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Datre answers Susmita (part II)

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is the goal of a planetary being is to see her children (those having experience on a planet) attain SELF-REALIZATION?”

DATRE: Who cares about anyone else? No one should care about anyone else. The only one you need to care about is yourself. Those that are becoming themselves and beginning to “know” WHO they are, are not concerned with anything BUT themselves. Because, in acting from the physical, from the Being of your “self”, knowing WHO you are you will do exactly the “right”
thing, shall we say, from your standpoint, from their standpoint. Because they have an opportunity to paint the picture to make things work – without being all involved in another persons evolution. Be it a wife, a husband, a child, a mother or father, whatever. Everyone has a right to their “own”

The only thing that has happened is, that you’ve been in these physical bodies for so long, that you don’t realize, that even a baby that is born, must be taken care of, must be fed, must be clothed, must all these things. But that child’s evolution, is the “child’s” evolution. That child came into that family because it wanted to. It was not a ‘gift’ from God. It was not because ‘you’ wanted children. It’s because, that child say’s, ‘this is the family that I need to experience through to get the experiences that I need for ‘my’ evolution’. But, the longer the child is in the physical body and is ‘layered’ consistently, by the “do’s” and the “don’ts” of the parents and teachers, etc, they begin to loose track of their original intent.

I see parents today, with children in their 30’s living under their parent’s roof and the parents are concerned with them. How is that individual ever going to evolve, if it is constantly being taken care of? It needs its own evolution. That does not mean, kick the kids out in the street. But, everyone’s evolution is their own. It is “not” your responsibility. And those who are beginning to “know” WHO they are, realize it is ‘not’ their
responsibility, and are having ‘grand’ times within the family structure, because they understand. Continue.

JOHN: “The evolution in a planet/bubble follows a time line, likewise the evolution in the entire BIG Universe follows a time line! Is that what was alluded to when Datre mentioned Universal timing?”

DATRE: Yes! But it doesn’t matter because you haven’t got a time line any more. So, your time is your own. You are no longer under a “time line” you are in what they call a “stretched moment”. The “stretched moment” exists because the BIRTH took place and no one took a body with them. So, a “stretched moment” exists and there is no “grander” time than to “know” WHO YOU ARE, than in that which is called a “stretched moment”, because you can regulate things for “yourself”. You are no longer under the restrictions of a ‘time line’.

So, your days, your nights, your experiences, can all be at any length you so desire for your “observation”. No one is controlling. It is ‘yours’ to do with as you wish. What a “grander” experience can anyone in physicality ever be given? Continue.

JOHN: A clarification. She included the Universe as following a time line. The Universe NEVER has such a thing as a ‘time line’.

DATRE: Oh, I did not notice that. There is a Universal ‘timing’, but no “time line”. All right, there is no “time line” in the Universe. And Universal “timing” is something that the physical brain can’t understand anyway. It is of no importance to the physical beings.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Can Datre describe the previous experience(s) of the human species who began their initial journey on Earth, before adopting the human physical construct?”

DATRE: You have nothing within your physical brain to be able to
comprehend. We’re not getting into those areas. You’re trying to understand things from a physical standpoint and you cannot do it. I don’t like to keep stressing that all the time, but people are interested in something that has nothing to do with them. You have no idea how long you’ve been in physicality and if I were to give you a number, what difference would it make? It has no relevance whatsoever on your evolution.

You talk about dinosaurs being such and such years. You talk about the mountains being such and such years. You talk about the pyramids being such and such years. What difference does it make? What we’re here to teach you and to try to get across to you is “your own” evolution. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question say’s… “Can a physical planetary being with an understanding of what constitutes this Universe, move on to a different planet in a different universe for new experiences?”

DATRE: Well, you’re getting Universes and planets all mixed up. So I cannot answer that question as it’s posed.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Although physical forms/realities appear from and disappear into non-physical forms/realities, can evolution strictly continue along physical lines?”

