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JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Wood, his first question is… “I’d like to know if an individual aware of the coming changes could know also its own changes? In other words, I feel which my future could be, but it seems so unbelievable so I put it aside as crazy stuff”

DATRE: Now, many of you are beginning to get ‘glimpses’ of what you ‘think’ your future may be. If it feels ‘crazy stuff’, so its crazy stuff. But you see, it is very important for all of you to ‘know’ that the ‘teachings’ of the physical construct come from YOU. In other words, those that hear or read the Datre information, how come everyone doesn’t read it? What makes an individual ‘want’ to read and want to become acquainted with the Datre material? The YOU that you are is constantly trying to give you messages to ‘act out’ in physicality. The dream state is when this occurs, because your ‘awareness’ level is different.
You have an ‘understanding’ that ‘this is what I wish to achieve in this, what I would call, my ‘life time”. In other words, you set up the parameters and what happens is, if you’re
searching for information you will be aware in the daytime that you’re looking for information. Now, you don’t know exactly where to find the information you’re looking for but you keep searching. You go to bookstores, you go listen to people talk, you pick-up this, you pick-up that, you talk to other individuals, you’re ‘searching’ for answers, ‘how come?’, ‘why?’. Just like a little child. A little child has to… they go through stages of asking more questions than the parents can answer. The parents become frustrated because the child – ‘how come?’ ‘why?’, ‘what for?’ and they keep it up and they keep it up and keep it up.

Those that have reached the point of ‘knowing’ that they want more information about what this ‘whole system’ of physical reality and Universality and everything else, they want to ‘know’ they want to ‘know’. So, they keep asking the questions and they keep searching for all that which they can find that will give them answers. Now, we’re saying, how come all the people don’t read the Datre? Simply because that is ‘not’ in
their evolutionary process at this time. They have not reached the point of even ‘wanting’ this information. They will search and look for that which is compatible with their evolution. Everyone is at a different stage of evolution.

Now, if you’re getting to the point that you’re beginning to get ‘glimpses’ and ‘feelings’ about different realities, about different understandings, you see, you’re putting all of these things in front of you constantly, so that you in physicality can pick and choose what is ‘right’ for you ‘today’. Nothing is ‘crazy’, in your terms regardless of ‘what’ you may be ‘seeing’ or experiencing. You don’t ‘know’ to what depth you’re going to be able to understand. That’s why you only get glimpses. The whole package is there constantly, but you can’t handle the ‘whole package’ in physicality, so you give yourself little glimpses depending on your understanding and your inner knowingness. That will make a difference as to what you’re able
to comprehend and what you’re able to ‘feel’ inside yourself and even to the point to what you call, “seeing” in other realities.

Now, this business we have spoke of and this is why this is good that this is tacked on to the other one we just finished, where we have spoken about those that are beginning to be here, and there and here and there. Now, you must remember, that if you’re ‘here’ and you’re ‘there’ are not that much different, then you’re really not making that big an evolutionary jump. But the ‘here’ and ‘there’ that you experience, if you’re ‘there’ is
into this more ‘wispy’ environment, if you get a glimpse of ‘that’ and bring it back it will look, like you say, ‘crazy’. Because the physical brain at this time cannot comprehend what the ‘next existence’ is going to be. Does that help explain?

JOHN: Yes, I think that’s very good as far as that’s concerned.

DATRE: Well then continue and on the next question maybe we can go further.

JOHN: Wood’s next and last question is… “Is there a limit to the evolution of an individual in our physical state?”

DATRE: No, absolutely not. Go as far as you can go. But, remember, don’t ‘push’ yourself – ‘allow’ yourself. There is a great deal of difference. ‘Pushing’ yourself can distort. ‘Allowing’ yourself is an entirely different situation. There are peoples that push themselves into different areas, different disciplines and so forth because they think that is the thing to do and it can cause utter confusion in many cases. At one point,
many years ago, the big number was sleeping under a pyramid like frame thing. There have been individuals that have become so completely disoriented that they had sought help because they thought they were going mad. Other people can sleep under those pyramids and nothing will happen. You see, its fine to experiment with things, but experiment with things that are ‘not’ detrimental to you. The energy within a pyramid is an energy that is very different and can cause a lot of confusion within that which you call your brain.

Energy is, at this particular time, is to be used, but use it wisely. In other words, if you want to begin to experiment with things, experiment with things that are more understandable. Like going into a plant and experiencing what a plant is feeling like. Working with, I think we gave you a long time a go that business with the waterfall, where you watch the waterfall and then turn around and you become disoriented. They’ve got those things in the papers that Aona is fascinated by, these are
newspapers. She is fascinated by the puzzles that you look at, you put the paper up to your nose and then you take it away and then what happens, another image appears. They also have art gallery pictures like that.
You see, when you experiment with things like that what you’re doing, you’re allowing yourself different latitudes and really, that is a very good way of learning. It is not detrimental to you, it is a very temporary thing, but it is a learning process. The, what you call the ‘morphing’, very interesting to watch. Now, what that is all about, is that this is the way some individuals view reality. In other words, Aona is fascinated by ‘morphing’. Why? Because by just changing a little bit, she can ‘morph’ her reality in the daytime. So you see, by learning to ‘shift’ a little bit, you lose that ‘tight’ grip on physicality. You’re loosening yourself, your letting yourself go and this is good. You don’t have to do any ‘magic’ tricks of any kind.

