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Datre answers Cynthia and Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Cynthia and her first question is… “…That if we no longer function from “mass consciousness” and we start to get our thoughts directly from the mind, can we still consider ourselves to be MAN?”

These questions are in relation to a quote from Datre… “Because you no longer function from the point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but function from the DIRECT THOUGHT THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE MIND. You’re bypassing that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and working ‘direct’ from the MIND.”

DATRE: Of course, you always will be. Where you receive your information from is not going to change your physical construct to the point that it is ‘unrecognizable’. It is just that you will be changing your brain patterning, which will allow you to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ differently. That is what happens when you begin functioning from that which is the MIND – which is within the BUBBLE. Continue.

JOHN: And taking off from that again she say’s… “Or are we a whole different species…. something in between matter and spirit?”

DATRE: You are a combination that cannot be separated. That is your physical construct, you are ‘matter’ and you are, that which you call, ‘spirit’. Now, functioning from the MIND or functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is, it does not matter, you still will contain your bodily construct. You will appear very much the same at all times, because that is what you have set out. This is your stage of evolution that is of… finding out WHO you are, it is not ‘changing’ the bodily construct to find
out WHO you are.
It is changing your ‘out-look’ and your ‘in-look’ from a standpoint of understanding. Evolution is understanding what is happening in this stage of your evolution. Understanding the planet, understanding you, understanding what makes a planet function, what makes ‘you’ function? That is what this is all about. Then when you begin to make the change, from functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to that which we call the MIND, which is within the BUBBLE of the planet, what happens is, you’re not being a ‘robot’. When you function from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, all you’re doing is acting like everyone else. You’re thinking like everyone else. That does not mean that everyone else does not have ‘moments’ of inspiration.
But, when you begin to function without ‘always’ being in that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, everything ‘looks’ different. Your ‘reaction’ to everything on your planet is different. It may be subtle, but it is different. Because you’re no longer acting out a role, that everyone else is acting out in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You are becoming an individual and realizing, that you’re the WHOLE BALLGAME – you are the one that is setting the stage. You’re the actor, you’re the director, you’re the scriptwriter, and you’re the whole thing. Then when you realize THAT, then working with the information that is contained within the MIND, there’s unlimited options. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is a ‘limited’ amount of information that you can work with.

So, actually what you’re doing is you’re changing EVERYTHING. You’re ‘actually’ changing everything when you begin to work from that which is called the MIND. Because EVERY THING is within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE. Things that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS would never be able to fathom. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is it possible to change “mass consciousness” if enough people begin to operate from what Datre calls “awareness” as opposed to “consciousness”?”

DATRE: Well you have to realize that you cannot separate ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’, because ‘consciousness’ is a part of that which you call your physical existence. But, from the standpoint of changing your ‘awareness’ and changing the thought patterns of the… that are within your brain structure, there are subtle changes that take place.

Now, if you are a ‘good’ observer, you will already begin to notice the changes that are taking place with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS upon your planet. Your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS “IS” changing. Not only because of Datre, there are ‘others’ that are bringing through information also. But, we only bring the
information through to help ‘you’ to change ‘you’. To become more aware of ‘you’. Then the more ‘you’ become aware of ‘you’ that immediately changes your surroundings and everything that you inter-act with. You’re acting with ‘other’ individuals, from the standpoint of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and that ALONE changes everything – because you appear different. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ‘chatty’, uptight, frustrated and all these other things that… when they draw off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, its perpetual ‘I have to do this’, ‘I have to do that’ and they’re always seemingly running in circles.

When you begin to ‘know’ who you are, it is nice to talk, but your talk will be different. That does not mean that you throw out everything on television, that you throw out your newspaper, that you don’t turn on the radio, that you don’t communicate with people. You do, very definitely, but the thing that happens is that people are, shall we say, astounded by your calmness. You’re an individual they don’t encounter everyday of the week, because of your very ‘being’ of calmness. They do not understand a person that is not harassed, by time, by circumstances. The calmness that you go about doing things and getting things done with, is something that they are amazed by. And they’re very interested in you, because you are completely different than anyone they have ever known before.

