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Datre on consciousness.

DATRE: Now we are having some confusion with this word called CONSCIOUS. Now, it has been referred to as, CONSCIOUSNESS, SUB CONSCIOUSNESS, and SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS. It has also been referred to as, ENERGY, MATTER and ANTI MATTER. Now ‘energy’ refers to conscious… no, ‘matter’ would be the conscious, ‘energy’ would be the sub conscious and ‘anti matter’ would be
super conscious.

Also, you have three other things you’re working with, your PAST, your PRESENT and your FUTURE. Now, there again you have that which ‘you call’ SPACE, divided into three. Here, there and the ‘space’ between. The ‘space’ between is where the difficulty comes in. You know your ‘past, ‘present’ and ‘future’. You know your ‘energy’, your ‘matter’ and ‘anti-matter’.

All right, now, consciousness has been referred to in many different ways, shapes and forms. You can’t divide CONSCIOUSNESS. When you have that which you call CONSCIOUS, there is no ‘super conscious’, there is no ‘expanded conscious’ – CONSCIOUSNESS IS.

We explained one time, that ALL matter is conscious. It would have to be. If you stop and think about it, how would anything stay together if there wasn’t something to ‘hold’ it together? You see, everything on your planet is composed of ‘matter’ and each ‘particle’ (if you want to use that term) of ‘matter’, is CONSCIOUS. The tiniest grain of sand is CONSCIOUS. This is one of the difficulties in trying to explain ‘that’ which is the ‘in
between’ because your brains focus on everything that is ‘matter’. That is your reality. That is where you’re ‘functioning’ from. You’re functioning ‘from’ matter; you’re functioning ‘with’ matter. But, contained within ALL matter, there is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, then you’ll say, “well then what about ‘consciousness’ that is termed MASS CONSCIOUSNESS?”. Now, there again, a thought is what you would call, ‘that’ which is ‘in between’. But, all thoughts have a validity of their own and they function within your reality. Thoughts, gathered together, shall we say, into a LUMP over the city or over a house or whatever, is what you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, in this instance
is the gathering together of multiplicity of thought ‘patterns’.

So, you see, in one case you’re working with ‘matter’, which you can see and regulate. In the ‘other’ instance you’re working with the ‘in between’, but you’re also working with that, but in a ‘different’ way. So you work with ‘matter’ with tools, with hands, with whatever is available from your vantage point – that’s what you call conscious. Everything that is matter is
‘conscious’ so you’re working with that from a physical standpoint. All right, now you take MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you’re also working with that, but you’re also working with it in a ‘different’ construct.

Now, we go one stage further. When you reach the point that you no longer work with thought patterns, from that term, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you work DIRECTLY with, all that surrounds you in your BUBBLE called, the MIND, you’re at another ‘in between’. Because you no longer function from the point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but function from the DIRECT THOUGHT THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE MIND. You’re bypassing that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and
working ‘direct’ from the MIND. In order to do THAT, you have had to develop within the physical construct, that ‘brain’ capacity that is able to TAKE the thoughts that are surrounding you, in that which you call the MIND and being able to ‘pull’ that into your physical construct and make ‘sense’ out of it. Because with the brain that you have at the present time, that is a difficulty.

Everyone now is beginning to wonder about all of these things and things are beginning to happen to individuals so that they are going to be able to function with those thoughts what you call, directly from the MIND. Then the brain within the physical construct WILL be able to understand it. Now, there are those of you that from time to time have been able to work with the thoughts that come from the MIND. You have been able to tap into that. This is where these ‘revelations’, shall we call them, come to the forefront. Things that totally amaze you because they are so uniquely different. Now, were you to be able to ‘hold’ that and be able to work ‘directly’ from the thoughts that exist in the MIND and be able to ‘bypass’ the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thought patterns, you would live entirely different.

Now, lets get into this which you call, your ‘expanded’ CONSCIOUSNESS. The reason we chose, at one time, to tell you about AWARENESS, was to change thought patterns within your brain. AWARENESS is what you can ‘expand’, because AWARENESS is that quality that is uniquely different and it allows you to change the ‘rigidity’ of the ‘structure’ that you have built around the word CONSCIOUSNESS. When you ‘change’ a pattern within the brain you’re ‘allowing’ a different understanding to be able to be ‘absorbed’ and understood.

Now, these words are used interchangeably all the time in any books that you read, who ever wrote it, who ever said it. Then because it is so common in your language structure we still will pick up that word occasionally and use it, because we are concentrating on the information we wish to give you and not on each specific word. The reason for changing your thinking about
CONSCIOUSNESS and turning it into AWARENESS, is to allow you to look at things differently, because every day its same old, same old, same old. You’re so familiar with your surroundings. You’re so familiar with your language structure. When you ‘change’ your language structure it changes your concept of understanding. It doesn’t have to be a big fantastic change that takes place. But instead of using the word CONSCIOUSNESS, SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, SUB CONSCIOUSNESS, when you say AWARENESS, where’s the limitation? You have… see you’ve sub divided everything. You function under those because that’s familiar to you.

Now, if you want to change, out of the familiar, into something a little different, how are you going to change the way you look at it if you don’t change the patterning within the brain understanding? So AWARENESS puts a different light on it.

