Datre 對話_098 原文

Datre Transcripts_098



Datre answers Wanda, Polo and Veteran Human being

JOHN: Today we have a question from Wanda and her question is… “Can Datre give us more details about the particle and wave form duality? And how it is a basis of life and perception?”

DATRE: The waveform is here. The changes that will take place as far as your perception is concerned will only be as you perceive them. As you perceive things, and your understanding of your experiences through your “observations” will change many ways that you experience that which you call, life on this planet.

Now, the waveform energy is not going to be something that you can drink like a glass of water and make changes within your life, because that is not the way it works. Everything is gradual; it’s not a sudden happening. Evolution is an ongoing process. It is something that cannot be measured. The only way you know changes are taking place is, shall we say, to look back at what has been in your past. Then you can see the change from that vantage point. But, a waveform energy will be like a process of “osmosis”. In other words, it will gradually work its way into your body. Your bodies are going to be undergoing changes. But, it isn’t as if it is going to change over night.

When you begin to perceive waveform energy it has been so absorbed within, that which you call, your HOLOGRAM and your physical construct that you’re not going to be able to perceive the difference, because you will be what you are now.

If you were to look back, as many do, that begin to get an understanding of that which you call, the Datre material or anything else, you will find that what you understand is a growing experience. In other words, those that have been on the Datre net from the beginning up to this point and have gone back and started from the beginning and read Datre again, their
understanding is so different. What makes the difference? It’s the same typed words you had read before. Why is it different? The words have not changed. How you understand the words has changed. That’s as close as I can come to explaining the difference between the energies that you work with now and the waveform energies. It’s a subtle process. And you are in the
process of absorbing the waveform energies now. You all are, because they’re here.

But, there are many that cannot notice the difference. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not receiving them. It’s just that their perception of their understanding of their life existence is at one stage of understanding and yours is at another. Everything is here. Everything now is heightened. You can notice that your Sun ‘appears’ to be brighter. That your colors ‘appear’ to be more intense. Sounds ‘appear’ to be different.
Some of you are very sensitive to sound and then you’ll hear somebody go by in an automobile and everything is banging so that the car is shaking. You see it is how you have changed your body construct, your HOLOGRAPHIC construct that is making these sounds different, from one individual to another individual.

So that is all I can say. Do not be concerned about waveform energy, because they’re here, you’re using them, they’re constantly being increased, and those that have begun to understand many things about what’s going on on this planet will notice more things continually happening. But, your waveform’s are being absorbed so that’s all there is. Don’t expect anything dramatic, because nothing happens in the blink of an eye.


JOHN: Now we have a couple of questions from Polo and his first question is… “Do you understand the difference between a human being either living in the state of duality or in the state of Unity?”

DATRE: Now that is something I do not understand, because I don’t understand living in the state of ‘duality’ or living in the state of ‘unity’.

JOHN: That’s got to be more of that “psychic community” confusion.

DATRE: Well, I think we had better go on to the next question, because that is something I can’t understand of living in “unity” and living in “duality”. What you’re doing really is, you are living “singularly”.

JOHN: Its only you – period.

DATRE: There is “only” you. And the day that you understand that its only ‘you’ and the ‘pictures’ that you’re putting in front of you for ‘your’ learning experience, guess what? The life experience is no longer necessary, because you ‘understand’ what has happened and what is happening. So ‘that’ is what its all about is learning what ‘life’ is all about. But, from ‘your’ standpoint alone and the ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’ of other individuals and ‘your’ actions and reactions toward incidences
with ‘other’ individuals and understand those situations is ALL there is. There is nothing more. Then what another person does or doesn’t do doesn’t really matter when you become the OBSERVER.

The OBSERVER watches a situation and for their own reason, either becomes involved in it or doesn’t become involved in it whatever they so desire. So that’s all I can say on that. Lets go on to the next question.

JOHN: The next question is even a little stranger, he say’s… “If so, is it true that living the state of Unity is much more difficult for women? This is what I’ve noticed over the past 7 years.”

DATRE: Well, maybe what you were noticing is, women are beginning to realize that they are ‘not’ dependent on another individual for their existence. They are beginning to ‘know’ who they are instead of ‘who’ other people ‘tell’ them they are.

