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Datre answers June

JOHN: Today we have some questions from June and her questions are relative to the following comments.

“In your last channeling you said: So, do not be concerned about the BIRTH, do not be concerned about ‘life’ and ‘death’, it is ‘nothing’, it is EVOLUTION. It is nothing to be ‘feared’. The one thing you need to know and be ‘secure’ in, is that you ‘know’ that you ARE. You ‘know’ that you WERE that you ARE and that you will BE. When you become secure in THAT knowledge, then it does not matter ‘where’ your existence is.”

And relative to that, her first question is… “What it seems to me that you are talking about is horizontal growth as opposed to vertical growth.”

DATRE: Now, I do not have the vaguest idea of what she’s talking about, vertical growth and horizontal growth. Your ‘growth’ is not either vertical or horizontal. The ‘growth’ is INSIDE, it is non-directional. It is getting to know WHO you are, inside of you. Where your ‘existence’ lies, where your ‘thinking’ lies. It has nothing to do with ‘up’ and ‘down’, ‘back’ and ‘forth’.

For you to know WHO you ARE is what is important. You don’t set out ‘stakes’ to ‘measure’ growth, because, what can you measure ‘growth’ by? You can’t measure it by another person. You can’t ‘measure’ it by what other people ‘tell’ you. What is the ‘measurement’ of ‘growth’? There is NONE. As soon as you start putting in such small, little containers, to ‘measure’, you’ve lost the ‘point’ of your ‘existence’ – you’ve lost the ‘understanding’. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question relative to that is… “I agree that if we just let go and let God, evolution does take place. But I also think that when an entity is able to expand their vision beyond the hologram of third dimensional limited thinking, that a more vertical or direct growth can take place.”

DATRE: Well, first of all let us make a statement there. You have said ‘let go and let God’. Now, what ‘your’ concept of what God is is an individualistic thing. Because, EVERYONE ON THE PLANET HAS THEIR OWN GOD. God, be it Buddha, be it anyone that you want to talk about. Your ‘god’ is your own ‘god’ and it is no one else’s ‘god’. You may all sit in a great big congregation of some sort, but the ‘god’ that you think of in ‘your’ mind,
is your ‘own’ god, because you paint your ‘own’ pictures.

Now, are you going to let go and just sit there and everything go wishie, washy and work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? That’s letting go and letting god and if you’re going to work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, where are you going to go? You’re going back into the ‘dead zone’ again, because you’re ‘not’ happy with this existence here. That’s the only reason people on this planet die, is because they’re bored. They want to get ‘out’ of here for whatever reason and the minute they’re out of here they want to hurry up and get back IN here again. If you are STILL thinking in a ‘god’ concept, then you are going to find the Datre material very difficult. The ‘god’ concept is a ‘physical’ concept. Datre’s teachings are from a Universal standpoint. The Universe doesn’t have a ‘god’. The Universe has ‘individuals’ that ‘maintain’ different ‘portions’ OF the Universe. But, they have no one to look for or look to. They don’t ‘look’ to anyone, they DO and those that are beginning to ‘grasp’ the understanding of ‘Universal’ concepts, are anxious to find out what it is like there – not here. So, the ‘god’ concept does not fit Universal teachings, in any way, shape or form. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Some channeled entities say there is nothing we need to do and others say that is a lie and you have to do the work to break out of the illusion of third dimensional existence. It seems to me that you are saying we just need to sit back and let it all happen – what I call the horizontal path. Is that correct?”

DATRE: No, that is NOT correct. What have we been… since we first came on the net, when you first began to read this material, what have we constantly, constantly, constantly asked you to do, but ONE thing, KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Now, the amazing thing that happens, when that first little glimpse of knowing who YOU are, happens, from there on it begins to snowball. From the information that John and Aona get constantly, of those
that have HIT that little bit of ‘knowing WHO they are’, their whole lives have absolutely changed. It is like they do not even recognize the person they were last week, because they’re ‘seeing’, their whole demeanor changes, because they’re painting ‘different’ pictures in front of them. They’re seeing things entirely different, from a different standpoint. They’re NOT looking at it the way MASS CONSCIOUSNESS looks at it, they no
longer ‘see’ as those in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS see. Yes, they see, they exist, they’re in physicality, but their ‘perception’ of incidences and experiences, are entirely different, because a change takes place when you once hit that little spark that says, “I KNOW WHO I AM”, I AM. Then, everything else changes. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is relative to the previous… “If not, then do you agree that conscious living, right diet, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices can help one evolve more quickly? What is your belief in this?”

