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Datre answers Paul and Thelia.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Paul and his first question is… “Would you please talk about the concept of families of consciousness as Seth introduced in the Unknown Reality Vol. II from your point of view?”

DATRE: Now, the information that was brought through by that one called Seth was of a good deal of value to many people. There was a lot of information that was given. A great deal of information that was not understood. The thing is that was an introduction to material that would be coming.

Now, through that which you call your periods of time there has always been those that bring forth information, as far back as they ‘talked’ about it and it was transferred from person to person. Then you came to the point of writing you had many that wrote books regarding this information that was important to people at the time. Now, within a very short span of time, as
you refer to it, you have had successive groups of information. There have been bodies of information that have been brought through, that has been written, but, if you were to really ‘analyze’ the information, you would discover that it is a building process that has been taking place.

Now, that which you call the Ramtha information was taking the individuals that were beyond that knowledge which you call the ‘church’ philosophy and shocking you by saying, “YOU ARE A GOD”. Now, to many, this was a big step in the ‘evolutionary’ understanding. And that was, more or less, a big stepping stone.

Now, that which you call the Seth material, was very detailed, very explanatory in many, many different areas. But, because of the complexity, in the many of the books of information people grasped only so much and they didn’t go any further.

Now, that material – in both cases – is as valid today as it was the day it was said. It is your understanding of what was said that changes. It’s not the words in the book that change. This is what the Datre information has been trying to tell you. It is a process of the human evolution. In other words, getting you in the physical to understand what physicality is all about.

Now, as to going into the explanations of that which is the Seth material, it is all written, it is for your interpretation and your understanding. It is not for Datre to explain for you what the words said. The words stand on their own. Then, as to your interpretation of it, it is right – whatever your interpretation is – because, you can interpret something at the times those books were written and you read them. Then you can, now in this year, interpret that very same information in an entirely different way.

Now, in going back and re-reading a book and searching for some information that you’re looking for, you’ll come across something and say, ‘I don’t ever remember reading that’. You read it, but your understanding was entirely different. So when you first read it, it didn’t, to use your words, push any buttons, it was not in your understanding at that time. So
it was insignificant to you. Yet, based on today’s understanding, that sentence or that paragraph pushes your buttons and, ‘wow, that’s what that’s all about’. You see it is the evolutionary process within the individual that changes the words that are written. It’s ‘your’ understanding, it’s ‘your’ interpretation, its no one else’s.

So for us to explain to you the Seth information would be very redundant. Now, one thing that is very important in any information that you receive, it’s a benchmark for you to really understand your own process of evolution. That’s why, many times, although we don’t like to suggest it, is going back and read something that you had read before. The only reason for doing that is to see how you have changed in your thinking patterns, because your ‘thinking’ patterns are what changes. Then your thinking patterns change your ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’ to situations. That is what it is all about, and this is what is so important to learn.

It’s not somebody reading a book to you and giving you ‘their’
interpretation. That is one of the things that, Aona in particular, does not enjoy. Listening to someone say something on the television or radio, then fifteen minutes latter, having someone ‘tell’ you what that person said. You see how redundant that is? Because, what ‘you’ heard that individual say out of his or her own mouth, then you hear what another person ‘say’s’ that person said and what Aona heard that person say, can be
65 miles apart. That’s because, what she understands from ‘her’ point of view and what the commentator understands from his or her point of view are almost totally opposite. Where does the opposite come from? The opposite comes from the point of ‘understanding’ that you are at and the commentator is at.

How can one person say that ‘that person is so sincere in his delivery of the words he is saying’ and another person say, ‘that person is a complete phony, he talks, but his words are phony’. Where’s the difference? That’s what happens when you become an OBSERVER. You notice the difference between how people interpret a situation. How they interpret words that are said.
How they interpret ‘action’ and ‘reactions’. How they interpret, not ‘accidents’, but ‘incidences’. Do you see what I’m driving at? It is ‘your’ interpretation of ‘anything’.

