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Datre answers Thomas (part III) final

JOHN: This is the final section with questions from Thomas and the first question is… “Could Datre give a state of the planet address?”

DATRE: I don’t know exactly what he’s referring to.

JOHN: That’s sort of like we have Governors and we have Presidents that give ‘state of the union’ addresses. In other words, how are things going….

DATRE: Oh, how are things going on your planet?

JOHN: Yes, how are things progressing….

DATRE: All right. Now, what we want to tell you is there are going to be some interesting changes in thought patterns of the ‘mass consciousness’ upon your planet, this what you call, Fall. We do not like to tell you in advance what is going to happen, because, all things are subject to change. The predictions are fine, but, predictions that do not, shall we say, come true, cause people to think that because the prediction was not correct, then maybe the rest of the information is not correct also. That is just your ‘mass consciousness’ thinking. But, what we see coming is going to be very interesting. If you ‘observe’ that which you call your news, not the murders, kidnapping and rape and all that sort of thing. But watching the different ‘attitudes’ of individuals in different countries regarding
different situations. You will find some interesting changes taking place. Some will say, ‘how do these changes in ‘mass consciousness’ take place?’ Very simply, because everything that is ‘acted’ out in physicality, everything that is ‘spoken’ in physicality becomes a ‘part’ of that which you call ‘mass consciousness’.

Now, ‘mass consciousness’, we will start at the top and go down, that’s the easiest for us. You have ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet. You have ‘mass consciousness’ of the individuals upon the planet. The ‘mass consciousness’ of the individuals upon the planet also effect the ‘mass consciousness’ OF the planet. Now, you have a ‘mass consciousness’ that envelops your BUBBLE. Then you have ‘mass consciousness’ that is over different land areas, which you call continents. You have within the continents different ‘sections’ like I think your continent here has 3 sections to it, the top part, you have…

JOHN: Yes the North America, United States and South American.

DATRE: Yes, so those three have separate ‘mass consciousness’. You work off of the group that you’re in like the U.S. works off of that. The peoples that are closer to the top and closer to the bottom will find that there is, a little bit, of like, shall we say, spill over from one to another, but very minuscule. Its almost as if you drew a line between the thinking patterns, because there are not enough peoples from one area to another to
effect to any degree. Now, within your United States, we’ll take that because that’s were most of the people understand, within the United States, you have separate States. We can take Italy as an example, within that country; they have different ‘sections’ within that country. Within many of your European countries you have different… they’re called different names. Then each one of those ‘sections’ has a ‘mass consciousness’. That’s why your thinking is different, even within a country like Italy, like Germany, like Great Britain, like the United

You’ll find that the ‘things’ that are thought within the States, whether they be this country or another country, will still have their own ‘mass consciousness’. That’s why one State will think one way and another State will think another way and they’re side by side and people never stop to say, ‘how come?’ they just accept it because it always has been. But what is controlling that… the word ‘control’ I don’t want to use that but I have to use it in this context, the controlling thought pattern of a State is what regulates the ‘thinking’ patterns of the individuals within that particular State.

Now, there are different ‘areas’ in different countries that you will find, like within one country, in one State you’ll find, as an example, the individuals in the North of the State and the South of the State, don’t even think alike. So there again, you have an ‘other’ ‘mass consciousness’ separation. Now, beyond that point, you get down to individuals. There again you have another separation. So when we speak of ‘mass consciousness’
can you see the amount of, shall we say, layering in just that one area alone? Then you speak very freely of ‘realities’ when you have trouble comprehending ‘mass consciousness’ in its varying states and forms.

Now, what happens is, every action and every thought… or spoken word makes a difference in the ‘mass consciousness’ construct in an area, whatever that area may be? If you watch the ‘thought’ patterning’s of the different areas and ‘observe’ them you’ll… it becomes a very fascinating process. Even to a town, you will have a ‘mass consciousness’ of a town. The ‘mass consciousness’ of individuals upon an airplane or upon a ship in
the sea, it all carries it’s own thought patterning. Now, hard as it may be to believe, the individuals that are on an airplane that crashes, the YOU that you are ‘knows’ that plane is going to crash. It is all decided, the individuals upon the plane have all decided, this is what they ‘wish’ to experience. Why, in some crashes, does everyone die? Why in some crashes do some live and others die? What ‘experience’ do they wish? So you see, ‘mass consciousness’ is very fascinating from our standpoint.

If you begin to look at your different countries, your different areas of different countries and watch the patterning of the thought of the individuals in the areas, why are some areas more volatile in their thinking process than other areas in their thinking process? What changes ‘mass consciousness’ thinking?

Now, why did Datre choose the NET? Because, the information that goes on, what you call, the NET goes all over the place. When John pushes a button that information goes, where does it go? He does not know it bounces here and there and there and there and someplace else. But, the words are symbols, those symbols have a vibration to them, if they didn’t you could not ‘see’ them. As they ‘bounce’ and hit other areas as they’re going through this channel and that channel and the next channel, these other
waves that are lines that pass and inter… They don’t interact, but there is a vibration there that is carried or picked up.
Even if a person gets a message that has nothing to do with Datre what so ever, it might be the stock market. There is that which you call, subliminal, because it has ‘touched’ and crossed these ‘other’ wires or channels, whatever you want to call it and unbeknownst to the person that’s reading the stock information on the screen there is also subliminally the vibration of the Datre information. It might be very, very tiny but the information is there. That is why a channel is used, because the words need to be spoken INTO physicality. Because, as the words are spoken into physicality that vibration carries. What is to stop it? Those that wish to pick it up will and that is how subtlety changes take place.

