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Datre answers Wanda (part I)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Wanda and her first question is… “Are thoughts as units of awareness independent of me?”

DATRE: Definitely. If you were to go way back into the beginning of when we came on to the net, we described THOUGHTS as “dandelion seeds”. That is definitely independent of you. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Do I pull them in from the bubble or does my brain “think” them up?”

DATRE: No, you don’t pull them in from the BUBBLE and your brain doesn’t think them up. What happens is, when you begin to “think” about something that is a puzzlement to you or something you wish to expand on, in making something or writing or painting or any of that, and you begin to open up the “physical” brain and things just “flow” through the physical brain, you will begin to have connections in the physical brain, of things that you have seen or heard or interacted with. They will come together and it will ‘oh, if I do this, then this will happen, but, then if I do that, what comes next?’. There is nothing within that which you call the ‘brain’ THINKING pattern, you, to use your terms, hit a blank.
Now, the next moment, a THOUGHT can connect with those ‘thinks’ that you have produced, because in the production of the ‘thinks’ there is… it would be like a wave pattern. All right, a pattern exists, a THOUGHT that is similar to that pattern, will connect on to it – onto this pattern. At that point, the brain can pick up what is contained within the THOUGHT, if it so desires. Then at that point you can begin to open up, unravel, whatever words you want to use, that THOUGHT. Then that THOUGHT can trigger other things. You will, probably for many days, what’s contained within that THOUGHT will keep unraveling, unfolding and it will unfold and unravel as deeply or as long as you want it to, depending upon what you’re doing.

If you’re into creating something, like music or painting or anything, you get, shall we say, in the flow of doing something and this will… you’ll just be amazed, because all of a sudden here you are blending colors to paint with that you never would have ever thought of before. You say… I say the word thought, but that is what you would say. To be proper, you’d say, ‘I would never think to do that’. You would not ‘think’ to do that,
because ‘thinking’ only takes you so far. Thinking is ‘brain’ experiences – connecting.
So, in ‘thinking’ you only can go so far, but when you connect with a THOUGHT, you can continue and continue and continue, until you are “finished” with whatever you had, so that you’re satisfied. Then the THOUGHT, at that point, you have released it, you’re through with it. What does it do? It is viable within its own self to break from your ‘think’ patterns and continue on. As it breaks away from your ‘think’ patterns, it REJUVENATES itself and continues on. And a person a thousand miles away can pick up that very same little THOUGHT and use it again – because it is a viable thing, all by itself, it rejuvenates itself. You have used it, you have used it as much as you wish to use it and it continues on.

The analogy I like to use, that probably is easier for you to understand, is water. I have used this many times. Water can be in a river, it can be in a lake, it can come out of a faucet, it can come from a waterfall, it can come in the form of rain – it is water. All right, all these different places that water can be and what happens? You can go to someplace where there is water. You can stand and look at it, you can drink it, you can swim in it, you can walk through it, you can wash with it if you have soap, you can do all these things with water – and water doesn’t care. You have used it and when you’re through using it, that’s all right. You may have changed the way water is, after you have used it, because when you drink it, it comes out of you and it goes into your sewer system and goes out. But what happens is, because you have so many peoples on your planet, you

have now had to figure out a way to clean up your water. So you add chemicals to clean it so you can use it again. Prior to the time of so many people, water took care of itself. Water went back into the earth; the earth took care of the water and put it whereever when it was cleansed. It also went up into the atmosphere and came down again, and that was a cleansing action. At that point in your evolution, you did not have to clean your water.

That’s the way a THOUGHT is. Nobody has to clean up a THOUGHT. It is independent in and of itself – it has its own viability. A THOUGHT is used, it regenerates itself. Year’s back, your water took care of itself. So maybe now you can get an idea of how that works. But a THOUGHT is a viable thing in and of itself. You have no control over it. If it wants… if the combination of your ‘thinks’ attracts a THOUGHT to it, like a magnet, you
can use the THOUGHT. But when you release it, that THOUGHT goes on its own and rejuvenates itself and can be used again and again and again, because it is never ending. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “If, following along the same part of that previous question, they are independent of me and have their own existence what is their purpose?”