So you see, the more individuals that are existing in that state of calmness, it does make a difference. You don’t have to preach to them. You don’t have to tell them about what your belief systems are or any of that. You see, it has often been said and it is true, ‘a child listens, not to what your mouth says, but what they see’. Because a child is listening to chatter all the time and they get used to hearing the chatter so they don’t pay any attention. But, what they DO pay attention to is, your ‘actions’ and they will mimic your actions. If you react with calmness, not put on, but inner calmness, the child immediately settles down – because that is what they see, that’s what they will do. A woman that’s swearing at her child in the grocery store and hitting them and yelling at them, what does that child do? They’ll turn around and hit the dog or the cat or whatever
happens to be handy – because that’s their reaction. That is what happens, when those that are calm, walk within the midst of people and we have said this before. When the ‘master’ walks among you he is not noticed, but immediate calmness occurs around him/her. He/she is not noticed, but he/she is the ‘observer’. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question from Cynthia is… “Is this the transcendence that we must go through in order to “ascend”?”

DATRE: No one ascends from this planet. I don’t understand your ascension. You will ALL go through the BIRTH – if that’s what you’re referring to. Every single one of you on this planet will go through the BIRTH. Just depends upon where you’re going. But I do NOT call that ascending, I call that EVOLUTION. Evolution is change and this time it’s the end of a cycle. At the end of a cycle you evolve to the next level of evolution – if you want to call it that. But it is NOT ascension. You’re not going to go flying up in the sky or any of that sort of thing. You’re going to disappear – scare you? No big deal. You will disappear from this planet and you will be on another planetary existence of some sort, if that is your desire. If it is not your desire, then you will go someplace else.

You see, ‘you’ run the ballgame, but you don’t know it – you’re not aware of it. That’s why we say, when you become aware of WHO you are, then all of these things that are so mystical, become your reality. The mystery is gone. It is like everything else, once you’ve learned it, its no longer a mystery. You take those that are called magicians, and they put things in their hands and the things disappear and then they re-arrear someplace else. To those that are ‘observing’ it is a mystery – they can’t figure it out. But, become friendly with the magician, learn how to do his tricks, the mystery is gone. Continue.


JOHN: Okay, now we have some questions from Kevin and Kevin’s first question is… “Exactly what is the 3rd brain and does it occupy a specific location within our gray matter?”

DATRE: Yes, it very definitely does and it is in the process of growing in each and every one of your heads. The difference being is that those that are beginning to ‘know’ WHO they are, that growth is faster than those that have no idea that they’re anything more than a body. So the growth within the physical construct is of all different durations. There are those that
will not have the growth of the 3rd brain in this planetary existence, because they do not need it. The 3rd brain is being introduced to have connection with that information contained within the MIND. Because the information contained within the MIND is ‘symbolic’ and the computer brain that you have at the present time is unable to decipher, shall we say, many of the symbols. So the 3rd brain coming on line is going to make it easier for you to be able to interpret the symbols that are within the MIND. Is that clear John?

JOHN: Yes that’s clear to me.

DATRE: Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Are there telltale signs that would indicate when this change has begun to take place within our physical construct?”

DATRE: Yes. There… because from time to time you will “get snippets of information” that are what you would call astounding. Something will, for lack of a better term, pop into your head that is a ‘total’ revelation to you, as far as information is concerned and it will be not of an ‘ordinary’
type of thing, it will be very, very different. But, perhaps some question that you’ve had regarding something that is, like a question that you’d say, ‘well, sometimes I want to ask Datre or someone about that’. “All of a sudden” this answer will pop into your head. You may question its validity, because it is so unusual. ‘How can I be getting this type of information?’. But that’s what will happen.
There is also another, ‘indication’, shall we say, that there are times when you will feel different sensations within that which you call your head. You will feel different… its not a pain, but it may be a little uncomfortable, it may be a little tightness and it is within the skull area. Its not a headache, its not unbearable, it will feel… sometime it will feel like you’d like to ‘push the skull open a bit’. Like you feel like your head is ‘expanding’ and it will be, usually be in the ‘back’ part of the head, you know where you’ve got those two cords coming up in the back of your neck, okay, it will be above that. It will be like you’d like to grab the two pieces above those two cords in the back of your neck and get a hold of your skull and pull it open a little bit to make it a little bigger. That’s the only feeling we can tell you, because we have felt it with Aona.

