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Datre answers James and some dream questions.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from James or actually some comments that he asked Datre to reply on, and the comment that Datre is choosing to reply on is the following… “I am being taught to pull strings of light from one orb to another, and cross the vacuum spaces without losing consciousness. I am being taught to honor the black light, and reject the fear of releasing the light manifold as my body. I’m being told to teach
about traveling in the twisted strings that connect the world-sheet manifolds, using the language of new physics. I’m told to open up a dialog that peers straight into the gaps between science, religion and art, and declare THERE’S THE LESSON waiting to be learned!”

DATRE: Now, for all the time that there has been physicality, the ‘most’ important thing to some individuals is exploring that which is “out there”. “Out there” has always been more important than “in here”. Why? We do not know. It has been a point of exploration because you can ‘see’ with the physical eyes what is here. In order to, what you call ‘see’ something “out there” is something that everyone thinks is magnificent.

What you’re doing, when you’re exploring “out there” is ‘truly’ exploring inside of ‘you’. Your exploration into light and dark and shapes and all of that – when you are in a state of meditation – even in full consciousness, you’re exploring only that which is the… that which is ‘within’ your being. Now, that is of great fascination to people and that is fine. But,
what we have been trying to tell people, in very simplistic ways, is the ‘lessons’ that needs to be learned on ‘this’ planetary existence, is how do you function in this situation?

In other words, when you’re out in that which you call meditative exploration, ‘who’ is there? There is no one else to ‘interact’ with. You came into physicality to learn what ‘physicality’ was about. If you had wanted to learn what the exploration of light and dark and all of that is about, you would be in another planetary existence – where ‘that’ is what
the main focus is. Every planetary existence is a different experience. You chose planetary existence in physicality.

Now, you all know that you’re ‘not’ your body. So the ‘you’ that you are can explore and do anything you want to do. But, the object of ‘this’ existence is not to get ‘out’ of the body – it is to get ‘into’ the body. What is important in ‘this’ existence is to get so ‘fully’ INTO the body that you ‘know’ the actions and reactions of your body.

Now, that is the only way that you can be an OBSERVER. You cannot OBSERVE anything if you’re ‘not’ in the physical construct. And we are repeating again – this is ‘how’ you learn, is through OBSERVATION. As you OBSERVE actions of other individuals from an OBSERVATION mode, then you make the decision as to whether you want to be involved in an action or not. When you reach the point, that from a point of OBSERVATION you can make a decision as to what action you want to take, then you are beginning to
learn one of your big lessons.

Now, there’s a difference between ‘looking’ at a situation and reacting – and being an OBSERVER and ‘taking’ action. Those are two ‘big’ opposites and until you ‘become’ an OBSERVER you will ‘not’ understand that difference. Being an OBSERVER is more ‘difficult’ than exploring your mind and going someplace all by yourself and working with energy lines and all of that. That is ‘simple’ to do, surprisingly enough, because you’re still working within your ‘own’ construct. But, your interaction with ‘other’ physical beings upon your planet is the ‘difficult’ lesson that you came here to learn.

JOHN: That most people are trying to avoid.

DATRE: In taking the other route, the lesson you came here for is ‘not’ being learned.

Now, we have many that write and want to know about many things of that nature. We could tell you that with the energy changes that are taking place on this planet, it is far better for you to stay ‘in’ the body and learn to be to be an OBSERVER – learn what its all about.

Why are you looking through physical eyes if it is ‘not’ for learning? That is why you put eyes in the head. That is why you gave yourself ears. That is why you gave yourselves noses and mouths. You gave yourself skin. You gave yourself hands and legs and body. For ‘touching’, for ‘feeling’. These are ‘all’ magnificent expressions of physicality which most individuals on
the planet prefer to ignore.

How many of you, when you sit down and get ready to eat, stop and think of what you’re eating? A very small percentage. You’re thinking of everything else ‘except’ the food that goes in your mouth. The first couple of spoons or forks or drinks, the taste, the smell – that’s good. But I would guarantee that by the time you got halfway through, that your ‘focus’ is someplace else. You’re not thinking about the food that you’re putting into the body. You’re thinking about ‘gillions’ of other things. Your attention is ‘not’ focused.

As an example, your TV commercials, flash, flash, flash, flash, they’re going so fast you can’t even comprehend what those pictures are. You’re just getting snippets, snippets, snippets and that is what you’re doing with your existence upon this planet. You want it faster, you want it in snippets – don’t give me detail. I don’t want ‘detail’ all I want is the next thing, the next thing and the next thing. The OBSERVER is OBSERVING
what they are doing at the time they are doing it. The OBSERVER asks the body, ‘what would you like to eat or drink?’. Do you listen to your bodies? It will tell you ‘exactly’ what they want. One body may say, ‘well I want something salty’, so you go and get a pretzel, but by the time you’re eating the second one you’re thinking of something else. Now if you’re thinking of something else, how do you know when the body say’s, ‘I’ve had

You see what were trying to get you to do? Focus on ‘what’ you’re doing. You’ll say, ‘in today’s world, I don’t have time’. Why not? You set your own time. You set the clock to where ‘you’ want it to be. You ‘have’ the time, but you don’t ‘take’ the time simply because you’re tired of physicality. You want to get out of here. So I’ll sit and meditate and get out of the body. But the ‘lesson’ is the “body”. That is the ‘prize’. It’s ‘not’ out there – it’s ‘in’ here. This is what is to be learned. You can’t OBSERVE if you’re out of the body.

