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Datre answers Thomas (part I)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Thomas, his first question is… “What is the function/purpose of the physical body in the BIRTH process?”

DATRE: There’s really not a function as far as that is concerned. What they hope to achieve is that ‘some’ will be able to leave this planetary existence and go ‘directly’ out into the Universe with the physical body. Not like you see the physical body, but the ability to duplicate a physical body in the Universe. That will be a first because there is no physicality
per se in the Universe. So for that individual to be able to go out into the UNIVERSE with the total understanding of physicality as far as the body is concerned, to be able to take that and to be able to, shall we say, in a way, be able to ‘duplicate’ that construct for a learning process. In other
words, you’re not going to stand on a cloud and make your body appear, that isn’t the point. The evolution of the body is… on this planet, is far beyond those on other planetary systems. So to be able to take the ‘knowledge’ of HOW a physical body is constructed and it’s operational… how it operates is going to be very interesting, because in itself it will be a study of something very unique in Universal understanding.

Not only that, the information that will go in this ‘packet’ of what you call ‘physicality’ will also be the many different functions of your ‘glands’ and your ‘brain’ etc. The evolution to this point has been indeed GRAND. So it will be a ‘totality’ of all that has been able to be absorbed and shall we say, learned and understood in this physicality, will be in a
package that will be taken by who ever is able to go out ‘directly’ into the Universe. That will be a first. There will be some that will be able to do it. At this point we don’t know how many, but it will be very few. Because, to have the understanding of all that is involved in this, not only ‘this’ planetary existence, but previous planetary existences that
that, shall we say, individual will carry with them, will be of great value to those in the Universe who have no idea of what a physical life time or life ‘times’ is all about. What is a brain? What is the function of a brain? What is the function of the ‘glands’ within a body? What is the function of ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’ and all of those different things in a ‘mass’ package?

You see, you can’t take ‘mass’ from this planet out into the Universe. You take the ‘concepts’ of what is involved in a physical body. Now, that is not as easy as it sounds.

JOHN: The essence, the…

DATRE: Well, no, no, because essence would have a ‘mass’ quality. So you see, it can’t even be essence because that essence would have a… even like an essence that you smell, they call those essences in little bottles, that have different smells to them, that is ‘still’ physically based. So you see, even an essence could not go. But it would be the little ‘package’ which would be the ‘knowing’ of physicality and its functions and how the brain works and all of these things. These will be extremely interesting, because in the Universe things could be put together, shall we say, for explanations, so that others could benefit from that. So it will be ‘unique’, it will be very unique.

So, as to thinking you can take the physical body, no you cannot, this belongs to the planet, it will stay with the planet. Even if you go someplace else, this will stay with the planet. Because you’ll ALL, in going to other planets, will take with you but a ‘package’ for reconstruction upon whatever type of surface you go to. But this stays with the planet, just like grass and everything else. Because that is what you’re composed of. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Do we take it with us when we go, or is it more of a launching pad to where we are going?”

DATRE: It is neither, you don’t take it with you and it is not a launch pad. Like I say, the only thing I can explain it is that you will take a ‘packet’ with you. You see, one of the difficulties in explaining to you is that when you “die” you take many things with you. In other words, that’s why people don’t know that they’re ‘dead’. That’s why they try to get back
in their bodies, because they don’t ‘know’ that they’re out of the body and can’t get back in again. They stay around their body and try to ‘reactivate’ the body, but they are ‘disconnected’, they are severed from it. Perhaps one of the best examples of that was many years ago you had a TV program called MASH and one of the men under some medication was able to
‘see’ these people that had died and were looking for their bodies. They did a very good program on that, because Aona wanted us to see that, so there were many people that saw that program and I saw it too.

