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Datre answers Susmita (part II)

JOHN: Okay, we will continue with the questions from Susmita, and the first question in this segment is… “Does universal beings or say the group of vibrations known as “Datre” although composed of individually self-realized beings (?), also have something like “mass consciousness”? The difference may be in the awareness of it!”

DATRE: Now, first of all, we’re NOT realized Beings. We are ‘birthed’ as Universal Beings. We are not ‘realized’ what you call, ‘human beings’. There is an entire difference. So, being ‘birthed’ as Universal Beings we know nothing about that which you call, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, as far as an experiential development is concerned, because that is what ‘you’ work from. We don’t have ‘brains’. John is laughing, I didn’t realize how funny that was until I said it – be sure and get that on the tape. All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Can a universal being choose to work like an entity in the sense of choosing to send its vibrations thru different realities?”

DATRE: Can a Universal Being send its vibrations to different realities?

JOHN: Can a universal being choose to work like an entity?

DATRE: No. No, an Entity is a containment and that is a ‘specific’ species within the Universe. So, an Entity IS a Universal Being. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Can portions of a single entity be expressed in different realities thru time and space as realized and unrealized beings; for example as a planet, as a plant, as a physical human being, as a non-physical universal being and so on?”

DATRE: Well, the thing is that all of the experiences that are experienced through other mediums, like physicality, etc., can be picked-up by the Entity, because, after all, the Entity is “it’s mother”. It’s the Entity that BIRTHED the spark that is experiencing physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Can you give us some simple examples of specific things that you personally and others in the “Datre” group love to do in the Universe?”

DATRE: But, we don’t use the word ‘love’ – we exist – which is a very difficult concept for you. We don’t ‘know’ enjoyment and we don’t know something that isn’t enjoyment. I mean, ‘existence’ IS. So, that’s… we do what we do. We don’t experience through physicality like you do, you have all kinds of different things that you experience in the physical construct. We don’t have a physical construct; so therefore, we’re playing in a different ball game than you are. So, continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can a universal being become an expert in several specialties?”

DATRE: It is a possibility. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “You would you appear to be as “Gods” to most humans I presume!”

DATRE: I don’t know how they could make that connection, unless they were connecting that with what they had in their mind of what a God was. You see, you could look at us as Gods or you could look at us as teachers, you could look at us as ‘observers’, you could look at us many ways, because you’re looking at us through what ‘you’ have as a mental concept. But, you really can’t look at us any way at all, because, unless we function through physicality, you cannot know of our existence. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Does the human concept of “God” originally have something to do with the inner knowing of the existence of powerful entities or universal beings?”

DATRE: I don’t think it’s the knowledge of Universal entities or Universal Beings. It is something that you have put ON something, because you belittle yourselves. You do not realize what you are capable of and when an individual upon your planet begins to ‘draw’ from that ‘power’ that they are capable of drawing from, they are so fascinated by the ‘power’ that is
theirs that they think, how could it possibly be them? I mean it has to be something ‘greater’ than them to produce that power. They cannot believe that they can be that, what you call, powerful, because it is a feeling that they have no other word to put on. So they call it ‘powerful’ and if they feel ‘that’ powerful, its got to be from someplace else, it can’t be
from within themselves, because you have belittled the ‘human’ construct to the point that you can’t DO anything, unless someone else is ‘allowing’ you to do it.

In other words, basically, you have yet to learn to stand on your own two feet and declare WHO you are, to KNOW who you are. You say, ‘I am’, but you don’t mean it, because then you turn around and have to worship something else, because there has to be something greater than you. Which is a falsity. Because, there is NONE greater than you. The only thing is, you’ve
put yourselves in physical bodies and therefore “limited yourselves” and do not truly express WHO and WHAT ‘you’ are. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I understand universal beings do not have emotions but do have a state of feeling which can be described as universal love, joy, harmony, ecstasy and so on.”

DATRE: I think at one time we made a mistake, we mentioned something about love, because those were the only words that we could use at the time. But, the thing is, you must realize, that those are ‘human’ emotions. A Universal being does NOT have emotions. What would a Universal Being do with emotions? What would they carry it around in, they haven’t got a body. So, how could they handle a physical emotion without a body? Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is, carrying on with that same thought… “Also there is no memory, thoughts are expressed immediately.”

DATRE: Your words, again, are so limiting. We work; I guess the best way to say it is, ‘thought DO’. There’s NO separation. The thinking is the doing and the doing is the thinking. It is NOT separated into two things. You think and you do and you do and you think. But, you cannot imagine what it is like when it’s together. The only time that we can separate the ‘think’ and the ‘thought’ and the DO, is when we’re into a physical form. See,
that’s what fascinates us, is the physical form separates all these different things. You have ’emotions’, you have ‘thinking’, you have ‘doing’, you have all of these things that are fascinating, within one thing, called a physical construct and yet you despise it. But, that is all right, someday you will learn to understand what a ‘grand’ thing that you have at your disposal to operate within, in the daytime, what you call the
daytime, you’re waking hours. So, continue.