Now, that does not mean that’s going to be everyone else’s feeling. Because, as we have said before, every individual is different. We can only tell you this; because that is the feeling that Aona gets in her head. How you feel, we do not know – we haven’t any idea. Because, you see, between the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you express in physicality, you are
working together to achieve this. So, only the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you are acting out in physicality know what is going on. But, there is security in knowing that it is a cooperative effort or it wouldn’t be taking place. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “These various changes to our physical construct; are they visibly recognizable, i.e. via autopsy?”

DATRE: We do not know. We haven’t had anybody take anybody apart that we know. You see, there again if these changes are taking place – the opening of the 3rd brain – there’s not going to be an autopsy on the physical construct anyway. You know why? Because anyone in a physical construct that is in this ‘type’ of excitement and experience that is going to open up, shall we say, “new worlds” of information – why would they subject the
physical body to dying? Now, remember what we’ve said, there are no ‘accidents’. Those that “die” do so because they ‘want’ to die.

Now, those that are beginning to open up the 3rd brain are not going to want to die. They’re going to want to remain in the physical to see what happens. This is excitement. So, there would be… you couldn’t have an autopsy because there wouldn’t be anybody that would want to die in this state of excitement. Continue.

JOHN: And taking off on that he says… “If so, why hasn’t the medical community reported discovering such changes?”

DATRE: I think we answered that one. Because there isn’t any bodies to do it on.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Do we have any control/influence on the pace of these changes?”

DATRE: Now, there again, if you were in contact with the YOU that you are, you would ‘know’ what is happening. Now, there are many who do not want to know what is happening and said, ‘I will allow, it does not matter’. ‘If I’m going to go through an evolution of the body, fine, I’ll watch it happen’. If you want to get in touch with the YOU that you are, that’s the only one that knows what’s happening. This is all “YOU”. Nobody else knows what is happening. So the pace is set.

In your dream state, you get in touch with the YOU that ‘you’ are, you say, ‘okay, we’re going to do this, this and this – and you agree. But, you wake up from sleep – it’s all gone. Because the connection is not made to the point that it continues. Now, that’s a hard concept for anyone to understand. But, that’s exactly what happens.

Now, if you were ever to get to the point of walking the ‘daytime’ and the ‘dream time’ consecutively, you would see what happens. But, there are not that many that have ever done that. There are not that many that have ever ‘walked’ the dream time. But, if you walk the ‘dream time’ you’ll find that it is continuous with the ‘daytime’. It is a ‘constant’ evolution.

That’s what happens when you get to the point that when you can ‘walk’ the daytime and the dreamtime and that which you call death and ‘rebirth’ and another existence and go through the whole thing with constant ‘awareness’ – now WHERE are you? That is quite an experience and there are those that have done that. You see then the mystery is all gone. That is what we call
‘evolution’. When you do that, you know what’s happening. So, why do you want to continue this? The mystery’s all gone when you know HOW it works.

So, where are you going to get the tools to make up your next existence that is going to contain some excitement – EVOLUTION? When you begin to realize you’re writing your own script and no one else is doing it, you’re doing it ALL yourself – the mystery is gone. Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Are there any methods for expediting this process or do we just have to be patient and allow it to happen?”

DATRE: That depends on the YOU that ‘you’ are and how much you want to experience in physicality. That is a two way conversation until it become a one way conversation. Until there is ‘total’ integration. But, the thing is, the only way that we can tell you to expedite this, is to become more ‘aware’ of what is happening. Be the grand ‘observer’. Not only OUTSIDE, what’s going on ‘outside’ of your body, but be aware of the subtleties of the changes within the body. Most people don’t pay much attention to the body. But the body has it’s own innate intelligence.

You will wonder sometimes why you get a craving for something. You’re not craving a thing, the body is. You see you have not separated yourself enough to be able to tell the difference. Your body is giving you signals all the time – constantly. You’ll say, ‘well I’m hot’. You’re not hot, the body is hot. ‘I’m hungry’, you’re not hungry, the body is hungry. Then at
that point you say, ‘okay, body what do you want to eat?’ The body will tell you. It will tell you, sweet, sour, salty whatever. It doesn’t really matter in what form the food comes as long as those cravings are satisfied. The body can want sweet, that can be many things. It can be a piece of candy, it can be a piece of fruit – they’re both sweet.