DATRE: Well, what happens is, you see you’re still think that you are your body – from that very question you are approaching it from a bodily concept. You think that what you eat, what you experience and all these things, this is what is ‘important’. But, as we’ve said many times, it doesn’t matter what approach you take, but its what you ‘think’ about the approach you take.

Now, in the previous one that we just did we have said, that what you need to do, is you need to have ‘information’ so that you can begin to be WHO YOU ARE. Now, the one man asked about drinking the water. If you think the water is harmful, it WILL be. If you think you’re going to get a rash from strawberries, you WILL get a rash from strawberries. Because the brain will
provide you with what you ‘want’. You say, ‘I’m going to get a rash from strawberries’. What did you say, ‘I AM’. Those BIG words, you don’t realize how big those two words are. ‘I am going to get a rash from strawberries’. The brain say’s, ‘you will get a rash from strawberries’, because you said ‘I am going to’. You don’t realize what you say. That is what ‘propels’
you into what you call, your ‘problems’, your ‘dilemmas’, all of the things that happen to you, because you set the words in motion.

If you look at things as an ‘experience’, you’re NOT programming the brain to do something. If you’re watching an ‘experience’ and ‘observing’ an experience, you’re NOT ‘programming’ the brain to do anything.

As we have said before, when we say, ‘observe’, it sounds like such a simple thing, ‘well I’m looking at everything’. You bet you are and that’s exactly what you’re doing, you are LOOKING at things. You don’t ‘look’ at things from a blank standpoint. What is that ‘experience’ that you have set in front of you? You put that in front of you – WHY? What was the reason for it? OBSERVE, UNDERSTAND, once you ‘observe’ and ‘understand’ why you put that experience in front of you, you won’t have to do it again. Why do some people experience the same thing again and again and again?

Why does this person continually get cancer? That is the BIG number now; you hear it all the time. They had cancer in one part of their body, they’re all set, they’re all taken care of, everything’s taken care of, they’re doing fine. Next thing, they’ve got cancer in another part of their body. What are they trying to ‘tell’ themselves? What do they want to experience and why do they want to experience it? There is not anyone on this planet or anyone in the Universe that can tell that individual WHY. The only one that knows the answer is the individual that put it in front of themselves for a ‘learning’ experience. But, because you work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and don’t work from yourself, you are unable to SEE these things. Your perception is entirely different. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “From personal experience I have found that the passion to know more and backing it up with putting in the time via spiritual practices does bring forth the experiences which show us that there is more than this limited reality. Yet I don’t see you teaching these things.”

DATRE: Well, of course there is more than your ‘limited’ reality and if you are able to see beyond that point, that is fine. But there is no ‘text’ book that is going to tell you HOW to do it. There is not a textbook written that is going to tell you how to do it. There is not a man on your planet or a woman on your planet that is going to be able to tell you ‘how’ to do it. You’re going to have to take ‘information’ and open yourself up
to information, because the SYMBOLS that you receive and the ‘symbols’ that another receives are entirely different. You may agree on many things, but if you were to pursue your agreements, it would not take very long before you would begin to disagree, even in your agreements, because you are ALL so ‘uniquely’ different.

Everything ‘observed’ and everything ‘experienced’ is experienced only by ONE. Then everything is ‘experienced’ by another. You have heard it said, ‘there are no two finger prints alike’ – true. If your fingerprints are uniquely different, why aren’t you uniquely different? Why isn’t your ‘understanding’ uniquely different? It is ‘your’ application of the pictures you put in front of you that will open ALL the doors. Then, in
doing that, you will experience many things. You may experience different realities. You may not experience different realities. It does not matter. The thing that matters is, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Then the minute you KNOW WHO YOU ARE you don’t care one whit about what ‘other’ people say, what other people do, what other people experience, it does not matter. You can ‘observe’ them, but you realize they’re uniquely different. Then they can live as they so desire and you can live as you so desire.

How many times has it been said that, you change friendships as your thought patterns change – why? You do it yourself. You’ve had enough of these people, ‘I want something different’. So what happens, you paint a different picture, others to interact with. But you are the one that’s doing it. That’s why, when you get to ‘know’ who you are, everything else changes, its not a problem of trying to search and become, because at that
point YOU ARE. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on, she asks… “Is it that you think that incarnate, third dimensional entities should just go with the flow and that evolution will happen in its good old time, or do you think that we can accelerate that journey through various spiritual practices?”

