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JOHN: OK, today we have some questions from Larry and he’s making reference to some of the earlier Datre material and would like some clarification, his first question is… “It would seem as if the Entity who supplied me with My ‘life spark’ would be like a God to me.”

DATRE: Why? Why would that be like a God? In physicality you have a mother and a father, but you don’t necessarily revere them. In fact a lot of times there’s a great deal of animosity between children and their parents, dislike for parents many times. So, what would be the difference? You see. You’re but a ‘small’ portion of the YOU that you are that is expressing
through physicality. So, lets leave it at that and see where the rest of these questions go.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is that one of our concepts of God?” relative to the previous question.

DATRE: I don’t know, I really don’t know. I don’t know what ‘mans’ concept of God is because every individual on this planet, and there’s I don’t know how many people you’ve got, each one has a different concept of that which they call God or the All That Is or whatever name they want to give it. Everyone has a ‘different’ concept. You all agree on certain fundamentals, but there’s no two alike, no more than your fingerprints are alike. So what mans concept of God is, is individualistic. Continue.

JOHN: The next question, continuing along those lines says… “Also it would seem that the Entity who supplied me with my ‘life spark’ would also have a personality and we should be able to communicate in some fashion with that entity. Is that possible?”

DATRE: Well we have spoken many times of you getting in touch with the YOU that you are and by doing that, expressing ‘more’ of what you are. If that is who you wish to revere and call your God, it is the YOU that you are but a physical expression of. Now, the more you know about the YOU that you are, the more you’ll realize that you’re the ‘expression’. Then the more
that you come in contact with the YOU that you are that you express the ‘true’ you which you wish to express. Continue.

JOHN: All right, now we have another question from Larry, which says… “Is it possible that the Entity that Neal Walsch termed God in his book ‘Conversations with God’ is such a ‘life spark’ producing entity?”

DATRE: Now, the ‘life spark’ producing Entity is but a CONTAINMENT. The Entity that ‘sparked’ the YOU that you are is a CONTAINMENT. Now, this becomes very complicated. But, when Entities decided that they wished to participate in their creation they found that they could ‘zip through’, shall we say, but had no way of containing a memory. So they devised a way
of being able to ‘express’ in physicality through a medium that would have a memory to contain memory of experiences.

Now, at the time of the BIRTH you will leave through an Entity. In other words, you will merge or gravitate to an Entity that will take you ‘out’ of this physicality. Now, I don’t wish to go into that any further, because it gets too complicated, but the Entity is a containment, that’s all an Entity is. Your experiences is what the Entity will gain and gather at the time of the BIRTH. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “After reading that book, (referring to Conversations with God) it doesn’t seem like Mr. Walsch is communicating with a ‘Dead Zone’ entity.”

DATRE: Now, the ‘dead zone’ Entities are a multiplicity. There are different ‘realities’ within that which you call your ‘dead zone’. Just as there are different reality expressions within physicality. Now, this becomes complicated, in that… I will use an example of being able to ‘predict’ a future event. Now, it has been said and you’ve heard it many times before, ‘well such and such was predicted and it didn’t happen’. In which reality ‘didn’t’ it happen? In which reality ‘did’ it happen? Just because you have you feet on planet earth that does NOT mean that the reality that ‘you’ are living in and the neighbor next door is living in are one and the same. Now, that’s very mind bogging. This is why it is difficult to explain ‘realities’ because realities merge and realities separate. Now, the same thing exists in that which you call your ‘dead zone’. In the ‘dead zone’, your ‘package’ of recent physical life goes with
you and that life experience you take with you and ‘that’ takes you into different ‘realities’ within that which you call your ‘dead zone’.

Now, there are multiple realities within the ‘dead zone’ also. Now, at the time of the BIRTH is when ALL within physicality, in living or in death, which ever you happen to be in, at the time of the BIRTH, this is when ALL leave the planet. No one has left the planet previously. Now, in those realities that are as far as you can go within this planetary BUBBLE, those realities out that far, if you want to call it that or use that terminology
for your minds eye to figure, that ‘touches’ and those in THAT reality can touch into UNIVERSAL awareness. But, its a back and a forth, its not there to stay but, the information is there. So, from that realm, you can see where that material blends. Understood?

