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Datre answers Wanda and Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Wanda and her first comment and question is… “Datre has mentioned that in our death process we must be able to maintain our awareness in order not to drop everything that we have learned during the life just completed. There are a couple of issues here which I would like “them’ to comment on. The first is maintaining our awareness or consciousness during the process of dying and why it is so
important to do so?”

DATRE: Well, you see what the standpoint that I was talking from at the time that particular transcript was made, I was speaking of those individuals that are in the ‘dead zone’ that the only way they can maintain their existence is to take energy from those that come across from that, which you call, from the living to the ‘dead zone’. It is nothing more than a transition of that which you are. In other words, ‘you’ are still ‘you’
when you’re sleeping. You’re ‘you’ when you’re awake. And ‘you’ are ‘you’ when you are dead. But the thing that happens is that when you ‘die’ you have a certain ‘vibratory’ construct.

Then this business of wanting to take away all your ‘sins’ and you say, ‘oh yes, take away all my sins, I don’t want them, I don’t want them’. What are your ‘sins’? Your ‘sins’ are what you call, your “bad experiences”. Now, you will say, ‘well I’m ashamed of some of the things I have done’ – why? Why should you be ashamed of anything you do if you understand ‘why’ you’re
doing it? You may not at the ‘time’ understand why you’re doing it but in what you call ‘retrospect’ you can look back and see ‘why’ you created that experience for yourself. There was something you wanted to learn.

You know, the Indian’s have a saying, ‘you need to walk a mile in the other persons moccasins to understand’. Now, if you’re going to be understanding of people and situations, which is all you have in this life experience you have the two things ‘basically’ that are important and if you don’t experience them – how are you going to understand another person who ‘has’ experienced them or ‘is’ experiencing them?

This is what your ‘support’ groups are all about. Its people who have had an experience similar to what ‘you’ are experiencing at the present – they say, ‘I will help you because I have had a similar experience’. Be it an ‘illness’ of the body or being the loss of a family member or be it some type of whatever, they have ‘support’ groups. The people in ‘support’ groups are the people that have had that experience.

Now, the person that, shall we say, tough’s it out on their own, and does not go for help, is the one that says, ‘I will do it myself’. Then in doing it yourself, you may not understand at the time – but to look back and ‘see’ then you will understand. If you are looking at that experience, instead of ‘wooo is me’, look at it as, ‘what did I learn from that?’.

Okay, now that is the ‘life’ stage. If you have something that you call a ‘sin’ – a ‘sin’ is an experience, that you label a ‘bad’ experience. But, when you become aware of what’s going on, what is the difference between a ‘good’ experience and a ‘bad’ experience? It’s a ‘learning’ process. You don’t want to look at the ‘bad’ ones, and yet, the ‘bad’ ones are where you learn. So what you’re doing, if you give away your ‘sins’ in the ‘dead
zone’, you are giving away the most ‘valuable’ portion of your life existence. That is why we say it is ‘important’ for to ‘savor’ all of those. And as you get a little bit older and have more experiences and more understanding, you will see that who you are today is a result of who you ‘were’.

The man said ‘bankruptcy’ at one time was a dreaded word, because they had done something ‘bad’. They had gone ‘broke’ and they had owed people money and it was a ‘bad’ experience. Yet, those people that pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, many of them became millionaires, because they had learned from that experience. Now remember, you’re the ones that are learning from your experiences. So what difference does it matter what someone else says? It doesn’t matter. Somebody will say, ‘well,
he’s a crook’. All right, so what does that do? It doesn’t do anything. It allows one person to vent their anger. But, you as the individual – if you’re the crook – then why are you the crook? Examine it, figure out why. We have said many times, ‘there’s no such thing as an accident’. And yet you turn on that TV set and you turn on that radio and there’s an accident
here and there’s an accident there and there’s an accident someplace else. They’re not accidents, they’re incidences for you to learn by. And if you can calm yourself down enough, in an accident, to look at it as an incident you have learned a great deal.

Now, if you maintain this particular life experience when you “die” and go into the ‘dead zone’, and don’t give it away, don’t give your energy, your grandest experiences away to anyone else. Keep them, because then you have something to ‘build’ on for your next experience. Okay, number two.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “The second is not dropping everything. By this I think it means to retain all those experiences in full awareness because the knowledge gained needs to be added to the sum total of what is out in the big universe.”

