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Datre answers Al.

JOHN: We have some questions from Al, and his first question is… “Datre said, “There are symbols in your dreams that you need to figure out”. Could you give some more insight as to what and how to look for them? Are these “personal” symbols or more “universal”?

DATRE: Both! Now, there is many people who’ll use dream interpretation and they’ll say, ‘well if you see a new baby, that’s a new beginning’ and ‘if you see an automobile that refers to your physical construct’ auto being the physical construct that is movable and all of that stuff. Now, it is
far better for you NOT to know much about the dream symbols, because in that way you get a ‘feeling’ what it is. Not what the brain immediately connects as being so. It’s like everything else, we’ve said right from the very beginning of a lot of the Datre information, HOW MUCH IS REALLY TOTALLY YOU? How much have you been told from the time you were born? How much of that, do you at the present stage of your evolution want to continue holding on to? If you want to hold on to the fact that the Sun
comes up and the Sun goes down, that’s up to you. If you want to hold on to the fact that people do things TO you, all right. But we have told you many, many times, there’s no such thing as an ‘accident’. It’s an INCIDENT. An incident is for learning.

So, you have to find YOUR belief system. Not somebody else’s. Not what somebody has written in a book. You read the dream symbols and how many books are you going to read and everybody that publishes a book has something different to tell you. So, there are times when the LESS you know, as far as ‘brain’ knowing is concerned, the better off you are. Because, you don’t set up ‘blocks’ in your brain that says, ‘well, this automatically makes that so’. That is ‘maybe’ for the person next door, but is it for you? It may be for your family members, but is it for you?
Is that what ‘you’ believe? Your belief system, you carry into your ‘dream time’, we have told you that before. In your ‘dream time’ you are very clear as to what is happening. But, the minute you get back in physicality, you start labeling everything from a ‘brain’ concept. Now, the clearer you are in your brain concept of your belief, the clearer you’re going to get your picture from your ‘dream time’ into your waking moments, so that you can ACT upon them. Then you accidents become incidences and your incidences are your learning processes. It’s not very complicated. But its been made
complicated by the ‘layering’ of beliefs.

Now, many at this time are beginning to see a lot of ‘symbols’ in their dreams. They will see… like… what’s your geometry… the triangle and the circles and the… but they’ll be dimensional. They will move around, some may be colored in different ways, those all have meaning. But, they’re most difficult to be able to interpret. That is harder for you to interpret than it is for you to interpret something happening to physical people. In other words, in a dream of walking into a house and seeing a cat and dog at the front door, that is easier for you to interpret, than it is to try and interpret a triangle or a square or a circle or any of that. Geometric figures go way beyond that too. Your geometric symbols, unless you are a scientist or teacher of mathematics, are Universal symbols. That does not mean that those people do not get geometric symbols, but that is their occupation and are more apt to see them than the ordinary person.

You see, back when you had what you call your hieroglyphic’s, those were all symbols. The peoples that used them at that time knew them, just like you know your writing symbols of today. So symbols have always been used. Symbols are used today, you don’t realize that everything in a book – what you call words – are nothing more than symbols. That is why you can read a book, another person reads the book, you get together and talk about the book. You agree and then you begin to disagree and you disagree more and disagree more. Why? Because the symbols appear different to different people, based upon where they are in their evolutionary process.

The Datre material goes out and we have no idea how many people read that information, because of the number of people that have put us so that when they read ‘their’ stuff, they can also get to read Datre. So, we have no idea how many people read it. But, we are constantly getting letters – keep them coming because that gives us some feed back, because John reads those things to us – and they will quote something that had made a difference in
their understanding of what they’re doing in their life. One person, out of many hundreds and hundreds. That is fine, because that one person picked up something that was pertinent to their life.

That’s like with dreams, you need to pick up what is pertinent to ‘your’ life and ‘your’ living and ‘your’ experiences. So as far as telling you what the interpretation of your dream is, no way. Even as close as we are to Aona, she has to figure that out for her self. That is not for us to figure to tell her. If she can’t figure it out, then that’s ‘her’ problem. So, write your dream down if you want to, if that helps you. Then look at
it, study it, if it doesn’t make any sense to you, leave it alone. Maybe sometime when you’re doing something, the answer will come. Sometimes it won’t. But, if you dwell, on anything, that becomes CIRCULAR THINKING. Because, that’s what you’re doing, you’re doing ‘brain’ CIRCULAR THINKING. Going over and over and over. Do it once, if it works, fine. If it doesn’t
work, leave it alone.

