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Datre on animal disease

DATRE: When Aona received this email from a dear friend she read it over and her comment was, “I think maybe many peoples have wondered about these things, so perhaps Datre would like to answer the whole group on these questions.” So John, you read the questions and we’ll answer.

JOHN: Okay, first question… “Have animals always had “human” illness and diseases from the beginning of time or is there something else going on?”

DATRE: Well, we can tell you that what is happening to animals is the same thing that is happening to ALL animals on your planet. Now, number one, your physical components, are Earth substance. In other words, that which makes your HOLOGRAM to the point of being able to “see” it must have MASS. The MASS that is used to fill the HOLOGRAM is from the planet Earth – that
is “particle” substance. Particle substance that is picked up to put into the HOLOGRAM is from your planet Earth.

Now, when an animal dies and humans die, their “particles” go back into Earth substance. So, you can say that from picking up Earth “substance” or “particles” to fill the HOLOGRAM you have picked up part animal and part human. Then you pick up other substances from your plants and trees. So that is what the “particles” that are used to fill the HOLOGRAM so that you can have a body that you can function in.

The HOLOGRAM is “energy waves”. And you can’t “see” an energy wave, because that which you call eyes, can not “see” energy waves to that extent, so stuff it with “particles”. And the “particles” that you use are from the Earth, animals and plants and trees and that sort of thing – that’s your “particles”. So now we have a human being that we can see – okay?

Now, as to disease, where would it come from? Separate the word and look at it – dis-ease. You have seen that written many, many times and said, “oh yes, I understand that” – okay? Now, who has dis-ease? Humans! An animal does not function from that standpoint. An animal, basically, from what we have observed, an animal works from that which you call instinct. We call it “action” and “reaction”. Those are basics for an animal, that’s where they function from.

Now, you have a BUBBLE that your planet Earth is surrounded by. That contains all the information that you could ever possibly use in any way, shape, manner or form, to draw from. The animal has another form for drawing information for their existence. That you can call a “cat” BUBBLE, a “dog” BUBBLE, an “elephant” BUBBLE and that sort of thing if you want to. But it is a “collective” mind or group mind sort of existence. Or group
“brain” sort of existence. This is what the animals as individual groups draw from. And that is what is called their “instinct” – this is the way they function. They learn from… a mother cat teaches a baby cat.
But there is also that which when the mother cat dies, that information is maintained in what we’re calling the “cat” BUBBLE. This is what they function from. This is why the animals, when they die, they go into that which you call your Earth. Then when the people die, they go into what is called the Earth. Then, when Earth substance is picked up out of that which you call your dirt, your ground, how do you “know” what’s in the dirt that you’re picking up in the “particles”? I know this sounds very, like someone would say, “it sounds icky that we’re made out of that kind of stuff”, but you need to get your “particles” from someplace. And that is exactly what you do.

How do you know how much “cat”, how much “dog”, how much “elephant”, how much “snake”, how much anything of that, how much of your “ancestors” that have been buried in ground in different places, at different times in their existence’s? If you were to stop and think of it, peoples have existed, in
HOLOGRAPHIC form and in “particle” form, on this singular planet, for a lot longer than any of your testing will ever be able to figure out.

In your back yard, how many thousands of “particles” have been used by “others” in that which you would call a previous existence? And have been buried and their remains have gone back into that which you call Earth substance along with multitudes of animals?

So you see where the animals get their dis-ease from? They get it from “you”. Because, you’re the only one that knows dis-ease and that is in the human form. Dis-ease does not exist in an animal form, unless picked up through that which you call your dirt. Plants don’t have dis-ease. They’re dis-eased by different things from your dirt. But that is a different “kind” of dis-ease. It is a “reaction” of the plant “to” something that is
in your dirt. But, your dis-ease is an “emotional” functioning. And that is carried in the “particles” as we have said before, that “everything” contains CONSCIOUSNESS. And regardless of how fine a piece of dirt is or how fine a blade of grass is or anything else, a stone, a tree, whatever, it “all” contains CONSCIOUSNESS. And CONSCIOUSNESS “is”, but it also contains – in the particles – other elements that change that little grain
of sand. That little grain of sand “changes” as it comes in contact with other “particle” components.

Then you see, basically, those that have lived in physicality have been in a state of dis-ease ever since they were “originally” created. Fear and unhappiness and all of these things have existed in the physical form since the beginning. It has never been to the point that “humans” have “enjoyed” physicality. And yet, as many times as we have said, “you no longer need to experience physicality, we can do away with the whole thing”, the cry goes out, “no, just a little bit longer”. You enjoy the challenge and you do not want to give it up. So we let you continue and we watch you. Anyway, we may have gotten off the track, but go on to number two.

JOHN: Okay, and the next question is… “I know we probably shouldn’t keep pets because perhaps it is not in their best interests but I always thought “animal reality” was much more connected to nature than say, humans which would allow them to avoid our diseases. Are animals “bonding” with us neurotic humans more and more and so taking on our diseases or has it
always been this way?”

DATRE: It always has been to a certain degree. But you see, you’re animals, and I’m going to narrow it down to three things because these are the three that… maybe put in a fourth one. But specifically, your cats and dogs, your birds and fish, are four things that you take into your home more than any other form of animal existence.

Now, not so many people have fish and birds so we will eliminate those two, because more people have cats and dogs than anything else. So we’ll talk about cats and dogs. Now, when a cat is born, a dog is born, they’re cute little critters. Anything small is intriguing. So, you take a cat when it is a baby and you want a cat or you want a dog that is a baby. You take them home and you put them in your house and you treat them like one of the family. It no longer has communication with other dogs or other cats. It lives with you in your apartments, in your houses or where ever you happen to be. That animal is separated from its “normal” existence.

