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Datre answers Susmita.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is… “Datre mentions that by giving our so-called “sins” or bad experiences in the dead-zone we give away our energy. Do we gather energy by accumulating experience?”

DATRE: You don’t give away your ‘energy’. That may have been a
misconception. It may have been a mis-translation. You don’t give away your ‘energy’, what you’re giving away is what you have ‘learned’.

Now, you relate “sins” in an entirely different way than an individual that is becoming ‘aware’ of himself or herself does. Now, that does not mean that you can run helter-skelter and do something – like you say – something bad and then state that, ‘I have sinned and I’m sorry for my sins and doing what did’ and then go away and do whatever you want to do. You do that when
you’re awake. What is one of the big things that people say consistently – ‘I’m sorry’? Then by saying ‘I’m sorry’ that’s supposed to take care of it.

Now, that is fine in the physical, but what you’re supposed to be learning is, why did you do it in the first place. What was your experience? That’s what its all about, you cannot be a CREATOR in all knowingness, and ‘not’ understand ‘why’ you do something. You see, your physical being, has become so familiar to you, over that which you call, your periods of the ‘time
line’. Your consistent experiences of the ‘time line’ have made you complacent – you’re ‘not’ paying attention.

Now, those that are finding out what its like to become a CREATOR, are becoming aware of the ‘pictures’ that they are putting in front of them and ‘why’ they are putting the pictures in front of them and what they are ‘learning’ from the pictures they are putting in front of them. THAT is becoming a CREATOR. You can ‘create’ by default. In other words, in the morning, hop into a physical body and work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thinking and be bumped and bombarded all over the place. Go through ‘all’
your physical emotions of the physical construct, which is ‘love’, ‘hate’, ‘fear’, ‘anger’, all of these different things that are involved ‘with’ the physical construct. Then, one minute you’re boiling over with ‘hatred’ at somebody that supposedly did something ‘to’ you. Then ten minutes latter,
somebody comes up and gives you a hug and say’s, ‘I love you’ and then the ‘other’ is all forgotten. Now, what have you learned? If you want to become a CREATOR, why the ‘anger’ and the ‘hatred’ toward that first person? What did you ‘learn’ from that?

A CREATOR will ‘study’ that situation. Now, that does not mean he has to sit down and go into meditation and figure out what its all about. No, because as you become accustomed to ‘that’ action, you will ‘immediately’ say to yourself, ‘why did that person make me ‘that’ mad? What was behind it? What was I supposed to ‘learn’ from that?’. Then the more adept you become at figuring these things out, it will take you just an ‘instant’ – you’ll understand ‘why’ – why did I paint that picture, what was I to learn from it? Then when somebody comes up and gives you a hug, ‘alright, why did I paint ‘that’ picture?’ ‘Why did I have that person come in and give me a hug?’ ‘What was this all about?’

You see, from a physical standpoint, to begin with, it seems like an arduous task – trying to figure out all day long, ‘why’ you’re doing ‘what’ you’re doing. You’ll probably – in the beginning – will only be able to figure out ‘one’ thing. You know why? Because you have pressured yourself into ‘constantly’ going from one situation to another, to another, to another. What you’re doing is, you’re trying to get the brain to run like a computer. A computer is, ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’, ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’, ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’. Your TV, your commercials, ‘flash’, ‘flash’, ‘flash’. What you’re trying to do is to get your brain to work that way.

No, that is ‘not’ the way the brain works if you’re becoming a CREATOR. A CREATOR slows down this MASS of ‘junk’ that is incoming, that the brain is processing constantly – slows it down for understanding. You know what the first thing you’re going to say is? ‘I don’t have time’. What did we tell you? There’s no more ‘time’. Time has become an ‘individualistic’ thing. You don’t have a ‘script’ that you need to follow. Your ‘script’ is gone. You are, at this point, to become a CREATOR.

Now, if you were a director of making a movie, the director does not care how many times he has to do, one scene over and over and over, to get it right. How many times have you heard of the director of a film say, ‘well, we over-road the budget, it took 3 months longer, or 6 months longer than we anticipated’. That director does not care how long it took, he wanted to get it ‘right’. Okay, now let’s put that onto the physical being. You do not care how long it takes to get it ‘right’. Work from ‘that’ principle, if that is easier for you to understand. It matters not, how long it takes to get it right. To get it ‘right’, from what you’re doing, is to ‘understand’ your ‘pictures’. When you understand your ‘pictures’, your ‘pictures’ will become ‘different’. Then you’ll say, ‘well, how can I do
that? I’m living in the same house, I’ve got the same family, I’ve got the same car, I’ve got the same job, how can I change it?’. You ‘can’ change it.

