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Datre answers Kevin (part I)

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Kevin and his first question is… “What is the specific nature of the ‘mass consciousness’?”

DATRE: The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is… how shall we put that? You have a brain that thinks and that action of thinking is most times turned into speaking. Speaking carries a vibration, they measure that on machines, so you’ve seen that. What they’re registering is the ENERGY. All right, now, what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is, is the ENERGY waves from peoples speaking. Now, that is why you have different areas of a city that have different types of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS existing.

Now, you have a certain MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in a home, because you have the people in a house speaking. That is their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, shall we say.

JOHN: The local MASS CONSCIOUSNESS for them.

DATRE: Yes, because that is just the family unit within that house. Okay, that forms a type of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because its energy waves that are in existence within those confines. Then you have areas of work. Why is it people want to work for one company as opposed to another company? It is because of the ‘words’ that are spoken by the individuals that work within that company or plant or whatever it happens to be. There are those that the words have ‘different’ energy patterns. Some businesses have energy patterns that are very scattered, there’s no cohesiveness to it at all. If you were to be able to perceive the energy patterns, you would walk in the front door and could feel like you were ‘bombarded’ from every which direction because, nothing was harmonious, everything was bang, bang, bang, all over the place. You could walk into another building where there is a business and you’ll feel calm, you’ll feel peaceful, because the energy flow of the thought patterns of the people speaking is going in one… more or less in one direction. In other words, it’s all working together instead
of ‘divergent’.

So, here you have a house. Here you have a business. Here you have a school. Here you have a library. Here you have gas stations. You have all of these different things that have, built around them, a type of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because of the words that are spoken. So it sets up little ‘pockets’ of energy, shall we say, from the words that are spoken.

Now, you will find neighborhoods where there are houses and you can have say, (just use 15 houses in one little area) you will drive in there and it is all very peaceful. It has nothing to do with the people or how they look, how they dress, what the houses are like, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever. But its through the ‘words’ that are spoken in that area that that you will feel a calmness. You can go across the street from those 15 houses, go to another 15 houses and the energy will drive you crazy because you have people that are ‘volatile’ in their nature, the words that are spoken are harsh, they carry an ‘abrasive’ quality, there’s anger and anger carries a different energy wave pattern. So, when you drive in there, the energy ‘strength’ of going in all different directions will… the minute you drive in there, you can’t handle it and you want to get ‘out’ of that area into another area.

Now, that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS stays in those areas until something changes it. Then the only thing that can change it are the thoughts and the words ‘spoken’ by those people that live in those little areas.

Now in this first group of 15 houses, if half those people were to move out and half of the people from the second group, where it is very bombastic and very diverse energies, were half of those people to move into those houses vacated by the other people, you would find an automatic change in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in both places simply because, now you have the
combination of smoother energies and the very bombastic energies. So, instead of having one or the other, you will have more of a leveling off, because it will be a combination of both.

Relate it to color. Were a black man and a white woman to marry, the offspring will not be as ‘white’ as the white woman nor as dark as the black man. You see, what happens, you have the blending and that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that exists in all of the areas of the cities and all of the businesses and the schools and all the rest of that in a town or a city there is a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that exists above or within the whole city
area. Because all of these energies from all of these different places merges. Then the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of all the cities within a state merge and that forms a cohesiveness. Its not that black and white, but you’re getting the idea. You can go from one state to another and you can feel the difference in the thought patterning of the peoples that live in those areas.

JOHN: Just like your example of different neighborhoods.

DATRE: Same thing, same thing, its just on a larger scale. Now, you have heard it said that the United States that most of you live in has a certain ‘aura’ about it or something. Well, you see, that’s the way you in physicality would relate to it. That it has a certain ‘aura’ or that it has a certain sign, astrological sign, or whatever. You use different words to
describe what it is, but what you’re actually describing or trying to put a description on is the thought patterning’s.

Because, you will find even in the other countries, where the countries are very small, and you can move from like, Italy and France and Germany and all these other countries, those countries have what you call a certain ‘flavor’. Now peoples that travel in those countries can go from one country to another and they can ‘feel’ the difference in the ‘flavor’ of
the country that they’re in. The ‘flavor’ is achieved by the individual MASS CONSCIOUSNESSES of those that are living in those areas.

Now that’s as close as I can come to explaining. Is that going to help?

JOHN: I think that’s quite excellent.

DATRE: All right fine, we go.

JOHN: His next question is… “How does it influence what we perceive individually and what we agree to perceive as a group?”