JOHN: Yes, I understand that.

DATRE: All right fine, then continue.

JOHN: Further on that, those realities in their proximity could also relate to ‘dead zone’, physicality, UNIVERSE all that is assessable from that vantage point.

DATRE: Yes, yes, from that vantage point it is, because that is… those that stay in that are staying there for ‘teaching’. Because in every reality, that exists within your BUBBLE, there are what we call teachers – you call teachers. We have to use the word ‘teachers’ simply because that’s something you’re familiar with. You go to school, you have a teacher. You go to college, you have a teacher. You go to learn a trade, electronics or whatever, you have a teacher. Someone with specific knowledge in certain areas are called teachers.

JOHN: At least those that try to communicate that knowledge, yes.

DATRE: Yes, yes. So, you call them teachers. All right to use your language, in every reality, there are those, which you would term teachers. Like the old saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Its not like when you go to school, you ‘get’ a teacher. Here in what you call your ‘different’ learning other than out of books in physicality, in your ‘other’ learning of things you want to know, you call for information and the information that you get, you say, comes from a teacher. Be it a physical teacher or if you want to call it, words in your head. You still refer to that information as a teacher. So in ALL realities you have that which you call teachers. Then you see it is like with us, in this UNIVERSE we know there are OTHER UNIVERSES. How do we know? Because we have taped into that information or however you want to put it.

The same way with those that are in what you would call, the furthest out reality have tapped into UNIVERSAL knowledge. Because at that point, you’re working with that which you call MIND information, which is in your whole BUBBLE, I mean everything that’s in your BUBBLE is in your BUBBLE. That is
what they call the MIND; your brain is in your head. The MIND of
information is what surrounds you and that surrounds everything that’s within the BUBBLE. Then those that are furthest out are working from that standpoint. They work with a different concept entirely. That’s why they’re going to be able to go out when the BIRTH occurs, they’ll just be out in the UNIVERSE and it will be very natural for them because they already are working off the principle of MIND. They’re not working from a ‘brain’ function and that’s very difficult in physicality to understand.

JOHN: I’d like to bring up another point, as I understand it, also some of those that are out there are there purposely in order to NOT go beyond that point and disrupt the BIRTH.

DATRE: Definitely! Yes, because this has to be a UNIVERSALLY ‘timed’ event. So, yes definitely.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “Also isn’t it possible that Entities would communicate with us and use terms we can relate to like ‘God’ and themselves have a higher understanding of what God means?”

DATRE: All right, God seems to be a stumbling block for many individuals. In books, in the teachings of the Ram, in a lot of your teachings, the reference is to God. The reference to God is there for a comfort value. People are more comfortable if they think this information is coming from God. God is a protector. God is all loving, all caring, all knowing, all seeing. That is the context that you have put on the ‘concept’ of a God. This is a ‘comfort’ zone for those in physicality. Because they can’t
imagine, that they, in and of themselves, by asking and asking and asking for answers, gets to the point that they realize that they CAN stand on their own. They reach a point where they KNOW who they are. Then when you KNOW who you are, then you don’t need anyone else to rely on. Now, that doesn’t mean the questions stop. But it means that you no longer need to rely on another individual for anything. You KNOW who you are and it does not matter what anyone else thinks, believes, understands, or knows, it doesn’t matter. You KNOW who you are and when you know WHO you are, you don’t need a security blanket any longer.

Now, for those that need a security blanket, there’s nothing wrong with that, because we have said many, many ‘gillion’ times, ‘evolution is an ongoing process’. Then as you begin to understand more and more and more, these things happen automatically. You don’t have to ‘push’ to try and become something, because you already ARE, you just have to ask the
questions till you discover WHO you are and we’ve said that a ‘gillion’ times. So, the concept of a God is from our standpoint a security blanket that the majority of the people are very uncomfortable without. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… continuing along the same lines… “It would seem that each of us must progress according to our understanding and thus receive information accordingly.”