If you want to ‘know’ that answer and the ‘desire’ is great enough within you, that answer will come. But, it will come when you are ready for it. How many years do you have to wait for an answer to a question? That depends. Both Aona and John have waited many years, for answers to their questions. Because they did not have a FRAMEWORK the brain could work with to understand the answer. We can give answers. But, does your brain have a
FRAMEWORK for interpretation?

Remember, you’re working with a computer. Don’t get angry with the computer, its doing it’s job and it’s doing it very well. But, if you punch something into the computer and it doesn’t work and you’ll say, ‘well, there’s something wrong with the program’ and you get out of the program and leave it alone. You don’t do that with your brain. You ‘insist’ that the brain give you an answer. Don’t bother, there’s something wrong with the program. Sure, you don’t have a FRAMEWORK in which to put the
information. That’s why dream interpretation is what you call, a ‘tricky’ situation. Because, as many people as you ask, they’ll give you answers. But, that doesn’t help you one bit. The answer has to come from within ‘you’. Next question.

JOHN: Comment! One of the problems that I’ve found in defining the symbols in a dream, is the seemingly ‘same’ symbol will often come up in different dreams having ‘different’ meanings. Then if you’ve put a fixed meaning to it, you close down the understanding of those ‘other’ dreams.

DATRE: Yes! You have to let it flow; you have to let it flow. If you understand, that’s fine. If you don’t, like I say, leave it alone. Don’t TRY for an answer. Don’t push the river, because you can’t do it. A river goes in one direction and I don’t care what you do. You can stand there all day, but you’re not going to push it the other direction. Continue.

JOHN: The next question from Al is… “Given that the “BIRTH” has already occurred at the “light and sound structure” level – then is it just a question of each of us bringing it into our individual awareness/perception field?”

DATRE: For some, yes, for ‘some’ yes. There are those that it does not matter one way or the other, because it will happen when the Universal ‘timing’ is right. But, for those that want to bring that into their perception, there’s only one way to do that and that’s to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. When you KNOW who you are, that is bringing it into your ‘perception’ field. Then regardless of what the “physical action is”, it will not matter, because you will go along with what is happening when it happens. Without any struggle, but with anticipation.

It’s those who KNOW WHO THEY ARE, those are the ones that don’t have any problems. There is more and more on the net, from the information that we are receiving from you, that are beginning to get a glimpse of WHO they really are. They are reaching heights of excitement, because that’s when it begins to be exciting. Life turns from a ‘drudge’ into an everyday
exploration. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “I caught a glimpse/awareness of “BEing” in a vast field of dancing light and energy waves – is this the “structure” behind our reality?”

DATRE: Well, I cannot tell you what you were seeing. Whatever you experience and however you experience it is up to your interpretation. Now, seeing color and seeing all of these things is nothing more than tapping into different portions of different realities. Because, you see, light and color and sound and all of that, is within your ‘present’ BUBBLE. That is ALL contained in your BUBBLE. That is ‘physically’ oriented. But, in being physically oriented, when you go into other realities, even if you don’t go with the body, you go with the freedom without the body and you go into other realities, you will come back and remembrance of seeing energy, waves, seeing color. But, those, when you get into different realities, those ARE the other realities. But, your brain cannot interpret them. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s been a GRAND experience, you’ve been some place and seen something different. So, those are GRAND experiences. Just enjoy the color. If you hear sound in another reality, enjoy the sound, because it is different. Its different than the sounds and the colors and everything you experience when you’re eyes are open.

When you experience different realities, you are opening up different areas of perception that every one of you have. It’s just that some do it and others don’t do it. But, it really doesn’t matter. But, if you do it and it happens say, ‘hey, that was fun, I guess I’ll do that again’. Then if you do it again, enjoy it. But, don’t have to interpret. Just enjoy realities
for the enjoyment of a reality. I know that everything has to sort of be ‘pigeon holed’ here and has to have an explanation, but, it doesn’t. It doesn’t, just enjoy. Enjoy having your eyes open. Enjoy having your eyes closed in sleep. Enjoy realities that you travel to.