Now, as a human, turn it around the other way. If you as a human were taken as a baby and put into a totally different environment than what your physicality is set-up to function with, can you imagine what a “different” existence you would have? You would go through all the emotions of that which you call puberty with no one to relate to. How does this – whoever
took you – relate to you growing up? They watch you, but there’s no communication. They blabber something to you and they give you something to eat or they give you some clothes to put on or they take you for a walk or something like that. But they don’t understand you and you don’t understand them except for basic needs. That is what you do with animals.

The cat is very intelligent and adapts. The dog is very intelligent and adapts. But, the needs of the cat and the needs of the dog, living out with the rest of the cats and dogs, and living in a house with you, is an entirely different existence. So you see what happens is, if that cat or that dog has always with you and as you communicate with other individuals and the topic of conversation – which seems to be a big one on TV and
every conversation you seem to listen to – is how “sick” people are.

My goodness, you watch television, like Aona and John watching the Olympics, and you have all these commercials all the time and you watch anything or you listen to anyone and what is the big conversation? Its pills and doctors and operations and death. And that comes along with the weather. Now can you see from our standpoint, when we get into Aona’s body, how un-interesting those few comments are? But that animal is brought up in all the pills. The minute the dog or cat gets sick you take them to the vet. First thing, what’s wrong? Take them to the vet. Then the minute you start with that then you’ve got shots, you’ve got pills, you’ve got all this other stuff. And you are force feeding an animal into a “human” existence, because you’re treating the animal as if it were another person
– it is your baby. You become so attached to them that when one dies, it’s like losing a child from the family. And do you know “why” you become so attached to the animal? For two reasons.

Number one, an animal that is living in your home relies on you for their existence. You don’t let your cat go outdoors and kill a mouse and eat it. My goodness, that would be terrible. The cat needs to be fed; the dog needs to be fed. They need to be taken out doors, they need to be brought indoors, they need to go for a ride, they need this they need that. That puts you in the position of “taking care of”. Why do people like babies so much? Because they like to take care of them. After they get a little
older and get a little spunkier its not so much fun. But the dog or cat becomes more docile the longer you have them, because they fit into the family. The cat or the dog lays down to sleep and in their sleep, they can go anyplace they want to. So a lot of times they’d rather sleep than be in a non excitant family that’s reading or watching television – they’ll go to sleep. They would rather be out in their own thought patterns with their own type.

So from our standpoint, we see things a great deal different. Now that does not mean that you should not have pets, I’m not saying that. That is up to you, that is your desire. The other reason that you like the animals so well is they give you undivided attention and love. People say, “I love you” and wait for the other person to say, “I love you too”. Now, the person that says, “I love you” and does not care if you say, “I love you” back or not, is a person who knows “who” they are. They’re very comfortable in saying, “I love you”. Whether the person love’s them back or not does not matter to them. But that is a very unusual situation, that’s a MASTER. And it’s not an “intellectual” thing either. You see, these words when they’re “intellectual”, do not mean a great deal. But when it begins
to “click” and you get the “feeling” then things are going to start to happen.

So those are the two reasons that we can see basically that you want to and have the love of animals. Because you can take care of them and they love you “unconditionally”, where other people always have strings.

JOHN: And the final comment and question is… “If disease is a
manifestation of “unharmonious” thinking why are animals getting sick in this way? Are they also thinking “unharmoniously” and why?”

DATRE: No, they’re not thinking unharmoniously. What they’re doing, they’re “reacting”… you’re their role model; you are their role model. If left to their mother, their mother would be their role model. But because they don’t have a cat mother or a dog mother, you become their mother, so they relate to you. But they do not know this other. Their dis-ease is what they’re picking up from what you call your dirt. And it is not only the
cats and the dogs that are getting sick. Your animals are sick, all over the planet. That’s why this planet needs to be gotten off of to be cleaned up. Because it has been used for so long that a change needs to take place.

They’re also, when they’re putting their little bodies together, they’re picking up dirt from many places. You think that just because nuclear waste is stored in one place that your backyard doesn’t have it. You don’t know what’s in your backyard – you have no idea. How many centuries of individuals have lived on that very dirt?

You don’t have any idea how many changes this planet has made. With land and oceans, oceans and land. You’ll say, “well this is a desert and its… this is barren ground and no one has lived here but the Indians”. Oh, really? Stop and think of what a foolish statement that is. How far back do you know? Not very far.

Do not be concerned that you should not have animals. This is a part of the evolution of you and a part of the experiences of the animals. So, if you want to have animals, fine but understand where it’s coming from. Mother cat knows nothing about the veterinarian. She takes care of her own and if they die they die. She takes care of them the best that she can, from “her” standpoint that is the best she can do.

You take a baby kitty and put it in your house and it gets sick and the first thing you do is introduce it to “your” doctors and let them take care of them. So you see, it’s an entirely different thing. In many countries, many, many centuries ago, the animals were free. People did not have what you call house pets. They were animals. Trees were trees. Water was water. But now it’s such a mish mash nobody knows what anything is. The water is polluted, the ground is polluted, the air is polluted and everything is all mixed up.

So you can see, were just getting back to what we were just talking about in another transcript, and that is the BIRTH. Can you see now another reason why the BIRTH is necessary? And “who” is going to evolve you to get off of this planet? Because there is no such thing as “ascension” any more. And was there ever? We are Datre.


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