DATRE: That is correct and that is exactly what happens. You see, we’re sitting here giving information that will be put on the NET and for everyone that we have that is a recipient of this information, everyone that reads this information will have a different concept of ‘what’ is being said. That is why we try to keep things so that it is understandable by everyone. The ‘symbols’ are your interpretation and everyone interprets differently. So, everything is fine, as it is, information is ‘always’ important. It is for ‘you’ to decipher, what you want and what you don’t want and no one can tell you what is right or wrong, because its for ‘you’. Then when you get together with people, after talking, there can be an ‘agreement’ on information and this is fine. But, agreement or disagreement
on information doesn’t matter, because ‘you’ are the one, each individual, that is seeking their own individual answers and each one will be different. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “It would seem that each ‘life spark’ would have to originate from another Entity ad infinitum.”

DATRE: Yes, you have a certain number of Entities that put off ‘multiple life sparks’ for this expression in planetary existence. Now, there are those of you who are becoming a complete and total SELF. So, when that point is reached that you become a ‘complete’ and total SELF, an Entity is no longer required. Because when you become a SELF and you ‘know’ who you
are then you don’t need a ‘containment’ to take you any place to do anything, because then you ARE. But, in this particular BUBBLE these experiences that are being gained by ALL the ‘life sparks’ will be… the ‘life sparks’ will be like, they’re drawn like a magnet to an Entity to leave here at the time of the BIRTH. That is very simplistic, but lets put it that way. There will be no one, shall we say, left behind for lack of an Entity because one Entity contains many, many ‘sparks’. Continue.

JOHN: Sort of like a tour bus.

DATRE: That is correct, but the bus doesn’t have any feeling.

JOHN: Yes, I understand that, but capacity wise.


JOHN: The next question is… “It would also seem to me that the
originating Entity would have a personality and not be an impersonal energy field.”

DATRE: You see, there again we get into this business of words. What you call a personality is something that an Entity would not understand. There again, you’re putting it in terms of physicality and it becomes a stumbling block, because an Entity is waiting for you and ‘your’ experiences. So, the Entity will be ‘enlarged’ in its capacity of understanding, by your experiences. The Entity only experiences physicality through the YOU that you are. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “At least after receiving the experiences of it’s many created ‘life sparks’ it would develop a personality.” Again referring to the Entity.

DATRE: Now, because this is NEW we’ll see after the BIRTH. This is different than ever before. This is why so many are here, they want to see what’s going to happen, they want to see how this is going to work – first time experiment.

JOHN: Nobody’s ever seen this kind of a show.

DATRE: No! And that’s why it is excitement for those that are waiting for the final experience of the BIRTH out of this planetary existence. So, we shall see, it shall be GRAND whatever happens. One thing that we have always said, ‘if you know you ARE, you know you have been and you know you will BE, that is always very pleasant’, ride the WAVE and see where it
takes you. Lots of big surf out there. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “In the “White Ramtha Book” Ramtha talks a lot about God. Who or what is he talking about?”

DATRE: Now, you must realize, as we have said before, ‘everyone’s concept of God is different’. You don’t have a fingerprint like anyone else in this whole planetary existence, what makes you think that your concept of God is the same as anyone else’s? That is why physicality is so unique. Your Aspect Selves or your whatever portions of the YOU that you are is existing in, what you call, different time spans, in different realities and everything else.
How much different the concept of “a God” back in 1500 and a concept of a God in today? Altogether different, because in the reading of books you can see the difference in the way individuals thought about God, that’s in your literature. If any of you are readers, so that you know what has been going on in many of your ‘time’ periods. Your concept of God as far as ‘mass consciousness’ is concerned has changed consistently. Now, we’re back to that famous word again EVOLUTION. So, what was RAMTHA’s concept of God, what was he trying to get you to understand about the concept of God, that was that time, this is this time and although it was not a span of not that many years, to some individuals, that short span of years has been like some individuals look at that as an entirely different life time.
They look back to that time when they were hearing that information and trying to understand what they thought at that time and its so different to what they think today that it has no correlation, even within one personalities life time. So, you see, everything keeps changing constantly and there again, it is ‘your’ concept of what you think of as a God. It is not important to anyone else. Its what you think and how you react towards that concept. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “If he (referring to Ramtha) is of Universal Understanding it would seem that He is using a term suitable for the audience.”

DATRE: That is correct, that is absolutely correct. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “It seems that Ramtha is referring to a great ‘IS ness’. Is this the all or a subordinate part?”