There are individuals on this planet that ‘are’ changing it. They’re not going out and praying for ‘peace’ for the world. They’re not concerned about what their neighbor is doing. They’re concerned about themselves and when the individual becomes concerned about them self, he or she, acts and reacts ‘differently’. The thing that automatically happens is that ‘you’ begin to have ‘respect’ for everything and everyone – its an automatic. Because, you “see” differently. There’s a saying that is an old one, ‘the world never changes, the only thing that changes, is ‘your’ way of looking at it’. This is what we are trying to get you to do, because those that are making those changes are happy, contented, individuals and experiencing
everyday as entirely different than they ever have previously. All right, continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I can understand intuitively that the only way free will can operate is by mutual choice (be that personal struggle in relationships, or mass events like the Jewish holocaust). Although I must admit my ego has a hard time sometimes accepting that.”

DATRE: Well, number one, your EGO does not have to accept it. Don’t work from the point of EGO. As you become a CREATOR you do not work from the point of EGO. As stated before, EGO and INDIVIDUALISM do not work together. When you become an ‘individual’, the EGO is set aside. Its not something that you have to work ‘at’, its an automatic. To put it very bluntly – you say two things cannot occupy the ‘same’ space. In physicality that is true. You can’t have two physical objects occupying the same space. The same thing with ‘thought’ patterns in that which you call your brain. Your brain, which has ‘squiggles’, ‘pathways’, whatever you want to call it in
your brain – groves which connect, here there and the next place. Those ‘groves’ that are not used, disappear. Its like, if you cut yourself on your hand, as that heals – the scab formed and the scab falls off – you’ve got plain skin underneath. The same thing with an ‘electrical’ patterning in the brain. If that ‘electrical’ pattern is not used, that pattern, shall we say, dissolves – that’s the only word I can think of, because actually, your brain patterns change all the time.

In that which you call, ‘awareness’, OBSERVATION, those EGO patterns which are run off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – disappear. It is hard for you to understand, but they’ll say, ‘but that person seems so dull’. Well, that person is not dull, that’s the way you’re ‘perceiving’ that person. That person that is ‘dull’, you look in their eyes and there are millions of things going on in that individual. But because that individual is not ‘running’, is not ‘blabber’, ‘blabber’, ‘blabbering’, appears to you to be
‘dull’. But, in speaking to that individual, you’ll find that they give you answers to things in talking with you, that is entirely different from what you expect. Then you’ll find that you become fascinated listening to those people. Even talking about everyday life, because they look at it so different.

When AWARENESS comes in, the EGO automatically goes out. Because the EGO no longer has to be ‘stroked’, you don’t need all this ‘stroking’ that you give each other. You don’t need all the ‘battering’ that you give each other.

You see, those that go down the hi-way and get mad because someone passes them and takes out a gun and shoots them. Now, you’ll say, well that’s an extreme case. Is it any more extreme to ‘observe’ a situation like that or ‘observe’ a situation where one individual is abusing another person ‘verbally’? Which is more hurtful? Which can do the most damage for those individuals running off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS?

Now, a person that is becoming an ‘individual’ and ‘aware’ of themselves, someone can come up and abuse them verbally – they will look at the situation – why did I paint that picture? Decide what the picture is there for and continue on. But you’ll find that that individual, because they’ve figured out what the situation is, the verbal abuse won’t hurt them. How about the fellow that takes out the gun and shoots the other fellow in the
other car? If that person is an AWARE person, that’s beginning to understand why that picture is there, the minute he sees that gun in the persons hand, in the blink of an eye, will say, ‘why am I creating this situation?’ and in the situation the picture will change – that quickly. That’s because he has figured out ‘what’ the picture was showing him. Now, he can decide at that moment, ‘do I want to get shot or do I want that man to put that gun back down on the seat next to him?’ You’ll say, ‘well this can’t be done’. Oh, yes it can. Oh, yes it can, because until you decide you’re the CREATOR, you are ‘not’ doing anything. The minute you ‘discover’ – and it is a ‘realization’ – you ‘discover’ YOU are the CREATOR, you’ll ‘discover’ what ‘you’ CAN DO. Continue.

JOHN: Now, her next question is… “My question is to what extent significant personal relationships (parents, spouse, in-laws, children, close friends) and the actual pattern of interaction (abuser vs. abused, aggressive vs. submissive etc..) are pre-arranged by mutual choice before birth? And to what extent the significant experiences are caused by free will after-birth?”

