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Datre answers Wanda (part II)

JOHN: Okay, today we are continuing along with questions from Wanda and the first question in this particular segment is… “Datre has mentioned a number of times that entities in the universe have no need for memory. Is this because all ideas, the totality of experiences, knowledge exists in the universe together with them? Or do they exist as thoughts to be used by
entities for their creation, i.e., creating something from nothing?”

DATRE: The possibility of Being is NOT a concept that is easily understood by people in the physical reality. They don’t understand that you can be “self contained”. That’s what we are. We’re BIRTHED as what we are, we do what we do, we don’t have to look into the future nor do we have to hang on to the past. If you on the physical planet were able to do that you would have a grand time. Because the only thing that would be of any consequence is what you did RIGHT NOW – you can’t imagine that. There are individuals upon this planet that live that way – but you can’t conceive that – and they’re in a containment and they still are living RIGHT NOW. But, you can’t imagine living “RIGHT NOW” because you’re doing one of two things. The brain is either thinking of the ‘future’ or the ‘past’.

It is… how many times does a physical construct sit down to a meal of food and when they get through they don’t know what they’ve eaten. Because they have paid no attention to what they have put in their mouth. They probably have tasted the first bit of anything ‘new’, but after that they don’t pay any attention to it. Then, many times they have what they call business lunches and dinners and stuff. Those people stuff the food in
their face, they don’t even taste it. Ten minutes later you can ask them what they ate and they don’t even remember. But, the thing is the attention is ‘scattered’. You don’t have any attention span whatsoever. You just go flying off in seventeen thousand directions and hope to get things done, because you don’t have enough ‘time’. You put yourself under tremendous
amounts of pressure that is not even necessary. Worry about things that are never going to happen. You spend your time NOT being WHO you are and experiencing what you’re here for. So, you can’t understand “us” very well. Did I cover that question?

JOHN: I think you did your thing.

DATRE: All right, continue.

JOHN: On her next question she preambles this by saying… “One of my favorite questions which hasn’t been answered yet, but I’ll keep plugging it anyway. What is the universe?”

DATRE: The Universe is a large containment. Your BUBBLE is a containment. There are many “bubbles” within a Universe and the Universe has containment. There needs to be something to work within – there needs to be some kind of boundary. Because ALL Universes work on ‘different’ principles. Just as ALL ‘bubbles’ work on ‘different’ principles. Continue.

JOHN: And following along that same line of thought she say’s… “What is it made up of?”

DATRE: Gillions of things. It’s made up of us, it’s made up of ‘bubbles’ of all kinds, it’s made up of many, many things. How can I explain in physical words when we don’t work in physicality? It’s an impossibility. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along she say’s… “What’s in it?”

DATRE: Everything and nothing. Continue.

JOHN: Okay and following on she say’s… “What is the relationship of all the ingredients within it (the Universe) to each other?”

DATRE: What is the relationship of you in your physical containment to ‘others’ in physical containment? As above, so below in different aspects of experiential patterning. Continue.

JOHN: And following along again… “Who maintains it?” talking about the Universe.

DATRE: Everyone that’s out here. Continue.

JOHN: And again… “How do they come into being?” Universes that is.

DATRE: They are BIRTHED. They are BIRTHED just as we are BIRTHED. We are BIRTHED in Universes, we BIRTH Universes. Continue.

JOHN: And then again, continuing on she say’s… “What keeps the universe together?”

DATRE: This is so difficult, because you’re not working in the same thought patterning. You cannot, with a physical brain conceive, a Universe or any one of us – because you have nothing to be able to understand it with. A physical brain is NOT something that can conceive of what a Universe is like. You can’t even conceive of your own BUBBLE.

What makes your BUBBLE? What makes your BUBBLE work? Why doesn’t your Earth fall apart? Why don’t the trees all fall down, because you’re spinning so fast? How come you’re staying on the planet, at the rate of speed that you’re going through space? You don’t understand that, oh, you’ve got a lot of explanations, but you really truly do NOT understand that.

If you stand up in a room and realize the speed that the planet that you’re on is rotating, you better start wondering HOW you’re being able to stand on it.

JOHN: Also, the moving through space.

DATRE: Yes, you’re not standing still and going around, you’re constantly in movement – and yet, you’re NOT – because you’re nothing but a HOLOGRAM. Yet you think of yourself as physical with aches and pains and organs and all of this ‘other’ stuff – and you’re but a HOLOGRAM and can be extinguished in the ‘blink’ of an eye. But, you can’t even get THAT concept understood. That is what we say, do not be concerned, there’s no guidelines, there’s no books, there’s nothing that people can write – they
may try to – but they can’t explain it to you. It has to be EXPERIENCED. And you have NOT experienced your own planetary existence and when you have experienced your own planetary existence you will be getting closer to UNDERSTANDING.

