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Datre answers Thomas on WORLD I

JOHN: We have some seeming confusions concerning Datre’s comments about WORLD I and who is going there. In one case those that are satisfied with their life here and love the planet and their God etc… On the other hand we have the “discontented”, the people into crime and violence etc… Both of these seemingly different groups of people are indicated to be going to WORLD I – please clarify.

DATRE: That could be misinterpreted in that way. But, when you stop and think about it, where else would either one of them go? You see, were it not for the situation that exists upon your planet, in your diversity and multiplicity, those that are what you call murderers, those that are gang people and all of that – they would be satisfied to stay here too. The thing is, they are showing you the “inequality” of that which you have set up as a system upon your planet – of the “haves” and the “have-not’s”.

In other words, when they get on WORLD I, you will get all of those people that “basically” need a “savior”, need a “God” to look to. They do not understand that they have within themselves the capacity to be an “individual” that can, shall we say, stand on their own two feet.

Now, why are there gangs? It’s the only way that they can show that they are as good or better than somebody else. In other words… you see, you have a corporate structure, something they cannot participate in. I could almost guarantee you that the gang members, the ones that start the gangs, the head of the gangs, were they to use their mental capacity in another
direction; they would be the heads of companies. Because, they want to be on top – it is an “ego” thing.

The thing that “drives” more than anything else in the “human” is that which you call the “ego”.

JOHN: The emotional ego.

DATRE: Yes, not the EGOIC SELF, I’m not referring to that – I said the “ego”. Now, it is wanting to be “top dog”. It is wanting to be “number one”. What is sports all about? Battling to be “number one”. What is “money” all about? Battling to have the “most”. What is everything on your planet? Why do you have a hierarchy in that which you call the ‘dead zone’? Everyone thinks that’s so grand and glorious. What’s that all about? EGO!
It comes down to the very “basic” elements.

Now, why do they start gangs? EGO! We’ve got a gang, we’ve got shirts that’s got stuff written all over them, we’ve got ‘tattoo’s’, we’ve got bikes, we’ve got all of these things – look at us, draw attention to.

Why do these people murder other people? To get attention. That’s what its all about. Its “ego”, its “rage” that comes forth. Now, when you say, ‘well there are people that just go out on the hi-way and just shoot people’. WHY? They want to get caught so they can get their picture in the paper. It is the grandest event of their lives, it is all they have, they have
nothing else. Look at me, I want attention. That’s what people do things for. Why does a child lie down on the floor in the supermarket and kick and scream and holler because they can’t get what they want? I WANT ATTENTION! Basic “ego”. That’s what drives the whole thing.

If, everyone was on a more “equal” basis, which they will be when they go on to WORLD I, you’re not going to find that because there will not be the great diversity between the “haves” and the “have-not’s”. This has been something that has been existing on your planet for a “long” period of time. Look way back in the 1800’s – 1700’s, when you had those that had to
clean mansions in order to put food in their mouths. And where were they? In a little attic room that was cold without heat and this is where they had to survive, because there was no other way for them to make that which you call money. And who had the money? The men that had the big businesses that had the big mansions. There always was that big gap between the “haves” and the “have-not’s”. And you know what I relate that to? The very
thing that you look at all the time and pay no attention to, “right”, “wrong”, “black”, “white”, “have”, “have-not” – opposites. That is the way this was set up, it was set on “opposites”. The learning was to be on “opposites”.

Now, we are coming forth with information that say’s, ‘you’re ready to be your own person’. It does not matter if you “have” or if you “have-not”, if you “know” WHO you are, you’re content and you’re fascinated by LIFE and LIVING, because it looks “different” to you. And why does it look different? Because you’re beginning to recognize that you “draw” your own
pictures for your own experiences.

But you see man has not – up to this point – evolved to the point of being able to comprehend “that” type of information. There’s many things that “man” has not been introduced to, things that have not been put into his make-up, through genealogy, through energy waves, through many different
ways that there are of changing the physical construct. But, you’re to the point that you can understand what is happening, if you so desire and put forth the effort that you “can” do it. There have always been those that understood this. And it has been as long as you have been able to speak and pass on stories. Then you got to that which you call printing and writing where you were able to put it down so others could read it. But, it has “always” been there. But it is “only” there for people that can “see” it – it has never changed.