But what we’re trying to do in the ‘words’ that we give you, is try and get you to look at things differently. Constantly look at things in a different way. Listening to things differently. Listening to a sound and then changing it. Listen to a bird and then listen to that bird and then you kind of change it and you kind of ‘slide’ in an out of sounds. There are many, many things that you can learn in physicality that are extremely fascinating.

Now, some people see auras, some people don’t see auras. But go someplace where you can stand back and look at the tops of trees like you look at the picture, get your eyes a little bit out of focus. Get your eyes a little bit out of focus and look at the top of the trees and look at the ‘white’ that comes above the trees. It is extremely fascinating if you have trees with tremendous amounts of energy. You will see that ‘white’ go way up into the sky. Other trees that have very low energy you’ll see just a little piece of ‘white’ above the trees. After a rain when it lightens up again, you can look at the trees and you can see great big expanses of ‘white’ way above the trees, because the trees have been re-energized. Its… any body can do it, it is not a big thing, but its beginning to look at everything
in a ‘different’ construct.

That is apparently what this person (Wood) is doing, is beginning to ‘see’ the difference in what you would call your ‘mass’ solid reality and the ‘finer’ points of this reality. That’s what all this is, when you begin to see energy, you’re beginning to see the ‘finer’ points of this reality. The emanations of energy, from individuals, from plants, from animal, from whatever, it’s adjusting. Then you see, what happens is, when you begin to ‘realize’ many of these things, what you’re doing is ‘allowing’ yourself to ‘know’ and in ‘knowing’ you eliminate one of your biggest obstacles on your planet and that is ‘fear’.

‘Fear’ is your biggest number. That is why people ‘cluster’. That is why people get together in groups, its ‘fear’. Now, when you begin to think of your ‘States’ and how few people that were on them and these people that went and lived way out by themselves, those that went to ranches, shall we say and all they had was husband and wife. They lived miles and miles from
anybody. What was their stability? They couldn’t run to a doctor. They didn’t have anyone else to communicate with. They probably saw somebody every couple of weeks or something. But those individuals ‘knew’ themselves. They were not ‘afraid’. There are those that take off and go into the ocean in small boats all by themselves. They ‘know’ themselves; there is no ‘fear’ just exhilaration.
But you see, because of the number of individuals upon your planet you’ve clustered, clustered, clustered, clustered. You don’t have ‘alone’ time. You don’t ‘take’ the time to be alone. You don’t ‘want’ to be alone. You don’t want to sit in the ‘outdoors’ alone and listen to the outdoors. You’re so used to having ‘noise’ come in through your ears that when that ceases, you become nervous, you become agitated. You have to do something, you can’t sit still, you go get some ‘noise’ of some kind, because, that is what you’ve gotten into.

It is those that get ‘away’ from the ‘noise’ and ‘allow’ themselves to ‘see’ things from an entirely different perspective and that is what this individual (Wood) is doing is allowing himself to see and hear ‘differently’. Then when you do that, it is no longer ‘fear’, but excitement. What am I going to experience next? I mean, this was grand, but what’s next? Then something will pop up when least expected. No, you are not ‘crazy’. You are finally beginning to experience what LIFE is all about.
There is NO LIMITATION on where you can go, what you can understand, what you can learn, what you can experience. And no one can tell you, ‘oh, you must be experiencing this’ or ‘you must be experiencing that’. How do they know? They’re not within your physical construct. You see, that is one of the big problems, is other people telling you what you can and can’t do
or what you’re doing and what you’re not doing. The greatest one is the interpretation of dreams. How do they know what kind of message you are trying to give to yourself? They have not the slightest clue. ‘Well, if your dream has this in it, its that’, because everybody ‘agrees’ that its that. Its just like science, everybody agrees that this is a ‘fact’ until something comes along and changes it.
Allow yourself to go and do not allow yourself to be talked in or out of anything. YOU ARE ALONE – period. It’s in your ‘aloneness’ of being and knowing your self that GRAND things happen. It is not what anyone tells you, it is what you, deep down inside, KNOW. It might be ‘crazy’ to other people, but other people are of no concern to you whatsoever. You chose this physical existence for a reason, which only ‘you’ know and it can only be revealed to you, when you are ready to ‘accept’ it. That’s what we talk about, when we say, ‘surf the wave’. The energy waves that are coming in are different. Allow them, allow your experiences, don’t ‘push’, just observe, let it happen AND ENJOY. We are Datre.


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