In other words, people are always telling other people what they are. ‘You’ are this and ‘you’ are that. Now, women have been, what you call, suppressed in ‘who’ they could become. There were very few women that became doctors simply because they could not get the education, because it was ‘male’ controlled. Now, there are many women doctors, because the ‘control’ that men had over women, in all states of their existence, has been changed. That’s because women said, a man has a brain and a women has
a brain, why can’t a women express what is in her brain as well as a man can express what is in his brain? If a man wants to do something… if he wants to be an electrician, he can be an electrician. But, because society say’s you can’t be an electrician because you’re a women you have to stay home and raise children, clean house and cook. Then women began to say, I
have a brain and I will use my brain and if I want to be an electrician, I will be an electrician. Now you see a tremendous number of women that ‘are’ electricians.

That is where the difference comes in. That women have come in to what you call, being their own being. This is what its all about. It’s becoming the ‘you’ that you are, not what other people say you are. And that is the most important thing for the women, because she no longer listens to what other people say, you ‘can’ do and you ‘can’t’ do or you ‘are’ or you ‘are not’.
That was a label that other individuals put ‘on’ women. So women began to say, ‘that is your opinion, not mine’. That is one of the big changes that have taken place. And that is probably what you’re beginning to see in the women. That they are becoming ‘who’ they are. That is why all your Masters, who have they been? Your doctors, your lawyers, even to individuals playing
in orchestras in the European countries. There is a big battle going on, even today as to, “allowing women to play in symphony orchestras”. There are those symphony orchestras that will not hirer women.

You see there are still those that wish to tell ‘others’ what to do. The name of the game is, you do ‘your’ thing, but RESPECT the other individual and allow them to do their thing. That is the big thing that is so important right now, is that very word called RESPECT. In ‘allowing’ you RESPECT. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a few questions from a person who calls himself a Veteran Human Being, and the first question is… “These questions pertain to ones ability to hold the new frequencies coming into this realm; first question is what is the significance other than to bring information into the

DATRE: Well, the first thing I’d like to address is, he say’s something about holding?

JOHN: “Pertain to ones ability to hold the new frequencies”

DATRE: You don’t have to ‘hold’ the new frequencies. What are you trying to hang on to? No, you don’t ‘hold’ the new frequencies, either you have it or you don’t have it, there’s no ‘holding on’ to it. That is a ‘bodily’ change. It has nothing to do with your mentality at all. If you told your brain, ‘hang on to my frequencies’, it wouldn’t know what in the heck you were talking about. And that’s the only means of communication you have, is your brain. So let me hear the question again.

JOHN: I think you’ve already answered that, but anyway, “These questions pertains to ones ability to hold the new frequencies coming into this realm; first question is what is the significance other than to bring information into the system?”

DATRE: Well, the new frequencies are not only bringing in information they’re bring in changes, changes that are taking place within the physical construct. That’s how many changes are made, because your HOLOGRAM is only changed from frequencies. So the HOLOGRAPHIC structure is being changed by frequencies and information is being brought in on frequencies. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the nature of the super conscious and how will utilizing it bring about further enlightenment as compared to the subconscious?”

DATRE: Well there again you’ve separated everything out because it’s more convenient. If you have super consciousness and sub consciousness and consciousness and if you wait another couple of years you’ll divide it a few more times.

You’re working from a concept of trying to understand physicality, that’s what you’re here for. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ labels you want to put on anything in your learning process. Whether its your super consciousness, your sub consciousness, your consciousness, whatever ‘tools’ you want to use from a physical standpoint, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is, are you learning what ‘life’ is all about.

It’s like the psychiatrist and the psychologist and all of those that want to ‘dissect’ everything. They have to put ‘words’ on things. Then they say, ‘well, its buried in the subconscious’. Well, if that individual wishes to put that information ‘aside’ and does not want to ‘recall’ it, that is their decision to do so. Then delving into the sub consciousness and delving into the ‘past’ and delving into ‘previous’ life times and all of that
stuff, if that is of benefit to you as an individual, then that’s all right. Its up to you to do that. But if you can figure it out for yourself and say, ‘was that of any importance to me?’. What you’re doing… all you’re doing is figuring out what has been. What you are today is the result of ‘all’ your experiences. All of your past. All of your reincarnational experiences or whatever you want to call them have made you what you are today. So, what you are ‘today’ is what you process FROM – you process from TODAY. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll process from ‘that’ standpoint.