DATRE: No, that has nothing to do with the big universe. That only has to do with ‘you’ as an individual expression. It has nothing to do with the universe, what-so-ever. The most important thing is you don’t affect the universe in any way, shape or form. The only thing a physical expression, be it living or dead whichever, the only thing that it affects is ‘you’. You’re very much alone. Although you surround yourself with all kinds of people. Why? For experience. Then when you become ‘aware’ of what you’re doing and ‘why’ you’re doing it, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

You can affect other people. But ‘only’ if another person wishes to be affected by you. You cannot affect anyone if they don’t ‘want’ to be – its very simple. If a person wants to be affected by you – fine. But, what are they learning and what are ‘you’ learning? You see it’s a very ‘singular’ thing. And it will be ‘singular’ always – always, always, always. You think
‘this’ is singular, wait until you get out in the universe. That’s why so few are going to be able to go out there, because you don’t understand what ‘singular’ is all about; you have no idea what ‘singular’ is all about.

So, learn here as much as you can about being ‘singular’. It is not an easy lesson, because everything is ‘other’ person oriented. But in ‘other’ person orientation, learn what you need to learn. But how you affect the universe, you don’t – not until you’re there. All right continue.


JOHN: Okay, now we have some questions from Kevin, and his first question is… “Datre says no one at present is working off the MIND in the BUBBLE, because we have not developed the necessary facilities within our physical brain to work from the MIND. Does this also include Masters? If so, then how are Masters able to avoid working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS without this facility?”

DATRE: MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and Masters is… as we have said before, a Master ‘learns’ living in physicality. Many Masters gain their information and work from information from the ‘dead zone’. But, it’s because they know ‘how’ to work with the ‘dead zone’ and know how to get what they want from the ‘dead zone’. Now, playing in the ‘dead zone’ is not an easy situation. In other words, you need to ‘know’ what you’re doing. Otherwise you’re going to pick-up as much junk up there as you do down here.

JOHN: That also applies… he was asking about MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that applies the same way.

DATRE: What do you mean?

JOHN: He asked about how do Masters avoid working with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS without the MIND faculty?

DATRE: Well they ‘do’ work with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but there again, they pick and choose. In other words, yes, just because we say MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that is a ‘basic’ consciousness in an area, shall we say. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is broken up into small pieces as we have explained one time before. Your house, your neighbors, and extends and extends. So you have CONSCIOUSNESS… ‘Think’ CONSCIOUSNESS is what I’m talking about. Think CONSCIOUSNESS is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, a Master has begun to work more with that which we call THOUGHT. And when a Master begins to work with THOUGHT Master’s also do not rely on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS for their ‘thinking’ process. They expand that and they go, shall we say, into other realities. But they know ‘how’ because they have been ‘taught’ how to work with ‘other’ realities.

Now, there are Masters who have never had ‘teachers’ and we call them Masters. Then you’d say, ‘well I never heard of that person as a Master’. No, because they’re not written about in books. But they function entirely different. There are those that are Masters that have been on this planet for hundreds of years. ‘Well how do they do that?’. Simply because, they don’t stay in one place.

You know, there are those that move around continuously. And were some individuals to see these Masters in say 50 years later, that would make the Master in his 100’s, they’d be shocked, because that Master would still look like he was in his 40’s or ‘she’ would still look in her 40’s, because they would maintain that image. They maintain that HOLOGRAPHIC image –
they do what they want to do in a specific area, for a specific purpose and then move on. You will see them “leave town” and they will go someplace else. Then because they are ‘strangers’ in another location, they still maintain their ‘original’ identity.

You see, when you work in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS construct, you work in an area that say’s, ‘I have to get old’. Why do I have to get old? Because if I stayed 40 and my children are 50, how can I maintain 40 if they’re 50? You see, you have set-up an ‘ageing process within the physical construct.

Alright, these Masters that do not maintain a family life, in any way, shape or form, because that is not what they’re interested in doing, they will go from place to place. They are very much wanderers. They will go from one place to another place, experience talking to people, get to know people, interact with people, then one day they’ll say, well I’m leaving
now’. ‘Well where are you going?’ ‘Well, I’m a little undecided’. You will never see that individual again. But you see those are really another form of Master. They’re not working off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. They have learned to maintain a totally different type of existence. And you know why?
Because they ‘know’ they’re a HOLOGRAM and being a HOLOGRAM, they cam manipulate the HOLOGRAM as they so wish. That’s a true Master also.

