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Datre answers Yaniv

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Yaniv, and his first question is… “What is the reason for physical illness?”

DATRE: There again, there is no reason for physical illness. You don’t have to be ill, its something “you” do for experience. Now, the peoples that have a life that they’re “living”, are not interested in illness. The people that don’t seem to have anything that is exciting, so going to get “sick” and going to hospitals and all of this stuff, is “body” activity. That’s all it is. But, because you are constantly being told about all the
stuff on your television and radio and other people talking about “illness” all the time and pills and doctors and all that stuff, it gets to the point that you’re always taking something, to get rid of something. So it gets to be, what Aona calls a catch 22. You don’t have to be ill. The body doesn’t have to be ill, the body doesn’t have to die. But, those are things that
the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does not understand, that is not part of their “game”. So, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is physical illness a zymology for something that the body is trying to point out to the spirit?”

DATRE: Well, number one, we don’t understand this “spirit” thing. We don’t get involved in that because that is “your” terminology. We speak of you as a “whole”. We don’t think of you in “parts”. When we say “you”, that means the “whole” of you in expression. In other words, you express through physicality, and in expressing through physicality that is a “totality”, it’s NOT separate. It is “one” integral unit. And, if I may say so, that is where some of you have more illnesses than others in “thinking” that you’re separated – you’re NOT. When “you” are expressing in physicality, there is “no” separation. There are no separate parts of you. You’re “not” a body, you’re not a “spirit”, you’re not a this, you’re not a that – “you” in
physicality are “you” – TOTAL.

Now, that portion of you that leaves the physical body, in that which you call death, you can refer to that as “spirit” if you want to – but, it isn’t, because, you still maintain a pseudo body.

So, until you leave this whole thing through what they call the BIRTH, you still are “you”. Then on the other side of the BIRTH, you will still be “you”. Your “containment” doesn’t matter, because you are “you”, beginning to end. But, because of you’re evolution, you “require” a containment – because that is all you know. That’s all you’re familiar with, you’re not familiar with functioning “without” containment.

Now, if you want to talk about “spirit”, that’s when you can talk about “spirit”. That is functioning “without” containment. But you don’t function “without” containment until you get to the Big Universe – and that’s “knowing” WHO YOU ARE. But, at this point, that is what we’re trying to help you to “understand” the difference between what you’re expressing
“now” and what you “can” express. You all “know” that to some degree or other. But you can’t work with those things when you’re in physicality. When you’re in physicality, you better stay in physicality and learn how “in” physicality, because you can’t get “out” of physicality until you “understand” it.

Now, the body is “genetic” in its character. The body is made up of “two” things – plants and animals. And it doesn’t matter what portion of “plant” and what portion of “animal” you are – it just does NOT matter, you’re BOTH. That is why when you come in here you “build” a body out of “plant” and “animal”, when you leave, you “leave” it behind, because it is Earth substance. But you don’t give yourselves credit enough to “know” that that’s what you do, because you don’t understand how it works. That is part of what happens, that is how it works.

You’re afraid of dying, you’re afraid of death, and yet you’ve done it “billions” of times and still you’re afraid of it. And all the time you know what it is. But you don’t allow yourself in physicality to “know” what it is – there’s where the “trick” is. Is to “know” in physicality what it is and understand it from a physical brain standpoint – “not” intellectually. It’s “not” a brain thing. It’s a deep down “knowing” that “excites” the whole physical construct.

You see one of the difficulties that we constantly incur in the Datre material is this business of “separating” everything. Separating the “spirit”, separating the body, separating, separating, separating. When you begin to work as a “total”, when you work “with” the body as an instrument of “expression”, of “experience”, then it becomes a different world – entirely.

So, illness. You chose the genetics that you wanted when you came into physicality through the birth process. Because of the familiarity of the family that you were last in, that’s where you’ll probably go back in again. Now, they say, genetics can’t be changed – from a physical standpoint, they’re beginning to change. They’re taking out this genetic and changing that genetic, the doctors are beginning to do that. But you see what that does? You’re relying on someone else to “fix” you. The name
of the game is – why don’t you fix “you” yourself? You have the
“knowingness” if you but have the desire to find it. Its “all” there, nothing is hidden.

So, if you have an illness, what’s the first thing you do? “I’ve got cancer, but I know why I’ve got cancer. I’ve got cancer because there’s cancer in my family”. Now, to look at that very honestly, what are you doing with that statement? You are blaming someone else for what’s happened to you. It is so easy, so simple, because that is what you hear all the time – but are you “listening”? You don’t blame your family because there’s cancer in the family and now you’ve got it. Now, you’re either
“blaming” or asking for sympathy. That is “not” being “you”. Being “you” and understanding “you” is saying, “oh, they say I have cancer. Well, do I want it or don’t I? Well, I don’t think I want it. I don’t need that experience. I’ll find something else that’s more fun.”.