But, you see, when you go into a “death” process you take your
‘knowingness’ with you. That is why you are able to reconstruct a ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM in the death process, because that is immediate. You see, you’re so ‘afraid’ of death, you wonder what its all about, yet you have done it so many times and its very ‘natural’ to you, but there are those that ‘continually’ “loose” their remembrance of everything, every time they come into physicality. But, when you go through the BIRTH, it’s going to be a different sensation, but you’ll still have that which you call ‘remembrance’ in the ‘package’ that you take with you. Now, that does not stay for any length of time, it ‘diminishes’, lets put it that way.

Now, for peoples that travel and have lived in many different places within this particular life time, in other words, they’ve had homes here, they’ve had homes there, they’ve had homes other places. Maybe as a child their parents moved around a lot. They were only in one place a few years and then in another place and another place and then they were in other countries, not in the U.S., but in other countries. Now, you talk to someone that is probably 60, 70 age range and they will find that even the
memory of those number of years there are certain places that they have… someone will say, ‘well don’t you remember you lived in such and such a place?’ And depending upon the individual, there are many that have no remembrance of that at all.
Because as you experience, many of you now, in this particular lifetime, are ‘compressing’ your experiences. So that you… its like your computer thing, you compress it and put more on a disk, that’s what you’re doing with your brain. Now those that know the importance of that, not necessarily in the physical, but your knowing of what you’re doing in your acting out of physicality, you are ‘compressing’ this information to be saved. Now, those that are not interested in evolution, they don’t care about keeping anything. But those that are in the process of evolution and have been in the process of evolution for long periods of time, in not only this life time, are compressing information to take as much with them as they can.

So, the fact that you can’t remember some of the events that happened to you in say, a 60 or 70 year period, what are you going to do with “thousands” of years experience? You see it all takes on a different construct entirely. So, I think we got a little lost… we changed here. Did we cover that subject?

JOHN: Yes I think you did.

DATRE: All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there a value, in regards to the BIRTH, in maintaining the physical body in good shape?”

DATRE: Yes! The value to keeping the body in good shape is that you wish to stay and experience as much as you can. You want to have as many experiences as you can within this physical construct which you are in at the present time. Now, that does not matter whether there is going to be a BIRTH or not. You still want to live, shall we say, as long as you can and
be able to experience as much as you can, because that is your individual evolution.

Now, keeping the body in good shape does not necessarily mean that it has to be in good shape as far as looking at the body is concerned. In other words, you don’t have to have big muscles and be able to do all kinds of strong lifting and doing all of that sort of thing. What I’m saying, in good shape is are you working with your body to give it the nourishment it needs? To give it the rest it needs? To keep it clean? To keeping the innards functioning as good as you can with everyday activity, whatever that happens to be? So, keeping the body in good shape, that is what I call good shape. That is not all of these other things.

From our vantage point, to run down the side of a road where there’s a lot of traffic, to us seems very foolish. Because all that you’re doing is inhaling all of the exhaust from all those automobiles. So, you see, from our standpoint, you see, that’s defeating the purpose of the body. In other words, you’re running to build up the body and yet you’re putting all that
junk in your lungs. So see where, from our vantage point that doesn’t look very intelligent. If you’re going to run someplace, run where there’s trees, vegetation, so that the noxious fumes of your atmosphere are interacted and absorbed by the trees, the trees process that and give you good air to breath. That is just a simple thing. A person running 5 miles up and down a road every day, is not doing his body as much good as the little lady working out in her garden. See, from our vantage point we look
at things entirely different. Getting out and walking on the sidewalk or walking where ever you’re able to walk where you’re not breathing the exhaust fumes of the automobile. So, that’s what we would say, is keeping the body in good health. Give it good air to breath, as good as you can.

Many live in great big cities where there is not much good air. But, I don’t know that much about all around, but I would think that from the experiences that I’ve had with Aona and John there’s always a park in every city that they’ve ever lived in, because they’ve always found it and that’s big cities. Big cities where it’s hot. Big cities where it’s cold. And big cities North, South, East, West and big cities in other countries. There’s always someplace where there’s a park where you can breath the best air you can breath. Because your trees and your grass, they’re all your friends and they will give you the best air that you can get. So, continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… Much along the lines you just covered… “Is there any value to exercise other than if it feels good and you enjoy it, go for it?”