Now, let me give you something. Where do you go when you’re asleep? Number two, how long do you sleep? You do not know. You’ll say, ‘well, I slept 8 hours’. You ‘agreed’ that you slept 8 hours. You ‘agree’ with other individuals that it is 9 o’clock and you paint the ‘picture’ so the clock say’s 9. Where have you been for “8 hours”? Remember, the physical body is what sleeps – you don’t. Continue.

JOHN: and his next question is… “What is necessitating the change in our dual natures? If concepts of “good”/”evil” “black”/”white” are inherited parts of the prime source existing within us; the implications would seem to be that something is out of balance. Can you identify that ‘something’ as it relates to the need for more light and love
within this system?”

DATRE: Number one, it’s ‘not’ within you. This particular experience from beginning to end, called ‘life’, was set with parameters. The parameters were ‘opposites’. Not all existences are set on ‘opposites’. This existence, this ‘life’ experience, is set on ‘opposites’. It was set-up good/bad. It was set-up light/dark, black/white. This was set-up; you came into this experience to experience “opposites”. Your action and reaction to “opposites” is your learning experience – nothing more, nothing less. In this ‘life’ experience it is necessary for you to ‘have’ the opposites to ‘push’ against in order to learn. I use the words ‘push against’ because that’s the only words I can think of at the present time that work.

But, if everything were good, what would you learn?

JOHN: What about, if everything was either ‘dark’ or ‘light’ what would you experience without ‘contrasts’?

DATRE: You would only experience a small portion of that, which would be your ‘total’ experience. What if your body was constructed of 4 arms and 4 legs on a body? You’d have a real hassle wouldn’t you? Until you learned to work with 4 legs and 4 arms. That would be your ‘basic’ goal is learning to function with 4 arms and 4 legs. That would be your ‘life’ existence. That would be what you were there to learn. Then you’ll say, ‘well, that wouldn’t take that long’. That would depend on what planetary existence you were working with.

You’re working with ‘opposites’. Opposites are ‘grand’ learning
experiences. But, you got to the point of labeling everything ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Then the words ‘evil’ and ‘sin’ came in. Those were judgments put on by humans. Why was it put on by humans? Well, if you can ‘degrade’ one person enough, you can raise ‘yourself’ to a higher level. So you see, from our standpoint, the big deal is ‘acknowledge’ the ‘opposites’ and get involved in whatever you want to get involved in for your experience,
because you’re the only one that can do it and you’re the only one that can learn by it. You can’t learn by someone else’s experience. You have to learn by your ‘own’ experience. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Are we to suspend all judgment regarding duality and accept those occurrences we bring upon ourselves, trusting that if we take total responsibility for what our thoughts produce the consequences are not so important as the fact that the act is deliberate?”

DATRE: Well, that’s a pretty big sentence. This ‘duality’ thing has become… apparently there’s two of them right together back to back questions on that that have come in. I do not understand ‘duality’ and said that in the other part of the transcript. The main thing that you’re to learn is that ‘you’ function from a physical construct. Now, where ‘duality’ comes in I do not know, because you have only ‘one’ means of expression and that’s the physical body.

JOHN: He made a comment that say’s where duality comes in, just in ‘judgment’. It’s only through ‘judgment’ that we have this phenomena we call duality.

DATRE: Well if you become an OBSERVER you’re not a ‘judge’. So we get back to that same thing. In becoming an OBSERVER you take ‘action’. If you ‘judge’, you are REACTING. Being a judgmental individual is a ‘reactionary’ individual. In being an OBSERVER, you can have ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ without being ‘judgmental’. ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, that is your prerogative. But by being ‘judgmental’, you’re being ‘reactionary’ and an OBSERVER takes ‘action’ if action is required or wanted.

