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Datre answers Pat and Charlotte.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Pat, and her first question is… “What are Datre’s words concerning sounds, color and forms on the earth plane, in other dimensions, in the Universe where they are?”

DATRE: All right, first of all let us explain that you have perfected the physical body with the eyes. Now, were you to go back and look at that which you call another time… another ‘time’ element, you would discover that you did not have the colors you have today. It is the ‘eyes’ that allow you to see color. In your desire to want to see, you have changed your eyes to be able to perceive more and more delicate color and a wider
range of colors in that which you call your ‘color spectrum’.

Now, your ears are the same. The intensity of sound, the variances of sound, have all come from the desire to hear in greater depth. Your physical bodies have changed. There are those who wanted to become taller. There are species that are taller than they were previously, because of their desire to be taller. Everything is a process of ‘evolution’.

Now, if you are referring to ‘realities’ that are what you call realities of the planetary existence that you maintain, you will see colors in different degrees. But, this is only ‘your’ planetary existence. There is no color in the Universe – we’ve said that before.

What would we do with colors, we don’t have eyes? What would we do with ears, we don’t hear? What would we do with bodies? Can you see us out in the Universe in a body like you’ve got today? What would we ‘stand’ on?

You see the Universe does not function from a ‘physical’ standpoint. You function from a ‘physical’ standpoint, because that is your desire. The YOU that ‘you’ are is NOT physical. I don’t know how many times and in how many different ways we’re going to have to say that? But, the YOU that ‘you’ are exists. The only time a ‘portion’ of the YOU that ‘you’ are exists in
physicality is when you are what you call ‘awake’. When you’re ‘awake’, you put a ‘portion’ of you into physicality.

Now, that’s not a hierarchy thing, let’s not get off on to that, that you are ‘greater’ out there than you are in here. You are DIFFERENT and I want to emphasize that “different”, because you are functioning through a physical construct for ‘your’ learning experience. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Datre states they were “birthed” to do what they do. When the physical dies and a new birth occurs in another realm, I understand each has his own “work” to perform (between incarnations). Can Datre say a few words on this “work”?”

DATRE: Well, everything that you’ve referred to there is ‘physical’. It has nothing to do with us in the Universe. We don’t ‘work’, what we do is beyond your understanding. There’s no way that you… you see, you can’t understand, for whatever reason, that a physical brain only functions in ‘physicality’. In other words, you can’t explain something to a physical brain that it cannot make any sense out of it. So why should it even… it cannot even be spoken, because you have not words for it. That’s why people get all confused when they come out of sleep and they’ve had these crazy dreams. Then they try and interpret them from a physical standpoint.

When you’re asleep – as you refer to it – you’re out of the physical construct and you function differently. But you can’t understand that ‘that’ functioning and the functioning in physicality are two ‘separate’ things. They’re together, but they’re separate.

In other words, in your sleep you’re speaking a different language – lets put it that way, maybe that can be understood. If you’re in that which you call the U.S., you speak that which you call ‘English’. If you go to Germany, you speak German. If you go to France, you speak French. If you go to some of you’re Indian countries – Iraq, Iran, some of those places, you speak a different language. All right, that is just a physical transformation from one country to a different country – you have different languages.

All right, you have awake and you have sleep. Awake, you speak whatever language of whatever country you’re living in. When you’re asleep you speak a different language and that ‘different’ language is understood and the language that is understood in that which you call sleep, is ‘geometric’. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, geometric, then we have cubes and we have circles and we have triangles and we have all these things’. But, ‘geometric’ is as close as I can come to what your language in that which you call sleep is. Now, the language in your sleep and the language in your ‘awake’ still has nothing to do with the Universe. So, have we answered that question?

JOHN: Yes, except I don’t know what this “work” thing is…

DATRE: Well its like I said before…

JOHN: But she talks about the ‘dead zone’ and having some work to do before coming back. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

DATRE: Well, if you want to continue living in the dead zone, then you can continue living in the dead zone. For as long as you can maintain your HOLOGRAM…

JOHN: That’s not a task that you have ahead of you – you do what you do – period.

DATRE: You do what you do, yes. You stay there until your HOLOGRAM looses its, shall we say its continuity. Then when it begins to break apart, then you have to make a decision as to what you’re going to do and that decision is made – again – in that which you call the sleep state, because in that which you call the dead zone, you function the same as you do here. But it’s in a different frequency.