So, you see, from our standpoint, we see how you react in physicality. And what we’re trying to do in these transcripts is make you “aware” of what you’re doing. You don’t “have” to follow the MASS of humanity – that is “not” being “you”. Illness is something “you” have decided that “you” wanted to experience – for whatever reason. Its up to you as to what you want to do with it. It’s nobody else’s fault. You’re writing the script.
You’re the “actor”, you’re the “producer”, you’re the “writer”, and you’re the whole thing. You’re putting yourself on “stage”, which is putting yourself in “physicality”.

In other words, when you come into physicality, you’re putting yourself on stage. You “dress” for the “stage” in your physical construct – that’s your “stage” dressing. You pick-up animal parts and you pick-up pl ant parts and you put this “clothing” on and this is your “physical” construct – now you’re ready to go on “stage”. Now, you stay on stage as long as you are interested in the “play”. When you are no longer interested in the “play”, you decide on death. See, from our standpoint, how different we look at the whole scene?

If part of the “play” is, you say, “well, I’ll be ill for a while”. All right, it’s “your” play. You’re “writing” it, you’re “directing” it, you’re “acting” in it. And if you’re looking for “applause”, where is your “applause” going to come from? From others that are on the “stage” – because that’s “all” it is, you’re “all” on stage. But, if you become “you”, you don’t care about the “other” actors. You say, “I don’t care for this play that I’m in, this play is going no place. Well, I guess I’ll make another script. Now, I don’t think its necessary for me to change my clothes, I’ll just wear the ones I’m wearing – which is your physical containment – and write another script and hop on stage with that.”. And you’re still in your same containment; you’re still in your same clothing. But, because of your long time thinking that in order to change your “stage play” you have to change clothes – that’s when you came into this, what you
call death.

You haven’t always had “death” on this planet. You don’t… because you don’t know any further back than just a short while. But you figured that, in order to keep the “play” going, you stayed in one “costume”. Then in order to go into another “play” you had to change “costumes” – so, here comes death. You don’t have to change “costumes”. You can change the “play” – without changing “costumes” at all.

Now, I probably have you totally confused. But to us… the way we look at it from our standpoint, that is the way “we” see it as the way “you” project it. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “If a physical illness is a symbolic language or a calling for the spirit, how can these symbols be interpreted?”

DATRE: Well, there again you’ve got the spirit thing. You’ve got to realize what I’ve said before; you’re a “totality”. In physicality there is no separation – don’t separate yourself. You at night go to “who”? You don’t go to somebody else for information; you go to YOU for further information. But it is only a different “part” of you when you’re in that which you call sleep stage, because in the sleep stage you don’t have the restrictions. You “restrict” yourself by coming into physicality. When you go in the “dream” state, you’re “free” and you can see further and make choices as to what you want. You know, if you’re having a continuous play, how many times do they “rewrite” the script? “Well this part isn’t working exactly right, lets change the script and let’s do it this way”. So you do it that way and say, “yes, I like this better”. So, what you’re doing is, in the sleep state you’re monitoring the “stage play”. You’re making changes; you’re making adjustments to your play in your nighttime. Then in the daytime, you “act” it out. Its so simple, so very, very, simple. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is the charka system relevant for this? If so, what does each charka represent to Datre?”

DATRE: That charka system is a system that has been brought forth from way back. There is a lot of credence put on the charka’s and what they do and what they don’t do. And the kundalini and what that does and what that doesn’t do. There again, we don’t work from the principle of “structure”. That is a “structure. In other words, if you do this, this will happen. If you do that, that will happen. We don’t work from that standpoint; we work from the “open” standpoint of a “framework”. With the Datre material, if you read it and you get, what we call, an AH HA, and you say, “oh, now that’s different. Well, now that changes my thinking patterns.” Then your “action” and “reaction” within physicality is going to change. And, if you
have a kundalini experience, and you don’t know anything about it, it’s going to happen and there’s not going to be any problems with it.

But you sit, and you go into these “structures” and there are many people that “damage” what you call the “psyche” and become incapacitated in the physical to handle physical situations – what good does that do you? It does not help you in any way.