But there are not that many on this planet that will be able to UNDERSTAND, because they will not go through the WHOLE EXPERIENCE in total AWARENESS. They’ll live fine and they’ll get to ‘death’ and they’ll be scared and they will go through the state of what you call ‘death’ with blindfolds on because they don’t want to know what’s happening. That’s NOT total
AWARENESS. TOTAL AWARENESS is watching the whole process and there aren’t that many in the eons that you have been in existence, that have done that. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along, she say’s… “What is the purpose of this universe?”

DATRE: The purpose of anything is to EXPAND AWARENESS. You see, unlike you, we’re not content doing the same thing over and over and over. You are, otherwise you would be out of here. But you insist in doing this, life – death – life – death – life – death stuff, continuously and still complain about it, but don’t do anything about it. We don’t do the same thing all the time. We may be BIRTHED as doing something, but our ‘something’ is constantly changed simply because, we don’t have a ‘past’, we don’t have a ‘future’ – we DO and we DO and we DO. But, there’s that which we DO and as we move out of that DOing into the next DOing we don’t DO the same thing. But you do, and you seem to be content in staying in physical bodies and doing it over and over and over again. So you can’t put physical containment and Universal THOUGHT patterns in the same category – it doesn’t work. Continue.

JOHN: And again continuing along she say’s… “How many universes are there?”

DATRE: I don’t know. We know there are more, because we have contacted more, but we’re not in more, we’re here. And what difference does it make, you haven’t gotten into the first one yet. When you know what’s in the first Universe, then you can go into another one whenever you want to.

JOHN: But, first they have to figure out our BUBBLE universe.

DATRE: Well that’s… yes, but I don’t know how many eons that’s going to take. That’s up to the individual. You desired physical containment; you will stay in physical containment until you get yourself out of it. Then when you get yourself out of it, then you can do something else. But, once you have decided on physical containment, THAT is what you will do. Figure it out and then you can do something else. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along she say’s… “How does compassion and love fit into the picture?”

DATRE: Those are “your” terms. In our terms ‘love’ is a SUBSTANCE that can be worked with. In your terms, it is a physical ’emotion’ – there’s NO connection whatsoever. Compassion is your own word. There is no such thing, we don’t relate to compassion. What should we be compassionate about if
we’re just DOing? Where does the word fit? It does not. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along she say’s… “When Datre speaks of the universes does he mean a physical one, or a non-physical one?”

DATRE: Well, now you’re in the BUBBLE which is physical, your BUBBLE is within the BIG Universe, which is non-physical – now you figure it out. I don’t know what you want, because you have ‘both’ existing within A UNIVERSE – THIS UNIVERSE. Which is way beyond your comprehension, because you can’t even comprehend your BUBBLE. So, continue.

JOHN: And once again, continuing on she say’s… “Is this universe an experiment into something?”

DATRE: We never experiment into something. That is physical terminology again. EXPERIENCING is NOT experimenting. We don’t experiment, we EXPERIENCE. There is a decided difference and that is as close a word as we can come to what’s going on. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question say’s… “More details about universal timing. Is it controllable by entities in the universe? If not, why not?”

DATRE: We do not control anything. We observe. We watch. We are AWARE, we do NOT control. We can observe things that are happening in the Universe and that is what we say with Universal ‘timing’, we watch what is happening. Now, if there is something that in Universal ‘timing’ needs to connect, in some way, shape or form, then the energies will be, shall we say, manipulated and it is up to the ‘events’ to work with the energies.

Now, if the ‘events’ use the energies in one way or another that is up to whatever is happening. We don’t ‘control’ anything. But we can ‘direct’ energies. But, if there are connections that would be ‘advantages’ we can ‘direct’ energy. But, depending upon the use of the energy it will… that will depend upon whether the connection or the event or whatever it is will
take place. But, this is not talking about many things; this is only ‘watching’ what happens.

In other words, if you were to take like two balls, one in each hand and you were supposed to take both of these balls and start them out at the same time and roll them down these little groves so that they would come down and meet at a center point at the same ‘time’ to make a connection – and you did that – as you released the two balls, if the energy in your right hand was stronger than the energy in your left hand, when you rolled
these two balls down these groves, the one in the right hand could very easily get there before the one on the left. So, they would not meet at the same time. But, that is ‘energy’ that is propelling those balls. Now, it comes from a central source, which is your body. The ‘energy’ pushes the balls. Now, the object of the game is to get the two balls to connect. But
if they don’t, what happens? Nothing big, so it didn’t work. No big tragedy, because EVERYTHING is ‘experience’ – EVERYTHING. So, they didn’t connect, so you will have something different that will happen and so you will watch what happens. Continue.

JOHN: Continuing along with the questions from Wanda, she say’s… “Why are entities out in the Universe so interested in physicality? (John mentioned a couple of months ago that Datre would give us a peek into their view of us.)”

