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Datre answers Frank and Tage

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Frank and his first question is… “I continually read Datre saying, “KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE”. I get an inkling that to find out WHO I AM will be found in dreams, which Datre says is our “REAL” reality.”

DATRE: Now, your “real” reality is in that which you call your dream state, because that is where the contact is made to “all” that is in your BUBBLE. All the experiences are there. Anything that you want to experience in anyway shape or form. So, what happens is, you “dip” into that in the sleep state. But, because of you’re taking so much of that which you do in physicality into your “dream state”, you come back with a whole mixture of
things. And “interpreting your dreams is “not” going to do it, because you come back with something that the “brain” understands.

In other words, you dip into different realities, you dip into different situations. Some you want to experience, some you “don’t” want to experience. This is what you do in your “dream state”. But, you can’t bring that back into physicality and make it work until you “know” what you’re doing. You come back with all kinds of things, which you “interpret”. But, when you get to the point that you’re living in physicality totally and
completely in the “whole”, you’re not that interested in what’s going on in your dreams. Your “dream state” can be one framework and your physicality can be another. Because when you become, totally and completely, immersed in that which you call your physicality and enjoying your experiences or not enjoying your experiences to the fullest, but being “who” you are and
playing your parts, the “dream” is not going to be that important, because you will bring that information in and you will “act” it out. So you don’t have to be “both” places.

All the information is in your BUBBLE, everything is there. Things that you have not even begun to touch the surface of. But, do not be concerned with your dreams. Be concerned with your “life” in physicality, in your “day time”, that you’re living; this is where your experiences is.

JOHN: I would think you would be concerned with your dreams to one degree only. Don’t bring “yesterdays” garbage “into” your sleep state and “confuse” the “dream” environment.

DATRE: That’s true. But the only thing that you confuse is “your self”. You’re not confusing anyone else. You’re only confusing yourself, because, what happens the next day when you brought through this “crazy” dream? You’re trying to figure it out. Now what is one of the things that you will do? You’ll ask somebody else about your dreams. You’ll go down and buy a book on dreams to interpret it. Now, how much of your day have you wasted, from our standpoint, of looking at the situation? How much of your day have you wasted, trying to figure out what happened in your dream? What reality did I go into? What was this all about? What did it signify? It is not important. It is not important. What is important is “you” begin to work “in” physicality with the physical body “you” choose to do what “you” wanted to do.

There again, were getting back to that same thing. You choose your parents. You choose them one of two ways, you either choose them from a point of “this is what I want to learn” or you choose them by default. But, those that choose them because they “knew” what they wanted to do are doing it. If chosen by “default” you’re just running around and not finding a place for yourself any place.

If you’re busy, doing what you want to do, without any interference that you accept, then you’re beginning to “know” who you are. Now, you will continually have people that will be giving you advice, because that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, remember, “you” are the decision maker. You can listen, but then you do what “you” want to do and do not complain about the
consequences of your actions. Because, that to, is unimportant to anyone else except “you”. And the consequences of your actions should be “observed” by you and in your “observation” you will learn. That is what it is all about – “that” is the journey. It is not in your dreams. It is not what someone else told you. It is what “you” learn and that is called “evolution”. You are “evolving” your “self” – evolution is singular. It’s
not your friends, its not your relations, its not anyone – its “you”. In “observing” what is happening. “You” are the one that is “evolving”.

You take an athlete, and he will work and work and work, to hone a skill. He will do a jump again and again and again hour after hour after hour to hone a skill. He will throw a piece of equipment, hour, after hour, after hour. Then look at a television screen that shows him throwing something so that he can perfect his skill at throwing. Now, if you wish to evolve, that which you are, how much time are “you” going to spend “observing” situations and making decisions – all by yourself? That’s what a “master” does. He spends his waking hours, working on his own evolution. I hope this will help you – continue.

JOHN: Franks next question is… “What is the best way for one to learn or to see ‘Who I really am’? I know that I am more than my body….in my head. How do I move that to a real understanding….into my soul…my being?”

DATRE: Now, you know you’re more than your body, that was a statement you made, but, do not “separate” anything, because, without experiencing through your body you would miss one of the GRANDEST experiences in the Universe. You need to express in some way. You “choose” the expression of physicality. Now, the body, and you, work together. One of the difficulties many people have is the fact that they don’t like their body. They don’t like the bodies because its short or its tall or its thin or its fat or whatever you want to say about the body. I don’t like my hair. I don’t like the fact that my fingernails don’t grow, I’ve got little short fingernails, I wish I had long fingernails. The man says, “I wish I could grow a beard like so in so, because that’s the kind of beard I’d like to have”. Don’t
become “obsessed” by the things you don’t like about your body.

A great deal of that comes from that which you call your television and peoples in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS are buying into it – it is a way of making money. You could achieve the same thing if you want to just go out in the back yard or go into a spare room of whatever all by yourself and exercise. But in order to get, what you call, “what you want”, you have to go into a room with all these sweaty smelly people. And wear some ridiculous costumes. Then look at yourself and say, “I wish I were like that”.