DATRE: Well you see, there again, all of those things that you’re looking at, you’re looking at from a strictly physical concept. You’re looking at what’s going on as MASS events. MASS events are to be ‘viewed’ but not to get ’emotionally’ involved in. The people that choose these things, choose them for their own evolution, for their own understanding. If they don’t learn anything from it, if they’re just being herded, then that’s what
they have chosen, because they are not ‘strong’ enough in their own ‘knowingness’ to ‘know’ what is going on.

You… from our standpoint, we look at the whole planetary existence from the standpoint that – you’re ‘all’ in the state of ‘frustration’. You are ‘all’ so extremely ‘frustrated’. You are ‘all’ so ‘keyed-up’, shall we say, because you’re running off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You’re ‘all’ running helter-skelter and it’s very difficult to find those that are beginning to CREATE their ‘own’ pictures and be ‘individualistic’. Because of the MASS of humanity you have on the planet it’s very hard for you to separate yourself ‘out’ and take a look at situations. But ‘start’ with just ‘one’.

Pretend in the morning, that you’re directing a film and watch the scenes and say, ‘well, I don’t care for that one’. Why don’t you care for that one? ‘Well, if I were to do it differently, I’d do it this way.’ Then do it differently. The next time that “situation” comes up, take a look at it and do it differently. Learning will begin at that point, because you will learn that when a similar instance comes up, that you ‘can’ take a different action. Be a ‘director’. Those pictures are ‘your’ films that are running every time you open your eyes. You are viewing through your eyes – just like a camera. Your eyes are the cameras to the pictures that are running in front of you. You’re ‘projecting’ from your eyes out and putting the pictures in front of you. What pictures do you want to look at – change
them? How many times have you heard them talk about the film where they ‘cut and splice’? Learn to ‘cut and splice’. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “What if we totally go by our free will and ignore pre-birth agreements?”

DATRE: Do you remember your pre-birth arrangements? How do you know what they are? How do you know whether you’re doing it or not? Now, when you ‘know’ what you’re doing, that’s one thing. But when you’re just living and existing, how do you ‘know’ what they were? Do you know what you planed before you came into birth? How much of that did you bring in with you? Most people cannot even remember one instance of what there were going to
do in this lifetime, because when you come into the birth you leave it all there. You don’t leave it there on purpose; you leave it there by ‘default’. If you ‘knew’ who you were, you would bring it in and ‘know’ you were bringing it in and live ‘this’ physical existence as you had planned. But you have to ‘know’ who you are and ‘that’s’ where the ‘fun’ begins. When you can “live and die and live” and watch the whole process. That’s
when the ‘fun’ begins. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “If we do have more expanded awareness at least temporarily after death (not having a physical body), I wonder who would knowingly volunteer for the role to be an abuser/victimizer?”

DATRE: Who ever said you had more awareness when you’re in the ‘dead-zone’? Just because you die, you don’t get any smarter. You may be able to ‘observe’ what is going on in physicality, when you first go into the ‘dead-zone’ if you’ve still got enough wits about you to keep yourself together and not be ‘traumatized’ by that which you call ‘death’ which you’ve done thousands of times. But if you’re smart enough to keep yourself
together, you may make a lot of ‘observations’ about what’s going on in physicality and what’s going on with you. But, there again, there you also have to ‘know’ WHO YOU ARE.

So who would volunteer for that? What difference does it make what you volunteer for? What lesson are ‘you’ teaching yourself? Let’s do a good example, John was talking the other day in regard to something that I don’t remember, and he was talking about that which you call President Truman. There was something on the radio about it, I believe – am I correct John?

JOHN: There were just highlighting his career because it was his birth anniversary.

DATRE: All right, and they said that he was the one that they didn’t expect much of and yet, he was the man that decided to drop the Atomic Bomb in Japan. But in listening to that, there was one statement that was outstanding – he took ‘full’ responsibility for that action. What does that tell you? He ‘knew’ – he took responsibility for that action. Now, do you
take ‘responsibility’ for ‘your’ actions, be it small or be it nationally known, as they say? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “How it is possible in the BIG universe to be completely “Singular” and still maintain the identity/unity of the universe? I guess it is a foolish question because it is beyond my understanding!”