If two people agree it is fine. But if there is continual agreement on every single thing that is read, every single thing that is seen, then one person very definitely is ‘not’ needed. You need to have the ‘differences’ to be able to discern your own evolution. “Where am I coming from?” “How do I interpret that?” It’s not someone else’s interpretation, but use another
person’s interpretation as to where ‘your’ point of evolution is.

All right, I don’t think we’ll go into any more of those questions, simply because I wanted to cover all of this in this way. Its ‘not’ avoiding the questions, but every question in that group is related to the Seth material and it is ‘not’ our interpretation that is important. It is ‘your’ interpretation that is important. It is each and every ‘individuals’ interpretation that is important. That is where ‘redundancy’ comes in, is constantly referring to the same things, because, if you are ‘evolving’ things are ‘not’ the same. You are not the same. The way you OBSERVE situations are not the same – they are ‘continually’ changing. So, continue.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Thelia and her, I think it’s a her, first question is… “If cattle mutations are dead zone attempts at cattle/beef farming, what are crop circles?”

DATRE: Crop circles are many different things. What they are is, nothing more than ‘energy’ configurations.

Now, someone might say, ‘well, there have been these ‘stick’ figures in (the Nazca Plains) South America… I think its South America, the one down below us? (yes) They were put there, they say, by the Mayan’s and they had specific lines that were paths and they had ‘stick’ men and other figures and they have been there for I don’t know how long. Then you have those that are over on the other countries. You have them here in the United
States. They are all over wherever there’s a piece of land where the energy can be ‘undisturbed’. So that’s why they’re always in fields, because in a large field it can be quite.

In other words, the energy over a large piece of land, like a field, because there is nothing ‘interacting’ with that field, that is what we would call almost ‘static’. So it is very easy for ‘wind’, for individuals from the dead zone – if so desired – to play with the energy. In fact, there are a lot of different ways that those crop circles have come about over that which you call your periods of time.

So there are many different things. I’ll throw one at you. How would you like it if I said ‘I did that’? Then someone will say, ‘what did you do that for?’. I’d say, ‘well I like to play too’. I’m just saying that, because it seems to be something that is of such fascination. Really, from our standpoint, the crop circles are there. So you can look at them. So what do
you want to do about them? Figure out why they are there? If that is a pass time that you enjoy – figure it out. It is up to you as to what you want to do with them and where they came from? That is up to you to figure out. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Does homosexuality signify anything? By the same token, what is HIV/AIDS? Why is it an epidemic?

DATRE: All right, what does homosexuality signify? Wanting to do something different. Wanting to experience something different. That’s what its all about. Its experimentation – nothing more, nothing less. It is up to you, that is why you have been given free will. You have been given free will within this BUBBLE to do what you want to do. So if you want to be male, you can be male. If you want to be female, you can be female – fine. It is
those in ‘humanity’ that have put a label on it, good/bad. You put the label on it, good and bad for your experience, because how do you OBSERVE it, how do you ‘react’ to it, how do you ‘act’ to it? Its all ‘experience’ that’s what this planet is all about – experience.

So, as to HIV, that is nothing more or less than energy changing different components in the physical construct. Then again, it is a ‘choice’ thing. An individual will ‘choose’ that experience, because it is a ‘dramatic’ change within the construct. They will say, ‘I want to experience that because I know I can get through it to the other side of it. I will go
through it, experience it and get to the other side of it and be perfectly, what you call, well again’. So there again it is experience.

It is the ‘absorption’ of different energies that change the construct of the HOLOGRAM… not the HOLOGRAM but the… well it will change the HOLOGRAM to. It will also change the HOLOGRAM, but its more what it is, is like you have “virals” within the body and “virals” have a certain action within the body. Now a “viral” gone awry becomes a “virus” – and HIV is a “virus”.

