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Datre answers Nasser

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Nasser and his first question relative to comments that Datre made in their reply to June, is… “For example, as Datre you presumably know who “you” are, yet you are still here talking to us, relating to us. If it is true that you can live as you so desire, and we can live as we so desire, then why are you here telling us of alternative ways to live (such as “being more aware” in our day to day

DATRE: The reason I am here… we are here giving you information, is because we can hear you “crying”. We can “observe” the “franticness” of that which you call your HOLOGRAM – your “scatteredness”. Your HOLOGRAM to us are like a bunch of little squiggly lines that are “agitated”. That’s what we can perceive, because it is only a “perception” and so, shall we say, we can “feel” the vibration of the “squiggles”. So to try and help, like you would a baby. A baby cries and kicks in a crib and what do you want to do? It is an instinct that is indescribable in that which you call physical words, but the “instinct” is there to sooth the child. So, you could say that we more or less have that instinct also to sooth the squiggly lines that we see that are all excited and need soothing. That’s
what Datre is here for.

Now, when we come into physicality, and enter a physical body, then we are able to work through the physical body and in that way experience the physicality, the relationship with other things, shall we say. In other words, by working through a physical body, we have the grand opportunity to explore the body, to explore the brain, to see and hear and taste and touch
and smell and all of these things. To observe people and places, buildings, trees, television, to us all of these things are very exciting. But, in coming into physicality, it allows us the opportunity of being able to interact in an entirely different way. In other words, when we are within a physical body and that body is “interacting” with other individuals in a work situation, in a situation of going to a store and purchasing something and we’re in that physical body with the “original” owner of that physical body, it becomes a “dual” thing, in “her” experiencing, “we” are able to experience. We are able to “observe” the actions and reactions of other individuals in a store situation. Then, because we see things from a different standpoint than you do, we can see the peoples and the “disturbed” nature of peoples upon the planet. Also, we are able, being in a physical body, we’re able to pick-up vibrations that you are unaware of. In other words, you’re able to pick-up only things that have a “material” content to them.

In other words, you say you can pick-up a “waveform”. Now, you can’t pick-up a “waveform”, you can only pick-up the “particles” IN the “waveform”, because that’s all your physicality will allow. That’s what physicality is all about, working with “particles”. So, a “waveform” is something that cannot be “perceived” by you in physicality. But, because of “our” perception, of being IN a physical body, but “understanding” a
“waveform” we can also in a physical body, pick-up a “waveform” which will give us different information than what you get with the “particles”. So, you see, it’s dualistic. And we’re here to help those that need “soothing”.
Those that are “crying” for information, because they do not wish physicality any more. They want information, to understand, so that they can “leave” physicality and the only way you can “leave” physicality – be it five minutes or be it eon’s of time – is through “understanding” physicality. When you “understand” physicality, then there’s no need to do it any more. So that’s what Datre is all about. Is giving you “information” that will spark something “deep” within you for understanding. And giving you an “opportunity” to “experience” IN physicality, because that’s what you need. You not only need the words, you need the “experiences”, because the “experiences” will, in different ways, change your understanding. You have to have the “understanding” in the physical brain, that’s what its all

Your physical body is something you’re using as a “tool” for understanding. That’s the whole thing. That’s why we keep saying the same thing in “different” ways because, something will “trigger” one person, where another way of saying the same thing, will trigger another person. And the more people that “trigger” their own understanding, because that’s what its all about, the more that are able to do that, the easier it is for them to live within physicality, understand physicality and be able to leave it to go on to “other” experiences within the Universe that are “not” based on physicality – which is another whole ballgame – that you have no idea what its about. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, and his next question is… “Is it because we are the ones who choose you to be here in our existence?”

DATRE: If you choose me to be within your experience, that is fine. If you choose “not” to have me within your experience, that is fine too, that is your choice. It is very simple, if you want to read the Datre information that is put on a computer screen, you are free to do so. If you don’t want the information, you just don’t read it any more. There is nothing that say’s… this is “not” a “class”, you don’t have to sign-up for it. There are many people that have been reading this Datre material from the first time it came on the screen and have never decided that they wanted to be put on the list. It does not matter. Information is “always” there in any form that you want it, whenever you want it, from whoever you want it – it’s
always there. Information of every kind. When this planetary BUBBLE was set up, all the information was there. It’s always been there. Datre is only an easier access to the information that is all. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on, he say’s… “If that is the case, then where is your choice in the matter?”