JOHN: And the next part of that question is… “As such there is no possibility of conflict, disappointment or regret or hanging on to the past.”

DATRE: We don’t have a past, nor do we have a future. That is ALL physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on again, she says… “But what if your loving intentions causes chaos or disharmony for many down-the-road of evolution?”

DATRE: I don’t know how we can. All we’re trying to do is explain to you what the physical construct is capable of, what ‘you’ are capable of. If you take ‘any’ experience, regardless of what it is, and work it through a physical construct, you can have ANY outcome you desire. That is entirely up to you. You can take, what some would call, a horrible experience, and bemoan it for the rest of your physical life until you die, shall we say.
Or another would take an ‘identical’ experience and do nothing but ‘profit’ and ‘grow’ by it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, it is for ‘you’ to interpret the way ‘you’ want to interpret it. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you do with it, it is entirely up to ‘you’. It is ‘your’ process and if you want to put ‘blame’ on something, because you can not handle it yourself, then it does not matter ‘what’ happens to you, good, bad or indifferent, you will ‘blame’ someone else for what ‘you’ are experiencing. There is no one that has any control over what you are experiencing, other than ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along those same question lines… “To you it may be a blink of an eye but to us with lower vibration it may seem like an endless nightmare!”

DATRE: That is ‘your’ interpretation, no one else’s. Continue.

JOHN: And the final part of that phase of questions is… “To what extent can you see future or consequences in our terms?”

DATRE: We cannot and we do not. We can, through the eyes of the channel, can ‘watch’ something and use ‘her’ brain for interpretation and also use what is a ‘concept’ of interpretation. But, as to seeing into the future or connecting up with the past or any of that, that is simply a brain
connection. That has nothing to do with us what-so-ever. And as far as looking into the future, to look in Aona’s brain – it’s a blank. Because she doesn’t care about the future. So, that doesn’t help us either. We couldn’t even, like the psychics do, tell your future by all these different methods that they use. But we could not do that with her, because there is nothing
there. Her future is NOT written, shall we say, because she is writing her own, nobody else. Its hers, she writes it and she say’s ‘hands off’. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, now the next question is… “I understand if our intentions are strong and clear (without any distortions resulting from contradictory beliefs that we hold) then we need not fear anything like being hit by a car or a stray bullet, mugged and raped by a stranger, getting unintended pregnancy (even after unprotected sex), losing a child or job or material
things! Is it true?”

DATRE: What do you want to believe? You’re writing your script, we’ve said that before and again and again. Then if you want to be afraid of what ‘you’ are setting up for yourself, then you are scaring yourself for your own reasons. You have to realize, if you have set something before you, then why did you set that before you? What was the reason behind it? That’s what AWARENESS is all about, is figuring out ‘why’ you do what you do. What
result are you looking for? What lesson are you trying to teach yourself? What are you trying to learn? No one does anything TO you. If someone is involved in a circumstance that you have set before you, that has ALL been planed out in advance of it happening.

So, you see, when you FULLY, totally and completely, understand that ONE thing, you will have made great strides in your understanding. That is what ‘man’ does NOT do; he does not look at his ‘own’ evolution. He looks at everybody else’s, will tell everyone else, what to do, how to act, but pays no attention to his own.

You’re on this planet; you’re at the end of an evolutionary cycle. You are to learn INDIVIDUATION and yet, that is the one thing you don’t want to do – it’s the very reason you came into this physical construct. Is to learn INDIVIDUATION. Everyone can come in, if you want to come in as a ‘blob’ and be a CLONE and work off of ‘group mind’. But, INDIVIDUATION is a GRAND thing if you can get yourselves to realize what it is all about. Continue.

JOHN: And the follow on to that same question… “I think that kind of intention requires knowing who we are!”

DATRE: Of course, that is what you have to do. What are you telling yourself? What are you showing yourself? Pay attention to what is happening. What are you setting before you, to learn, to experience? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Could you outline the major changes in the evolution of “mass consciousness” since the human species began its journey?”

DATRE: No, there’s no way. There’s no way to do that – not from our standpoint. Now, maybe others can do that, but that is not anything… they talk about some records that they can tune into psychically and read and that sort of thing. But, there again, that is all speculation. That is working from the human construct and seeing what ‘you’ want to see. What ‘you’ want to tell other people. And everyone will tell you different. They
will occasionally come up with something that is somewhat similar, because they’re all reading from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS you can only draw so much – that’s all there is there.

Then until such time as you begin to read from the MIND of the BUBBLE that will be different. But in that case you’re not interested in the evolution of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because, when you begin to do that, you’re interested in your ‘singular’ individual evolution and you don’t care about others, because that is of no interest to you. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on with that same question… “Did we begin as androgynous species: what motivated the sexual polarity? Is it the plant and animal contact?”