I will give you an example. If you are walking down the street and there’s no one else on the sidewalk, and someone comes up behind you, do you know there’s anyone there? The OBSERVER is so tuned in to the physical body, that the minute someone comes up behind them, they ‘know’ immediately there’s an individual there. Now this is on an ’empty’ sidewalk I’m telling you about. Now as the OBSERVER hones their physical skills, what happens?
Every person that walks by him or her, they ‘know’ that person is there. They also ‘know’ that energy that person carries. They ‘know’ if the person that walks by is ill. They ‘know’ if the person that walks by is angry. They ‘know’ if the person that walks by is happy or sad or any of these emotions these physical bodies contain. The OBSERVER ‘knows’ that. That is why an OBSERVER is ‘not’ threatened, because they ‘know’ about other
people. They can ‘feel’ other peoples energies, because they’re tuned.

You can’t attune the body if you’re ‘not’ in it. Grand things happen everyday on your planet that you know nothing about, because you’re so busy with ‘other’ things. You can be busy with ‘other’ things and ‘still’ become that GRAND OBSERVER, simply by becoming involved in what you’re doing at the time.

JOHN: Comment? (yes) An analogy that I was realizing while you were speaking is what people here tend to do… its like they’ve been given the finest automobile ever built and its sitting there on the showroom floor. But they’re fascinated by the surrounding that the automobile is in and have never yet gotten in the car to see how it runs.

DATRE: Yes, fascinated by the ‘glitz’ and the ‘glitter’. Fascinated by their surroundings. Then people will say, ‘well my surroundings are not that great’. All right, but how do you ‘know’ they aren’t that great?

They talk about these ‘street’ people, those that live under bridges, those that live out of shopping carts. And yet, those people have ‘grand’ communication with others that are in the same position. Many, many of them, if you were to ask them, ‘would you change your life today?’. Many would say, ‘no, I like the way I live, because I am free’. They are living the life they want to live. Just because others live in big houses, that is of no fascination to them. They are learning ‘what’ they want to learn. They perhaps are learning more about physicality, than anyone else, because they are ‘living’ in their bodies. They have to in order to survive. But you don’t have to live in any way, in order to be an OBSERVER. The only thing you need to do is, get ‘into’ the body.

You’ll say, ‘well if I’m to much ‘into’ the body and the BIRTH comes, how am I going to get out of it?’. Don’t be concerned about it one bit. When the BIRTH comes, you will make the decision you want to make, have no fear. Nobody else is going to take you or put you any place, except ‘you’. Where is the fear, if you’re the whole ball game? You see, an OBSERVER is not afraid, because they are OBSERVING a ‘play’. A play in which they are ‘all’ there is. They’re the writer, the director, the actor, and the stagehand – they are ‘all’ of it. And they also sit in the audience and watches it.

You see how ‘grand’ you are and you don’t realize it? There are those that are beginning to. There are those that are beginning to ‘see’ what it is all about. They’re beginning to enjoy that which we call LIFE. All right.

JOHN: Now we have some question on dreams and we would like to answer these in a general way.

DATRE: That is fine.

JOHN: The first one is… “One of the persistent themes of dreams is visiting houses.”

DATRE: Now, that is not an unusual dream. What are houses? A house is a structure that has, shall we say, many rooms that are partitioned off. What is a head that contains the brain? It is a structure that contains a brain, which is comprised of many sections. The medical community knows that. They know there is a ‘sensory’ section and they know there’s section that does this and a section that does that – they know all the ‘sections’ in the brain. But you also have the ability to go and explore the sections which you call, your physical activities. Your physical activities take many shapes and many forms. They can be explained like rooms in a house.

You have your ‘work’ section. You have your ‘play’ section. You have your ‘home’ and family section. You have all of these ‘sections’ of activity. You have sections of activity that you enjoy. You have sections of activity that you don’t enjoy. You have sections where you deal with ‘personalities’ of individuals. You have sections of many different experiences. They can be like rooms in a house.

What you’re doing is, you’re exploring different activities. You can explore those activities that, shall we say, scare you – that could be a dark basement. You can explore sections of the mind in which you could say that’s the attic. You see, what you do when you get into houses is, you’re exploring all kinds of things.

There was one thing that Aona did one time, a long time ago, was they drew houses. They put as many rooms as they wanted in the houses and they put windows and curtains and doors and attics and basements and all kinds of rooms and houses. Then they explained what they were all about. To themselves, not to anyone else, it doesn’t matter to anyone else. It was a fun activity. That was done with paper and pencil in full awareness.

