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Datre answers James.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from James and his first question is… “James from Theion here. I’ve been talking to Cynthia (from the list) for the last several months about something my teachers call the table, or “circle” of awareness…”

DATRE: Now let’s stop right there. What does a table or circle of awareness imply? (Structure) Yes, but that is what you’re trying to get away from is – structure. If you… where is the ‘evolution’ if you go from one ‘structure’ to another? What’s the difference if you’re a Baptist and go to a Lutheran church? To us, we cannot see the difference. AWARENESS is INDIVIDUALISTIC, it has nothing to do with a group. There’s no ‘circle’ of AWARENESS. There’s no ‘table’ of AWARENESS. That is something that we do not understand. AWARENESS is INDIVIDUALISTIC.

You can be as AWARE as you can be and be in a whole group of people and how can you tell the AWARENESS of another individual? You’ll say, ‘oh, that persons got to be an old soul’. What does that mean? ‘Oh, I can read their aura’. What does that mean? ‘Well, if it’s a blue color, this means this’. All right, so you all agree. Where is the INDIVIDUAL? It is lost in the MASS.

This is what Datre is trying to do, is get you to be your ‘own’ person – become an INDIVIDUAL – become a MASTER. A MASTER is not a ‘herded’ individual. Continue.

JOHN: He further continues and says… “And how space-time is created from this collaboration of contrasting perspectives.”

DATRE: It is NOT, because you do not create it. You do not create those things. You see, you think that ‘you’ create these things. “Space” is a Universal perspective. There are those that are “birthed” to create ‘space’. Its beyond your conception I know and that’s all I can say.

You don’t create ANYTHING – you create “pictures”. The “only” thing that you create is “pictures” for you to learn by. That is what you’re supposed to be doing. That is becoming an INDIVIDUAL, is working with your own “pictures”. OBSERVING your ‘own’ pictures for you’re own EVOLUTION.

Now, if agreeing with ‘other’ people makes you comfortable – fine. But, why agree with ‘other’ people?

JOHN: There’s no reason why you ‘disagree’ with other people – either way.

DATRE: You don’t have to, you don’t have to agree with them, you don’t have to disagree with them – ‘you’ have to be ‘you’. And the ‘you’ is NOT a ‘groupie’. The ‘you’ is an INDIVIDUAL that is teaching him or herself, because there isn’t anyone else that can teach you. Now, you’ll say, ‘well we’re getting teachings from Datre’. All right, if you want to look at them that way that is fine. But I’ll tell you one thing, the words you read on
your computer screen are read by every ‘individual’ that reads those words, in a very ‘different’ manner. Then any way you wish to ‘interpret’ what is said, is entirely up to you, because how ‘you’ interpret it is where ‘you’ are in ‘your’ understanding at the present time. So however your learning comes, that’s fine – but learn about yourself. Don’t learn about ‘other’ people. Don’t be concerned about ‘space’. Don’t think that ‘you’ are
creating all of this here – you’re ONLY creating the PICTURES.

Everything on this planet is ‘set’ here for you to OBSERVE. Now, ‘you’ pick the portion that you want to look at – and learn from ‘that’ portion. That’s why two people will never agree – on anything – IF they are “true” to themselves.

You can look out a little tiny window – you can have as many people as you can get around that window – and when you talk about it and talk about it and talk about it, you’ll find that there’s less and less alike. You’re separate and the more INDIVIDUALISTIC ‘you’ become, the greater you will become, because your awareness spectrum will be entirely different.
AWARENESS is NOT a ‘group’ thing – again it’s an INDIVIDUAL.

People will tell you, you’re this, you’re that, you’re the next thing. That’s EGO stroking. As a MASTER, a MASTER does not have to have his EGO stroked. He does not have to be told, ‘oh, you are a grand person. Oh, you’ve got to be an old soul. You have to be highly evolved – look at that aura’. What does that mean? Its nothing but ‘words’. Now, are you going to get all puffed-up because you think you’re grand? Then ‘who’s’ running the show? The ‘individual’ is being pushed aside and the EGO is taking over. The ‘individual’ and the EGO do not necessarily get along very well together. So continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and he say’s… “I’ve been linking it to ancient circles of being, energy “holders” or “families” as my guides call them.”

DATRE: Well, there again we’re onto this energy thing and I don’t know what you’re doing with your energy. That is entirely up to you, if you think as individuals that you are doing all of these things, that’s fine, but that’s not learning about ‘you’.