DATRE: Those that are leaving this planet now are going to continue on another planet in another form of physicality, yes, very definitely. Physicality will be maintained by the individuals that are experiencing physicality, until physicality is understood. You cannot graduate from High School, until you understand and have learned what has been given to you and you can pass tests that say, ‘I understand’.

You can’t move from out of physicality, once you’re in physicality, until you “understand” physicality. Then if that takes you eons of time, it will take you eons of time. You don’t even know what an EON is, but that’s alright, its a good word, because it ‘stretches’ you past a certain number that you can understand.

But, what difference does it make? When you “know” WHO YOU ARE, it does not matter. Because you put a “beginning” and an “end” on everything. That’s… when you invented “death” – because you were tired of ‘living’ – you locked yourself into a very “short” experience upon this planet. So, in the time that you spend on this planet, you learn very little.

Now, you’re no longer on a “time line” you’re in a “stretched moment”. So “stretch” your time in whatever direction you want to, to get to “know” WHO YOU ARE. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “How do stars look like from Datre’s point of view? How do they differ from planets?”

DATRE: Well, the only time… you see, there again, you talk to Datre as if Datre was an individual that was physical. Number one, Datre is composed of… I don’t know how many, because different ones of us come in and come and go within the physical construct which you call Aona. The only time we can “see” is when we’re in a physical body. But we are NOT physical, any more than Aona is physical when she leaves her body. But, when she leaves her body she is NOT physical, she “knows” she is not physical, she experiences, but she “knows” she is. So, when she gets the signal to come back into the body, she comes back into the body and is physical again. But, for her to explain her experiences through a physical brain, she cannot – because what she experiences, is NOT physical. And when you go out and experience in a non-physicality, how are you going to explain in a physical body with a physical brain? It cannot be. Its no different that a disk that you put in a computer, you can’t get that computer to put out anything but what you put in it. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is the sun which is a “reflection” of light from Jupiter (as Datre said) a planet?”

DATRE: Now, what difference does it make? Does it matter if the sun is a planet or if it’s a star? If Jupiter has life, like alligators or it has something that looks like a frog or a fish? It does not matter. This as we have said before, everything “out there” is so much more fascinating than in here – WHY? It is like a little child that does not want to go to school. They scream and holler and throw tantrums, because they don’t want
to go to school. Why don’t they want to go to school? They don’t want to learn, because learning takes effort and anything that’s worthwhile takes effort. Understanding takes effort. But, once you understand, then it’s very simple. But, it’s the same thing. Its kicking and screaming to get “out of here” to someplace else. You’re not going to be any smarter someplace else than you are here – guaranteed.
The same way with dying, you’re not going to be one wit smarter when you’re dead than when you’re alive. Everyone wants to hear from people that are dead. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s not any grand information that’s coming from the dead for most people, because, what you’re contacting is people that you’ve know when they were living. So, you see, it is a round robin.

But, when you begin to work with “self” and begin to understand, that is when it becomes interesting – that’s when you begin to enjoy life. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I read somewhere that Einstein said, “All knowledge is experience, everything else is just information!” If that is true then how can information brought by Datre help us gain knowledge or understanding? Is our capacity to understand is limited/defined by our experience?”

DATRE: You paint your pictures. Why do you put a picture in front of you? Why do you continue to put pictures in front of you when you are “awake”? If its not for experience, I don’t know what its for. But, only the “observer” begins to realize, what the pictures say to them. You paint your pictures, learn from them.

You can get all the Datre that we can give you, we will continue to tell you, over and over again and those who are beginning to “know” WHO they ARE are “amazed” at how few statements any of those that come through as Datre have made. There are very few, but we have explained them so many different ways. Time and time again, we have repeated and repeated the same information in many, many, many, different ways.