Your body is a vehicle for “expression”. That does not mean it has to be on stage. You walk in a big city and walk down a sidewalk, who’s going to pay any attention to you? The only time you have any attention paid to you, is when you “interact” with other people.

Now, they talk about first impressions – what is a first impression? Physical! That is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS first impression. Now, the man or woman who are beginning to know themselves and are secure in their own being, is not impressed by the “package” that you are coming in. They’re impressed by the way “you” are as far as speaking to them – what you’re saying. That is what they’re interested in. So, you put a great deal upon the body, the package you come in. But if you begin to work “with” the body instead of “fighting” the body, the body will change. That is one of the things that they’re beginning to understand – that the hatred of the body does nothing. They talk about losing weight; they talk about all these other things. Now, if by changing the body you can change your mind, and have a better feeling about yourself, that’s fine. But, isn’t it much
easier to “accept” the package that you’re in and work from that point?

We keep hounding on that one word “observation”. How are you going to know about yourself, unless you “interact” with other people? Because the individuals that you “interact” with, are a “mirror” to you. They will show you different things about you. Then if you are a “grand” observer, you will see it. Then at that point, you will make the changes you wish to make.

In other words, let me give you an example. Jealousy is a big number, particularly in your United States, people are jealous of each other. Now, if someone is talking to you and they’re talking about what they want, that another person has, “oh, I want a house like so in so”, “oh, I wish I had so in so’s car”, and, “I don’t know why I can’t have a car like that”. You
see what they’re showing you? If you’re an “observer” you’ll recognize, “well that’s what I feel”, “I would like a house like that”, “I would like a car like that”. Then immediately you’ll find out you’re experiencing the same thing that this other individual is saying. Then you’ll say, “I am a jealous person, because I want that to”. Instead of being satisfied with where you are.

Now, you don’t have to be jealous. You can “observe” that conversation and say, “That’s what I’d like to have too”, but then go out and do something about it, instead of continuing to be jealous about it. Jealous people are those people that are “inactive”. If you are busy trying to get what “you” want to get not because another person has it, but because “you” want it,
you will find a way of getting it by working “for” it. Then you do not have to be jealous in your obtaining of it. There are signs out there for you all the time. The people that you interact with and draw “to” you are those that you wish to “learn” from.

Just like one we did just recently where the individual is making strides and does not recognize it. But, you see, you don’t “notice” and pay attention to what your “emotional” reactions are to situations. The minute you “do” notice that you’re reacting “emotionally” to situations, then you have made a step in the right direction.

Now, I don’t know if we got off the subject on that or not.

JOHN: Basically, you’ve been answering right along the same lines of what we’ve had on a few other occasions. How do I get to know “who” I am?

DATRE: That is the way. There again, we say, “be the observer”. Then when you begin to “observe” and begin to notice, that’s the difference. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS just goes on and on and on. They don’t “notice” what is happening. They notice superficially, but they don’t notice to make changes within themselves. Then when you “notice” that, that’s when you make the change – it becomes an automatic. When anyone sees the difference, the change has already begun to take place. The word “observation” is very
difficult, because, until you begin to “recognize” then you will be able to see the difference. Once you’ve done it, then many things will just start taking place – guaranteed. Because, you will be looking at individuals and situations from a “different” standpoint. So, we hope that we have answered your question, we are Datre.


JOHN: Okay, now we have a question from Tage, and his question is… “May I be some of them (he’s referring back to MASTERS on the path and such as this) who will MAKE IT in this my lifetime? (The Ascension). That is my most important quest. All others fall in this one.”

DATRE: Well, number one; there will NOT be an ascension. So we can cross that out, we’ve said that many times. You’re not going to have any ascension. You “are” going to have a BIRTH, which means “everyone” goes. You’ll be going some place. As to you as an individual, as to where you’ll go, I don’t want to disturb you by putting it back in your lap, but you’re the only one that is going to know. No one else is going to know. No one else is going to be able to “tell” you where you’re going to go, because no one “knows”. It is “your” experience. It is “your” evolution, and someone cannot “tell” you where “you” are going. They have no idea, none whatsoever. So, what was that after the ascension part?

JOHN: He’s trying to find out if he is one of those that are enlightened enough to make it through this lifetime as the “final” lifetime. Basically, that’s what he’s asking.

DATRE: But read that last…

JOHN: “That is my most important quest.” in regards to ascension, that’s what it say’s.

DATRE: And what else?

JOHN: “All others fall in this one.”

DATRE: Alright, now, if you have read “ism’s” and “osophies” and many different things that have been written through that which you call time, there is one thing that will be constantly repeated, which many people ignore or do not recognize the significance of, “it is “not” the end result that counts, it is the journey”. That is “it”. The “journey” is what is important. It is “not” where you are going “after”.