You see, you have that which you call, synapse. You’re here when your clicked ON. Where are you when you’re clicked OFF? And how much of the ‘click off’ do you remember when you come back into the ‘click ON’? For some individuals, the synapse rate is so quick they don’t notice it. But as you get further and further out of that which you call, TIME, you’ll find that the ‘click ON’s’ and the ‘click OFF’s’, there’s more that ‘you’ perceive – not the clock – but ‘you’. You will experience greater length of
‘click OFF’ that you bring into your remembrance, when you ‘click ON’. It has nothing to do with your clocks. It has to do with ‘you’, because there is no ‘time’ anyway. But, now the ‘restriction’ OF time is becoming less and less of a hold on you. So, more and more experiences. Hooray, go surf the wave. Continue.

JOHN: And Al’s next question is… “Datre said there is no “sound” in the Universe – does this include “inner/interior sound” – is “inner/interior sound” a fundamental “structure” or does it exist only as a component fabric to emergent reality?”

DATRE: Well, the only reason that you… that is a physical construct reality. Your ‘body’ is what sees color. Your ‘body’ is what hears sound. In the Universe, we don’t have bodies, so how would we hear anything and how would we see anything per se? You can’t perceive the Universe with physical eyes, because it doesn’t work that way. You have perception, but it is not like eyes. I know, because I enjoy coming in and using eyes. To me that is a GRAND experience. To ‘see’ what you see and ‘hear’ what you hear through the body construct. But, you’re so used to it, you’re so tired of it. But, to someone who comes occasionally, because I don’t always get a chance to come in, depending upon the subject, there are subjects that I’m
totally left out of. But, I enjoy when I do come in, because you have beauty in sound and you have beauty in color, that you take for granted. But, that is ‘only’ when I’m in this body. The same with all the rest of us in the Universe. That’s why its so fascinating to have a body we can use. But, that is only ‘here’ in this BUBBLE that you have that.

Now, when you go to another planetary existence, maybe that is one of the concepts that you wish to take with you. You’ll say, ‘well, I want to be able to see’, ‘I want to be able to hear’; those are what you will take with you. Because that reality will be constructed on, basically, what your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS here, wants in the ‘next’ planetary existence. So you ‘will’ see and ‘will’ hear, because those are two concepts that you definitely want in your ‘next’ exploration. But, that still will be a
planetary existence. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question… “I can accept the concept of “no memory” and even in a basic way grasp its meaning but I’m curious as to how Datre and Seth in particular can maintain a flow of communication over an extended period of time – if “memory is of the body” how can they have memory of what was said/dictated “before”? Are these inter-communications so huge that the entire exchange is “one” event of which we perceive but
little pieces at a time?”

DATRE: Yes. But you see, what we do when we enter the physical construct is we have ‘total’ access to the brain. That is all on the ‘computer disk’ that Aona calls her brain. So, if you have a computer disk that contains thousands and thousands of bits and bytes of information, you put it in your computer and you start at the beginning and you go through to find what you want, correct? Is that the way it works?

JOHN: That’s the way it works.

DATRE: All right, what did they do? They made the computer after… they made a mechanical brain. That’s what a computer is. Where did they get the idea for a computer? The brain was what they modeled it after. The brain is a ‘fantastic’ computer. It has an ‘on’ signal at the time of birth and it doesn’t shut ‘off’. So, every incident, from the time of birth, is recorded
on that computer disk that you call your brain. So, if we want to find something, we just look around until we find what we’re looking for. That’s why… you don’t ‘hear’ what’s going on when we do the transcripts, because you only see the typed words. But you don’t hear the gaps that occur when these transcripts are being made. Because, sometimes we change… the information asked for changes. We switch and the next coming into the body
needs to search to find out the question that was asked by John. But, for us that is no problem.