But, there are those that have hit something that say’s ‘wait a minute, “now” I understand what that meant’. And when those things begin to happen, that’s when changes begin to take place. We keep telling you to “observe” your pictures, continuously. We’ve brought you up from ground zero and we’ve been speaking about this all the time. And those that are beginning to see their own pictures “know” they’re painting their own pictures and understanding their own pictures. They’re beginning to have tremendous things happen in their lives. They’re happy, they’re enjoying life, because they are “seeing it” in an entirely different manner. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I understand everything in the Big Universe is understandable from its Vibration or “Signature print”. Is that somewhat like the Universal Alphabet or more like Color Spectrum or Sound Pitch?”

DATRE: No, you’re putting a “print” on something that has no “print”. The only “print” that you have is in physicality. Those are your words. There is no such thing. There’s no Universal “print”. Everything is “evolution”. You have the word “print”, which means it is solidified on a piece of paper. When you “print” something, you put symbols on paper and that becomes ‘solid’ for you to read or whatever you want to do with it. A
“print” is not fluid from the brain standpoint. There is no fluidity in something that is printed.

Recently we touched in with Aona and heard a beautiful piece that was being played and it was Mozart. And that has been played many different times from the time he was living until now by many different people, many different interpretations. Then, when the piece was over, a man asked the man that was conducting this piece, why this was different than his last
recording. He said you did not play it like you did your last
recording. And the conductor said, ‘that is the reason that I do not like to put anything out on a record, because it ‘solidifies’ the movement. You see, that man recognized, that once it is put in “print” that it is “solid”. That means that every time that you hear that piece that is on a recording, it is ‘exactly’ the same. So, where is the spontaneity? Where is
the ‘evolution’ of that particular piece of music? There is NO evolution, when it is “printed”. So, that is why we say, there is no “print” in the Universe.

Signature prints, we have referred to, is in physicality. I believe we related it to fingerprints. That you have a fingerprint that is not like anyone else’s fingerprint. That is your ‘individuality’. You have a “signature print” that is a “vibrational” print and many maintain that ‘vibrational’ print, exactly the same, from the time they are born until they go through that which you call death. Their signature print does not change. But, there are those that are ‘changing’ their ‘signature print’, because they are “evolving”. Evolution does NOT stand still. It never has and it never will. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question is… “Is it possible to explain what exactly is a Hologram from your universal stand point?”

DATRE: As we’ve said before, it’s a bunch of squiggly lines.

JOHN: Scientifically, it’s just an interference pattern of light.

DATRE: That’s about right. But you see, you have to have something in physicality to work with. There’s no other way that you can understand physicality, until you get into a body. But, how many of you have stood “behind” your body and looked through your eyes as if you have never seen through eyes and “observe” from that standpoint? That is something for you to “play” with. That is something for you to experience. That’s why we are so fascinated by coming into a physical body. That’s why so many come through Aona’s physical body, because they enjoy an experience, that there is no other way that they could ever experience it.

That is why we have to keep such close track of her, because when she comes back in, her “signature print” has changed, simply because of all of the different vibratory constructs that have interacted with this physical construct. You see, you don’t get that when you work with those in, what you call, the ‘dead zone’, because you’re working “physical construct” with “physical construct”. When you work with Universal vibration constructs, that come through “this” physical construct, it changes the “print” of the body. Then, depending on how many people “use” the body before she comes back into it again, makes a difference as to how long it takes her to come back “into” the body, because the body is “not” recognized by her, as what she left – it’s different. Then she has to become “acclimated” to what you would call, a “new body”. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes days to become familiar with a body that she uses all the time.

But, you see, you don’t understand “energy constructs” that clearly. But, for you as an exercise, for “all” of you, STAND OUTSIDE OF YOUR BODY AND LOOK THROUGH YOUR EYES. Then you will experience something that is very different – “very” different. This is what an “observer” does. An “observer” is within the body but “observing” from a different standpoint. So, have fun, enjoy, we’re Datre.


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