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Datre on group rituals.

DATRE: We had an interesting communication from an individual and we though that because it might be something that many may be experiencing we decided to make a comment about it for everyone. Okay, would you please read the first comment that I have marked?

JOHN: Okay… “In the last year or so, I have been bombarded with requests from various “spiritual” groups both on the net e-mail and via “snail mail” to participate in group meditations and rituals. And I suspect this activity will become even more frenetic as we near the end of this millennium. It seems to me that these well meaning people are trying to replace the orthodox religions with yet another “belief system”… replete
with memorized invocations, rituals, etc.”

DATRE: Now, that is something you will begin to see more and more of. And why do you see more and more of it? Because, those people have no idea “who” they are. We have said it many, many, many times, when you “know” who you are, you can drop this MASS CONSCIOUSNESS business of helplessness.

You see the only reason they are asking you to be in the group to meditate and all these other things is because they don’t “know” who they are. We just finished a transcript on that which we call “helplessness”. A MASTER is not helpless. You see, “that” is what’s being missed in what is happening today, is that people are afraid to be “who” they are.

In other words, if you are in a group and everyone is doing the same thing, you feel comfortable, because you are surrounded with everything you feel comfortable with. And I don’t care “what” the organization is. It can be a group of people sitting around doing painting. They will get in rooms and all paint together. They will get in rooms and do different things, all
together. Whether it’s painting, whether it’s stitching, whether it’s… anything that they’re doing, it’s that not wanting to be alone.

There is, probably one of the greatest fears that people have, is being alone. They don’t want to be alone. They want to be surrounded by someone or something all the time. Why do people congregate in big cities? Where everybody is so close together that you can’t sneeze unless the person next door hears you. Its that feeling of being where the “action” is. When you’re where the action is, you’re taking the focus off of “self”. You’re
involved in all of this “action”. But you see those that want to know “who” they are could probably, once in a while, go into that “activity”. But then go into it with the thought in mind that, “I don’t want to get involved, I want to “observe” what’s happening”.

This business of having to be together and never being alone is one of the greatest fears that everyone has. And its, from our standpoint, such an “obvious” thing. Now, we realize, you need to be with people in the work place. That is essential, you need that, you have to have these other people to interact with and there is nothing wrong with that. But, in being in the work place, if you’re busy doing your own work, you’re getting your
work done. Its not fooling around and wondering what the other person is doing or getting involved in what another person is doing. It is doing the work that is set in front of you. Then when you work under those situations, you’ll find that you’re through a lot faster than anyone else – because you’re “single” focused.

We’ve said many times, “you are alone”. And that is scary to many people, they’re frightened of that, because when you come into the world, you’re nurtured, you’re cuddled, you’re taken care of. There are people that all through their lives they have been nurtured and cuddled and taken care of, by family, by friends, by husbands, by wives and all through their lives there has been somebody there to take care of them. What have they learned? They have not learned a great deal because they have not been “bold” enough to be alone.

Becoming a MASTER is being “bold”. You have to be “bold” to be a MASTER, because you are going to look at things from an entirely different standpoint. You are not going to “react” to situations like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does and this will set you apart, you will be different. But, it is “your” evolution and no one else’s and this is very important.

But, gathering together in groups to accomplish something, is “not” where it’s at. This is something that your humanity has done for eons of time. It’s always been, getting together in groups for whatever reason. And there is a great deal of joy in interaction with other individuals. But, with interaction with other individuals, are you “still” maintaining who you are? In the interaction with other individuals, if you are interacting from the “observer” mode, it is a great deal more enjoyable than flinging yourself in the midst of things and chatter, chatter, chatter, because then, you’re not interested in your “evolution”.

So the business of getting together in groups for whatever reason, a MASTER is not much interested in. Then they say, “well, who wants to go away all by themselves?” You don’t have to go away all by yourself. You can live a very “active” life, a very “interactive” life far grander than you have ever lived before. Continue.

JOHN: And the other comment is… “Well, it is certainly not my intention, but I have pretty much isolated myself from the “spiritual” community… although they persist in their efforts to convince me my “help” is needed. Every day my email has a plethora of posts asking me to participate in some global meditation or group ritual… this morning it was for mass
ascension. Am I being selfish? I have no concern over “mass ascension”…. only my own.”

DATRE: That’s where it’s at! There is “not” going to be a “mass ascension”, we have said that time and time again, there’s going to be a BIRTH. And the BIRTH is going to be for everyone. Everyone is going someplace else. So why do you have to “pray” for it? What are you achieving by “praying” for something that is a “Universal” activity that is going to happen? This is
“not” orchestrated by you in physicality sitting on this planet Earth. You have the whole thing upside down. This is “Universal” orchestration” there is “Universal” timing involved. And you can sit on your little planet and you can pray until you “die”, but it has “nothing” to do with what’s going to happen. This is “not” YOUR show to say, “this is going to happen”, “that’s going to happen”, something else is going to happen”. This is “Universal” timing.