What you do with houses and everybody does with houses, you’re exploring. You’re exploring different areas, different rooms – because each room in your house has a different personality. Even if you have 2 or 3 bathrooms, they’re all different.

You see, people now are getting so caught up in the dreams and dream books and all of that stuff, and it is ‘not’ of importance. It is ‘not’ of importance anymore. It might have been at one time when you had lots of time to fool around. But the time is getting to the point that we’re trying to get people’s attention to take care of what you came here to do – and that’s to learn about physicality. The time wasted trying to figure out your dreams is ‘not’ worth the effort. The time should be spent – when the eyes are open – learning about ‘what’ the eyes are seeing and the body is experiencing.

I think, many times with dream situations, is that peoples do not clear their mind or brains or whatever label you want to put on it, before they go to sleep. Do you ‘drop’ everything, before you go to sleep? There are peoples that say, ‘I can not go to sleep’. There’s many different ways to – relax the toes, relax the arms, relax all this stuff – and you know the last thing to relax in the body – its the tongue, which is pressed up against the roof of your mouth so tight. Why the tongue? Because that is
your grandest means of expression. You talk, talk, talk, talk.

Now, take out the talk and take out the thinking and you will go to sleep. But you need to ‘clear’. There is no way that you can take all the ‘garbage’ of today and take it into that which you call your dream state, because remember, the only thing that sleeps is the body. You are as you are – still awake.

So here you get all this muddled up mess of today and take that into the dream state – where you’re planning on your ‘next’ activities – and you wonder why you come out all scrambled. If you go to bed and ‘clear’. Then you wake up in the morning – clear. Then become an OBSERVER. You will be surprised, ‘well, everything falls in place’. That’s where the ‘magic’ is. But you can’t go to bed all muddled up. Continue.

JOHN: And the next comment that they want to comment on is… “Sometimes I dream about situations where I am very mentally involved in dealing with areas and subjects that have no relevance at all with my waking life. I wake up sometimes remembering fragments of sentences that are very abstract
or technical in nature. Sometimes I dream about different situations where I feel like a visitor/observer yet I identify with some of the characters!”

DATRE: Well of course, because its ‘all’ you. It is ‘all’ you, but you see what you try to do is you wake up with all this stuff and then you try to interpret it. There again, you are trying to tell ‘you’ something. When you’re asleep you’re trying to get a message to go ‘straight’ from sleep into ‘wakeful’ awareness. But the mind of the physical… I should say the
brain, gets in the way. The brain does not ‘understand’. The brain needs to be taught and you’re the ‘only’ teacher it has. You can’t expect the brain to figure things out if you haven’t taught it in the first place. What’s it got to go by? It has ‘nothing’ to go by. The body needs to be taught. That’s what the physical body is all about. You don’t take a baby and say, ‘well, you’re born now, you’re on your own’. Then you wonder why the baby can’t do anything but lay there and cry.

From our vantage point, and this is what I’m saying, from our vantage point it appears to be the same way. You never take the time to ‘teach’. Teach the body physicality. Teach it its awareness. Teach it its OBSERVATION. Then when you begin to work ‘with’ the body, it will be ‘magic’. Sure, there’s bumps in the road. There has to be ‘bumps’ in the road – you cannot be without them, because you can’t ‘learn’ without them. That does not mean you can go through without frustration. You can’t go through without sadness and happiness and all of these other ’emotions’ because that is ‘physicality’.

But, in trying to figure out dreams, it is a big waste of time. Because what goes on with ‘you’ when you’re ‘not’ in the physical body, is a great deal different than what goes on with you when ‘in’ a physical body. But, the big number here is, that you’re ‘not’ working in cooperation. You’re ‘not’ paying attention.

So, as far as dreams, do not be concerned with them. You’ll have them, enjoy them, get scared by them, be amused by them, but don’t try and spend all your time analyzing them, because it is a waste of time. You could be doing something else that will ‘teach’ you a great deal more. I know the ‘dream’ people are not going to like that, but were saying, ‘this is where it’s at’.

I am sitting now in a chair looking out the window at a bird sitting on a branch of a tree. Now, have you ever sat and looked at a bird sitting on a branch of a tree and say, ‘I wonder what it would feel like to out there and sit on the branch like a bird?’. Then look at the bird from that vantage point. Have any of you tried that? It is indeed fascinating. You see there are so many marvelous things to do to learn and that is just one of them.

Many of you that are familiar with the Seth material, we get comments all the time about people that have read that ‘marvelous’ material. These are the things that ‘Jane’ did and these are things that ‘you’ can do. It is not going out into never, never land. It is not in anything else, but finding out, ‘what can I do in the physical body?’. What can I, from ‘this’
point experience? Try going out and sitting on the branch and looking at the bird from that vantage point. It is indeed a grand experience. Is there any more?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: Good, were Datre.


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