DATRE: Well, that entirely depends on you. That is what we have been telling you, do you want to continue to be shoved and pushed around by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? Or, do you want to be the YOU that ‘you’ are? It does not matter where you live or where you work or what you do or how you dress or what you eat, or any of that. What matters is what do ‘you’ want to do within the physical embodiment that you are in?

Now, there is so much repetitiveness, because the MAJORITY on your planet is too LAZY to “think for themselves” or do anything different. It’s so much easier to pull off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because it’s right there. It takes a little bit of effort to try and reach beyond that point. Those that live in certain areas, they live there… you’ll say, ‘well why do they stay there?’. That’s why we say, it is up to the individual to make ‘their’
changes and it is ‘only’ that individual that is willing to find out WHO they are that is going to make a change.

You can look at something like the people that have grown up in poverty, grown up in streets where there are killings and shootings all the time. There are all kinds of drugs and all of that and the individual has no money. But he has convinced himself that he is not going to stay in that type of environment, because he wants to be better than that. He’s searching for SELF. He can’t search for ‘self’ if he stays there and does like everyone else. So, he begins his search for ‘self’ and finds a way of getting ‘out’ of that environment into another environment and there’s ‘always’ a way. The signs are there constantly. It depends upon whether you want to work at
it or not.

You know, you don’t get… all of a sudden somebody hands you a pair of wings and say’s, ‘okay, now you’re an angel’. The people that DO anything are those that have wanted to go out and see and push their ‘own’ limits by their own actions, not by anyone else’s, to find out really WHO they are. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “How can we avoid its influence and draw instead from the Universal Mind?” talking about MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: You don’t ‘avoid’ anything, you live in it. But, you can live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and still be your own person. You can live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and draw from Universal Mind only if you have begun to ‘know’ WHO you truly are. If you don’t ‘know’ WHO you are, there is no way you’re going to be working with Universal Mind. Because Universal Mind, even in your own BUBBLE, the Mind in your own BUBBLE, is what you can ‘draw’ from before you get out into Universal mind, is ALL SYMBOLIC and you don’t all of a sudden learn to interpret symbols. Because it is a whole ‘different’ way of understanding.

Then, that only happens… it is like everything else, you take anyone, like a karate master, how does he become ‘black belt’? It certainly isn’t sitting in a chair watching somebody else do it. That’s what you ‘expect’ when you listen to or read the Datre material because you have worked for so long with, that which we call, ‘the psychic communities’ information. The psychic community information is basically nothing more or less than that which comes from the ‘dead zone’. The ‘dead zone’ doesn’t ‘push’ you to find out WHO ‘you’ are. The ‘dead zone’ likes to talk to you and ‘tell’ you things and we will ‘tell’ you things, if we think we can ‘push’ you to find out WHO ‘you’ are, because that’s ALL that is important. You can’t go anyplace or do anything until you know WHO you are first. There is a
‘knowing’ that takes place and once you begin to get that ‘feeling’, then you can work from that point. It is NOT something that you can buy, sell, trade, do anything with. It is working with THAT which is the YOU that ‘you’ are within the physical containment. Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “I work in an area which is surrounded by about a dozen broadcast towers for radio and television. Many of these towers are transmitting up to 50,000 watts of power. I’m concerned that this energy might have a detrimental effect on those within close range. Is this the case?”

DATRE: What are you looking for? If you’re looking for a problem and you want to use that as a catalyst, fine. One of the places that John and Aona lived in had these, what do they call them?

JOHN: High-tension lines.

DATRE: Yah, but what do they have those big boxes on…

JOHN: Transformers!

DATRE: They had three transformers at three corners of the house; there was only one corner that did not have a transformer with all kinds of lines on it. Now, some people would say, ‘oh, you can’t live with transformers that are within six to eight feet of the house, it will kill you’. They lived there for a year on a heavily traveled road intersection with the big
transformers – it did not bother them. What’s to bother, if you’re ‘not’ looking for a problem? There’s the difference.

JOHN: Remember, there are NO victims!

DATRE: No, there are NO victims – absolutely not! But, they could have gotten sick, they could have died, because of those three transformers. Very simple, that’s NOT in their thought patterning. You see, what you do with things… it is like your television; it is funny for us to crawl into Aona’s body and watch it. You can’t eat pork, you can’t eat beef, you can’t
eat chicken, you can’t eat fish, you can’t eat fruit, you can’t eat vegetables, you can’t…. If you were to listen to every single thing that comes on that which is your television, read and absorb everything that was in your newspapers, you could not eat a thing, because its all contaminated.