The only show that you should be interested in is the show that you’re putting on – “your” play – for “your” evolution. If you do what you came into physicality to do, you will “write” your script, you will “play” out your play, in whatever manner you wish to do, and “you” will make the decision as to “where” you’re going to go. And I don’t care how many people “pray” for you or pray for anybody else, it is “not” going to matter. They
have “nothing” to do with “your” evolution – absolutely NOTHING. And, when the BIRTH occurs, “you” will make the decision as to where you’ll go – if you know “who” you are. And not anyone in the Universe, not anyone in the whole group of Datre, any of the MASTERS that you have proclaimed from physicality, your family, your friends, NO ONE is going to tell you where you’re going to go – except “you”. No one else CAN. You don’t realize what a GRAND opportunity you have for learning. This is where you put your focus; this is where it’s at.

Now, this is something that has been, probably, always in whatever way you want to say it, it has been repeated in every language that you have on your planet, it has been repeated in different words, different phrases, but it has been said again and again and again throughout ALL of the physical existence and that is – OBSERVATION PRECEDES WISDOM. And that is a very, very potent sentence. ONLY THOSE WHO CAN OBSERVE CAN THEN LEARN. If
you don’t begin to be an individual “observer”, how are you going to learn? Who’s going to tell you?

You’re writing your own script. You’re the one that is putting things in front of you. If your script says, “I want to read the Datre information”, then you will put yourself in a position to read the Datre material. If you want some “other” information, you will put yourself in a position to receive “other” information. And it is ALL up to you. You don’t realize what a “powerful” individual “you” are – you have no idea. If you begin to realize, that the “ball game” is “yours”. And realize, deep down inside, how “powerful” you really, really are, then theses sentences that have been said, “You are a god”, will begin to make sense to you. But until you hit that “realization”, you can walk around all day and blather and blather and say, “well, after all I’m a god”. That is intellectually “blathering”.

What you’re looking for is the “feeling”. And when you have the “feeling” that “you are a god”, then you don’t need to “blather” about it. Because, you are so busy “observing” not only what you are doing, but what everyone else is doing, and your life becomes enriched beyond measure.

And you can sit and meditate. And you can pray for world peace. And you can do ALL of these “other” things, if that is your desire. But, what does “world peace” do for you? What does it do to your everyday life? You in the United States, in particular, how does it effect what happens when you get up in the morning? Don’t you eat your food? Don’t you go to your work place? Don’t you take care of your families? Don’t you do all of these other things that you do everyday of the week?

The individual that is going to raise MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is “not” the one that’s sitting praying. It’s the one that’s “doing”. You must realize a very fundamental, this planet was “originally” set up as “opposites”, because “this” is what you wanted to experience. If you don’t have an “opposite”, how are you going to understand? The “opposites” are your learning. “Observe” – that is the big word. You “need” your “opposites” for this particular learning experience. This is what it is all about. Everything on your planet and everyone on your planet is working with “opposites”. You have “black” and you have “white” and you have “day” and you have “night”. You have those that are the “bullies” and you have those that are called the little “angels”.
The little goodie, goodie two shoes that never do anything wrong. And the “bullies” who are always beating up on the little goodie, goodie two shoes. It’s your “opposites”. But, you’re writing the script. And when you begin to “understand” and can look at the “bully” and the little goodie, goodie two shoes and see them fighting, it does not bother you. Because it’s “their” fight. This is what they’re experiencing. And, you can separate them. But neither one of them should get praise or neither one of them should get scolded – just separate them. That’s all there is to it, because those that have decided to be one, will be one, and those that have decided to be the other, will be the other. There’s “always” the “opposites”.

And why the concept that everybody has to be good? If everybody was good, what would you “learn” from? Where is your learning experience, if everybody walks around with a halo? You can’t learn from that, because that is “not” the way this is set up. And you can scream and holler and pray and fight and argue and all these other things about, “everybody should be “this way””, and it is not going to change things one bit. The only thing
that is going to “change”, is going to be “you”.

And that’s what the BIRTH is all about. You’ve had enough of the
“opposites”. “I want to get out of here, I want to get out of here”. Now, when you “understand” the “opposites”, and see from “your” observation and “your” reaction, then in “understanding” not only what you’re “observing”, but your “reaction” to the “observation”, and you’ve learned what this “physical life” is all about – then “you” can go. But no one can tell “who”
is going to go where.

So, as far as the business of the groups getting together, that is “your” decision. But, in saying “no” – don’t let them put a guilt trip on you because you have said no. You see, that’s the other thing that MASS humanity does, if you don’t want to agree with them and go along with them, they’ll put a “guilt” trip on you. Then if you “accept” that guilt trip, then you have lost again. You do not have to be a “part” of anything. The only requirement, if you wish to “evolve”, is that “you” know “you” – the “only” requirement.

So, we wanted to comment on that because there has been so much on that lately and there always will be. Because, you see what is happening? They want to make it “all” the same. Or they want to make their group “special”. That is fine. But there again, if you want to “know” and “evolve”, it is NOT in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You live “in” it, but you don’t have to be a “part” of it. You can be an “observer” OF it.



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