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Datre answers Nola

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Nola and her first question is… “Is Nibiru (Stichen, The Twelfth Planet) the other bubble which has commingled with the Earth-Moon bubble. Or does Nibiru play some other role in the drama? The Inanna books channeled by VS Ferguson were very helpful in presenting a contrasting point-of-view. Any inputs on this subject?”

DATRE: Well, number one, you’re the ones that names all the planets. And we have told you before that there are more planets in your Solar System than you are aware of. As to commingling with others and all of this sort of thing, the only thing that you need to be concerned with is that you’re on planet Earth. And what other planets do or don’t do, it has no effect on you.

Now, you can say, “well the rays of this planet are involved with the rays of another planet”, but how do you know? Each planet, each Solar System, each whatever is out there in that which you call your sky, has it’s own individual “evolution”. Your planet has it’s own “evolution”. Your people on your planet have each your own individual “evolution”. There are more things “evolving” on “this” planet than any other planet – we can tell
you that.

Now, are all planets inhabited? What do you call a planet and how do you know the difference when you look at spot out there in the sky – how do you know what it is? Is it a star? Is it a planet? Is it a nebula? Is it any of these other things – how do you know? You haven’t been there, you can’t go there. You can “speculate” you can make-up all kinds of stories about it. But who knows, who really knows? You can say all kinds of things about all sorts of things, but you don’t “know”.

You’re sitting on planet Earth, and this is what is important. Then as to these “other” names, I do not know. Those are names to us that are just names. We don’t know the names of everything in your Solar System. And does it really matter? Does it matter how many different “whatever’s” are in your Solar System? The only ones who it matters for are those people that are doing that type of research. And are “speculating” about it and having
a great deal of fun with it by saying, “this is the way it works, and that’s the way it works”. Then the other group of people are saying, “no it can’t work that way, it has to work this way”. So there again, we have the “opposites”. Two schools of thought as to “how” your Solar System works. And really, what difference does it make? It is just something for you to work with and play with. But it really has nothing to do with your everyday existence – period. It has nothing to do with “you” as an individual, unless its something you’re interested in studying.

But then again we get back to the basics, the best “observation” and the best “observer” is “you”. So, as long as you’re on “this” planet, I think the best thing to do is “observe” and not get caught up in something that will not enrich your life in any particular way, unless your getting money for doing it. If that is the way you’re making your living – yes, yes then get involved in it. Otherwise, it is just a fun thing. It like reading books about the “past”.

There are many, many books about the “past” and how this planet was settled and all of this, and it is intriguing to many people. And the “future” is intriguing to many people. But the one thing that seems to be the hardest to get across, is “what about today, what about NOW?” Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I was reading Sheldon Niddle’s material, allegedly from the Galactic Federation and the Sirian Blue Lodge and I admit I was going along with the mass landing thing (based upon my ever-heightening feeling of imminent change and my long term longing for contact with a sane-culture) until two things jarred. First, I had an ever-growing certainty that I/we don’t need to be saved – that this is a natural and necessary Change. Second, they started pressing for us to do Rituals to assist the Change. So, my question for Datre is “What part does Ritual play in universal existence and in evolving into universal existence?””

DATRE: None whatsoever. We just did one not too long ago on that very fact. Ritual is like everything else; by the very word you can see that it is… it is “circular” from our standpoint of “brain” thinking. In other words, we keep changing how we tell you the “same” thing. We do that, because in changing, something will make a change in “your” thought patterns.

Now, you can take what you call a “prayer”, an “incantation”, whatever you want to call it and what happens with familiarity of that one thing? It becomes so familiar to you, that it doesn’t take very long for your brain to “automatically” produce the words. And here you are, saying this “prayer” and what are you doing? You’re thinking about what you’re going to do when you go home. What am I going to have for lunch, I’ve got people
coming over this afternoon, I need something for a coffee break. And all the time the words are coming out as a “prayer”.

Now you can’t tell me, because we have “observed” people that are talking, talking, talking and they don’t know what they’re saying. This has come through “observation” through physical eyes. They’re “talking” but they’re not “registering” what they’re talking about.

So a “ritual” is a repetition. And a repetition of any kind is not any “evolution”. It’s the constant “change”; the constant “doing” that makes evolution. Someone made a statement recently that Aona laughed about and she said, “that is very true”. You see you’re going to be wondering how we know all these things. But everything that Aona reads and everything that Aona sees and reacts to is registered in her brain. Then when we come in,
we just read the brain. So that is how we know these things. But she laughed at this statement and she said, “this is very, very true”. “You don’t get rid of a “sin” or anything else by sitting and “praying” about it. You’re in physicality to “do”.” Its “action”, not “re-action” that makes evolution. Evolution is “constantly” changing.

If you get up every single morning and put on your “right” slipper and then put on your “left” slipper, then stand up. The next morning when you wake up, “change” it. Get out of bed and put on the “left” slipper and then put on the “right” slipper. If you are in the habit of doing certain things in certain ways and certain times – change it. Change begins with the individual and it begins with very minute things. Because, what you’re doing is, you’re “teaching” the brain. You have gotten into such a habit of putting information onto a computer disk and sticking into the machine and making it do the same thing every time, that you do the same thing with the brain. How do you think they figured out how to make a computer? They followed the brain patterning’s. That’s what you do, and every morning you get up you take your same computer disk and put it in, and people get to work and wonder how they got there. Because they have done exactly the same thing for so many years – change it. Changes begin at the very, very minute level. Continue.