I can give you an instance and perhaps I have done this before. There are what the Indians call, their ‘sacred’ stones that they have put in circles or in different geometric forms. This is for ‘them’, their learning, their understanding. People have found these places and said, ‘these stones aren’t in the right places’ and moved all of them, because now this is right. Who is it right for? It is not right for the Indians who put them there in the first place. So the Indians go and put them back the way they were, because this is where they wanted them. The American Indians know a great deal more about this planet than ‘others’ on this planet, because that is inherent in their knowing. They understand the ground that they are walking on. They understand the wind. They understand the rain and a great deal of that has been lost. But they worked ‘with’ the planet and not ‘against’ it – it was different. So their understanding of where they put
their stones is going to be a great deal different than your book learning that say’s where the stones should be.

Now, Aona knows of certain areas where different groups of “highly evolved” individuals have gone in and changed stones 3 and 4 times. Then you know what happens? The Indians finally give up and say – no more. Now, is that any different than people burning churches? You talk about that in the papers, about that being so terrible that somebody goes and burns a church. How do you know what those stones say that the Indians put on the ground? Because you’re “highly evolved” you think you know where the stones go. You don’t find an Indian going into a church – they probably do now – but the old Indians don’t go into a church. Their church is outdoors. So you see, you need to have RESPECT for any and all things.

But realize you can’t go around changing things, because you don’t understand. There are individuals that ‘can’ change energy. There are individuals that can stand and know they’re standing on an energy vortex and can tell you whether the energy flow is going up or going down at the present time that they’re standing there. There are those that can ‘see’ those energy points and there are those that ‘pretend’ to see those energy
points, because they need to be ‘part’ of that group of ‘its something wonderful’. No it isn’t, it isn’t any more wonderful than anybody that can go and make a cup of coffee. It’s just that some people can do one thing, some people can do another thing, but you don’t ‘all’ have to do the same thing. There are those on the planet that DO understand energy, but it does not concern them. You must realize at this point, with the energy changes, that the bodies are having to ‘adjust’ and work with different energies. The plants and animals are working with different energy – and that is called EVOLUTION.

So, we got of on a track, but there are so many things in that area that are things that people on the planet think they can do something about. They ‘can’ in a very small radius like a back yard, but that is not going to get anyplace. If its fun and you’re having ‘fun’ doing it, that’s fine – have a good time. Laugh and play with it, play with the energy, have a good time.
But don’t think its something grand and glorious and mysterious. The grand glorious and grandest experience you can have – is finding out WHO you are and finding out what you’re trying to tell yourself. All right continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “I would love to take a look at what you’ve received on time reversal within the circle.”

DATRE: Well, that’s fine, you can do anything with ‘time’ that you want to, because you don’t have it any more. We’ve told you that before in previous communications. Your ‘time line’ that you have been functioning from, is no longer existing. You are working on what we call ‘pseudo’ time. That’s the only word I can find for it in your languages. That’s why you say, ‘well, I
don’t have enough time to do this or I don’t have enough time to do that’. Your ‘time’ is yours. You have ‘nothing’ in front of you that say’s, ‘this is a goal’. That is why so many are becoming so ‘static’. Because, when your ‘time line’ ran out, you are ‘now’ to make your own. You’re to make your own pictures. You’re to become the ‘creators’ that you started out to be. You need to create your ‘own’ patterning, not anyone else’s.

You see, that is what’s happening, just as an example – with your TV. Why are they bring back all of the ‘old’ programs? All the ‘old’ movies? Using the same, what you call, ‘plots’ in many different things you watch. The same scenario, again and again – because they are ‘unable’ to think beyond that. They’re just taking ‘mashed potatoes’ and swishing them around on the plate, some put on salt, some put on pepper and butter, some put on cheese, some put on that cream stuff, but basically, you’ve still got mashed potatoes at the bottom.

So you see what is happening is, things are going around in a circle because you can’t get out of ‘past’ thinking, because you don’t have the ‘thrust’ to go forward.

JOHN: Actually, from one of the terms that I’ve heard applied to this culture at the present time, “we have become a ‘futureless’ culture. We have no concept of where to go”.

DATRE: That’s right. You are, because you have ‘not’ been the creator that you – way back – started out to be. You’ve forgotten what you were here for. YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN TO BE A CREATOR – that was your ONE big thing. But it has become so watered down, that all you’re doing is running off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you don’t even ‘know’ WHO you are any more.

That’s why we say, ‘become an INDIVIDUAL’, ‘become an OBSERVER’, ‘become AWARE’. Those are the people that stand out and there’s so few of them, because they hunger for finding out ‘who they are’, ‘why am I here?’. ‘What am I doing?’ ‘What am I to learn?’ To most, those questions are ‘not’ important. It’s easier to ‘fix’ the next door neighbor or the environment or something else, than it is to work on that which you are – SELF. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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