DATRE: You can do anything you want to. The one thing that we have said is, be ‘aware’ of what you’re doing and ‘why’ you’re doing it – observe, be aware. Spiritual practices we do not understand, that is your BUBBLE.

Spirituality has become another word that ‘separates’. In other words, this person is ‘spiritual’ and that person is NOT. Now, what are you doing? You’re jumping back into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and judging. If you ‘know’ WHO you are, you’re not paying any attention, you’re ‘observing’, but you’re NOT judging. To judge one person as ‘spiritual’ and another person as not ‘spiritual’, who are you to judge? If its an ‘observation’ it does not effect you one way or another. If you ‘observe’ a car going down the road, you ‘observe’ the car going down the road. Does it matter if the car is red, if it’s yellow, if it’s green, if it black, if it’s white? You ‘observe’ it, you look at it, it’s going down the road.

That is very much the way you will react to situations when you begin to ‘know’ WHO YOU ARE, because your ‘involvement’ is not there. You can be in a situation and NOT be ’emotionally’ caught up in it. Even those that have been, in what you call, car accidents, have ‘observed’ the accident. They have said it is like watching it in slow motion. That has happened to many. Now, when you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, that is the way your life will appear
to you. It is like you’re ‘watching’ it, you’re in it, you’re participating in it, but you’re ‘watching’ it also.

You are sitting in a physical HOLOGRAM, but the HOLOGRAM is NOT you. You’re sitting within the HOLOGRAM watching what’s happening. That I can’t see has anything to do with ‘spiritual’ or not ‘spiritual’. So, from our standpoint, this is what we’re trying to get you to do, because, until you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you’re not going anyplace. You can’t, because when you go
anyplace else, other than your BUBBLE or into another BUBBLE existence, which protects you, you can’t go out into the Universe, because you have to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You cannot exist in an area where there is NO THING, because you are ALL ‘thing’ related individuals. That’s what physicality IS, is a combination of THINGS. Then when you begin to look at individuals and pieces of furniture, trees, animals and all of these things as THINGS that you’re putting in front of you for a learning process, when you begin to be ‘that type’ of an ‘observer’. Then your whole ‘existence’ will change IMMEDIATELY. It does happen, it is happening and we’re very excited to say
this is happening to many people that are getting the Datre material. They are having a ‘fantastic’ time, because, each day is brand new. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along, she say’s… “Also, if you think that we can increase our vibration to a point of removing the veils, then can you please tell us which practices you think can bring this about. Many guru demand that their disciples, adept go on a vegetarian diet, change their names, and on and on. Others believe in divine balance of saturating the human while at the same time doing intense spiritual practices. I am very
interested in your thought on this and any wisdom you would give us on how we can accelerate our path, open up to greater knowing of our divinity and remembrance of all that we are.”

DATRE: Well, you see, there again you’re speaking from the standpoint of thinking you need to do something. Then if this is your thought pattern, then you definitely need to do something, because you will not be satisfied without doing. There are those that feel that this is a must. That they cannot achieve anything, unless they have someone that is a teacher that is
telling them what to do and how to do it. They’re uncomfortable in any other situation.

Those that are relying upon God to save them. To take that away from them would be their devastation. They need that, what shall we say, the ‘comfort’ zone. The blanket that the child walks around with and will not let go of, because that is their security. The same with the guru, those that stay with the guru’s, they need that security, they need the teacher –
they need their blanket that is their security.

The one that has been to a guru and said, ‘now it is time for me to experience what I have learned and see how it works for me out in this vast planet’ and goes out to experience, in regular clothing, and mix with regular people in all walks of life, and beginning to know WHO they are. Those are the people that begin to finally ‘know’ WHO they are. But as long as you think that you have to have someone, something, other than yourself, then you have to hang on to that until you say, “I AM” and I ‘know’ WHO I am. Then you need no one – guaranteed. Continue.

JOHN: And once again, continuing along she say’s… “Personally, I feel satisfied in a sense, with my third dimensional experience, I have the freedom, the money, the relationship, etc. but yet there is that feeling and that knowing that there is more to unfold. I know in my heart that God is not a close system and that evolution is an ongoing always unfolding thing.”