But in the dead zone, people will… they’ll say, ‘well I always wanted this little house with the white picket fence with a little stream running through the back yard with fish in it and I want animals and so forth’. So they will build that and stay there, until the HOLOGRAM begins to loose its continuity. They’ll be content and they will live day and night, day and
night, just like you do here. But you see, the only thing you don’t understand is – its ‘still’ you. You say one’s alive and one’s dead. We can’t see the difference from our vantage point. It all looks the same to us. But this to you is a great mystery. If you wish to continue to know more about the life and death process, you can continue to learn in the dead zone. This is not a task as you put it, but your ‘desire’ to do so. So now have we covered it?

JOHN: Yes.


DATRE: Okay, next question.

JOHN: Now we have some questions from Charlotte and her first question is… “Dear John, was curious about a comment that you wrote… “spirit has no emotion”. Could you explain? I might be confused thinking that love and joy are emotions.”

DATRE: You are correct in that, love and joy are physical emotions. Now, what you refer to in the physical, as ‘spirit’ is no more than the YOU that ‘you’ are – if you want to look at it that way. The YOU that ‘you’ are is what you call ‘spirit’. The YOU that ‘you’ are functions without physical embodiment. But, when you come into the physical containment, through this
physical containment, you can experience love and joy. But it is ‘only’ through the physical containment that those ’emotions’ can be expressed. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is Datre a love energy?”

DATRE: Datre is more ‘individuals’ then you would ever want to begin to count. Datre IS – that’s all I can say. Datre was only a ‘name’ that was given for identification.

Now, when the physical construct called Aona opens and vacates for us to come ‘into’ the physical containment, there are any number that speak through her physical construct. It is not ‘one’ that comes in and does all the speaking. Now, as we’ve said before, in the Universe we are ‘not’ physical beings. The only way that we can experience physical ’emotion’ is through a physical construct, which is the body of Aona. That is why there
are so many that want that experience. You see we have no idea what it is like to enter a physical construct. There are many that will come into the physical construct of Aona and they’ll come in and be ‘startled’ by the whole mechanism and leave immediately – because to them it is overwhelming. Now, there are those that are more familiar with entering a physical body who enjoy the experience, but would never want to go through that which you call the ‘life’-‘death’ process – because, to us, it is too limiting. But never the less, is a ‘grand’ experience. So Datre is a ‘composite’.

Now, if you were to look at Aona’s hand at the present time, look at how these fingers are folded. Now, were Aona to be in the physical and manipulate the body the way she does when she’s in this physical body, she would not be able to do this. It is stretching the fingers beyond the limits of her physical… the way ‘she’ runs her physical body. When we are inside the physical body, we can do things that she cannot do. Simply
because, we can handle energy.

Now, she can handle energy, but she has no desire to walk through the kitchen and make herself 7 feet tall. But because, when she’s out of the body and we’re in the body, then if we decide we want the body 7 feet tall just for fun, we’ll do it and it has been seen, its been done.

But you see, you don’t… you are so ‘static’ in your body constructs that you don’t manipulate them; you don’t ‘change’ them. You think that they have to be ‘this’ way. Well, they don’t have to be ‘that’ way; they can be a lot of ways. But it depends on who’s in… What the message is that are taken off of the papers – the questions that people ask – as to ‘who’ is
here and ‘who’ isn’t here. Those that have had more in the body experiences – the bodily construct – can speak better on the subject of ‘what’ is happening in the body and how the body is working and that sort of thing.

Now, if we get into technicalities and get out beyond what you call your … what do you call this arrangement that you and your planets are in? (The Solar System) when we get out beyond that which you call your Solar System and we get into technicalities beyond that Solar System that you are in, then we have those with different expertise that will come through the physical containment. But you see that becomes something that
becomes very difficult to try and figure out ‘words’ to explain many things that are almost ‘unexplainable’ – because you don’t have physical terms that can be used.

Anyway, Datre is ‘not’ one. Datre is many. Over the periods of years we have no numberings.

JOHN: I think the confusion that’s involved here is, she’s considering that ‘love’ energy is a finite thing in and of itself and it exists in the Universe – that’s her thought pattern. Its purely an ’emotion’.