DATRE: Now, you seem, for whatever reason and this is not only the one that is asking the questions, this is for the majority of the people, you seem to think there’s only ONE. You refer to IS ness, you refer to ONE God, you seem to think there’s one at the top and everything spreads down from there. It is NOT that way and we have tried to get that concept out to you.

Datre goes under ‘one’ heading, one name, that took a long time to figure out, the body accepts many different, what would you call us, different ones that come and speak through her. Now, we are all different. We are NOT one. We are all different. We all use this physical body different. We use the throat different. We use the eyes different. Some cannot use the eyes of the body.

Now, let us go one step further and really get you out there and start thinking a little deeper. The one concept that is very difficult for anyone to comprehend is the fact that each one of us can be ‘multiple’. Now, lets say from a physical standpoint, the only way you can function in physicality is through the body – one body – that’s all you have to do is function through ONE body. Now, lets stretch you a little bit. What would it be like if you were given TWO bodies to function through, simultaneously
and be aware of ‘both’ at the same time? Can you imagine one of them that wants to be out in an automobile and another one sitting at a table eating and you’re doing BOTH at the same time and you’re AWARE of both at the same time?
That is a concept that is difficult for you, because you only have one body to work with. Now, as you progress through the ‘stages’ of physicality, through the ‘stages’ of your different realities, you will get to the point where you WILL function in TWO places at the same time and be FULLY aware of BOTH. Hard concept? Yes, but there are those upon your planet that before the BIRTH will be doing exactly that, in full and ‘total’ awareness. They will be walking TWO worlds simultaneously and be aware of both. But continue to return to ‘this’ planetary physicality until the BIRTH takes place. Now, big number? Yes! But it will be done by those on your planet before the BIRTH takes place. So, continue.

JOHN: The next and final question from Larry is… “I guess trying to understand in this way all falls apart when we get into the infinite nature of ‘All that Is’.”

DATRE: Well you see, All that Is was a phrase that was introduced how many years ago, it was used to ‘expand the God concept. It was to get you to expand your thinking beyond a God that you figure that looked like a man but be more than any man could possibly ever be. So the All that Is concept was brought forth to ‘expand’ your concept that All that Is is ‘more’ than
this planet and expand it to All that Is is all that you can see. In other words, if the concept of All that Is was not invented, maybe you would not be going to what you call Mars in your tin machines right now. So you see, different concepts are brought forward to expand your awareness into different areas of understanding.
So when ‘you’ use the term ‘All that Is’ its just another BIGGER God. So that is something you have now, but really it’s not necessary. You don’t have to refer to God or All that Is or any of that, we use the term IS ness in a different context, but you use that as another God terminology. What you’re actually doing is trying to put a Universal thought pattern into the God concept and it doesn’t work. What you have to realize is that the Universe isn’t just one it is many.

In other words, lets get real simplistic; if you had a little farm, say 500 acres, that one man could operate with the modern equipment. Now lets pretend that the one man is God and that 500 acres is this planet. Now, there’s a great big company, who is buying up all these farms to produce products and has all manner of people working for it to insure proper operation. They have all these different people working all these different farms, they may have a CEO, but he doesn’t usually do much except try to avoid giving answers. It is all these people involved that do the work to keep the operation running smoothly. This is the relationship that you are trying to fit into that one term God, it doesn’t work.

Now, you don’t have to refer to ‘All that Is’, you don’t have to refer to God, you don’t have to refer to anything, even in everyday conversation, its just a habit. Because if you begin to work with concepts and ideas and the way you see things as opposed to others, those words don’t even have to be there. You see, one thing that is probably not realized to the extent that it should be, is the ‘vibration of your words give an impression. The vibration of your words and the symbols on your paper are such that if you continue to use certain words and patterns they become real. If you use a given word or symbol often enough you can actually create a monster and you don’t even realize it, because it’s the repetition that reinforces that particular vibrational pattern. So when you work with concepts, you eliminate certain word or symbol patterns. Then as you begin to use concepts and ideas one day you’ll begin to realize, ‘I don’t use those terms any more’. These words or symbols are just like everything else, it’s just a habit and habits take time to change. But as you become aware of a habit, each time you will come closer to catching yourself before you use that habit and one day that habit will be no more. Is that the last question?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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