DATRE: No. This was set up for evolution, as every other planet is set up for evolution. Then the direction your evolution takes, is entirely up to those that come on to the planet. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what has become so strong that it is difficult for others to exist on this planet, who wish to evolve as individuals and begin to get information that is NOT in MASS
CONSCIOUSNESS. That is where a great deal of unhappiness is coming from in that to evolve as fast as individuals wish to evolve is very difficult, because the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has a ‘layering’ affect, that in order to exist on this planet you have to “abide by so many rules” that are in this planetary BUBBLE.

That is why, once you figure out, what the ‘magic’ is all about, you can leave the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and begin to work ‘directly’ with the MIND of the BUBBLE – and THAT is another stage of evolution. But that is becoming more difficult in the physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “If the principle of opposites or polarity exist throughout our universe how come there is none among the universal beings? If polarity exists there what’s the nature of it?”

DATRE: Well, polarities exist within your BUBBLE. Within other planetary bubbles you do not necessarily have polarity. Now, all the planetary bubbles are not the same… evolution is ‘different’ on every single one. You don’t use the same principle… why would there ever be two? There is no need to have two. Where does evolution come in, if the next planetary
existence you go to is going to be the same as this one? Something has to change.

But you haven’t learned it, because you still believe in ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Now, if you know polarities exist and you know there is ‘good’ and there’s ‘bad’ and that has to be for the polarities on this planet and you understand that, why do you have to side in one side or another? Why can’t you acknowledge their existence and go on your own way? That is very
difficult for ‘humanity’ to understand. You don’t have to be ‘good’ or you don’t have to be ‘bad’. Can’t you just exist in a physical construct and acknowledge both and not get upset by either one? Continue.

JOHN: Her final question is more of a comment that we wanted to deal with, she say’s… “I sometimes get concerned about Aona’s health because I read somewhere that Jane’s (Jane Roberts of the Seth material) husband thought that her changeling’s was to a great extent responsible for the rapid deterioration of her health and her physically painful death.”

DATRE: You must understand, and that was explained in the Seth material, because Aona has read it many times. The one thing that was difficult for Jane to understand was the information that she was receiving. She had trouble with the information that she was bringing forth, because she was ‘unsure’ of it. She wondered about whether she should bring forth this information, because, what would people say about it. There was an internal
conflict between the information that she was bringing forth and putting in books and her ‘own’ innate belief system.

Now, ‘that’ is why her body became ridged. Her resistance… when you ‘resist’ something, what is the first thing you do? The physical body ‘tightens’. Is that correct John?

JOHN: That’s right, you put up a wall of defense – a rigid wall.

DATRE: Yes, you put up a ‘rigid’ wall and the first thing that happens is the body ‘stiffens’. All right, you put up resistance, you put up the wall and when you ‘resist’ your body is in constant tension. Then until that ‘tension’ is released, it continues and you keep your body in continuous tension. It wears down the physical construct, the physical HOLOGRAM.

Why are there individuals, in physicality, upon your planet, that are H U N D E R E D S of years old? Because they ‘experience’ physicality, but set up no ‘resistance’ against it.

Now, as far as Aona’s body is concerned, she has no ‘resistance’ to the information. She is very familiar with it. It is something that she ‘knows’. Something that she understands. It is NOT a big mystery to her. So, there’s no ‘resistance’ to the information. That is why, as she has “in bodily years grown older”, her flexibility of her hands and her feet and her toes and fingers have become MORE flexible then they were 15 years ago. You can take her toes… the reason I say toes, is because that is one of the first places that people tighten up is in their feet. You can take her toes and practically crisscross them in any way you want, because she’s flexible, she is NOT rigid within her body.

The time the rigidity sets into her body is when there are physical changes being made to accommodate the evolution. Because, as her thought patterning continue to change and the vibration within the physical construct changes. Every time we come in and bring through information the physical construct
changes and there are times that we “do experiments” with her body, because there’s only a very few bodies that we can go into to see how these energy waves are acting upon the human construct. Then because of her construct being as such, we can go in and see what is happening and how the physical construct is handling the energies. Her body is in constant change. There
are sometimes that there are things that change that ‘tighten’ the body for certain periods of time. But, because she’s not concerned with them, other than being uncomfortable, it does not wear on the physical construct.

So, you see, there are two different aspects that you are working from. Jane was fearful and she was fearful of the information. At times, she was very familiar with it. But then, the old thought patterns would come in and there was conflict.

Now, you see, to say that the information and the channeling is what wore her body out, it was her choice. It was her choice and her decision as to what she did with her body. As we’ve said before, we have NO control over anything within physicality, we do not ‘wish’ to control anything in physicality. That is for ‘you’ to do, each and every one of you. It is for Aona to do, it is her body. She runs it the way she wants to work it for her own experience. The short time that we’re in, we do as much with it as we want to do, because we have permission to do so. We can ‘stretch’ it and pull it in any direction we want to… she say’s you can do anything you want to with it, as long as I’m out of it, but be sure and put it all back in place when you leave. We will leave you now, we’re Datre.


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