DATRE: That is fine, but you have not found out WHO you are yet. You see, you still have your security blanket of God. When you begin to ‘know’ WHO you are, that is not within the thought patterning. No security blanket is needed, none whatsoever. Because, you ‘know’ WHO you are, you’ve come in contact with the YOU that you are, which you do every night, but you don’t pay any attention when you come back into physicality in the day time. You take all your problems, your worries and all these other things and take them into the nighttime, the dreamtime. You exist outside the physical body in a GRANDER existence then when you’re in it. You get in touch with more of the YOU that you are in sleep than you do in the daytime, because in the day time you have to stay single focused to stay in a physical body.

Now, if you get to the point that your day time and your night time is no different, as we have said before, and you go through the whole thing, your day time, your night time, your ‘death’, your ‘rebirth’, all of that is done in total conscious AWARENESS, then you are ‘finished’ on this planet. Then you are ‘free’ to go beyond this planet, to another existence, whatever it may be and nobody ‘tells’ you where to go. You go to where you go. But, the first thing is, again, KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Get in touch with that which is YOU. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “It is just that I am a impatient entity and have had enough mystical experience to know that there is a great awareness available that I want all the time, not just the odd experience. What I want to know is what things, in your knowledge, can a third dimensional, incarnate entity do to elevate their vibration to the point of accessing more of who they are all the time.”

DATRE: Well, elevating your vibration has nothing to do with finding out WHO you are. That is not going to do anything for you. The only thing that changes your vibration is ‘you’. The YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you express in physicality – the closer that comes to being ONE continuous flow, that will ‘automatically’ change your vibration. But, it’s not something that you have to sit down with a book and ‘grunt’ and ‘grown’
about, because that isn’t going to do it.

You’re here in physicality to ‘understand’ what physicality is all about. That’s what you’re here for. It’s not an ‘avoidance’ its not getting ‘out there’, which is supposed to be grander. Your ‘experiences’ are here; your GRAND experiences are here. But, because you have put labels, good and bad, on everything, you can’t see and experience LIFE for what it is.

They talk about ‘victims’, they talk about ‘tragedy’, you have all these words. Then you have all the other words, which are all the ’emotions’ that you feel in every which direction. The thing is, you need to begin to understand what all those ’emotions’ are all about and begin to ‘observe’ the emotions. They say, ‘well, I don’t see how I can be so devastated and
crying my heart out and observe it’. You can and it’s a very simple process. When you are ‘thoroughly’ convinced and ‘know’ without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY.

What you experience IN your body, is nothing more than an ‘experience’, whatever it may be. You can be in severe pain and ‘observe’ your ‘reaction’ to that pain. That is when you’re beginning to understand. That is when you’re beginning to ‘know’ the difference, between the YOU that ‘you’ are and the physical ‘you’ that you express. No one can teach you that. The YOU that you are is trying to teach you that, every single day you are within physical existence. The grandest teacher you have is YOU, because there is no one else that can teach you, like the YOU that you are. Because the YOU that you are ‘knows’ what you need for experience and what you need to act out in physicality, for ‘your’ individual understanding. The closer, the ‘you’ that you express in physicality gets to the YOU that you are, THAT is what you’re striving for and ‘you’ become your own teacher, which is the GRANDEST teacher you can have. Grander than Datre, grander than any guru, grander than anyone that you can ever begin to imagine.

You do not realize and do not understand, the GRANDNESS of the YOU that you are. You do not begin to understand, that this little BUBBLE that you reside within, is an experience that is GRANDER than you can ever imagine. You came into physicality because ‘you’ wanted to. You continue to ‘die’; you continue to be ‘reborn’, because you want to. You are ‘literally’ your own DESTINY and who can teach ‘you’ better than you?

Get in touch with the YOU that you are in whatever manner, in whatever shape, in whatever form, you want to do it. Become that GRAND ‘observer’. Be ‘aware’ of what is happening to you and to situations that you ‘observe’ in physicality. Remember, ‘you’ paint the pictures. No one else paints the pictures for you and no one else can do anything to help you. The ‘words’ are there to, ‘perhaps’ hit a ‘spark’ within that which is ‘you’ for your
understanding. But, what we want to do more than anything, is to see ‘you’ become WHO you really are in all your GRANDNESS and join us in the Universe. We are Datre, good night.


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