body and doing it again and again and again. The fun is getting out and getting something ‘new’ to work with. Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Will the new bodies be cloned or sexed?” Relative to the same new environments.

DATRE: I do not know, that has not been decided. A lot of this is being… it will evolve as it evolves. Now, you see, what I’m talking about is the ‘majority’, will evolve as they evolve. In those that will go to a more or less shadowy type existence, sex will not be… there again, you see your thought patterns, your thought patterns is what will decide where you’re going to go. Because, that is one of the ‘problems’ now, is the existence
of those that are physically based, physically ‘minded’ individuals and those that are thinking in a different area. It is very difficult for those that think so entirely different to be on this planet, because there is such a separation. It is going to be more ‘comfortable’ when this split takes place, so that you can each go at your own pace and be comfortable in it, in that you have, what you would call, ‘like’ thinking, because your ‘thinking’ processes will be so ‘entirely’ different.

Many of you are beginning to experiences these things. Periodically you will… it will be like, ‘my goodness I was someplace else and now I’m here but I don’t know where I was’. You see, what you’re doing now, many of you are beginning to get this feeling of ‘being here’, ‘being there’, ‘being here’, ‘being there’. Some of you are already beginning this ‘transition’ and when that comes, that will be… there will be a ‘timing’ and ‘bingo’ you will be there. But you’re already ‘touching in’ and coming back, ‘touching in’ and coming back, because this ‘is’ where you are until the BIRTH takes place. This is where your ‘want’ to be, because you want to understand as much about ‘this’ planetary existence as you possibly can,
because you want to take that with you. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “It seems the duality of good & bad cannot be discarded, only redefined – simplistically, Creative Expression vs. Stagnation is a good/bad example and from which a multitude of good/bad judgments would be spawned?”

DATRE: Well, that’s something, that as you change your thinking, you’re going to look at things as ISNESS instead of good and bad. That is… I know that’s a difficult concept, but it ‘does’ happen. You can ‘look’ and observe something… as said before, the burning of a body at death, to some individuals that is horror. Now, to an individual that has ‘different’ thought patterns, that is an ISNESS. Good and bad is a ‘strange’ concept
for us to work with, even working through and with this particular information in this particular brain. It is a… It is a changing of the way things appear. Appearance of things changes the thought patterning; the thought patterning changes the appearance. Then it comes to the point that good and bad is not ‘observed’. This IS this way and this IS that way, but
it does not affect the individual looking at it, because it appears as ‘the way it IS’.

Now, a tree that has a limb cut off of it, you look at that and you don’t get all excited about it. The limb is off the tree and you look at the tree next to it and that is perfect, there is nothing wrong with that one, but you look at the tree and you observe them both, but you don’t get any ‘reaction’ from looking at the two trees. But you take humanity and look at humanity and one with a limb off and one that is all right and then the ’emotion’ begins to take over. The emotional body within physicality begins to take over and one is ‘horrible’ and one is ‘great’ or one is ‘fine’, whatever. But, with the individual who’s thinking patterns have begun to change, they look at ‘both’ individuals and ‘both’ are fine. I know that’s a hard concept, but that actually does take place within the physical construct as your thinking towards this reality that you are
living in at the present time changes. Continue.

JOHN: OK, John’s next question is… “What is the purpose of the vivid dream states that have been emerging?”

DATRE: Now, what you’re doing is you’re connecting up with more of the ‘different’ realities that exist within a planetary structure – within your ‘bubble’. You have all of these different realities that are both seen and unseen. You have the ‘dead zone’ which is seen and unseen. You have different realities that exist. You see, what you call a reality and we
have to use your terms, different realities exist at all times. ‘Time spans’ are something different. But, there again there are those that can go into the different ‘time spans’ and observe them. You see, you do this in your dream state, because you’re familiar with it. In your ‘dream state’ you’re familiar with ‘death’ and ‘birth’. In your ‘dream state’ you ‘know’ a great deal more than you do in the ‘wake’ state. What’s happening is,
that as the brain is changing with the energies, you’re changing your ‘perceptions’ and also your ‘realities’ are beginning to merge and your ‘dream states’ are becoming more vivid – that is just a happening. That is just one of the things that is happening that is, shall we say, a result of the ‘new energies’ – I don’t like that word, but I have to use it. Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Does it matter whether those states (referring to the previous vivid dream states) are good/bad in the traditional sense other than the fact that bad is more stressful on the body?”