That is not ‘only’ Datre information that is all kinds of information. Your information, your talking, everything that is going on, on your planet in physicality becomes that which we call ‘mass consciousness’. It is ALL there, plus all the information of UNIVERSAL MIND. But in order to contact and get information from UNIVERSAL MIND it must go through the ‘mass
consciousness’ and in doing so, there can be distortions, because if you stop and think of where we started and how many layers ‘down’ that information goes through. That is why we ‘prefer’ to come into the body to use the portion that we have set aside in this brain, that we continually can refer to. Someone said one time, ‘how do you know how to pick how to pick up your place? How can you make continuity?’. Because, we have a
‘portion’ of this brain that is ‘ours’, that is how we know. But we also use the physical brain of Aona for referring to things when we cannot find that what you call with your words.

Now, your planetary thought patterning’s are changing. Not just because of Datre, but also because of ALL the information that is coming through that is making subtle changes from many different areas. As thing have begun to be looked at in a ‘different’ manner, just slightly different, it is going to change things. Say that there are 5 individuals that get an AHA from some experience and express it, do you know how many individuals that is impacting? Hundreds, thousands. So you see, ‘watch’ the changes that are taking place. Some people read a newspaper one way, look at the TV news one way, other people look at those same pieces of information entirely different, because they’re watching an EVOLUTIONARY process. Quite a bit of difference. Watch for coming changes in what you call, this Fall. I think that is the biggest thing that I have to tell you about that subject. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question from Thomas is… “Where are (we) at
environmentally and where do we seem to be heading in that regard?”

DATRE: There is a great deal of talk about the environment. They’re talking about the trees being cut down. They’re talking about the trees dying. They’re talking about the water being polluted. They’re talking about the chemicals that are going into the water. They’re talking about the soil being polluted. They’re talking about the chemicals that are being put into
the soil. And all the time the physical construct of the HOLOGRAM is changing to be able to work ‘with’ the changes. Now, that may seem inside out, but that is truth.

Now, you’ll say, ‘Well, there are some individuals that are living in an area where the land is being polluted by toxins and people are dying of cancer’. I don’t like to tell you this, but that has been agreed upon. Why has it been agreed upon? To draw attention to a subject that needs to be addressed. That is their thought pattern. They think that this is what they need to do. Is it or isn’t it? It doesn’t matter. That’s what they think in
their life time is important, because they’re bringing forth what you would call, a message. To them, that makes ‘their’ existence worthwhile. Who is to say? Remember, it is ‘their’ evolution, not yours, whoever you may be. Everyone chooses. Each evolution is strictly up to the individual that is living the lifetime in physicality. So, as far as any of the planetary
things is concerned, it is ‘your’ action or re-action to a planetary existence. That might sound very ‘unemotional’, but that’s what it is. It IS unemotional, because, from a UNIVERSAL standpoint we do not work with emotion. We are ‘observers’ of conditions upon your planet, that is it, OBSERVERS. Then as your evolution continues there are those that will find that they will become ‘unemotionally’ involved and become OBSERVERS. Then
when you become an OBSERVER you spend more time ‘acting’ than ‘re-acting’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “What is the key issue in that area?” referring to the environment.

DATRE: There is NO key issue. It is only as you perceive it as an individual. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Also, where are we at psychologically?”

DATRE: There again, that is a very difficult question to answer. Because, what are you comparing it to? You see, when you begin to make comparisons or try to figure out where you are, in any stage of evolution, what can you compare it to? You have… your mental capacity for making things out of ‘mass’ is superior to those that made things out of ‘mass’ in the 1300’s. But, does that mean that you understand anything more about evolution than
you did in the 1300’s? You see, you’re looking at things from a ‘mass’ construct, which is physicality, which is fine, but you can’t make a comparison because it isn’t there. That is why we have said before, that things are being ‘compressed’ to be taken in your ‘package’, from yourself and your Aspects that you have gathered into your construct and all of that. But, you don’t have to ‘check’ it to make comparisons.

You see, that is why, if I may say so, the United States has such a BIG Ego problem with the whole U.S.. In that you have, what you call, an ‘inflated’ Ego. In other words, you are the one that sets the standards for the rest of the world. Now, that is what we would call the Ego. Because you feel you are better than other countries. You have thought that for a long period of
time. Yet there are ‘fantastic’ things that are taking place in the ‘medical’ field, in the field of ‘science’, in the field of ‘technology’, that are taking place in ‘other’ countries upon your planet that are far ‘superior’ to some of ‘your’ ideas. But, you will pass them off, because there is something you came up with, a few years ago, that you had to be number ONE. Now, that went from automobiles to everything. You had to… you had to be the best. Why do you have to be the best? That is nothing but EMOTIONAL EGO.

Now, you have to have the EGOIC SELF in order to maintain in physicality. But, the EMOTIONAL EGO is what ‘drives’ the majority of your planet. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “What can we expect in terms of the mass consciousness as we approach closer to the BIRTH?”

DATRE: As I have said before, there is a ‘change’ coming. To what degree people will notice we do not know. But those that are more than casual ‘observers’ will notice changes. Subtle though they may be at first, they will be seen. Because once a change takes place, it is like a snowball going down hill, it will get bigger and bigger. Then finally it gets so big that the little boy on the top of the hill that started with his marble
rolling down the hill in the snow… people will all of a sudden look up and see this great big ball coming at them – but the ball is already in motion. That is the way things work. It is the little things that will begin to grow and in the Fall you will begin to see the ‘change’ taking place in different areas – be OBSERVERS. Continue.

JOHN: That was the end of the questions from Thomas.

DATRE: Have we covered everything sufficiently?

JOHN: I think that we have, this is the third and final segment of these questions from Thomas.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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