Now, that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS, does NOT exist in the UNIVERSE. But AWARENESS does exist in the UNIVERSE, because it is a ‘different’ understanding entirely. When you function from ‘no body’, when you function without the present, the past and the future, CONSCIOUSNESS is NOT needed. Because, in that type of existence it is DOING. It is pulling things together to make ‘something’ out of NOTHING. But, at the time we take and put a bunch of things together and make ‘something’, we are AWARE what we are doing at the present time. But, it is just… it is happening, it is NOT being ‘recorded’ in the brain.
You see, everything that you do and think and act on and all of these experiences are BRAIN related. Otherwise, you would have difficulty functioning in physicality, because if you didn’t have that reference of that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS, when
you went to sleep at night you’d wake up in the morning and you would have to teach yourself all over again every single day. You would have to teach your self how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to dress, everything. Everything, from the time you went to sleep, until you woke up would be lost and you would have to start all over again. But you don’t realize that it’s your BRAIN that ‘connects’ and makes your pictures work.

But we don’t have any ‘pictures’. We don’t function in that way. But, that is what you are functioning with, is that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS. That is the taking in of the thoughts, its the recording of the thoughts, its understanding, its a multitude of things. But that is CONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS works with your BRAIN. But, what we did when we introduced
AWARENESS, is to change ‘thinking’, brain thinking. Because AWARENESS is something ‘different’ for you, it’s a different way of looking at something. John, do you have any questions now?

JOHN: No, you seem to have done a very good job from my point of view.

DATRE: But you see what happens is, because you are functioning from a physical standpoint, you’re functioning like… its almost like you’re a mechanical machine. In other words, you have things that you’re working with constantly. So you need to have a reference point to work from constantly. That is part of the physical structure that is needed continuously.

Now, what happens in the dream state is that you work from an entirely ‘different’ standpoint. That is why dream interpretation becomes difficult. Because, you can say, “Well I remember dreaming of this white cat that went across in front of me and went up some stairs and turned around and looked at me with big starry eyes and walked through a door.”. What is the meaning of my dream? Now, who is going to interpret that? But, you see, that’s the only thing the brain could come up with, that made any sense. That’s what we have said before, with the PSYCHE and all of these things that you function with, but are totally unaware of. The cat has nothing to do with anything that you dreamt in many cases. Because, those that are working in
different realities in the dream state, it can’t be described, because there is nothing in the brain that makes… that you can take and put words to.

So, you need the brain to function. But, as your brain changes, you begin to function, throughout your whole body. The GLANDS of your body are ALL centers of AWARENESS, from our standpoint. This is what we call them is centers of AWARENESS within the body, because you have centers within your body that function at an extremely ‘precise’ rate in whatever location and whatever function they happen to perform.

But, as your glands change within the physical construct and the brain takes on a ‘different’ quality – they call it the 3rd brain – okay, your words. The 3rd brain is going to allow the connection between that which we call the MIND, which contains everything that is needed for functioning within ‘this’ planetary BUBBLE, and it is able to COMPREHEND the information in the MIND, that will take place through that which you call
your 3rd brain. This is one of the things the new energies are doing is making changes within your physical construct.

Now, the more that you are going to be able to draw from that which you call the MIND and bring it in to understanding in the brain, you’re going to discover more and more of WHO you really are. That is the purpose of evolution and opening the 3rd brain, is to allow you in the physical, to understand more and more about WHO you truly are. And that is a GRAND understanding, because working from the physical expression it is constantly busy trying to make everything work during the daytime. In
other words, you have to get up, you have to eat, you have to go to work, you have to do this, you have to do that, you have to do something else. Your whole days are crammed full of things that you have to do.

Now, when you have that amount of concentration, on things you have to do, its very difficult for you to find out WHO you really are, because there are not that many moments that you sit and think about anything like that. But, in AWARENESS, you will begin to perceive things differently. You will change the pictures in front of you, that are put in front of you by
things that you put together with your brain.

Now, when you open the 3rd brain and are drawing from ‘different’ material, you can see what will happen with the brain, it will paint a ‘different’ picture. Then in painting a ‘different’ picture, the realization of WHO you really are is going to be much clearer, because there will be a difference.

So, CONSCIOUSNESS, as we have said CONSCIOUSNESS – IS. You will not need CONSCIOUSNESS outside of here. It is NOT needed in the UNIVERSE. CONSCIOUSNESS is needed if you’re going to be going into another matter, mass based, physicality. There you have to have it in order to exist. We don’t need it to exist, but we DO have AWARENESS and it is difficult to explain, because its the only word that you have that comes close to what I can describe as OUR existence.

So, you see, it is NOT mundane. Your existence is not as mundane as you might think it is. The thing is that you think that by going to another planet you will gain ‘freedom’. This is the thing you are all looking for; you’re all looking for freedom. Freedom does NOT exist on another ‘place’, freedom exists right here in physicality, the minute you know WHO you are. Because, at that point, when you know WHO you are, you will have
‘immediately’ released ALL the boundaries that are giving you so many problems. Because, when you know WHO you are, you look at things entirely different. Because, things change within your physical anatomy to ‘allow’ you to see differently.

So, I may have muddled the whole thing up and made you more confused than you were at the beginning and if we use the words interchangeably, its because we’re interested in getting across a message more so than watching the terminology. But, we try very hard to remember to use AWARENESS. Just in one word (consciousness), if we can help eliminate that from our conversations, it will be one conversation where you will find
consistently, another word (awareness) to change your thinking. We thank you, we’ve enjoyed being with you and we hope at this point you have so many questions running around in your head that you don’t know which one to ask first. In creating confusion is where the realization of something becomes clear. If you’re never confused, then you’re not going to find anything either, because you’ve already placed it in it’s little BOX and
put it someplace. In confusion, you’re like a juggler who has thrown 15 things up in the air and is running around trying to catch everything and throw it up in the air again, so that it isn’t dropped. But, what is the grandest moment of a juggler? When everything comes down and he’s got them all in his hands, that is when the JOY hits. We thank you; we are Datre,
good bye.


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