DATRE: You mean Datre’s choice?

JOHN: Datre’s choice!

DATRE: Datre doesn’t make choices. You see you don’t understand that Datre is “not” physical. You do not understand anything other than physicality. You can’t, that is what you are here to learn. What we do, and how we function, has nothing to do with physicality. You don’t understand how rapid things happen when the moment you have an “inspiration” it is completed. Can you imagine – you would go crazy – in ten minutes of your time, if you were to have “every” thought that you think materialize –
instantly. In ten minutes, you would be mad. You can’t handle that rapidity, because you’re functioning from a human brain standpoint.

When I’m not in a body, that is the way I function. It is not necessary to slow things down, because I don’t live in a physical construct. But, that is something you cannot fathom. You have no understanding of that and you shouldn’t, because you have to work through a physical construct – that’s what you came here for. It is “slowed” down so that you can work with “particles”. That’s what its all about and you can learn a great deal.

It’s just another way of functioning. The Universe is “multitudinous” in its way of functioning – “you” chose physicality. This is just “one” way of functioning within a Universe. Continue.

JOHN: Then he continues on and says… “You are here telling us about being more aware of our selves and our experiences, how to be more aware, and the implications and importance of it. If I am to “give myself credit” as you often tell us to do, then I’d say that some greater and grander part of me is telling this “limited me” to become more aware of the whole “I AM”. And
one of the ways it is doing this is by pulling you into my experience. Would you say that’s correct?”

DATRE: There again, if you wish to pull the Datre information into your experience, that is fine, that is your choice. But, as said before, it does not matter how you learn, it is that you “do” learn, because you’ve asked for the information.

You have an expression here on your planet, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. That is an old, old, old saying. It is said many different ways throughout your centuries of time. If you want the information, the information will be there, it does not say in what form. It does not say in a “physical” form. It does not say in a “book”. It does not say “how” you’re going to get it. But, if you have questions, you
“will” have answers.

If you have a greater portion of “you” and that’s what you’re calling the YOU that “you” are, then “you” have a greater portion. But don’t “think” of a greater portion. In physicality, “this” is what you have. Don’t always be looking for something else that is greater than “you” are, because you’re “all” IT anyway. You only put yourself into physicality for the
“experience” of physicality. And that does not make you “lesser” or “more”.

Its NOT a pyramid system where YOU that “you” are is sitting up there at the top and all these “lesser” “YOU’s” are sitting down here. No, don’t separate yourself.

JOHN: It’s like an actor, though he goes on the stage and plays a “villain”, that does not diminish from the actor themselves.

DATRE: No! In fact, if you were to look at that analogy, John, which was very good, “who” is the greater? The actor is the greater, because he can play two parts – now which is greater? Its the “actor” that’s the greatest, he’s “playing” the part of a “villain”, but he’s “not” a villain – but he is able to play the role. So you see, you’re “all” role playing, in one way
or another. In other words, the YOU that “you” are, is acting out a role – you’re “role” playing – that is all it is. And if “that” was understood, that’s a mind blower. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “If yes, then why (doesn’t) the grander part of myself not make itself known to me more directly?”

DATRE: It does all the time; it “does” all the time. The thing is, the majority of the peoples are so “layered” with years of being tossed around by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that, that is all they perceive. It’s very simple to function from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, because in that way, you don’t have to be responsible for anything. In other words, it’s because of “this” person that
this happened. It’s because of the weather. It’s because of my genetics. Its because of this, its because of that, its because of something else that “this” is the way I am. “Well I have the traits of my mother.” “I have the traits of my father.” “I’m just like my uncle Joe.” Where are “you”? This is what we’re trying to get at – where are “you”?

Can’t “you” be “you”? You don’t have to be like your uncle Joe. You don’t have to be like your mother. You don’t have to be like your father. And that’s a very difficult concept for people to understand.

And, when you meet these people that are becoming to “know” who they are, they stand out like a great big lighthouse in the fog, because they are uniquely different. They’re uniquely different because of the way they look at physicality and the way they “function” in physicality is different.