DATRE: Yes, but I would say, if you want to go for exercise, do you want to sit in a room with a lot of sweaty people? Or do you want to take those things like… what do they call those things they exercise with and go outdoors? I know it is not much fun to go outdoors and do those things by yourself. Its more fun to put on the ‘stinky’ clothes and go in and do your exercises with other people, because you can always look at someone else and say, ‘well I’m in better shape than they are’, so its kind of an ego booster. You don’t get ego boosting much when you’re out by yourself.
But, as I have said before, outdoors is best. If you want to exercise… you see these are all things that are individual. It is up to you what you want to do with your life, it does not matter. You can do what ever you want to do, in whatever way you want to do it. If you want to take drugs, if you want to drink water, whatever you want to do, do it. But, ‘know’ what you’re doing, don’t just do. Think about what you’re doing. That’s when it becomes beneficial, because when you begin to ‘think’ about what you’re doing that shows the body that you’re concerned with it’s welfare and that makes a great deal of difference in the ‘life’ that you will have. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Can Datre explain in more detail the changes, and the purpose of the changes, being made to our physical bodies, in regards to how they will be utilized in the BIRTH process?”

DATRE: Well, I cannot tell you the changes because we don’t know how the energy interacts until its there. We have those upon the planet that are being constantly observed when any NEW energy comes in, as to what effect it has on the physical construct. What effects it has on the mental construct of individuals. There are those that have, shall we say, volunteered to do that, to be the ones that we watch, because they are the ones that receive the energy first. They have, what you would call, a FINER body.

What is happening, your body is using more HYDROGEN now than it ever has before. Those bodies that are beginning to work more off that which you call HYDROGEN, than OXYGEN, are beginning to change in their construct of their physical being. Simply because their body is, with HYDROGEN, is becoming, shall we say, a finer construct. In other words, if you had a body that was 95% HYDOROGEN on this planet at this time, that body would be
INVISABLE. So that’s what I mean by FINER. In other words, it is
becoming… the HYDROGEN base body is working with the chemicals that compose your food. Not BAD chemicals, but everything that’s in the composition of your food. Its being digested and worked with in a different manner.
So these individuals are being watched, because the first thing that happens when new energies comes in is, they react with the planet before it reacts with the physical construct. So that in itself changes your food and your food that you ingest, changes your physical construct. The water that you drink changes your physical construct. Those that drink a great deal of water, at this time, find it very beneficial. In fact they find that they need a great deal of water because they need to supplement that HYDROGEN. That is why Aona drinks a lot of water, because when we work with her, we use the HYDROGEN and the OXYGEN, so she needs to replenish all the time.

Now, there are times when Aona is low on HYDROGEN, her body becomes very tired and when that begins to happen, now she has been at this long enough so that she recognizes that particular TYPE of tiredness. She knows that when that particular type of tiredness occurs, that she needs wine, of high quality, to be able to replenish the HYDROGEN at a faster rate. In other words, what is that that you get John?

JOHN: Blackberry wine.

DATRE: Blackberry wine; that is a special kind?

JOHN: It happens to be Morgan David which is a ‘kosher’ wine.

DATRE: No, that’s got a bigger name than that.

JOHN: Oh, that’s right ‘Manischewitz’.

DATRE: That’s the one. All right now, because of the way that wine is made, that is a very high alcoholic content, am I right?

JOHN: It’s about 11% by volume.