DATRE: Their purpose is to BE. You don’t understand that there are things that ARE. You don’t… everything has a purpose, but it does not ‘have’ to have a purpose. It can just BE. This is what it is, this is how it works and that’s all there is to it. It doesn’t ‘have’ to have a purpose, because it just IS. What’s the purpose of a rock? A single rock, what is the purpose of a single rock? Same thing. A rock IS. A THOUGHT IS. We call them
THOUGHTERS, because there is nothing else in your BUBBLE to explain what that is. That’s why you can’t understand the Universe, because there is nothing in your vocabularies, in any of your languages, the ones that I speak through Aona or the ones in other countries, you don’t have words for explanations.

Because, in the Universe, EVERYTHING IS EXPERIENCE. But, because of your mentality, you have to put a word on everything. And do you realize how many times you put up HUGE stumbling blocks, because you don’t accept something for what it is? You have to put a label on EVERYTHING. Why can’t things just exist and you just enjoy their existence? But, you have to put a ‘name’ on it. Then, by putting a name on it, you ‘immediately’ have set up connotations of ‘good and bad’. It is that simple. From our standpoint, it is VERY simple. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along, her next question says… “Who/What creates them?” THOUGHTS we’re talking about.

DATRE: We have used this expression before and we will use it again, they’re NOT ‘born’, they are BIRTHED. That’s as close as we can come to any explanation. THEY ARE BIRTHED. Then once something is BIRTHED, it is, to use your terms, FOREVER. Continue.

JOHN: And once again, continuing along, she says… “Are they carriers of ideas which require me to do-create something with?”

DATRE: No, definitely NOT. You’re not required to do anything with them. You’re not required to pick them up. You’re not required to do anything with them. If they attach themselves to a ‘think’ patterning you have and you don’t want them, very simple, you can open up the little seed and if there’s nothing inside that little seed that you want to unroll, unravel or look at or anything, if there isn’t anything in there, then you just let it go.

There are many more times a day than you could ever count that a THOUGHT will connect to a ‘think’ patterning, during your daytime hours. But, what would John, sitting at a computer, working away, and a THOUGHTER comes in and there’s something within the patterning that they connect with. I don’t know what makes the connection, but they connect with your ‘think’
patterning and this THOUGHTER goes through and John takes a look at it and he said, ‘now where in the world did that come from? I certainly am not right now interested in a unique way of baking bread.’. He has no use for it, he lets it go. Many time a day, but you see, you don’t pay any attention to those ‘subtleties’. But they occur all the time. You’ll turn around and say, ‘I wonder where that THOUGHT came from?’.

You see, automatically, you have used the right word. Because it’s something that is what you say, ‘out of the blue’ and has no connection with what you’re doing or anything else. But a THOUGHTER went by and connected up with you and you don’t want it, let it go. So it goes on its merry way. Continue.

JOHN: And further along that same line of questioning’s… “Who/What creates ideas? Are they alive as Datre and we are?”

DATRE: Ideas are ‘thinks’. And the majority of your planet gets your ‘thinks’ from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. There are not that many on your planet, that use THOUGHTERS – surprisingly enough. That is why most of you are so bored, because you do not ‘allow’ THOUGHTERS. You’re so busy scrambling your head with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’, that if a THOUGHTER came through you wouldn’t even recognize it. Then, until you recognize your 1st
THOUGHTER, and recognize how uniquely different it is, you’ll never know the difference. It is like everything else that we have said to you, until it happens to you as an individual, you can’t explain it to anyone else. Continue.

JOHN: Now her next question says… “It seems that mass consciousness is a reservoir of ideas which I can use to create matter with. However, many of these ideas are limiting and it depends on my “maturity” to use the unlimited ones.”