So you see, the Masters that you’re familiar with are those that have names and are in the ‘dead zone’. But realize, there are more than ‘one’ kind of Master. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Datre recently said, “The ‘stretched moment’ exists because the BIRTH took place and no one took a body with them”. Up until then the BIRTH was being referred to in future tense. Apparently I missed something. Could Datre expound on this?”

DATRE: Yes, there has been a BIRTH. From the standpoint of Aona as one that we know, we know of ‘others’ but because you’re familiar with the name Aona we will use that one. Aona experienced the BIRTH – she knew something had happened. And by finding out that there were ‘others’ that had that same experience at the same time, and then found out that there actually ‘was’ a BIRTH they experienced it but they did not take the body with them. This was approximately 1989-1990, something like that, John say’s.

You see, ‘that’ is the prize – is the body. Now, you’ll say, ‘well how can I take the physical body with me?’ No you can’t take the physical body with you, because the physical body, this ‘substance’ the ‘particles’ have to stay here on the planet. But the HOLOGRAPHIC image was not maintained, because the BIRTH happened quickly and there was, shall we say, those that
experienced it were not aware that it was going to happen. They ‘knew’ it was going to happen, but they had no idea ‘when’ it was going to happen. But when they “started comparing notes with others” the experience was the same. But it was only a short span of something very ‘unique’. But they did not bring back the memory. But when they were asked, ‘did you take part in the BIRTH?’. ‘Was that what that was?’ Yes, that’s what that was. Then in comparing notes with ‘others’ and then checking with Datre, they were told that there had been a BIRTH. But there such a few people that it was insignificant. So they all look at it as a ‘trial’ run.

But, the ‘actual’ BIRTH has not taken place. Now the ‘timing’ has had to be changed with everything else that is ‘timed’. There was, shall we say, a small opening that the ‘timing’ was right. It is like an atomic bomb sort of thing. You can’t have an atomic bomb explode, like the big one over in Japan, unless ‘everything’ is right. Contrary to what you ‘think’ you can do – you can’t. Because ‘everything has to be in complete synchronicity. And that lasts for a very short period of time. You can call it a window. That’s why atomic bombs will explode and they ‘won’t’ explode. Your government knows all about that, I’m not saying anything they don’t know about, because that’s how they can do it.

It is the same way when other thing happen, Universal ‘timing’ has to be right. This time it is going to be a window that will be open for a longer period of time. There are going to be more ‘events’ that are going to be leading up to it. More things that ‘you’ can visually see that will be happening in your skies. So, that is what that was all about. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s final question is… “My wife has recently experienced what some in the spiritual community refer to as a rude “Kundalini Awakening”. She has noticed a number of unusual symptoms such as heightened sensory/extra-sensory perception, strange physical sensations, compulsions, etc. which have left her very distressed. Does this sound like the work of New Wave Energies? Can Datre offer any additional “observations” that might be of help to her?”

DATRE: No, it has nothing to do with the New Wave Energies. It has something to do with, apparently, what she has pushed herself into. This ‘Kundalini’ business, as we’ve said before, is something you don’t play with. Your different groups that you get involved in, it periodically surfaces as a big deal. There are times when in the psychic community the talk is continuously about the Kundalini. That’s all you hear is, the kundalini, the kundalini, the kundalini. Then it will fade away and they will get off onto something else. Then cyclically it will come back up again and it’s a big number. The Kundalini is a type of electrical charge that goes through the body and changes the atomic resonance pattern in the body. Now when that happens the sensitivity level of the body is changed.

Now, what has happened from… I don’t know ‘exactly’ what happened to her, but the thing is that many times in that which you call the ‘meditative’ state you ‘push’ yourself into areas that are confusing to you. And they will set-off, shall we say, a different energy construct within your body. Let me say this, you have known people that have had something happen, say to a member of their family and they have gone into that which you call ‘shock’. Men that have been in wars have gone into ‘shock’. Something has happened that has so ‘dramatically’ affected them that their electrical system within the construct of the body has been changed. That’s why they call it ‘shock’.

Now, in many cases it takes a long time for those people to “recover”. You will not hear ‘shock’ victims talk about what happened to them – the experiences that they had, because they don’t want to re-experience them. Now, what could have happened and I do not ‘know’, but in groups that get together in meditation oftentimes things will happen to an individual. And it will change their vibratory construct. Now, remember one very
important thing, “no one does it TO you”. She has done that for her own experience. She needs to realize that this is what she did.