You see Aona is not the first one that has ever done this sort of thing. This has been going on ‘forever’. There has ‘always’ been communication to bring forth information. Since the very beginning of your planetary existence. It’s harder now, for communication, simply because of the construct of the physical. It is more difficult, simply because the physical bodies of today are of such ‘technical’ magnitude and you have been in bodies for such ‘long’ periods of time that you don’t realize, YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY. So, the difficulty comes in finding those individuals that ‘know’ they are not the body. Then you’d say, ‘well, that’s not that difficult’. Really? To find someone that allows total and complete use of the body, from the standpoint of the information we’re bring through, because the conflict comes with the individual body construct ‘kicking out’
information it is uncomfortable with.
So, if we try to come through an individual and we’re doing fine until we get into Universal information and understanding and get into the ‘God’ concept and saying that God only exists on ‘your’ planetary existence and NOT Universally, what happens? We’re kicked out. Because peoples have become so set in that concept and there are ‘other’ concepts that we’re not bringing through on the ‘net’ that would actually ‘blow’ people away and they could not ‘believe’ such things were so. ‘Well, that’s too much of a fantasy, that is unbelievable’.

But, Aona has no restrictions like that. Not only that, how many people are going to go through having their brain ‘constantly’ adjusted? Constantly tinkered with? You see, every time we come through with our energy and our information, her BRAIN is changed. We cannot use this brain without making changes in it, because the brain is a recorder. It is like putting it on a
computer disk. The difference is, the computer disk doesn’t say, ‘kick it out’. But the ‘brain’, which is attached to the physical construct ‘will’ kick it out because of belief systems. So, you see, there’s a lot that goes on in the brain that you don’t ever think about, because it is of no interest to you. But the reason we can pick things up, is because we search. Because, when we’re in the body, the body IS OURS. There’s no
restrictions, the body doesn’t fight it.

Why doesn’t the body fight it? Because Aona understands the information we’re bringing through – it is NOT foreign to her. If it were foreign to her, she would have bodily problems. She does not have bodily problems. The problems that she has, if you want to call them problems, is the constant ‘readjusting’ to the energies and to the information that we bring through. But she does not ‘kick it out’, because she understands it. She is more
comfortable with Universal information than she is with planetary information – as strange as that may seem. I know that seems very unusual to many people, but that is a fact. So, continue on to the next question.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “I would appreciate some further clarification/explanation of “allow/flow” – “Chose/ACT”. Just when I think I have it settled it breaks loose and dares to be “defined” again.”

DATRE: Of course! It will always do that. You know why? Because any time you introduce a NEW concept, the brain has to figure out a way of making sense out of it. Then as you change a concept, an idea, an understanding, the brain has to put a ‘story’ on it to make sense out of it. So, that is a constant thing. The only difference is, now you are becoming AWARE that
things are changing. Where as before, you weren’t ‘aware’ of the changes. The subtitles of the occurrences – that’s the difference. Then, the more you CHANGE, the more you WILL change. Because you are loosening the ‘tight hold’ you have on your ‘belief system’. Then by releasing that ‘hold’ you’re ‘allowing’ information to be put into the brain to be worked with and this will continue, it never stops. It is a continuing process and the ‘unfolding’ is GRAND. Continue.

JOHN: All right, the next question is… “Is one of the purposes of the “new” energies to change the timing/structure of the synaptic gap so that we have more control of our period of pause/reflection and thus can alter our perception of time more “at will”?”

DATRE: No! No, that is not it. The ‘time’ is a concept that you have been working with from the beginning. The reason the planetary ‘time’ or physical time is, shall we say, running out is that you’re at the END of an evolutionary cycle. At the end of an evolutionary cycle, there should be a BIRTH into another state of evolution. But, because so many on your planet were not ready to do ‘anything’, they were ‘stagnated’ and how are you
going to have ‘evolution’ if nothing is going to change – nothing is going to move?

Also, there are other things in the Universe that are ‘timed’ and what you’re doing now is, you are living in what is called an EXTENDED MOMENT. But an EXTENDED MOMENT does NOT have ‘time’. An EXTENDED MOMENT can be as long as is necessary to achieve the evolution of the people in physical constructs on your planet, to coincide with other planetary existences and ‘other’ things that are taking place. Then, when that happens, in ‘the blink of an eye’ it will ALL change. That is what it is all about. It has
nothing to do with your brain whatsoever.

The confusion comes in trying to hang on to that which you call ‘time’ so tightly. You see what do you have… I’ve heard you say it John, something about the rats leaving a sinking ship or something, I don’t…

JOHN: Yes, that’s it.

DATRE: And so they hang on and hang on and hang on. Well, that’s what you’re doing with ‘time’. You’re so afraid to let go of it that you’re hanging on to it. That’s why you still have, that which you call, the existence of ‘time’. But, those that are not paying any attention to ‘time’, will find that they can ‘stretch it’ just like… what do they play; the kids play with… that silly putty stuff? Yes, that’s the way you’re doing with your time of every day.

