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Datre on taking ACTION.

JOHN: We have a question that might apply to several on the Datre list. “I hope this is not presumptuous. My life seems to be a mess. I meditate, pray and visualize daily and there are people praying for me. I believe I create my own reality. I am
agonizing over what is going on. I have been unemployed for over a year and am deeply in debt. I have sent out 100’s of resumes and have had little results. I just finished a job finding course where they taped a mock interview. I came across very well. I am articulate, intelligent, imaginative and creative. I just don’t understand what is happening. I have been doing the course in miracles lessons for past 3 months try to live life honestly and by the golden rule. Right now I’m faced with possibly losing my home”

DATRE: Now, we do not know you as an individual, so therefore, what we will say will be directed to… what shall we say, a generic individual, not knowing male, female, although we do know you are male. We will speak to you as if we were speaking to any other person in these, what you call, problem areas.

Now, there are many on your planet that are going through these same types of experiences. Many are concerned in these areas, as is only natural, because you need to have that which is monetary in order to be able to sustain the physical construct. I don’t know whether we have put out a transcript recently in this area or not, but we have at one point in time – perhaps not on the net. One of the things that are happening, is that people are “losing their jobs”. Now what is happening when those are
“losing their jobs” is they are doing that from a position of learning. The YOU that you are is trying to get in touch with ‘you’ to make you observant to what you ‘could’ be doing at this present time.

Now, evolution comes in many different forms. Evolution, is ‘knowing’ more about your ‘self’. Now, “no one did this TO you” this is a result of the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ in physicality getting closer together. The YOU that you are, is constantly giving you signals, everyday, many, many times a day. The way to ‘becoming’ more of the YOU that you are is by being
‘observant’ and following these signals. You will say, ‘but nothing has happened’. Have you followed every signal that you have received during the day?

As a child, go back in your memory patterning, what was the thing that you desired to do as a child? Many children are asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. Then they come up with many different things that they want to be. Now, there are those that will ‘follow’ what they want to be. They will continue to follow that all through their lives. But many
individuals will “take a job for money” and not do what they really want to do. Perhaps, in searching memory patterns you will come across something that you ‘desired’ to do, all your life you wanted to do this something. Maybe you wanted to do wood working. Maybe you wanted to be a skier or a skater or a football player or basketball or baseball. Or maybe you wanted
to be a writer or painter or many, many different things that you have always desired that you wanted to do. If there is something in your thought patterning’s that is a ‘desire’ of something you’ve always wanted to do, find a way to DO IT.

If you want to be a writer, start writing. Send as much writing as you can to every newspaper, magazine, book, whatever you can find, write and write and write, satisfy that desire. If you want to work with wood, find someplace that will take someone as a beginner and work as a beginner. And work at that, whatever it might be that you have always desired to do.

Now, if you’re too old to play sports, maybe there is some activity that you can get into that would provide you with that which you call monetary sustenance in teaching children sports. You have many organizations that you can work with that will pay you to teach children. It is hard for us to know what ‘you’ have set forth for your self. But there IS something there that you are not finding.

Success does not always come in the form of money. Success comes in satisfaction in many ways. Then because you are going in only ‘one’ direction you perhaps have forgotten to turn around when you find the ‘door’ in front of you closed. Then see what would happen if you opened the door behind you.

People are well meaning and will try and help you in many ways. But, when you focus on LACK of job that is something you will continually be bumping up against. People will say, ‘but I can not afford that’. Now, what happens when you make such a statement that is recorded in the brain as a FACT. Now every time that particular item is mentioned the brain connects that statement with “I can not afford that” and the money will not be
there. You do not realize the power your words hold.

People that have a problem with their physical bodies and always keep saying, ‘I need to loose weight’. Now, the body does NOT want to ‘loose’ anything. So the body say’s, ‘no, I don’t want to loose’. The minute you take the focus off of ‘lose’, things change. You can say, ‘I want to change my life style’. ‘I will eat different food’, ‘I would like to do this, I would like to do that’ and put it into motion. The one’s who don’t loose
weight are those that continually say, ‘I want to loose weight’. It does not work that way.
The thing that is needed, is NOT to continually look at what you DON’T have, but look at what you DESIRE to have. The biggest thing to remember is the two very most powerful words that you can use – I AM. Now, say, I AM and pursue. It does not matter ‘what’ you pursue. But, go after ‘something’ regardless of what it is. You’ll say, ‘well I would like to work in wood, but it does not afford me a living’. Already you have set a ‘road block’. The words ‘does not’ tells the brain that this is what you desire.

Now, if you whittle away, with some resources, a little at a time, it does not have to be a tremendous amount right at the beginning. Do not focus on what you DON’T have; focus on what you DO HAVE and what you WANT to do.

Now, you speak of meditation and you speak of prayer. Now, ACTION is the name of the game. ACTION gets things done. The people that achieve are the people who do what they have to do when they have to do it – even if they don’t ‘want’ to do it. But, you need to take ACTION in a direction. And all the meditation and all the prayers in the world will not help, if you do not put the body into motion. Try and ‘observe’ what the YOU that you are is telling you. If you find yourself on a strange street and you wonder why you’re there, begin to look around and ‘observe’ why you are on that street. There may be something there that if you ‘look’ you can see. Watch for ‘ideas’.

You are involved in ‘repetitive’ thinking at the present time. This is not only for you as an individual, but it is occurring on the planet with many individuals that are finding themselves in similar situations. Repetitive thinking is ‘grinding’ away at something and nothing is achieved. You need NEW thoughts and ACTION in any direction that is pleasing to you. Because, in finding pleasure in what you are doing, that is going to ‘release’ you from the ‘tension’ that you have put around yourself.

So, our advice, if there is such a thing as giving advice, to those on the planet that are in similar circumstances is, see what can be achieved by ACTION. That is where it’s all at. You are here to be CREATORS, that is true and you ‘create’ through POSITIVE ACTION. The majority of the people on your planet create by DEFAULT. They allow themselves to be ‘pushed around’
willy nilly. So, we say, find what you like to do and DO IT. Take positive ACTION in a direction that will release the tension from your body and at that point, things will begin to change for you. We thank you for letting us speak to you, we are Datre.


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