DATRE: And it is beyond the understanding of anybody in planetary existence. In planetary existence you have to work off of a physical brain. The physical brain has to be ‘taught’. The YOU that ‘you’ are can become a ‘grand’ teacher. But you have to make ‘more’ connection. That’s what its all about. The YOU that ‘you’ are is giving you things for your understanding, because when you’re asleep, you’re ALL together. The ‘you’ in physicality and the YOU that ‘you’ are becomes ‘one’ totality. In physicality, a small ‘portion’ of the YOU that ‘you’ are comes into physicality for experience. Now, that’s a difficult concept for you to understand, but that to us is very simple. But explaining what happens in the Universe is… if you can’t even understand ‘that’ one, then you can’t understand the Universe, because that is much more complex. Universal understanding is ‘not’ working through a physical brain.

You see, ‘you’ don’t ‘know’ who you are when you’re asleep. You have no idea ‘who’ you are when you’re asleep, because the only thing that you ‘know’ is, when you’re awake in the physical construct. And that is only a ‘small’ portion of YOU. So you see, what we’re trying to tell you is, that’s the concept that you have to learn here ‘first’. Then you can be ready for that which you call the Universe, which you call the next step. Well, it may be and it may ‘not’ be the ‘next’ step – because there’s a ‘lot’ in that which you call this experience for you to ‘explore’ on ‘different’ planetary existences. This is ‘not’ the only planetary existence that you learn from. This is the one you’ve “chosen” to learn from, because ‘this’ is the most exciting. And you think ‘life’ is boring. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “On a different note, I remember as a small child I always had a fascination for sticking my leg, neck etc.. Through some hole of opening of some kind (between iron bars etc..). And my mother had to call for outside help to get me out of the jam! My thinking was if I can get in, I can easily get out! Now I like to ask Datre is getting into “physicality” easier than getting out of it?”

DATRE: That’s what you were trying to tell yourself continuously. You were painting a picture and you didn’t ‘look’ at it. You were painting your picture and showing ‘you’. The thing is, it is, it is far easier to get in than get out, because you have taken so much time to get out. This was ‘not’ expected; this was a ‘new’ experiment, a new experience. To jump into physicality, this was something ‘different’. Let’s get in and explore it. The only thing I can say is, you were smart enough not to send ALL of you in. But maybe some of you should have sent ‘more’ of you in than you did, because you became more of a ‘robotic’ group of individuals and you did ‘not’ keep yourself in the ‘learning’ mode.

You became lazy. You ‘allowed’ yourself to get ‘layered’ and you should have been out of this experience a long time ago, as you equate ‘time’, not as we equate time. But, were you left to lolly-gag around, we don’t know how long it would take you to get out of here. If we can get a ‘handful’ out of here, into a ‘new’ experience of evolution that is going to ‘go’ someplace, that is what we’re looking for. We want to see, how far ‘you’
can ‘evolve’ the physical expression. That’s why all these ‘different’ physical expressions have to be separated, because they don’t fit together any more. Your different states of ‘evolution’ are so different. The brain patterning’s within the individuals upon the planet are so different, that in order to see how far the ‘evolution’ of the physical construct can go,
we need to make the separation and that is what is called the BIRTH.

It is no different than if you have that which – I’m seeing a picture of the peoples that sift with grains and they have something like a window screen and they’re sitting and shaking back and forth, back and forth and all the stuff is falling down at the bottom. Then the bigger kernels are staying up on top of that which you call the window screen. That is what’s happening now. You ask about the new ‘energies’ and how can I handle the
new ‘energies’. The bodies handle the ‘energies’. You are only the ‘indwelling’ entity that is helping the body in its learning process. Then as you become more individualistic, and more ‘observant’ of things, you will handle the ‘energies’, because it won’t be a problem to you. But what’s happening is, all the chaff is going down at the bottom that wheatie stuff, that fine, fine stuff is going down to the bottom and the bigger kernels are staying up at the top of the screen.

Now, that fine stuff that goes at the bottom is not thrown away, that’s taken and something else is done with that. The stuff on top is taken and shaken again through another screen. Now we have another separation and most of the kernels are small and something is done with that. There are very few ‘large’ kernels and they are used in a different way. But they are all separated because it cannot be worked at as a whole unit. The screen
is your planet. The ‘separation’ is coming in the individuals. Those that are ‘aware’ of WHO and WHAT they are and why they’re here and what they’re drawing their pictures for and those that are falling through the screen at the bottom and they have to start from ‘that’ point, to be able to do something else. That may not be a good analogy, but it’s as close as I can come. That fine chaff stuff is used, the medium stuff is used and nothing
is ever lost.

Any more questions?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you, we are Datre.


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