DATRE: Well you can do whatever you want to, but from our standpoint, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ideas ARE very limiting. When you get to the point of using THOUGHTERS, you’re going to be astounded at some of the information that you will get regarding any number of subjects that you want to mention. As a for instance, we’ll use John again, because that’s the one we have the contact with. John will be pondering, something, and he will be, what he calls, mulling it over in his head, and when he lets it go, that’s when a THOUGHTER can be recognized. Because, he will say, “all of a sudden I got this idea”. Then that idea goes to another idea, goes to another idea, goes to another idea and he will say, ‘I never would have THOUGHT of that’. No, he wouldn’t have, had he continued to ‘think’ about it. See the
difference? ‘Think’ about it, but let it go. Because a THOUGHTER can be right around the corner with your answer, but if you keep just going around and around and around like a squirrel in a cage, you’re never going to get any place with it.

It’s when you let it go. That’s what they say about ALLOWING. You’ll hear them say, ‘allow, get in the flow’ all of these things. What it means is, quit your constant GRINDING on something, again and again and again. If you really let it go, a THOUGHTER will come in with something. You may say, ‘it was so absurd, that I never would have had any idea to go in that
direction’. Of course you wouldn’t, because if you’re STILL working with ‘thinks’, you can’t get yourself out of the mud. You’re still walking around in mud puddles. That is what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is all about. It’s very hard to get any NEW ideas through the “mass” of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “When enough experiences and skills are obtained its time to move on to more thoughts which don’t have any physical-earthly points of reference. Any comments?”

DATRE: Well, there again, you see, you’re trying to make a… you’re trying to make a ‘study’ of these things instead of ‘allowing’ things to happen. It’s not something you can write in a book and work by a magic formula. Because, EVOLUTION is not a ‘magic’ formula, there’s no one out there writing a formula for you to EVOLVE to. There’s no such thing.

You see, in your scientific community, they’re coming up now with some grand and wonderful things and the thing is, when they start letting all this ‘think’ stuff go, they can connect with THOUGHTERS. But, you see, your ‘thinks’ have been used and used and used and used, for centuries. So, the only way they can come up with anything new, is to let all the ‘thinks’ go and open up to THOUGHTS.

JOHN: Sort of like the science of ‘non doing’.

DATRE: If that’s what they call it and that’s where its at. That’s why they say, ‘well how come the man that took care of the polio, a little man sitting all by himself’ – pretty much from what I understand, those are the people that come up with the cures. Those are the people that come up with the ideas. It’s not those sitting in laboratories with multiple peoples. That’s very hard to do, unless the person is what a lot of people refer to as a ‘loner’. I’ve heard that expression used many times, ‘he’s a loner’. The loner is the one that gets the THOUGHTS. It’s not those that sit in the MASS, because all they’re going to do is get the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because there is no other way, because the room is so full of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’ that there’s no place for a THOUGHTER to come in, there’s no space for a THOUGHTER. Its the loner, the one that gets away by them self that opens up to the THOUGHTERS, because its in getting ‘away’ from all the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are even able to ‘connect’ with a THOUGHTER. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on, with a little bit different subject, she says… “The akashic records and mass consciousness are they the same thing or not? Or are the akashic records the sum total of early experiences like events and is mass consciousness the sum total of attitudes, ideas and thoughts?”

DATRE: You live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – that’s how you function. 99.99% of your planet functions from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. There are a few that don’t, but they’re very rare. As you can see when you’ve got all those percentages, you’ve got less than 1% or even much less, of your planet, that is working and existing with something else, other than MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes, you have to be in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because that’s where you are and this is how you run the body, is through MASS
CONSCIOUSNESS. And through your communication with ‘other’ people. But, the communication and running the body and everything, with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, is fine. But, when you get away, as a loner does, then he opens up to THOUGHT.

Now, as for the akashic records, I don’t know about them, so John will have to tell me what that is all about.

JOHN: That’s really the archive of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: Is that in the dead zone?

JOHN: Yes, a lot of psychics like to read the akashic records. What they are reading is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’ throughout history.

DATRE: Oh, that’s a history thing?

JOHN: Yes, is/was.

DATRE: Well that doesn’t do any good, does it? What do they do that for?

JOHN: Well, we have a special name for it, we call it akashic records, and therefore it must be worth something.

DATRE: Oh, well I think everybody on this planet has done everything enough times, the same… why dig up the old stuff to keep… you talk about all the excitement of going into the year 2000. Everybody’s excited about the year 2000. Well how can you get excited about 2000 and change, if you’re going to take all that old junk with you? I mean that to me does not even equate and I’m not using much of a physical brain. But, I don’t understand why that would be any big deal to have that old stuff.