When discussing things in a work place, their view of the situation is entirely “different” than those in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That is why, when you find those that are beginning to know “who” they are, they’re “not” jabber boxes. In fact, quite the opposite, they’re very quiet individuals. And you know “why” they’re quiet? Because they have reached the point where they don’t “fit”. They don’t “fit” into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because their “thinking” is different. This is what makes them quiet. It’s not quiet to “impress” or exclude themselves from physicality. The quietness comes from the fact that what they’re thinking and what the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is
expressing, are two “different” things. That’s why they’re quiet. Then when there is something important to say, they will say it. But, they don’t just go around blabbering. And they’re “observing” this and they’re not angry with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in any way shape or form.

They’re “observing” it and noticing the difference that is taking place within themselves. They’re making comparisons of what “they” were like, shall we say, previously, and what they’re like now. But, that does not stop them from functioning. In fact, they function far better because, in knowing “who” you are, one of the things you drop is the “stress” of the body. Your body is not tense, it’s not tight and the mouth is not going 50 miles per hour. There’s a quietness that’s an “automatic”. You don’t need to be tense and jabbering when you’re “observing”.

But that doesn’t mean, you stop functioning. You still drive your car to work. You still go into the workplace. You still pay the bills and feed your family, nurture your family and love them. But it’s different. And until it has happened to the individual, you can’t explain what it is because everyone is different, everyone ‘s experience is different. So, continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on and say’s… “I often tell myself, with full intent, that I want to know who I am, fully. And yet, shortly after, something happens that lets me know I really don’t know who I am.”

DATRE: Now, you don’t realize, you’ve already made a big step. You have already made a big step, in the fact that you “noticed” that you don’t know “who” you are. You see what a big step that is? If you didn’t have any idea, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

MASS CONSCIOUSNESS doesn’t “notice” the difference. Its only when you begin to perceive the “difference” is when you “know” you’re beginning to make changes. Continue.

JOHN: And, his final statement is… “What is the relationship, if any, between the grander part of who is me, and that which is Datre?”

DATRE: What is the relationship? We just function in different experiential patterns. You’re experiencing in physicality. We’re experiencing “without” physicality – there’s the difference.

JOHN: It sounds like he’s trying to get to the point that is Datre some remote “part” of who he is?

DATRE: No! I don’t have any connection with physicality at all. I’m in an entirely different experiential patterning. The only part that you’re connected to is the greater “whole” of “you”. You only use a small portion of YOU in expressing physicality. But, who’s to say which “portion” is the greater – the YOU in observation or the “you” in physicality? One is as equally important as the other. And one is “not” greater than the other.

JOHN: They’re both the same.

DATRE: You’re the “whole” thing. And the thing that happens is… and we’d like people to write to us and tell us, this is not something that is “pie in the sky” sort of talking, there are those that are beginning to say that they are having difficulty in distinguishing the difference between “night” and “day” – because it all runs together. Now, when it “all” runs together, you see what you’re doing? Instead of that which you call, going to sleep, and loosing all contact with the physical construct, in setting up your “play” for the next day or what you want to experience as a big chunk of a play, over a period of time. Those individuals are becoming the YOU that they are and experiencing continuously. Then when you experience
continuously, then you will find that “you” are YOU.

Now, that does not hold. They probably have it for a day or two or something like that. But, they can “see” how it all goes together – there is no separate. They lie down and close their eyes, but they still continue in a “daytime” mode. You set-up your days and your nights, that is the way it is set-up. When you get beyond the point of “day” and “night”, all is a
continuous flow. Then you can see, that they’re working with that which we call, THE YOU THAT “you” ARE. And you’re acting out the play as “you” have set it up. Then, there doesn’t “need” to be a separation of “day” and “night” – it’s not necessary.

But, because its “unnatural” because you are living in this construct of “day” and “night”, the decision is made to go back to the “day”, “night” existence. But, when you begin to “show” yourself the continuation, then its showing you what its like to have existence without the “day” and the “night” – it is continuous. And it is happening to people. That is a hard concept and I can guarantee you one thing – you can’t “fake” it. And, the other thing is, you cannot “push” yourself into it. It is “not” something that can be “learned”. It is only something that can be experienced. And I guarantee, when you are ready for it, it will happen and it will be a “grand” experience. Continue.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you. We hope we have given you the information you were looking for – we are Datre.


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