DATRE: All right! Now that is extremely high in comparison to a lot of alcoholic drinks. But what happens is, blackberries and blue berries are very good cleansers for your system. So that being used and also the replenishment of the HYDROGEN to the body rejuvenates the body and drinking that one day, the next day the body will have overcome that weak tired feeling. Now, when you partake of anything like that you don’t need large
amounts. Very small amounts will do it because it is so concentrated. But what it is, its like you have these people that do the exercises, they have those booster drinks, OK. Now, for Aona the wine is a booster drink because it cleanses the insides of the system, with the blackberry and it also increases the HYDROGEN content which is put into the body, much faster than water.

JOHN: The… if I remember right the increase is about 30 to 40 to one. A unit of wine contains 30 to 40 times the amount of HYDROGEN of that same unit of water.

DATRE: That’s about right, that’s about right. So you see, what you can drink and need to drink a LOT of water, simply because you need that input all through the day. But, for the booster of HYDROGEN… like Aona may be sometimes 2, 3 weeks and will not have any wine and then she will have one little… how much in that?

JOHN: Oh, about 4 ounces, maybe 5.

DATRE: That’s all that’s needed, because with the water content she maintains. But, when the energies are changing and depending upon her physical activity, because now she has so many things doing inside and outside. You see, when you begin to work with a HYDROGEN based body on a OXYGEN planet your body is… it doesn’t, shall we say, have as much sustaining strength. So, you’ll find that you tire more quickly and you’ll hit these spots of needing more HYDROGEN. So, we got off on that, but I
think that’s important for peoples to know, continue.

JOHN: OK, and the next question is… “How can we learn to manipulate our Hologram the way Datre can when he enters a physical body?”

DATRE: That is a funny question. What do you do every day? You are so used to the body that you don’t realize that that’s what you do everyday that you are within that which you call physicality. You’re manipulating it all the time. You see, what is interesting is, as we’ve said before, there are different ones of us that are able to do different things. There are those
that come in that just want the experience of… sometimes they’re so fascinated to see what this experience is about, that they will come in and just search through the physical construct, just to see what its all about. Never speak a word, never move the body; they’re just so fascinated by the whole concept.

Now, babies come into a body and learn to manipulate them – correct?

JOHN: That’s what we say.

DATRE: They have to get up and learn how to walk. They have to learn how to eat. They have to learn how to talk. They even have to learn how to see because little baby’s eyes don’t focus the first day they look at you. You’ll say, ‘oh, look he’s smiling at me’, its probably a gas bubble. But the thing is it is like when we first came in and began to work with Aona; it was like we had to learn how everything worked. That’s the way with Aona
after her operation. How did everything work? How did the eyes work? Double vision, couldn’t see ‘one’ thing, everything was double. How to write. How to do the simplest of things when you’re NOT familiar with a body. That’s what she went through. That’s why when we were going through these stages with her she had patience with us because she had done it herself. Then she
would get out of the body and watch us try and work with the body. You see, from her standpoint this working with a HOLOGRAM was something that she had done, so she was interested in how we would do it.

You’ve had the body, ever since that which you call birth, so it’s no big deal to you. We haven’t, we have it for a couple of hours, but then we’re gone. Now, there’s one of us that has it more often, that was the one that began to work with her to start with. That is the one that has progressed to eating and watching TV and walking up and down stairs. In fact, walking
period, was quite interesting and now walks up and down stairs. Pours coffee, helps Aona paint, loves to paint. When she does crafts, she will give him the projects to paint that are just putting the paint on. He’s fascinated by that which you call paint. So you see, when you only have a body for as short periods of time that we have the body it’s a lot different. Now in this transcript, I don’t know how many there will be –
we’re in and out. So, but for you to manipulate the HOLOGRAM, you do it all the time. You do it every… from the day you take your first breath, in fact, even before that, but anyway. When you begin to develop, even before birth, you beginning to work with that physical body. So, no big deal, if you haven’t figured it out yet, then I think you’ve got some problems. Continue.

JOHN: The last question in this session is… “What is involved in manipulating the Hologram?”

DATRE: Well that’s self explanatory. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question for this segment of questions from Thomas.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now, we are Datre.

Continued on Datre answers Thomas (part II)


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