That’s like your history, you can make that… you can listen to ten different programs giving… telling about somebody’s life that is all dead and over with and every person that you hear are going to have a ‘different’ explanation. Get right down to families, one sister will tell, ‘well, my parents were, well this is the way I saw my dad and this is the way I saw my mother’. Then the other sister says, ‘ oh, but mother wasn’t
that way and dad wasn’t that way’. Then a brother comes in and says, ‘well you’re both wrong, dad was this and mother was that’. You see, mother and dad, two people, three people observing two people, and every one is different. That is why we say, ‘your experiences are ‘your’ experiences, nobody else’s’. How obvious can it be?

You’ll talk about a class reunion that happened ten years ago, then everyone at that class reunion will tell you a different story of what had happened and they were all in the same room experiencing “the same thing” – NO THEY WERE NOT. Everyone in that room had their own experience – ten years later, they’ve all got different stories. Now, WHAT BENEFIT IS HISTORY? If people that live it and see it talked about say, ‘well, that’s
not the way I saw it’. It wasn’t the way you saw it, naturally it was ‘not’ the way you saw it, you’re not going to agree with other people. You can’t, because you are here for an experience and that experience is ‘yours’ and ‘how’ you view it is entirely up to you.

It can be the greatest tragedy in the world or it can be a learning experience. It can be the grandest thing in the world or it can be a learning experience. It is ALL up to you. But, from our standpoint, if you’re wanting to go forward in the evolution of your species called ‘man’ and ‘woman’, then don’t drag that big old garbage bag behind you and keep looking inside of it, to be sure that its all there. Leave the garbage bag for the garbage man to pick up and go into the future unencumbered and greet each day with expectation of something ‘new’ and something different, instead of something old, rehashed. Now, I will get off my soapbox. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Could Datre tell us more about what is the Mind?”

DATRE: The MIND is that which is contained within the BUBBLE. It is like the air you breath. The difference between the MIND and the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, is the CONTENTS that are in the MIND of the BUBBLE, are there to be used. There’s also the ‘thinks’ that have been processed through the ‘brain’ – that compose MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and they’re all there together.

You see, you look at that which you call ‘air’ and you have so many components that make up ‘air’. Those are all the components you ‘know’ of that make up ‘air’. How many components don’t you have any way of figuring? There’s ‘gillions’ of them. But, because you can’t ‘see’ them and can’t detect them with metal instruments, for you they don’t exist. That’s fine, it does not matter. But everything is there for your enjoyment, for your
understanding, experiencing and you see, that’s what you do when you go to sleep. That’s why you come back with these crazy ‘dream’ stories. Because you’ve been ‘out there’ exploring all of these many things, but when you come back the brain tries to tell you what you experienced, but it doesn’t have any connections, so it comes up with a whole bunch of garbage. But,
when you’re out of body in your sleep time and connecting with the YOU that you are, there are all sorts of wonderful things out there. That’s why some people wake up with this silly grin on their face. They’ve been having a grand time – ‘whoops, we’re back in physicality again, well here we go for another day’. Continue.

JOHN: All right, her next story… yes, her next story… her next question, relative to MIND again… “Does it exist in the universe?”

DATRE: No, no need to, there’s no need to. We are BIRTHED and we exist and we do what we do. We don’t need any patterns; we don’t need to figure out anything. It’s all there and we just take whatever we want and use it. You haven’t been able to do that yet. See, those that are able to get connected with that which is the MIND and can go all through this stuff and ‘know’ what the ‘magic’ is and ‘know’ what this whole thing is about – to understand your BUBBLE, they’re out there playing in the MIND. That’s why when they begin playing in the MIND, and then it’s a very short step into the Universe when they go through the BIRTH, because the Universe is already not too foreign to them. But, you haven’t learned to work IN the MIND. You still haven’t figured out, your sleep and your awake and your death and your re-birth. You haven’t experienced ALL of that in total awareness and until you can do that, you can’t go out into the Universe. Its as simple as that, because what would you do?. There’s nothing to hang onto, there’s nothing to stand on, you don’t have a body, you’re there, you ‘know’ you’re there, your by yourself, what are you going to do?

