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Datre answers Susmita. (part I)

JOHN: Okay, today we have some more questions from Susmita and her first question is… “I understand entities are a particular species of universal being, who are containments. Can Datre give us some examples of containments besides planets or globs?”

DATRE: You come from an Entity that is a containment – each and every one of you. Then when you leave, many of you will go out – at the time of the BIRTH – through an Entity, which is a containment. Continue.

JOHN: And her second question is… “I understand “BIRTH” signifies the end of an evolutionary cycle and at that time there are three(?) choices (a) to be realized in a new planet at the level of a human being that we are at the present.”

DATRE: All right, you can go out at the level of the human being, which you are now. We’ve said that on a previous one on the net that there are those that are beginning to leave “now”. That is the first group that is going out. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along the same question line she say’s… “Or (b) to be not realized and be (not exist any more as human and all human experiences are absorbed by the source entity)”

DATRE: That ‘source’ Entity is your containment. If those that want their existence totally and completely annihilated, that is what they will do. But then, remember, once that decision is made, then there’s no coming “back” into physicality. In other words, if you want to give up everything, “period” – that’s the end. It’s the only time its ever happened. But, there are so many that are discontented with anything and everything and ALL things that they want to be ‘completely’ annihilated. If that is their ‘choice’, this is a time when they will do it. But, they have to maintain ‘something’, until the time of the birth. Continue.

JOHN: Continuing along again, she say’s… “Or (c) continue as a different ‘unrealized’ being (as a non-physical Universal being or other physical planetary beings). Correct me please.”

DATRE: You will go… the next group that will go out, are those that have some knowledge of that which you call this Datre information. They will not necessarily have completed the whole cycle, but they have some knowledge of what the whole cycle is about. Then they will go and be on another planet in a form of physical containment to continue their understanding. So, that
will be the next group that will leave the planet, okay. So, now we have “two” planetary existences. All right, continue.

JOHN: Then for the next question she say’s… “The third choice is only available to a few who have completely understood what the human evolution is all about.”

DATRE: That is correct. That is the one that goes through this whole evolutionary cycle in total and complete AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING. Then those are the ones that will begin to work from that which you call the MIND of the BUBBLE. Once they begin that, they are no longer in a ‘human’ form. Those are the ones that… some of them will go to another ‘space’, shall we say, to completely become comfortable in that which you call the
Universe. There are those upon this planet that have come from the Universe. Have come in here and will go back out to where they came from. Those are the ones that will go into that type of an existence. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along, she say’s… “I guess the Planetary being (mother Earth) in her infinite love, has supplied each of us with the material and the environment needed, to be able to have experiences in a physical construct! It only makes me ashamed to know how we treat her!”

DATRE: Well you see, there again, you’re putting a great deal of thinking into that mother Earth situation. That is an old, old, old teaching and there is nothing wrong with the ‘old’ teachings. But, what we’re trying to get you to understand is, that regardless of what happens to your planet, your ‘individual’ evolution is what we are concerned with. The planet will take care of itself. If after everything is taken off this planet, as far as physical beings are concerned, if this planet decides that it no longer desires an existence, it will no longer exist. Because your ‘planet’, as well as ‘you’, is HOLOGRAPHIC.

And HOLOGRAPHIC is… you all know what a HOLOGRAM is. You’ve seen it many times. Where they take many different ‘lights’ and they put them all together, all these lines together to make a HOLOGRAM. A HOLOGRAM is something you can do on your computer screen with your lines. You can take… you see it on television, they take all these lines and they make animals and people and everything out of all these lines that move and move
and move. What they’re doing is, that is a representation of what ‘you’ are. But, that is a very hard concept to understand. But ‘that’ is what you look like.

That is why we need to maintain an almost constant contact with Aona. Because, from our standpoint, she’s a bunch of squiggly lines. Then, in order to continually find her, we have to keep track of the squiggly line vibration in order to locate her. So that is why, when we come into her body and she leaves her body, that we have to, shall we say, keep an eye on her or we can loose her, because when she’s out of body, she is OUT OF BODY. She is a NO THING, except a vibration. She doesn’t even have the
squiggly lines. She doesn’t have… she is a NO THING until she comes back into physicality again.

A hard concept to understand is, if you are not in a physical containment, you cannot be seen. Think about that one for a while. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “What about those men/women who have not the slightest idea about their true nature and can’t decide one way or other during BIRTH?”

DATRE: Well if they don’t know anything about their ‘true’ nature they won’t be able to make any decisions. So, those are the ones that are leaving the planet now. Those are the ones that have no idea of what’s going on. From their standpoint they think they’re the body and that is ‘one’ stage of evolution.