But, you see, you don’t realize, that you’re the one that’s doing that. Those on the planet are doing that. And why are some of them keeping their little ‘silly putty’ ball all together in a little tiny ball? Because they’re fearful of opening it up and stretching it out and seeing what it will do. Or bouncing it or doing anything with it. They’re just sitting there holding it. Then there are others that are out ‘playing’ with it. That’s why, when you begin to ‘know’ WHO you are, you’ll begin to play with that ‘silly putty’. You’ll take it and stretch it and fool with it in every which direction you can – because it is fun. Then you’ll say, ‘well I’ll be late for an appointment’. How can you be late if you’re setting your own time? How much ‘frustration’ are you going to tie yourself into, because you need to be there at such and such a time? You’re doing it yourself. Now, you are running your ‘own’ time clock. Scary to some people – fun to others – two sides of the coin again. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can you suggest a method or approach to help with the “symbols/zymology” in our dreams “that we need to figure out”.”

DATRE: No, that is yours. It has nothing to do with us whatsoever. That is for you to figure out. The more you know YOU the more you will figure out. Then, what if you don’t figure it out, what difference does it make?

What about individuals that have no remembrance of dreams? They seem to be doing quite well. I can give you a very good example, that’s Aona. Why doesn’t she remember her dreams? Because she isn’t particularly interested. Now, if she wanted to put a little leverage on us, she could, because we’re using her body. She could ‘demand’ to know her future and her demand would be met. Because we have a contract with her and we would tell her. She does not want to know. Why spoil all the fun? Why would she want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow? Each day should be an adventure. Not something to fear, not something to want to know anything about, because, today is today. How do you know what’s going to happen in the next moment? Does it matter? If you look at life as ‘incidents’ instead of ‘accidents’
everything will be handled the way you want to handle it when the next moment occurs.

That is a FREEDOM that most individuals are afraid of. Because it’s so FREE that you don’t have anything to hang on to but YOU. But if you don’t know WHO you are, you’re going to get a little bit scared. As much as you want your FREEDOM, you’re still going to be a little bit scared, because who’s going to take care of you in the next moment? Those who know WHO they are, know, ‘I will take care of myself in the next moment’. That’s NOT being
braggadocios and that’s NOT coming from a ‘physical’ knowingness. That is coming from deep, deep, within. Then when those people acknowledge that, they begin ‘heat’ within the center of the body – the trunk of the body – begins to heat, to warm. And when that individual say’s, ‘I AM’ the whole body responds. Next question.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Are “we” “you” turned inside out?”

DATRE: No! You are always you. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “In a dark room when I close my eyes very tight I can, for 1 to 2 minutes see a vast kaleidoscope of gold colored patterns, normally geometric, that are swirling and dancing around, what am I seeing?”

DATRE: You’re seeing that state of relaxation that they call… I don’t know, that first state of relaxation that you go into. What’s that John?

JOHN: That’s the Alpha state, I believe.

DATRE: When you get into those states of relaxation that is what we have observed with Aona. If we come in… Because we wanted to see what that was like and so we had her go into… that was many, many years ago, can’t even remember. But, had her go into that state of relaxation and all she did was keep relaxing and relaxing and relaxing until she could not feel the body any more. Then at that point, then the colors came. That is all we remember of that that was many years ago. But that’s what she saw and when asked, she said that’s what people see. The first thing they see is those colors. So, that is the state of relaxation. Now, from there you can do many things, depending upon your intent. Continue.

JOHN: Comment on that, one of the other characteristics of that is that he mentioned holding… closing the eyes very tightly. That will create also a ‘body’ reaction, where you see shorting of the synapse and the electrical system within the body, because of the ‘tightness of closing the eyes. That’s a physical phenomena that the body will create under those conditions, depending on how ‘tight’ you’re closing the eyes.

DATRE: I don’t know we’ve never gone through that one with Aona.

JOHN: Okay, I’ve played with that one myself. People that are fearful will tightly close their eyes and they’ll see all kinds of sparks and wonderful things but they are in such fear that that just emphasizes the fear and they just close their eyes tighter and it happens more and more. It’s a ‘body’ reaction kind of thing.