I’m glad you straightened me out on that, because I didn’t know that duality thing, I was becoming very confused with that.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “What is the nature of the energy produced in deliberate acts and how does it effect or feed the universe?”

DATRE: Nothing feeds the universe from here. You have no effect on the universe as to your ‘actions’, ‘reactions’, ‘judgments’ or any of that. That is… you are ‘planetary’, this is a hard concept to get across. You are planetary. Everything is contained within your BUBBLE; the BUBBLE is put around your planet. This has ‘all’ the concepts to be worked on, that you could ever imagine and then some. Your BUBBLE contains ‘everything’ that you need for planetary existence. Your ‘dead zone’ is also within the planetary existence, it is part of the BUBBLE, it is just a ‘different’ vibratory construct, is all it is. Death is nothing more than a change in vibratory construct.

You are within the BUBBLE. The BUBBLE is there for ‘containment’. The containment is there as much to protect ‘you’ from the universe, as to protect the universe from ‘you’. Now, that is why we have said, ‘you will not blow=up your planet’. If you were to blow-up your planet into pieces, the BUBBLE would be shattered and you at that point would affect the universe. That would be something that should be avoided, because of what it would do to ‘other’ existences and other planetary bodies. But that is not going to happen, as much as you have ‘delighted’ in the fear of it.

You see that’s another thing that people say, like there was a tornado the other day that Aona and John were fascinated by watching, because it could have come near where they live – it did not. However, the peoples there have looked at nothing but shattered things, just bits and pieces of all sorts of things. Nothing that they can put together. So they’re scraping it all up and carrying it away and people say, ‘we will rebuild’.

Now, from your standpoint, it is an accident and it is tragic. From our standpoint, these people wanted excitement and if they want excitement, they got it. Why do people continue to live in that which you call, California and watch their houses slide down and break all to pieces? They deny it in the physical, but it’s the excitement. This is why they continue to live there and build there and let their houses get smashed up by mud. It is no different; you look for excitement in different ways. It is no
different than the peoples that go up and jump out of airplanes. Some people say, ‘oh, I’d be scared to do that’, the other people want the excitement – they want the ‘rush’.
They want that excitement; to jump out of a plane is their excitement. To go down a hill on skis, lickety split, excitement. Other people will put themselves in the path of a flood – excitement. Another person will live where there’s earthquakes – excitement. Other people will live where there’s mud slides – excitement. People will get in cars and go around in a circle a gillion times, as fast as the car will go – excitement. The people sitting and watching these cars go around and around and around, just like children with toys sitting on the floor and watching the little train go around the little track. The child… people will look at it and say, ‘isn’t that interesting how fascinated that child is with the train going around the track and its just a little circle’. And the child will sit there for hours and watch the train go around in a circle. To them its exciting, because its movement.

Hundreds of people will sit up and watch automobiles go lickety split around in a circle. Around and around and around and around and scream and holler. Its the same as the child only these children are grown up so they’re bigger and instead of the train, which is out dated now, they have cars. And they watch them go around in a circle. From our standpoint, the little child with the train and the people sitting and watching the cars going around on the circle is no different. So why do you do things for – excitement. Next question.

JOHN: And his final question is… “How is action based on intuition Different from action based in reason ?”

DATRE: Well, here we go with consciousness again and splitting it all up in pieces. Again we will say simplistically, if you are an OBSERVER you will take ‘action’. If you’re not, you will ‘react’. People think being and OBSERVER is a ‘simple’ process. And yet, from those that have begun to be OBSERVERS the letters received by John and Aona are magnificent, in that, when people find out what ‘observing’ is all about that are so surprised by
how their ‘life’ changes – because it does change.

It doesn’t matter what label you put on anything as to your actions and reactions. But ‘reaction’ comes from ‘not’ paying attention. When you become an OBSERVER, you take the information you are viewing and make decisions from ‘that’ point. That has nothing to do with ‘reasoning’, it has nothing to do with ‘intuition’, it has to do with OBSERVATION. Then when you begin to work from the standpoint of OBSERVATION, you don’t ‘think’ about what you’re doing, because your action comes from
OBSERVATION not the intellect. So, is that the last question? (yes) We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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