JOHN: And her next comment or question is… “Druvalo Melchizedek teaches Sacred geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba. He also states that the Sun no longer has any magnetic field, based on data that there is no detectable difference between the North and South poles; that the Sun is no longer fueled by hydrogen, but is fueled now by helium, producing a different light. Comments?”

DATRE: Well there’s a word that we do not think is adequate in the explanation, and those are the words “fueled by”. Your Sun is not “fueled” by anything. What you see from the Sun is not fuel, it is “not” a gas – it is ENERGY. That is what the Sun is reflecting to you is ENERGY. You see it as a “color” that is what the human eye detects as color. ENERGY at that intensity has what you perceive as a “color”. You perceive it as a “color”
because as it comes through the BUBBLE as an energy “wave” and it is perceived as a “color”.

If you could not see color, how would you know it was hydrogen? How would you know its nitrogen? How would you know it was oxygen? How would you know it was anything else? What kind of an instrument have you got that you can put out there on the Sun and know what it is? You can speculate.

What are Sunspots? They will tell you all kinds of things about what Sunspots are, but Sunspots are “bursts” of ENERGY, perceived by the human eye as “color”. You see what an interesting thing it is that you have going with your physical body? How fascinating a physical body is to explore and to focus through for your experience? It is fascinating. It’s the only time that we can perceive any of these things, is when we’re inside a physical containment. But, when we leave the physical containment, we have only “perception”. And in perception, we “know” what the Sun is, just like we know what all these “other” specks in your sky are. You are speculating from the point of physicality. And eyes are fantastic, because they “perceive” that which you call “color”.

But, you cannot “perceive” as we “perceive”, we “perceive” ENERGY. And you have not the capacity of either the physical construct or instruments to “perceive” RAW ENERGY. That is why your physical containment has been developed to this point.

So as to the Sun, it can be anything you want to “speculate” on. Because everyone’s guess is as good as the other. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question or comment is… “Scientists have observed a blue glow around the Milky Way. What is the nature and meaning of this? Does it relate to the blue cosmic rays detected coming toward us from unknown sources in between galaxies?”

DATRE: How come you can perceive blue rays? Have not the blue rays always been there? How do you know they haven’t been? You have telescopes now that can see further than they could ever “see before” in that which you consider your recent existence. You can see further and you can speculate more, but how do you know that hasn’t always been there? Or is it just because NOW you have the instruments that you can see it?

You see, from our standpoint it looks entirely different. So think on these things. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question or comment is… “Are the entities which comprise Datre the same sort of entities which have emitted the Life Sparks that we are?”

DATRE: No! Definitely not! We are of the Universe. In Universal
understanding, we are BIRTHED to do what we do. We each are in a mode of constant DOing. We have said before that you could not exist in our existence, because everything that we – to use “your” terms – think, is “immediately” done. You cannot exist on that principle. You have slowed things down for your perception in physicality. That is why physicality is so fascinating to us, because it is so slow. And it gives you an
opportunity to slow things down so that you can have a physical
“interaction” with other masses. Be it a house, a boat, a car, whatever. So you have a unique opportunity of focus. That is what physicality is all about – it’s a “different” focus.

Each one of us in the Universe has a different focus. But our focus encompasses so much more than what you think of, because the focus is wherever we want to be. Where as “you” chose to focus in a very narrow band of experience. And yet, when all of that which comprises “you” is put together, it is something that is truly “magnificent” and “you” are a part of it. AND, you have the “opportunity” to be the whole “ballgame” and pick it ALL up. Because, one “will” pick it ALL up – whoever that “one” will be.
And “you” can pick up, not only “this” life experience, but also ALL other life experiences that “you” have focused in. Because “you” have focused in many, and ARE focusing in many. That is why we have said, when you get to the point that you can, “knowingly” focus within “two” existences and “know” that you are focusing in “two” existences, you will be making “great” strides. Because that is “possible” and for some, this will truly be an experience upon “this” planet.

It is like everything else, let us take and narrow it down to something that Aona and John are very interested in and that is the Olympics. This has only been, what you call, a short span between, what you call, your last one and this one, which is a certain number of years. And just to go back, just probably four times back, and look at that which they show on the television as to how it used to be in that which you call “speed skating”, look at the “time” differentials. Look at the difference in the
equipment that is being used for skates. Look at the difference in the equipment that is being used for skis and the difference in the “times”. Look at the difference that is taking place with those that are jumping on the figure skates and those that used to jump on figure skates. Look at the “evolution” in just that short a period of time of humanity and technology. You can see, there is “evolution”.

Now, “evolution” is something to watch. This is what “we” do with you upon your planet. We watch your “evolution”, but because our focus is different than yours, we can go through and watch, not only the “single” individual, and watch the focus of that which is called Aona, but also watch the focus of “all” your “time” spans and “all” those that have experienced those
“time” spans – and watch that “whole” thing evolving NOW. Now that is very different, because you see, our focus is spread – we can see “all” of that. Your focus is singular. And this is where it’s at, because this is the time of fantastic “evolution”. Be that GRAND “observer”. Watch the “evolution”. And in watching the “evolution” then you become “part” of it, because you will be changing your “focus”. Instead of having it “scattered” all over, you’ll be pinpointing it. Then in “pinpointing” it and becoming the GRAND “observer”, you can make changes within that which “you” perceive, which will change your whole existence. Then, instead of waking up and dreading the day that you are going to be in existence, you will look forward with great anticipation. We thank you, we are Datre.


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