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JOHN: This is a communication from one of the people on the list and she says… “I recently had an aura photo taken that out-lines the whole body and shows the shakra points of the body.
And I shared it with a friend who suggested I needed them balanced. Now it looks like my root point is dark purple color, the second is a light yellow/orange color, the third is white, the heart one is white but also in a large burst pattern, and the rest are a light blue. I don’t know if this is normal for me of if I’m really out of balance. But I do have some heavy weight problems and I have had back surgery and my uterus was removed and I’m now missing one ovary from unknown sources. If these could be a cause, I’m asking if you could help me clear this or
understand what is occurring with me?”

DATRE: Now, this business of the aura’s and the colors and the charka’s we have spoken of before. That is, for whatever reason, is fascinating to individuals. The color of your aura, how big it is or how small it is or what the charka’s are doing and all of that stuff, is really of no great importance. The important thing now for you to learn is, to bring in more of that which is ‘you’ and get to ‘know’ you. Get to understand, what you are trying to ‘teach’ yourself.

Now, as to the weight problem. That is not unusual. If you will look at the peoples on your planet, which we do when we walk someplace and we can see through Aona’s eyes, the majority of the people have… are big people, they’re big around and they’re big tall.

Now, there are those that, shall we say, have that genetically. That is nothing to be concerned about. If you can live with yourself – which you ‘have’ to do – and be content with yourself – as you are – that is the part that is important, because you see, from our vantage point, we don’t see you – anyone – except as squiggly lines, except when we look through the eyes of Aona.

Now, that is one of the things that you are working with in the physical. There are those people that are like ‘sticks’ they’re so skinny, and those that are big and they call them fat. So you have skinny and you have fat. But the majority of the people are in between. But you will find that there are more people on that which you call the fat side, than on the skinny side, because the ones that are on the skinny side are those that are taking all kinds of stuff to make themselves skinny or they’re not eating food or whatever. They think they’re beautiful. Beauty is not on the outside, beauty comes from the inside.

Now, as an example – and this we can talk of, because we have seen through Aona’s eyes – one of the very interesting people that you had on your planet, was that one which you called Eleanor Roosevelt. Now, with Aona’s contact with people that had met Eleanor Roosevelt, they said that after the introduction to her and she began to speak, there was no one that saw her except as a beautiful person. Yet if you were to look at a picture of
her, as she got older, she was not a beautiful person. Many women have said that she was homely. But after talking to her or listening to her speak to an audience; they saw her as a beautiful person, because she projected what was inside to the outside. So you see, the ‘container’ does not matter. You
express ‘through’ a physical containment. But ‘that’ is not ‘you’. The YOU that ‘you’ are contains the beauty and the more of that which you can bring into the physical – that will change you ‘entirely’.

Now we can say, that those that have brought in more of themselves, have actually lost that which you call weight, because that no longer is a stumbling block to them. It is of no concern to them. They begin to express from the ‘inside’ of themselves. Then what you have had as physical problems, you have done that for yourself, for your own understanding.

Now, as you become, that which we call the OBSERVER and you see ‘why’ you’re doing these things – like the back and the internal organs – why are you doing those things? There’s a reason why and ‘you’ are the only one that knows the answer – no one else does. They will tell you, this that and the next thing, but you’re the ‘only’ one that knows.

Did you go in for a back operation to met someone? To meet a doctor, to met a nurse? To make communication with other individuals? Did you do it to learn how to handle pain? What was your reason for doing that? There was a reason and you’re the only one that knows. When you begin to study, why you do what you do, it becomes a whole different experience. An experience
‘you’ are giving yourself, because remember ‘you’ paint your own pictures – no one else paints them. They cannot, because they have no control over you. No one has any ‘control’ over anyone in any way, shape or form. The only thing that happens in the physical, you ALLOW individuals to ‘tell’ you. But, the more that you become the YOU that ‘you’ are, it does not matter what they tell you, because ‘you’ KNOW. Continue.

JOHN: And she say’s… “Now I’ve asked him for help to balance my body energy system, but he is suggesting that sex is part of the way to help put my body back into balance. I haven’t been in any dating relationship now for about 2 1/2 years now.
Anyway I guess I’m being a bit skeptic about this idea of his. Am I right?

Well I need another opinion and I was wondering if there is another way and is this persons idea for balancing me, valid and the best way for me?”

DATRE: All right, now there is only one person that can answer that question and that’s ‘you’. No one else can answer that.

There we’re coming back to ‘knowing’ WHO you are. If you know WHO you are, ‘you’ know the answer to that immediately. You’ll know it immediately by OBSERVATION. Why did you have the aura picture taken in the first place? What did you want to learn from it? No one can tell you what that aura picture represents any more than anyone can interpret your dreams. Any more than anyone else can tell you anything about ‘you’, because all they’re seeing is what ‘they’ project onto ‘your’ physical construct.

You take a room full of ten peoples and there are no two that are totally going to agree on what you look like. What your personality is like, what this is, what that is, but they’ll all ‘tell’ you – they’ll all give you ‘their’ opinion.

We’ve talked about MASTERS walking among the peoples. A MASTER does not listen to what other people tell him, because he knows what he sees. He does not pass judgment, because it’s not necessary. He sees what he sees, he ‘learns’ from what he sees. A MASTER is not going around telling everybody ‘what’ to do, because he is so busy working on ‘himself’, that he does not
have time to give advice to others.

Now, whatever your decision is, it is ‘right’ for you. But in being an OBSERVER you will begin to look at things differently. Then instead of ‘reacting’ you will ‘act’. Anyone that is an OBSERVER is not in a rush, because they don’t have to be. In being an OBSERVER, you can take all the time you want to, because who else is making the pictures? Who else is having the interaction? This is ‘your’ show; it is no one else’s. People
are very quick to ‘judge’ – it is not their place to do so – because you are drawing your own pictures for you’re learning. This is what we call ‘evolution’. If you don’t put things in front of you to learn by, then you have wasted another lifetime and there are not that many lifetimes left to waste.

You need to begin to OBSERVE very carefully, ‘what’ you do and ‘why’ you do it. Others and their opinions do not matter. Function from ‘you’ and your whole world will change. You see, an OBSERVER and a quite person is a person of ‘strength’, because they do not have to talk, talk, talk all the time. They are busy learning. Being an OBSERVER is ‘not’ being casual. It
is watching ‘every’ action with ‘intensity’.

It is like the food that you eat – we mentioned that in one of the recent transcripts. After the first two bites, you probably don’t ‘taste’ anything, because you’re busy thinking of something else. But, if you sit down and begin to eat and concentrate on ‘what’ you’re eating it will be entirely different. If you ask the body what it wants, it will tell you
what it wants. Then, eat what the body wants; it wants it for some reason.

You see, the YOU that ‘you’ are, functioning in the physical construct and the physical construct, need to work as a unit. That is one of the things that has not been taught. You all have the feeling, that you’re your body. No, you are not. The body is your means of expression. But how can you ‘express’ through something that you’re fighting with? It has to be a cooperative venture.

So these are just little things that I’m pointing out to you that we have said before in previous transcripts that we have done over a period of time. But, perhaps this will help you, because we’re speaking directly to you as well as to the list as a whole, and trying to help you become that which you are – which is ‘grander’ than anything you can ever imagine. Then
when you begin the exploration of self, that becomes the ‘grandest’ journey that you could ever have. There will never be another like it. And this journey that you have now, if it begins with ‘exploration’ of SELF and understanding SELF, will change your world – guaranteed. We are Datre.


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