You see, trying to compare the Universe with your BUBBLE is, there’s no way. You can’t do it. There are no words to describe it and that’s what makes people that are working with their physical brain angry, because there are NO guidelines – and there aren’t. The only thing is, is your AWARENESS and that can open up more things than you can ever imagine. Continue.

JOHN: All right, now her final question for this particular segment is, referring again to the MIND… “Is awareness its equivalent in the universe?” equivalent to the MIND?

DATRE: No, because we don’t need awareness. See, there again, you’re trying to think of… because I’m using a physical construct you seem to think I’m a physical being. I’m NOT a physical being, but I can read the brain patterning of Aona, I can observe the brain patterning’s of John. I can observe brain patterning’s ‘through’ Aona if I’m in a mall, in a grocery store, watching television. You see, I can perceive all of those things, I can use them to speak to you, but I don’t have a body, I don’t have a size. You see, you have a size, you’re contained, I have no size. I’m as BIG as I want to be or as SMALL as I want to be. I can be in more places than you can ever imagine, because I can ‘split’ myself and experience, not only in this BUBBLE, but in many BUBBLES throughout the Universe all at the same time. I AM and I can pull in any portion of experience into my TOTALITY, because that’s the only thing I can use to describe it.

But, you see, you CHOOSE to be ‘contained’ within a physical construct and you will continue in a physical construct until you can figure the thing out. The YOU that you are has a pretty good idea what this whole thing is all about. Then, until that information can be given to you in the physical, so that you can understand it, you’re going to have to continue in a physical construct – because you’ve got to figure this out. This was ‘your’ desire and once you desired it, that’s where you were and you ‘will’ be. But, as for us, I can’t describe any one of those portions that come in and speak through this physical construct.

There have probably been, what, 5 – 6 today in this session that have come through. Because, they come… its like you would come and say to someone, ‘oh, I’ve got something I want to say’, so then one of us leaves and another one comes in. Then another one comes in, ‘I’ve got something to say’ and then they come in and then they go out. But, you see, its… its hard to explain, because we don’t talk to each other, it just that we do. It’s very interesting, because you have no idea what it is like when you have NEVER experienced containment, to step into a physical containment. It’s something that you could not imagine. You could not imagine, if you had never experienced seeing, seeing color, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, you have no idea. But, to the majority of us that would try to… I don’t know of anybody that would want to have containment. But, because we only send little portions of ourselves in, because there’s no way that we can do otherwise because we would ‘blow up’ the body with the energy. Aona can hold a lot of energy, tremendous amounts of energy, but the thing is, that we could blow her apart if we bring in too much of our energy from the Universe.

JOHN: The same thing if she was to bring in more of herself, same problem.

DATRE: Same problem. See, the YOU that you are, could not fully come in here. You only… see there’s another thing that will blow their mind, you don’t send all of yourself into physical expression. You see, you split yourselves off and are not even aware of it, because you think you’re the whole ball game – but you’re NOT – because the YOU that you are is the whole ball game. You’re ONE expression in physicality. That is what you’re
experiencing. Now, since there is no ‘time’ and ‘space’, how many ‘others’ are there that are experiencing physicality in what you call different ‘times’ and different ‘spaces’ and still connected to the YOU that you are?

Then again, how many YOU’s that you are, are within the BUBBLE? That’ll stretch your minds a little bit. Get your mind thinking about something like that. When you get your minds really thinking about what this whole thing is all about, its NOT whizzy bang wow, its UNDERSTANDING and AWARENESS. Because, until you can get past the idea of having to be ‘taught’, and realizing the GREATEST TEACHER that exists, is YOU – that’s the greatest teacher you have, each and every one of you. You’re looking to another physical Entity, of some sort, to ‘teach’ you. THE GREATEST TEACHER YOU HAVE IS THE “YOU” THAT YOU ARE. There is NONE greater. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question for this segment.

DATRE: That was a good place to stop. We have enjoyed being with you, we are Datre.


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