If this “journey” is as enjoyable as it can be, you will have no “desire” to go any place else. When you can get to this point, when you can honestly and sincerely say within yourself, “well, if I decide to come back into physicality again, I will be perfectly satisfied.”. Do you realize what a statement that is? In other words, when you get to the point where you are perfectly content in the situations that you have set-up for “yourself”, then it does not matter “what” physicality you are in, whether you’re in the Big Universe, whether you’re in another form of expression, because you will find that the “journey”, the “experience”, is what was important. Its “not” tomorrow, tomorrow is “not” important. It is what you do with “today” that’s important, because “this” is where you’re at.

Now, your days can be as long or as short as you want them to be. Your days can be as full of catastrophe or as full of “pleasure” as you “want” them to be. You “forget”, “you” are the one that is writing the script. You’re the one that can “change” the play. If the audience didn’t react to the play as the writer wrote it, what does he do? He changes a scene here and changes a scene there.

Well, if you’re to the point of understanding that you’re writing the script, then why don’t you change it? People say, “well I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. That’s the easiest thing to say, “I can’t” or “its someone else’s fault”. Do you realize what those two words do? Those two phrases do to you? It throws you “immediately” back into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, quicker than you can blink an eye. You put yourself, by those two phrases, into

A MASTER is not helpless. A MASTER stands on his own two feet, regardless of what anyone else in this world does, thinks or say’s. A MASTER “knows” him or her self. A MASTER accepts the challenges that he puts in front of him or her self. It not a willy nilly, sit by the side of the road and watch everybody else type of thing. It is getting into that which you call
“living” and living it.

That is one of the things that people keep saying, “well, I want to do this and I want to do that and I want to do something else”. Have you ever thought, a MASTER does not say, “I want to”, a MASTER say’s, “I will”. “I will do that, I’m not going to sit and think about it, I’ll do it”. “I will accept the consequences of whatever I do, because I am doing it”.

We have said many, many times, “you are alone”. You are “singular” your experience is “your” experience – period. You drag everyone else into your experience, because you are “helpless”. But, if you’re “not” helpless, if you “know” who you are, you don’t need to drag everyone else in to “support” you in your “helplessness”. That’s what groups, organizations, whatever you want to call it, is all about. You don’t “need” anyone else’s support when you “know” who you are, because “you” can handle the situation that “you” put in front of you – nobody else puts them there.

There’s no such thing as an “accident”, we have said that many, many times. “Well, I had an accident, somebody bumped into my car”. But you don’t realize, “you” have set that up in front of yourself. Why did you do it? What did you learn from that experience? How did you handle that experience? What was your “action” and what was your “reaction” to that experience? What was the other persons “action” and “reaction” to that experience?

This is what “observation” is all about. And in “observation” you will begin to stand on your own two feet. Because, if you “watch” what is happening, it will make all the difference. Then someone will come back and say, “well, I haven’t got time”. Well, you’ve got time for other things. When you’re in situations, like a auto accident, where else should you be?
Except, at that “time” you should be right there. Instead of, “what about work?”, “What about my kids?”, “What about this what about that?” “What about something else?”. You’re “scattered” and that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is. It is scattered, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is UN-focused.

This is what we’re trying to tell you – be “focused”. Be where you are, at the time you’re there. Enjoy what is happening. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t enjoy it. But “don’t enjoy it” to the fullest. Then if you “enjoy it”, enjoy it to the fullest.

JOHN: In other words, be the “actor”. Revel in what you’re playing. If you’re going to be miserable, be as miserable as you can possibly be.

DATRE: That’s what an actor does. You watch these people on stage, they’re screaming, they’re hollering, they’re crying, they’re doing all of these things. They’re trying to get you involved in what they’re trying to portray to you. They’re trying to convey to you – tragedy. And they’re doing it to the hilt, so that you’ll get involved in what they’re doing. Can you see the correlation? Its there, you’re the actor, you’re the one, nobody else is telling you how to act your part.

If you “allow” others to tell you “how” to act a part, you’re right smack dab back in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And you’re “not” the MASTER you want to be. A MASTER of his or her life, is a MASTER of his or her life. And when you become the MASTER of your life, you’re not caring where you are. You’re not caring if you’re in physicality, you’re not caring if you’re some place else. What do you think some place else is? Some place else is supposed to
be something which you have “projected” in that which you call your brain, which is a fantastic never-never land of bliss. Now, isn’t that rather boring? Heaven, as it is referred to, is being in light and love, but what are you doing? You’re doing “nothing”. Well, if everyone sat around and did “nothing” there would be no “evolution”.

You are “not” a BLOB. You are in physicality to be an “active”,
“interactive” individual. And a MASTER is not one who sits home on his thumbs. A MASTER is out in the work place. A MASTER is working. A MASTER is experiencing. A MASTER is doing his or her thing the way he or she wants to do it – regardless what anyone else tells them to do. And these people will all tell them how to do this, do that, do it this way, do it that way and he listens to all of them and does not reject them – but does his or her own thing. And in doing your own thing – that is freedom.

So, I hope we have given you the answer you’re looking for. But remember, its “here” and its “now” and you have a “grand” experience – enjoy it. We are Datre.


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