DATRE: No, no ,no. Its an ’emotion’ through the physical construct ‘only’. Were you to visit ‘other’ planetary existences – where’s the emotion? There are planets that exist without… you should watch that Star Trek thing. That one called Spark… no emotion. That exists, but that was ‘not’ what you wanted. If you had wanted to exist in the planetary state with no ’emotion’, then that’s where you would be. But also, you would not ‘look’ like the people on this planet either. So until you figure this one out, you’re going to have ‘these’ physical containments.

When you figure these physical containments out, be it eon’s down the line, it does not matter, because there is no such thing as ‘time’, because it ‘all’ IS and it ‘isn’t’ – figure ‘that’ one out. You see the concept is far ‘greater’ and far ‘less’ on this planet. It’s a ‘puzzlement’ it’s a ‘confusion’, and yet it is so very ‘simple’ when you know ‘how’. When you
know ‘how’ it is so simplistic you do not wish to stay here, there’s no need to stay here, you’ve learned it. In other words, why go through 3rd grade 3 times or 4 times or 5 times, if you learned it the first time?

How about the children that go into kindergarten that can already read the newspaper? Yet, they have to sit there, how boring can it get? You see, a child that can read the newspaper going into kindergarten, has to sit there, because ‘that’ is one of your rules. This is where you ‘start’ and this is where you ‘end’. That’s the ‘time line’ that you have been on – this is where you ‘start’ and this is where you ‘end’. But the thing is,
you’re at the ‘end’ of the ‘time line’ of learning ‘how’ to be ‘creators’ and you’re still stumbling over each other, not knowing ‘what’ to do.

So, okay, do it again. Put you in ‘different’ circumstances. Different things that look different to you. So that you start ‘jarring’ the physical and begin to ‘teach’ the physical – that’s what you’re here for. The YOU that ‘you’ are is trying to get the physical brain to understand. You see, NO ONE is ‘teaching’ you, YOU are trying to ‘teach’ yourself and you won’t
listen, because you get too many distractions.

Anyway, we’re standing on a soapbox in the middle of the square and there’s no one around listening to us. Are there any more questions?

JOHN: Yes one last one. And her last question is… “And finally, does Datre know of Kryon of magnetic services?”

DATRE: That Kryon must be an archangel or a hierarchal being or something of ‘planetary’ existence that is in that which you call your ‘dead zone’. There’s no such thing out here. We don’t have ‘names’. The only name that we have is Datre and that’s so that you can call us by something, because people got very disturbed when we kept saying, ‘we have no name’. People got angry and people walked out, ‘I’m not going to listen to anything that doesn’t have a name, what are they talking about?’. And there are still many that don’t ‘know’ what we’re talking about. But this… anything that has a ‘name’ that is working with all these magnificent things, I do not know anything about.

JOHN: It’s just like the Galactic federation or whatever. They make up some name that sounds impressive so the EGO will pay attention.

DATRE: Well, sometimes that has to happen, but then, that is kindergarten again. So let’s get beyond kindergarten and let’s begin to work on SELF and ‘understanding’ what you’re here for and become the grand ‘creators’ that ‘you’ originally started out being. You thought that going into a physical construct would be a grand experience – ‘oh, being a creator, that’s no big deal’ and yet we have a great span of that which you call ‘time’ – which has run out – and now you’re saying, ‘oh, what’s this business about being a creator?’.

So, we are standing on a soapbox in the middle of a square and there is no one around us, so I guess no one is listening to what we’re trying to say. TRY TO BE MORE OF THE YOU THAT ‘you’ ARE. That is what you are here to learn. How many times to you want to do the same thing over and over? I would think that you would be ready to try something new.

There are those that are saying, ‘I would like to try something new, but I’ve still got so much to learn here, that I’ve got to get it all in’. They’re so fascinated with ‘how’ their physical body is acting in regards to situations that they’re OBSERVING. Total ‘fascination’, they don’t care that they’ve run out of time. They don’t care when ‘time’ ends or when ‘time’ begins – it’s not important. They’re working with entirely different attitudes. It’s ‘not’ because of anything that we have said, it’s ‘their’ desire to know themselves. Then in their OBSERVATION, they’re continually fascinated by ‘what’ they’re able to create. That is all. Are there any more questions?

JOHN: No, that’s it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we’re Datre.


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