Now, it has been linked, to that what you call, the homosexual community. If you’ll stop and realize what I said before, the ‘choice’ to be a male or a female is individualistic. And those who choose to, after extended periods of time, shall we say, decide to try an ‘opposite’ of what they have been expressing. In other words, if they had always expressed as male and decided that they wanted to ‘change’ and express as female, that becomes a homosexual. A women can do the same thing, ‘I’m tired of being on one side, I’m going to change and be the opposite’ and so that’s where that all comes about.

Now the AIDS epidemic, as to you call it, is not related ‘only’ to the homosexual and the lesbians, it is also with what you call your ‘regular’ people. The interpretation of the physical body with different energies will produce different results. This one happens to be the “viral” is unable to ‘adjust’ to an energy, becomes a “virus” and therefore you are ‘infected’. But you see, “everything” is within your physical construct… the physicians have labeled it as one thing or another. But nothing can come into the body unless it is so desired – it cannot. Its something you wish to experience and they say, ‘well how come anyone would want to experience anything that horrible?’.
Now, what is that individual wanting to learn from that experience? It is not for you to try and figure out what they want to experience. Why does one person want to be blind? Why does one person want to be a paraplegic? Why does one person want to be sick in a hospital? Why, why, why? It is individualistic. You can be supportive of those individuals in those experiences but – be “supportive”. This is what they want to experience – at the “physical” level, they do not understand.

Now that is what happens in so many cases, because they don’t understand, because they haven’t connected enough with themselves to find out what the experience is all about and why that experience is wanted. This is why we’ve said many times, ‘if you take things in small pieces and be the OBSERVER and say, ‘alright, now I understand for me, what this is all about’. The minute you say that, that is no longer there, because you don’t
need it any more. You’ve had the experience, you’ve understood the experience, it is ‘yours’ you own it – it will be gone. It is not ‘gone’ per se, but they talk about ‘miracle’ cures, what is that all about? The decision is made by the individual that this is it, ‘I understand’, that is the ‘key’ word and in being an OBSERVER you ‘understand’. When you ‘understand’ what the experience is all about, why do you have to do it again? Its when you “don’t” understand what the experience is, you repeat
it. Its like trying to get your attention, pounding you over the head, but remember ‘you’ are the one pounding ‘you’ over the head in physicality – its no one else. So continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “What is dmt, or rather “dmt space”?” I have no idea what that is.

DATRE: I do not know John, I have no idea what that is.

JOHN: Okay, the final question is… “Are we going to be “realized” beings after the birth?”

DATRE: That depends on you as an individual. Some will, some won’t. Some will desire to be ‘realized’, some will desire that they don’t want to be ‘realized’ and want to continue. Then others will get there simply by ‘default’. So there’s all these different ways. Your planet is so full of those that are in the process of living without making any decisions in any direction – those are in the state of ‘existence’. So that’s why we call it ‘default’. They’re not making any definite decisions in any way. The only way you can make a definite decision in any direction is when you ‘understand’ what the situation is all about.
When you ‘understand’ what physicality and what ‘life’ is all about on this planet, then you can make ‘decisions’. Up to that point, the ‘decision’ process is pretty much out of your hands. The you that you are is trying to get your attention in
physicality. As soon as you begin to OBSERVE and understand, you will begin to see how you can paint your pictures, act upon them and understand the reason why you painted that picture. At that point you will begin to function from your totality. So, we cannot tell you, we cannot tell you. It is going to be, as we’ve said before, individualistic.

We are going to keep pounding on this subject, because that is the thing that is most important. Is to, shall we say, wake you up and get you to go out and ‘experience’ LIFE and understand what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question. A comment (yes) in other words what you’re saying is, “quit being a spectator and get into the action”.

DATRE: Oh, yes. Now, there again that’s a very good point John, because being a ‘spectator’ is NOT an OBSERVER. You see, those words get very muddled. We have said before, from the point of an OBSERVER is where a ‘decision’ is made. From the point of being an OBSERVER, this is where ‘understanding’ comes in. Being a spectator is being jostled around by everything that goes on around you. When you become the OBSERVER, you don’t drop out of ‘life’ – you get INTO it to find out what it is all about. We
thank you, we’re Datre.


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