DATRE: Bad is ‘not’ stressful on the body unless you allow the ’emotions’ to take over. Who’s in control? Are ‘you” in control of your emotions? If you’re in control of your emotions, you wake up from what you call a ‘nightmare’ and you might be exhausted, but, so you’re exhausted, you walk around the next day and you’re really, what they call, beat. But, as you ‘ignore’ that reaction as being something ‘bad’ and realize that it is only a bodily ‘reaction’ and you say, ‘OK, so its a bodily reaction, so we do the best we can today’ and go about your business. The body will ‘rejuvenate’ itself. But, because you’re so ‘bodily’ oriented you will stay with those ‘thought’ patterns, divert those thought patterns; just let the body take care of itself. It’s only stressful because of the emotional
quality that is put on it.

Why do some people get a headache and never take an aspirin? And why do some people get a headache and the first they say is, ‘where’s the aspirin, where’s the aspirin, you don’t have any aspirin?’ No. Then they think you’re some kind of strange animal because you don’t. ‘Don’t you ever get headaches?’ Yes. ‘Don’t you ever take aspirin?’ No. ‘How come you don’t?’ ‘Because I don’t need to, it’ll go away when it gets ready to go away’. You
see, the ‘difference’ in the thinking? Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Is the level-of & type-of memory chosen before incarnation?”

DATRE: No! Memory is… has nothing to do with that. Genetics are chosen. Memory is ‘evolved’ from experiences from the day that you have birth. That’s brain ‘patterning’, brain ‘patterning is memory. Genetics, you take, you pick up what you want genetically. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “How will memory operate as time becomes delineated?”

DATRE: Is he referring to, like a day? Remembering in a day or is he remembering from like you were five years ago or something?

JOHN: I think he’s talking about how memory will function when the linear aspects on it disappear.

DATRE: Well, you still, through ‘mass consciousness’, you will hang on to a ‘time’, what we call ‘pseudo’ time. Now, I think we went through this before, that as an example, Aona will call to John, ‘its time to eat’ and John will come to the table and say, ‘I don’t know what happened, this has been the shortest day’ and Aona will say, ‘and I didn’t think this day was ever going to end, it just dragged’. You have your own time. The only thing
you will agree on… you put a picture in front of you and you put the clock at six and Aona will look and see the clock at six, but she put it there. John didn’t put six up there on that clock, Aona did. The body reacts to day and night, the physical body reacts to that, the physical body reacts to the cyclic motion of day-night. The body reacts to ’empty’ and ‘full’. So, body is reacting to, what you call, evening. It’s reacting to ’empty’. So Aona puts up on the clock six – time to eat. Now, if John were making the meal, John would put the six on the clock and he would call Aona.

You agree to meet friends, downtown at a certain time. You will ‘agree’ that your watch says two o’clock. Now, you’ll say, ‘we certainly got here in a hurry’. Your time you see, is your ‘own time’. Your pictures are your own pictures, what you taste, what you see, what you smell. You agree there’s a white chair sitting back there. But, how do you know what the other person’s white chair looks like? It’s the ‘agreement’ that is setting your time now more than it has ever done before. Your ‘mass consciousness’
is going to agree on the time between certain individuals. So, that is how you’re going to maintain, what you call, your ‘pseudo’ time. Does that help explain it?

JOHN: Yes, it’s an agreement to various patterns that each individual has individually set up.

DATRE: That’s right, that’s right.

JOHN: OK, John’s final question is… “Are there types of memory suited to such time alterations or is it the way which consciousness is handled by the brain?”

DATRE: Well, I just explained… I don’t think we need to go any further. It is a combination of things that is going to set your ‘time’ from here on and has already been setting it for a period of time, lets put it that way.

JOHN: He’s relating that again to memory and all that really is a ‘pattern’ recognition.

DATRE: All right, now, let us put something else in here. As your ‘thinking’ changes, you are changing the, shall we say, the ‘groves’ in your gray matter, lets put it that way. Your brain is made up of all kinds of… they look at the brain and they see this gray hunk of stuff with all these indentations in it and so forth. Now, the ‘roads’ inside the brain, shall we say, there’s little connections all over and what the brain does, it’s like a computer. You talk about something five years ago, the little computer brain will pick-up the “memory” of five years ago. Now, as your thought patterning’s change some of that which ‘you’ feel is insignificant, to your present day evolutionary pattern, if that’s unimportant, it will change and that pattern will not be necessary, so you can erase that and
put something else in it’s place.