What we’re trying to do is get you to understand, very simply, what physicality is all about. Its not getting into anything, any more than if I was… for me to explain the charka’s would be like me trying to tell you what to do with your “gall bladder”. To us you see that has no relevance at all, in explaining to you what physicality is all about. And how to
understand, “how” to work “through” physicality in the understanding “of” it. And therefore, in the understanding “of” it are able to, shall we say, “accelerate” your development – your evolution. The faster you understand it, the quicker you’re going to go through this and change your whole play. So, do not be concerned about charka’s because to us it’s no different than
a gall bladder or your intestines or anything else.

It is an old custom. You’re going into that which you call the twenty first century. Don’t drag all this “old” stuff with you. You want “new” technology, all right; I’m giving you “new” technology. I’m giving you… what do they call these fast speed computers? What do they call them… so many megs or so many what?

JOHN: You’re going into a… just a fast computer, its just so many megahertz, correct. You could say you’re going into a 1000 megahertz system.

DATRE: Okay, you want to go into a 1000 megahertz system on your computer, right? Boy, that’s exciting. What do you care about your old computer that you sold three months ago, because you wanted to get into the “new” system? Boy, this is exciting – same thing. Why take all these “old” structures into the 21st. century? Why not find the shortest, fastest way to go? That’s what it all about. That’s what Datre’s here for.

Now, we’re “not” giving you anything you don’t already have. We’re only trying to help you “find” it. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s “not” a teaching. It’s only trying to help you “understand” WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You’ve “got it”, it’s just uncovering it. And lets get that 1000 megahertz program going. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “The charka system, the Judaic Tree of Life, and the Christian sacraments are given as a road map for the growth of the spirit – as a way for one to learn to “know oneself”. Is this true?”

DATRE: It doesn’t matter if its true or not, because everyone works from a different standpoint. If it’s true to you, then it’s true. If it’s not true to you, it’s not true. There has not been any “accelerated” teachings. In other words, you’ve been working with the same material that you’ve had, for a long time. As was said, lets not worry about the “old” computer; let’s get that 1000 megahertz thing going.

There’s excitement in that. And we know that there’s “excitement” in that because of the letters we get from those that have “jumped” on the bandwagon, “bit” the bullet and gotten that 1000 megahertz system going. They’re not living like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS any more. They are living in physicality, but they are living it entirely different. Because, as they have changed, they have changed their script. Their play is “entirely” different, because every night they’re “rewriting” it to keep up with what they’re doing.

They’re in the 1000 megahertz system. And you say, “that computer really flies”. Their physical construct really flies because their whole computer system is different. Continue.

JOHN: Again, his next question is… “Datre keeps saying that we have to get to know who we are. Can Datre provide a general roadmap, a guide, an exercise for one to learn to know who (s)he is?”

DATRE: That we don’t do, that’s a “structure” thing. You want the roadmap to be written like a textbook. It is “not” like a textbook. That’s “structure”, that’s like learning the charka’s and what they’re all about and learning the kundalini and what that’s all about – its a “structure”. Structure “holds” you in a certain pattern – we don’t want to give you a “pattern”. If we give you a “pattern” you’re going to get “stuck” again. We’re trying to take you “out” of the “pattern” and give you FREEDOM. That is all I can say on that subject – continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “If there are stages in our growth, on the way to getting to know who we are, what are these stages?”

DATRE: I can only say one thing on this and it angers more people than it makes happy – when it happens to you, you will know. We get letters all of the time. Some of these people, they are having these experiences and they are coming back and saying, “Now I understand what Datre is talking about, because I had the experience”. We can’t give you a “package” and say, “if
you do this, this and this, this will happen”. That’s “structure”! That’s like going to school. That’s what all of your “isms” and “osophies” and “churches” and everything that you can find that has a “ritual of structure” to it, holds you in that pattern. What we’re trying to get you to do is to move “out” of the pattern. Be “you”, don’t be what someone else “tells” you to be or “expects” you to be or “wants” you to be. The “you” that you express must come from “within”.

Go back to what I said about the “stage” – really “understand” what I told you about coming into physicality and putting on your “stage” clothes. Then when that “clicks”, when that becomes “not” words, but that which hits way down deep inside into your very deepest “knowingness”, it is like you’ve come out of a dark room into the sunshine. And it happens in the “blink of an eye”. Everyone will tell us that, “it just happened”. They weren’t doing anything special, nothing special was going on – it just happened – and “that” is the way it works. That angers many people, because we don’t give them the “structure”.

We’re going into the 21st. century and the 1000 megahertz system, and when you insert that 1000 megahertz “thinking” and “experiencing” the physical body “responds” with, “WOW, now we’re really flying”. Next question?

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you, we hope you have enjoyed, we’re Datre.


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