DATRE: Okay, glad you had that. We’ve never experienced it through Aona so I do not know. Okay.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, is there anything that you want to add?

JOHN: Not particularly, that last question I might also mention that the tightness of the eyes is one situation, but the patterns… I went through a period of several years… I don’t know how long, where every night I’d close my eyes and I lay there and describe to Aona all the beautiful patterns that I was seeing before I ever went to sleep. But, that phase of my experience changed and now I don’t see that any more, but it went on for several years. So, it seems to be a cycle of pattern recognition that I was going through.

DATRE: That would be your zymology patterning. That’s interesting. You see we’re not in the body for periods of time, unless we want to find out something. Then we will ask Aona to do something for us, so that we can come in… She will get the body started and then we will come in and observe. So, maybe we should continue just a little bit on what we were talking about today at the lunchtime.

Now, what we were discussing was the fact that one of the stages that will be coming up, that many will begin to experience is, with the new energies coming in your bodies are, shall we say, you are GATHERING MORE ATOMIC PARTICLES within the physical construct. More atomic particles clinging to the HOLOGRAM. Now, one of the things that happens when ‘that’ begins to happen is that your body will become much more sensitive to your surroundings. As an example, when Aona first comes back into the body she does not feel the functions of the body, like she did a few years ago, when she came back in she’d feel the ‘functions’ of the body and it felt ‘icky’ to her. This occurred every time.
Now, as that which you call the end of ‘time’ has occurred and the new energies coming in and the bodily changes taking place, the sensation of her being aware of her being back in the
body and seeing through the eyes again, she experiences that, but she doesn’t experience the rest of the body. She FEELS everything in the room. She feels a table in front of her, she feels the sharp edge of the table coming into her stomach area and the table is a good foot away. She feels the walls pressing up against her arms and the walls are way far away from her. She feels the ceiling and the floor and ALL the things in the room.
Her body is becoming more and more – TOTALLY SENSUOUS – in that she feels everything and it is lasting longer. In other words, this can last for 15-20 minutes, a half hour now. Where as when it first happened, it was just, she was aware of it and then it was gone. But, the last year, especially, with the increasing energies, she’s feeling it for longer and longer periods of time.

Now, if she’s completely relaxed and sitting in a chair and she’s to the state of, ‘oh, this feels good’, complete relaxation, she immediately feels every piece of furniture in the room. She feels the ‘texture’; she feels that it’s all very close to her. Now, as you know and I know, the furniture is not close to her – she is close to the furniture, because her awareness spectrum is continuing to grow outward.

Now, we have talked, many, many times about you being an ‘observer’. We have also mentioned that one on television that is called Caine. He is playing the part of a Shaman. As we have said before, you DO have Shamans upon the planet. But they are so few in number and they usually are not known. A Shaman has no desire to be known. He/she wishes to keep his anonymity to be the observer he wants to be. But, the Shaman does not ‘observe’ as much with his eyes as he does with his whole body. He knows
‘everything’ that is around him at any given moment. He ‘observes’ with FULL body. These are what the new energies are ‘allowing’, is the change of the bodies to be able to contain more ATOMIC STRUCTURE. The more atomic structure your body can hold, the more it will be able to sense that which is around it.

Now, I think that will give them something to think about. We do not go for ‘pie-in-the-sky’ type of things. We will tell you what is ‘actually’ happening. We use Aona as an example, because we can get into her body and tell you what is happening to her body. There are ‘others’ on this planet, who’s bodies we enter that we are doing different things with. This just happens to be one of the things that we’re working with Aona’s body with and many people are going to begin to experience this, more and more and more. As this becomes, like we say, this becomes longer and longer all the time, even in relaxation now, she gets to that point where she feels ‘everything’.
You see, you don’t have to ‘crack’ the psyche; you don’t have to do any of these ‘marvelous’ things. But, as you get to ‘know’ the physical construct that you’re working through and with and ‘allowing’, these things WILL happen. You get to know WHO you are. You get to know what the body is doing and as the two begin to work together, GRAND things happen. So, that is why we say, OBSERVE and know WHO you are. That’s when the FUN begins. That’s when all the drudgery ends. The bumps in the road are no longer horrendous ‘accidents’, but INCIDENCES for EVOLUTION. We thank you. We have enjoyed being with you, we will see you again, we are Datre.


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