You’re getting fruit from other countries that are coming into this country that has been grown under adverse conditions. Adverse conditions? You’ve got so many insecticides and pesticides in your own ground now that you don’t even know what it tastes like to have good food. So, of course naturally, it has to be what comes from another country.

You constantly, constantly, look for problems, so that you can be a victim of one kind or another. What… you make your choice what you want to be a victim of. You can be a victim of anything.

JOHN: Or nothing.

DATRE: It depends upon what you want to do. And of course, if you get something, be sure to take a pill. Now, I can tell you for sure, John and Aona laughed about it the other night, if Aona were to take a pill every time something happened to her, she would be so ‘spaced out’ she wouldn’t even be on this planet. I think she knows only one other person that goes
through as much with the physical body as she does.

Why? Because, we can get into her body and see what’s happening. That’s the difference. She’s a guinea pig and not everybody can be a guinea pig, because if she were concerned with only her body and was afraid of pain and sickness she would have been dead years ago. So, you see, it depends where your mind is.

Now, what happens when she gets sick? She gets sick! What does she do? What pills are you taking, what antibiotics are you taking, what are you doing? She probably drinks more water, because she has a lot of fevers. But, she knows what these fevers are. And how does one strengthen an immune system if you never get sick? Complain because you’ve got a cold, because you’ve got flu, because you’ve got all theses other things you try to avoid, try to avoid. The body has to have those things in order to build up the immune system. You are constantly building your immune system. Your immune system wouldn’t work, if you were never sick. Then, when you ‘got’ something, you wouldn’t have anything to “work with”. The body is a unique instrument, but you have no idea what its all about. Aona doesn’t know what its all about either, after having been down and out for two weeks but, was she in bed? No! She was up, she was miserable, she didn’t like what was happening – she was really bad sick. What did she take? Nothing! What did she do with her eating? Same as always!

What are you learning when you have something that is not, as you say, peaches and cream living? Are you learning by it? She has learned a great deal and she has gone through it for a lot more years then many of you will ever go through it. But, she ‘knows’ and she understands. And how is she going to be the person that she wants to be, unless she understands? You have to be ‘aware’, you have to be ‘aware’ of what is going on. On the
‘insides’ of your body and on the ‘outside’s’ of your body – it’s ALL experience. It may not be what you want, but if you learn by it, that’s what its ALL ABOUT. Like she say’s, ‘I won’t waste it, I’m living this life, but I won’t waste it’. That’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ALL about, living like ‘everyone else’ does and NOT LIVING like “you” want to live regardless of what the ‘other’ people tell you. She “knows” and she will do what she wants to do and they can tell her all the things they want to tell her, ‘you should go to a doctor, you should do this, you should do that, you should do something else’. She does exactly what she wants to do, which is NOTHING, because she watches the process. If she’s all ‘drugged’ up, how is she going to know what’s going on? Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s last question for this segment is… “My family drinks filtered town water, which is also fluoridated. However the filtering process does not remove the fluoride compounds. Public studies contend that these compounds are more beneficial than harmful but I am nevertheless suspicious of them. Considering Datre’s prescription for drinking lots of water at this time, are fluorides a problem?”

DATRE: If you think it is, it is. It’s as simple as that. If every time you go into a new city you have to buy water to drink that’s fine, if you’re so convinced that you’re going to get sick from it. You see, that’s what happens in these areas where there’s all this contamination, that people are so convinced that it’s the water that’s causing it or its the soil that the stuff is grown in. There are degrees of ‘contamination’ all over. But, if you ‘think’ that that is a problem, it is ‘definitely’ going to be a problem. Because a ‘thought’… a ‘thought pattern’ that ‘you’ have established of “fear” in any direction, is going to produce those results.

If you’re afraid of eating strawberries, because you’re going to get a rash like someone else did or one of your relatives did, you’ll get it. You see the brain gives you what ‘you’ want. When you say, ‘well, I’m afraid I’m going to get a rash from that’, the brain says, ‘oh, you’re going to get a rash from that’. The brain will provide you with a rash. You don’t
‘understand’ that. But, that’s what it is. That’s what we’ve said, watch, be an ‘observer’. If you’re convinced that the fluoride is going to be detrimental to you and you say, ‘well, I guess really I don’t think that way’. You’re NOT convinced and you really don’t know, deep within your being, then, by all means, ‘don’t drink the water’, its as simple as that. If you go different places and never ‘think’ about the water being
contaminated, it won’t BE contaminated, because you haven’t fed it into the brain. Once you feed it into the brain, unless you change that brain patterning, it’s going to stay there and it’s going to jump up and bite you. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from Kevin for this segment.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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