You don’t need as much memory as you have. In fact, if you were to be without memory it probably would be a lot easier for you, because you couldn’t relate ‘back’. The only thing you could do was relate to the present. So, the brain is not necessarily the best idea, because it gives you ‘past’ memory and that in its own way will take you ‘out’ of the present in that which you call remembrance, which is ‘temporally’ taking you out of today where you should be. So, the brain is not necessarily the greatest thing. So the patterning in changing and continuing to change it will get to the point that this in the ‘back’ is not necessary, so the reference will not be there. There are some that will say, ‘well don’t you remember back in such and such a year?’. The brain will search and there’s nothing there. That is good, that is good, the more that happens the easier it will be to
stay here. Continue.

JOHN: Here being the present.

DATRE: Yes, right, like ‘now’.

JOHN: That was the last question finally finishing John’s list of questions.

DATRE: All right, those are some good questions. We took you into some areas that we want you to really, really study and look at. Evolution is ‘not’ forcing yourself into areas that you are ‘uncomfortable’ with. Evolution is ‘observing’ and watching and making decisions at the present time. The good and bad, the right and wrong, the black and white is this reality that this
particular planet is experiencing, those on the planet are experiencing. That will continue, because that’s the way this was set up. The difference will only take place after the BIRTH in whatever NEW reality ‘you’ wish to experience and it is your thought patterning’s, your understandings, that will take you to where you are going to go. You see, everybody talks about how ‘grand’ OUT THERE is; the GRANDNESS is where you are at the present time.
The good and bad exist. As you learn to ‘look’ at that from a different standpoint it becomes entirely different, everything changes, not for everybody else, it changes for YOU. Now, the more YOU’s that change, that changes the thought patterns of the ‘mass’ of humanity and that is ‘evolution’, is changing the ‘mass’ – it is automatic. That does not mean that those that are out at the ‘tip’ of the spear are ‘working’ to change humanity. They are too busy experiencing their own existence to be bothered with trying to ‘change’ humanity and change the thinking. But, automatically, they are changing ‘mass consciousness’ thinking.

It is an automatic, because it is like, if you put oil and water together they separate, all right, that is what happens in thought patterning. That’s where the separation is. You can shake-em up, shake-em up and it all mixes together, but leave it alone and it separates. That is what’s going to happen when we get to the ‘timing’ of the BIRTH, because that’s a Universal timing. There are several things in the Universe that are involved with the timing. The ‘separation’ is going to be there and this is where the great JOY is going to come in, because you’re going to have that feeling, at last I’m out of this and I’m on to something NEW.

We are talking to a man right now. Just as a little example, say you have an old car and you’re constantly repairing it and constantly fixing it just to get to work and back home, work and back home and maybe go someplace to eat and so forth. But constantly repairing it, ‘well just last another week longer, ’til I get enough money’. Then one day you have the money to go
down and buy that ‘new’ car that you have been looking at and longing for and wanting and wanting and you can go in and get the new car. Then have some ‘new’ experience, here a brand new car. You open up and you see the engine and it’s all new, everything is brand new, ‘I don’t have to fix anything to make it work’.
That is where the separation of these in the thought patterning’s, it is the same thing. Those with different thought
patterning’s are constantly trying to keep the ‘old engine’ going so that they can continue their experiences and constantly fixing, constantly fixing, changing the thought patterning’s from what they were to what they are and what they want at the present time. And they’re ‘seeing’ out there, shall we say, what they want, because it is a ‘feeling’ within. They ‘know’ there’s going to be a NEW ADVENTURE and there is an ‘excitement’ within,
there is a ‘knowing’ within that nobody can tell you about, but you ‘know’ and one day you’re are going to be able to have the NEW car, the NEW experience. And those that are perfectly happy driving around in the junkers, they will go someplace else, that is what this is all about. But, you’d say, ‘if they don’t… if they want to go there, why don’t they go there?’ They cannot go there until the timing is right.

You can’t paint the picture of what it’s going to be like, because you don’t ‘know’ what it’s going to be like. That’s what’s so great about it; you don’t have any idea what it’s going to be like. Those that want the same thing can stay with the same thing. They think that the human existence is the greatest thing there is, they will stay with it and that is fine, that is their evolution – everyone has their own. The physical body is a vehicle for experience. So you that are changing your thought patterns are constantly fixing what you have and adapting it to what you ‘know’ and still maintaining the physical vehicle. It won’t be long and you can change it and have a NEW CAR. We’ve enjoyed being with you, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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