You see there’s no higher or no lower in that state of evolution. They are evolving at ‘their’ rate of speed and that is fine. Then in order to continue their evolution, they’re leaving ‘this’ physical planet to go to another planetary existence that is more comfortable to them, because, they
will have ‘other’ individuals that are at the same stage of evolution that they are. There’s no ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. It is an evolutionary process that will continue.

The reason for the separation is, due to the energy construct, upon the planet and the difference in the various evolutions of the physical beings upon the planet. That is why the separation is necessary. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on with the next question and say’s… “If the ultimate goal in the Universe is to get “REALIZED” and some of us do not want to get realized at any level in the BIG Universe, then there needs to be a new universe for new experience.”

DATRE: No, that is not exactly right. You have many different experiences within THIS universe. You have many REALITIES within this Universe. You see, you just don’t ‘pop’ off one Universe into another Universe. You can ‘pop’ off the planet. But this Universe contains multitudinous different experiences and expressions and evolutions. Continue.

JOHN: And along the same lines… “If all of the opportunities created and maintained by everything in the big universe for new experiences have been exhausted after the origin, expansion and eventual contraction of a universe, does evolution move to a different universe?”

DATRE: Now, you’re going into areas that your brains cannot comprehend. You look at evolution, you look at planetary existence, you look at Universes – from the standpoint of a physical brain. There is no way you can understand a Universe, from a physical brain – it is an impossibility. There is no end – to anything. Nor is there a “definite” beginning to anything – EVOLUTION IS. Those that comprise Datre don’t even know of a
beginning – because, it WAS when they BECAME. So, how can we explain to you? You can’t even – with your physical brain – understand what you did the last time in physicality, the last time in another reality. You can’t explain that, how in the world are you ever going to explain a Universe? It is not comprehendible. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on and say’s… “I guess the shrinking of many universes and expansion of many universes going on simultaneously!” that relates to the previous question.

DATRE: Well, there again, there is no explanation to that. That is concerning yourself with something that is of no importance to you. Your “importance” is understanding what you’re doing here NOW. When you get out into the Universe, then you can contemplate those kinds of questions. But, until you reach that point… until you reach the point of even “knowing” WHO YOU ARE, how are you going to understand… you’re functioning with a physical brain that is only going to take so much. EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED is within this BUBBLE. And, that does not explain the Universe. Those things are there for your experience. But, NOT for you to “contemplate” Universal understanding, because the brain will NEVER understand. The YOU that ‘you’ are has a better level of understanding. But that is not a “totality” either. Continue.

JOHN: Comment. Here we’re getting back to the same problem again. Not concerning themselves with WHO and WHAT they are. Concerning themselves with “out there”, because it’s got to be better “out there”.

DATRE: It never is. You have the most exciting, the grandest thing happening here on your planet and nobody can seem to understand it. EXCEPT, for the few that are beginning to get a glimpse of WHO they truly are. Now, those people don’t care what ‘time’ it is, they don’t care what day it is – none of that. They don’t care about the Universe; they don’t care about
“anything” – except, what they are doing with themselves. The pictures “they” are painting for themselves.

Now, they’re not out in “la la land”. These people have families, these people work at jobs. These people “function” IN physicality – and that’s where it’s AT. They’re becoming GRAND “observers” of everyday life and have passed the point of being bored and thinking “out there” is greater than what is in here. They are becoming GRAND “observers” and are shall we say, “having the best days of their lives”. Because, when you “know” who you are, you “understand” you are, and the only limitations on anything, is “you”. Then, “knowing” that, the only limitations are the ones they put on themselves. They are beginning to “drop” their limitations. And in dropping their “limitations”, they are experiencing a “whole new world”. Right here on this very planet that everybody else exists on, that wants to get out of it, that wants to go “out there”, that wants to do all these grand and glorious things that are in the “never, never land”, that you can sit and “speculate” on from now until… and never go any place. These people are getting into their bodies and “living life” and it is a GRANDER experience than any of them ever imagined, because their letters tell us so. Continue.

JOHN: And along the same lines she say’s… “I wonder how the overall energy balance is maintained?”

DATRE: It is not of any concern to you. You don’t have any instruments that you can run out there and check the energy. You cannot even register a “waveform”. You say you register a “waveform” by your instruments. You are “only” measuring the “particles” within a “waveform”. You haven’t the vaguest idea of what a “waveform” energy is. And there are those that are beginning to “function” off of “waveform” energy. The scientific community, and the medical community and any of those that are working off the “brain book learning” are never going to understand that. And it does not matter, that is “their” evolution. Each one has their own; it is what “you” want to
do. But, do not be concerned about things that have no relationship or relativity to your personal existence. Continue.

Continued on part (II)


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