The YOU that ‘you’ are is working with the physical construct and this is ‘how’ the physical construct is changed. Now that change took place for a ‘specific’ reason. I do not know the reason and no one else knows the reason. But, in what Aona calls, ‘re-wiring’, which we do in conjunction with her to bring in ‘specific’ energy constructs for her to be able to work with us, she goes through these periods. It has nothing to do with the Kundalini what-so-ever.

Now, the one piece of advice that I can give to you to give to that which you call your wife is, tell her to ‘relax’ its over, its done with. Then the sooner you do that and do not put a ‘label’ on the experiences that you’re having, one day they will be gone and you’ll wonder where they went. But because you keep it in the forefront, because you keep putting ‘names’ on it, it becomes ‘imbedded’ in your mind that that was something that was
horrible, that these experiences are something I can’t handle.

Let me tell you one thing, when you say to an individual or even to yourself out loud, ‘I can’t handle this any more, I just can’t handle this’. What does the brain record? ‘I can’t handle this’. Now, how is it going to go away? How is it going to go away out of the body construct if you tell the body you can’t handle it? The body say’s, ‘okay you can’t handle it’. You’ll say, ‘I can’t afford that’. The brain records, ‘I can’t afford that’ therefore you can’t. You see what you do ‘constantly’? So what I’m saying is, relax and say, ‘oh, this is an interesting experience, this is like something I’ve never had before’. ‘Okay, now that’s over with’. You see what you’ve said? ‘It’s an interesting experience, I’ve never had that before and its over with’. So the mind say’s, ‘okay, its over with’. And the physical body will react accordingly. But it has to be done with

JOHN: A comment. Its my opinion that a number of these ‘kinds’ of events that people try to translate as being Kundalini are all too often a ‘stressing’ of the PSYCHE and the PSYCHE is reacting and may be ‘cracked’ from an experience. And you are translating ‘that’ as the Kundalini and it’s a totally different thing.

DATRE: Oh, it can very definitely be, it can very definitely be. And you see, that ‘pushing’ into meditation and ‘pushing’ to do this and ‘pushing’ to do that. That’s not where it’s at and we’ve said it again and again and again. Get out into the world and see what’s going on. This is your ‘lesson’; this is what you have to learn.

They say in meditation, ‘oh, go out there’. Number one, you’re ‘not’ prepared to go ‘out there’. Nothing is out there, because you don’t have a concept of what’s out there. You ‘know’ what’s here and that’s why you don’t like it. ‘I’m sick and tired of it’. Well, if you’re sick and tired of it, then you better change it. Put some ‘excitement’ into your life so that you will find the JOY of living – that’s what you’re here to learn. You’re here to learn physicality. If you hadn’t wanted to be in physicality you would have been someplace else doing something else. Don’t blame anyone else, its no one else’s fault. You’re here to experience.

You talk about experiences, we have come into this body at times when its been pretty scattered all over the place. Then it’s a little harder for us, because we have nothing to ‘draw’ from to be able to maintain it – except John. So you see, the maintenance of the body is between two individuals. And that is more of a challenge. So the thing is, in order to maintain
stability, Aona needs to very ‘strongly’ pull herself together. If you find yourself in 4 different places in one room, that is a very difficult concept for most people to understand. Yet, we have been in the body when she has turned around and been 4 and watch her put it back together again.

So you see, there’s nothing to fear. Take the ‘fear’ out of any experience and it becomes an ‘experience’, instead of being ‘fear’ related. If Aona had been afraid, we would not be here. You would be getting nothing from Datre. So, tell your wife ‘do not be afraid’. Do not put ‘labels’ on anything they are experiencing. She is ‘experiencing’ different sensations within the physical construct. Watch your words. Watch what you say. When you say, ‘I can’t’ the brain registers – ‘I can’t’ – therefore you can’t.

There’s a saying that the ‘impossible’ takes a little longer, but it doesn’t say, ‘I can’t’. You ‘can’ do anything you want to do – if you persevere. It can be done. Someone say’s, ‘well I can’t paint’ – how long have you studied painting? You don’t pick-up a brush and be a Picasso – it’s training. Watching your words. Take away the ‘concept’ of ‘bad’ experience. That is a big, big number. We hope we have been helping you, we will leave
you now, we are Datre.


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