You see, begin to get in touch with the body, the body can tell you many things. The body is undergoing changes, they’re subtitle changes. It is like we have said before, at one point of your evolution your body needed an appendix. Your body does no longer need appendix. Many children today that are born, don’t even have an appendix, it’s not there. In the ‘older’
generations on the planet now, the appendix is all shriveled up and sometimes totally disappeared within the body. You take peoples in their 80 year range, their appendix is either like a little tiny shriveled up prune or raisin or it isn’t there at all. It is NOT needed.
Now, I’m sure that you don’t feel you appendix disintegrating – were you to have one in the first place. But, changes are taking place within the body all the time. The changes that are taking place within your body that you can recognize, recognize them. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, so, something is taking place, some changes are being made’. How we can expedite that and get it to go faster or slower, is not up to us. We keep saying the same thing over and over and perhaps you get a little frustrated. Everyone else you talk to in the psychic community will give you answers and that is fine, that is what they’re doing. But, we don’t give you those kind of answers. We tell you, these things are up to you. We give you little guide lines here and there, but not individually, what to do, what not to do. What is happening to them, that is not what we’re telling you and we do not intend to tell you, because how is one ever going to learn? It is more exciting to be able to experience on your own, then to tell you what is happening – it takes all the excitement away.

If you knew, when you went on a trip and went on to a road, the many things that you were going to encounter, the up and the downs and the turns and the scenery and everything, if you knew it all before hand you wouldn’t be interested in going. It’s the excitement of getting in the automobile and going down the road and seeing for yourself. That’s where the excitement is. It’s not anyone telling you what to do. But, you will be experiencing many things, they may be subtle, but notice them and enjoy
them. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Is there a difference between the MIND that provides everything necessary to function in this planetary bubble and the UNIVERSAL MIND? If so, what differentiates them?”

DATRE: Well, the Universal MIND is different, because the functioning within the Universal MIND has to be different, simply because you’re working from a physical construct and we’re not. So, what we do and how we do it has nothing to do with a physical construct. So, having nothing to do with a physical construct, what we would draw from would naturally be
different than what you draw from. Because, everything that ‘you’ draw from that’s within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE is pertaining to physicality – everything there pertains to physicality.

Now, the more that you get into that which is the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE and the more you understand and the more you get into the understanding, and the more you search for the ‘different’, the unique, the more you uncover. Then that becomes an exploration that’s entirely different than you’re used to functioning with, which is that which is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, you’re still working from the concept of a physical

Now, those that are, shall we say, at the edge of the MIND within the BUBBLE are stretching and reaching some of that which is within the Universal MIND – because they understand, because they’re getting into different constructs. So, their exploration, just because they’re here, does not stop. It is like you can go into any reality that you want, providing you have the understanding of being able to go into that particular reality. The same thing with the MIND. There are no barriers, if
you ‘understand’ what the barriers are. Then if your understanding reaches beyond that point, then you’ll get beyond that point. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, now the final question is… “Is the 3rd brain able to draw from the UNIVERSAL MIND?”

DATRE: That is why the 3rd brain is coming on line. It’s coming on line so that you can understand the zymology. The MIND within the BUBBLE is all symbols and you need another understanding in order to be able to interpret the symbols.


DATRE: Oh, I am sorry, give that whole question again.

JOHN: Is the 3rd brain able to draw from the UNIVERSAL MIND?

DATRE: No! The 3rd brain is coming on line so that you will be able to understand the symbols that are within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE. It will take quite a while to get to the point of going out to Universal MIND. That is entirely ‘different’ zymology. There is some similarity, but there are a great deal of difference also. So, the 3rd brain will allow you
to tap into that which is the MIND of the BUBBLE. Which is ‘zymology’, which is very different than functioning from that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question. I like to make a comment. As I understand it, when we start functioning from the principle of MIND, then the brain becomes subservient to the MIND. Which is what it’s ‘original’ intent was. Instead of being the BIG BUBBA, it’s the ‘follower’.

DATRE: That is correct. Because then ‘you’ become the director. In functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS your working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you’re working from the brain. So the body construct… or the brain is where you’re functioning from. So when you begin to function from the MIND, then the YOU that ‘you’ are is in control. That’s the difference. I’m glad you brought that up John.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you we’re Datre.


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