But, there are more NOW that they are able to comprehend, because your brain capacity is entirely different. If you were to be able to examine a brain and its capacity today, and the brain and its capacity of one living in the 1700’s, there’s no comparison, none whatsoever. You have the ability “now” to be able to comprehend much of this.

Now, what I’m saying is, WORLD I will contain these people that are murderers, those that are “unscrupulous”, to use your words, in their way of getting ahead and making money any way they can. Also those that are completely content with life on this planet. Their God is in their heaven, He’s taking care of me; He will give me no more than I can handle and they’re living content in that framework. Those will ALL go to WORLD I. It will be the same as when you go through your “death” process. All of the
memories of these circumstances will be lost in that which you call death. You don’t remember “who” you were last time. You have genetics in the body that you pick-up and that is why you go into familiar family situations again and again, because you want those genetics, those are familiar to you. There will be a familiarity when you get into that same genetic pool.

But, when these individuals all go to WORLD I, their HOLOGRAMS will be different in their patterning. They will not all be the same. But they will be different, because there will be certain genetics that will “not” be put into the new HOLOGRAM. The reason for that being is, if you inhabit a new “structure” that is unfamiliar to you, you will handle it from a “different” standpoint of “not” being familiar – this is something “new”.
So, your actions and reactions will be different on WORLD I. Everyone will start out with an entirely different way of, shall we say, you will “look” like men, you will “look” like women. You will have… perhaps you’ll have grass and trees and water and that sort of thing, whatever it is decided to put on WORLD I. And the evolution of the species, at that point, will pick-
up where these individuals are at the present time. In other words, there will be enough familiarity to them, that they will not notice the difference.

But, there will be a difference, because that which you call “free will” will “not” be on the planetary existence on WORLD I, because the “free will” allowed too much latitude. The physical became too much enamored by that which you call “external” things. They lost that which you call “spirituality”. Your desire to obtain more information for the “upliftment” of physicality as a whole. Because there was so much latitude here that your “main” intent and goal and purpose, became “monetary” and “things” oriented.

That’s where your “attention” is. You have to have the big house. The young people start out today, they want to start where you are at the present time. They don’t want to start from the bottom and build their lives. They want to start with the house the television, the… all of the furnishings, of the very best quality, the cars, all of this. With total disregard for
how they’re going to pay for it. That is not important, we’ve got to have this, we’ve got to have that. You don’t “got to have”, it’s a wanting and it’s a wanting because everyone else “has”. If no one else “has”, the direction of the thought patterning of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS can be entirely different.

So, when you start with a comparatively clean slate, your thought patterns are going to be different than “thing” oriented. This is what we are hoping to achieve by starting those all together, with “basic” thought patterns of having their God and having their trees and having the things that they are familiar with and all starting and working from that point. So you can see that, although we seem to be saying one thing at one time and another thing at another time its still all the same thing – its still WORLD I.

WORLD II will consist of those that are beginning to see that there is something “different”, but can’t quite grasp what it is. This is a lot of your churches that are beginning to make strides in understanding. This is in your “psychic” community. They’re looking for something; they’re still into that “savior” mode. They’re still into “angels” and “gods” and “space ships” and that sort of thing. But, they still “know”, there’s an inkling that there’s more and they’re beginning to search in those directions. There’s an unrest within them to understand. Now, in WORLD II, that is where they will be working with that “thought” pattern throughout. That will be where they will “start” from and work from “that” point.

Then of course WORLD III will be those that are getting ready to work themselves to get ready to go into what you call the BIG Universe. But WORLD II will still have planetary existence, because that is still needed. They still need… they need that security of a planet. They need the security of a “god” or “space ships” or whatever. So that will still be a planetary existence of sorts.

But you see, their starting point will be different from WORLD I. WORLD I is “basic”. So perhaps we have helped to straighten that out. Do you have any more questions John?

JOHN: No, I think you did a very good job.

DATRE: All right, fine, we thank you, we’re Datre.


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