DATRE: We are watching this, because this is something that has never happened before. This has… the EVOLUTION, shall we say, of the physical construct, was beyond what was expected. That is simply because of the ‘longevity’ in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: The next question from Wanda say’s… “I get the impression that the experiment into physicality did not go the way it was planned? What was the original plan?”

DATRE: The ‘original’ plan was that you would go through this, but ONE time. In other words, that you would go through this experience and complete it. But you began to go through in all kinds of ‘other’ things to continue ‘holding’ you in physicality. This was NOT originally planned. You should have been able to live a physical existence, in a HOLOGRAM, for as long as you wanted to, to complete and understand the whole thing.

But, that did not happen and your DEMANDS of ‘changing’ physicality became more and more and more. In other words, you wanted this; you wanted that, you wanted something else. You kept wanting, you kept wanting, you kept wanting. So you kept changing and changing and changing. Then you threw ‘death’ into the picture, because you wanted to start over. You wanted to
start over, so you had to figure out a way of decaying the stuff that made the… that was the MASS of your HOLOGRAM, so that you could get rid of it. To lay it down in that which you call ‘death’ one way or the other, so that you could start with a new body again.

But the thing that you have NOT done, because you have ‘sliced’ it all up, because in the ‘death’ process you ‘drop’ everything and don’t take anything back in with you. So, when you ‘die’, ‘I don’t want any more of this, get it away from me’, whatever terminology you want to use. ‘I have ‘sinned’ give it away, I want to get rid of my sin’s, get rid of the energy that I don’t want any more’. All the experiences that you have had in the
time that you have been on the planet in physical existence having these ‘experiences’, you dump. Then you wonder why you come back and do the same thing again?

This is what has happened, you have been pampered and babied and babied and pampered like the little child that lays on the grocery store floor kicking and screaming because they want a piece of candy that the mother say’s they can’t have. That is the way we view you. You asked how we look to you, that is the way ‘you’ look to us.

You ‘pretend’ to be mature. You ‘pretend’ to be grown up. But you maintain your childish attitudes and emotions. In maturing, your ’emotional’ level does NOT mature. You still keep the same ’emotions’, you still look at everything exactly the same way that you did when you came into this ‘birth’ situation. You came up as a little baby. You were told a tree is green – the tree remains green. That’s a simplistic thing, but the one thing that you never look at is WHAT do ‘you’ believe? How much is
somebody else’s thought patterns that they have given to you and how many are your own? You don’t change. You’ll see somebody on the street and talk to them and they’ll say, ‘well, they haven’t changed a bit’. No they haven’t changed a bit. They may have gotten taller or fatter or thinner or gray hair or whatever, but they haven’t changed a bit.

The one thing you came in here in this experience to get was to ‘enjoy’, to understand, to experience, to experiment, in the physical construct of the HOLOGRAM. ‘Oh, this is so much fun, lets do it again’. So you get back on that… what’s that big round thing that goes round and round?

JOHN: The Ferris wheel.

DATRE: Yes. Lets go for another ride. We get down to the bottom and instead of getting OFF THE WHEEL, you say, ‘oh, I want to go around again’. So you get OFF the wheel, in that which you call death, buy another ticket, get back on the Ferris wheel for another round. Now, do you see why you’re fascinating to us? Because THAT is something we cannot conceive. We cannot
conceive of anything that wants to do the same thing again. But you do. And you had to create ‘death’ in order to do it closer together.

To start out with, you could live as long as you wanted to. What makes a HOLOGRAM die? Once a HOLOGRAM has been formed, its there, what makes it die? You had to figure out a way to make the body die, so you could do it again. But, every time you get back on the Ferris wheel its like the first time you ever went on it. Yet, from the Ferris wheel, do you realize that everything you look at in the sky and on the ground is still the same? You still have the ground below you. You still have the buildings in the same places they were the last time you went up on the wheel. You still have people and cats and dogs and animals walking around on your planet. You still go up in the sky and look at the trees and whatever you see from the Ferris wheel. It’s such a thrill, its so much fun. Get OFF, your ride is finished. ‘Oh, but we want to do it again’. Go through the death cycle, buy another ticked and whee off we go back up around and around and around. Now can you see, from our vantage point why we can’t understand?

What we would like to see happen, which was the ‘original’ intent, was to get the experiential patterning of going through and going back out into the Universe and sharing. But, that isn’t what happened. And the YOU that you are is continually, every time you go through the ‘death’ and the ‘birth’, every single time, is trying to push you through so that you can
get OUT of this CIRCUS, with the big Ferris wheel, and go someplace else to enjoy something else.

Now, you asked, we tell you. We are watching to see if there will be but a few that will get off the Ferris wheel and say, ‘I want MORE, I have experienced enough of this’. So that when the BIRTH takes place, you can be released to be the YOU that ‘you’ are and REALIZE your FULL potential, instead of just a little bitsy piece of that which is YOU experiencing in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: That was it for the Wanda questions.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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