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Datre on death and dying.

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from one of the subscribers concerning death and dying and the first question is… “I am dying – it unfortunately is going to be a slow and painful death. I have two questions: (A) What happens to our consciousness after death, what is the post death experience?”

DATRE: All right, now, we have said many, many times, you “are”, you “were”, and you “will be”. Now, we’ve also talked about LIFE-DEATH. We have said that one of the things that would be very beneficial for humans is if they were able to go through a ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘life’ process – in complete and total awareness. In other words, being an OBSERVER in all cases. Now, that is not easily accomplished, but there are those that have done it. They no longer have any need for physicality.

What happens when you go through the ‘life’-‘death’ process is the fact that you loose the ‘particles’ of your HOLOGRAM. Now, that is something that every one of you upon ‘this’ planet has experienced thousands of times. When you ‘die’, you actually change the vibratory construct and the first thing you will do upon dying is, you will reconstruct a body for you to live in. Now, you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know ‘how’ I can do that’. Well,
because you’ve done it so many times before, you certainly will be able to do it again.

Now, we’ve spoken of those that have “died” and they are never alone. You will have – what you call – people, that you will connect up with. That is one of the things that when the old time ‘mediums’ would bring through the deceased relatives, they would say, ‘we’re just fine over here, we’re better than we’ve ever been, we’ll be waiting for you to come over’. Now, did you believe it was ‘true’ or did you believe it was ‘hogwash’? There are both sides of the fence that people are on.

But, if you ‘were’, and you ‘are’, and you ‘will be’, that say’s it all. You think, simply because, in the case of death you ‘change’ – no, you don’t. Your ‘construct’ changes, you’re no longer filling your HOLOGRAM with ‘particles’. But, you build yourself a ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM. HOLOGRAMS don’t die. HOLOGRAMS may ‘change’, to some extent, but they don’t ‘die’, because that’s your ‘basic’ structure. That’s your ‘squiggly’ lines that we
see. That’s the ‘energy’ that holds everything together. All these squiggly little lines are a HOLOGRAM; the HOLOGRAM gets ‘stuffed’ with ‘particles’ so that you can ‘see’ it. It’s ‘not’ a complicated process, from ‘our’ standpoint. From your standpoint when you’re ‘in’ a physical body, it’s not so understandable.

That’s what we’re here to explain. To take the ‘mystery’ off, it’s ‘not’ a mystery, its not a secret – there are no secrets. Everything is ‘known’, the only thing that isn’t known to you as an ‘individual’ or to anyone else that’s an individual, is that we can’t give you information if you don’t ask the question. That’s the only thing that’s ‘unknown’. If you can ‘ask’ the question, we can give you the answer.

So what happens? You will be ‘stunned’, probably – to begin with, because it is a change. But you will very easily adapt. You’ll be able to think, walk and talk, just like you could here. Because, after all, if you get right down to the ‘basics’, the whole thing is a ‘dream’ to begin with. But, that is hard to understand when you’re in the physical body, because you have become so ‘attached’ to the physical body. Because ‘that’ is your existence. This is your ‘focus’ point. This is where you are ‘focusing’, is ‘in’ the physical body.

But, we just did one recently where we said, ‘where are you when you are asleep?’. You see it is no big mystery when you really truly understand those few words.

Now, you see, there’s a difference in individuals as to how they have been brought up into what ‘knowingness’ they have and what ‘knowingness’ they acquire in a “lifetime”. Now, if you were brought up in a family that had told you this from the beginning when you were a child, because children always question death. Children always question death, because they wonder about it. The first time there’s a death that they have any knowingness of, they will question it. And many, even if its somebody in their neighborhood, will want to go to the funeral to see what a dead person looks like. Then, at that point, it is a grand opportunity for parents to ‘explain’ to children. But, if parents have no understanding, then the child grows up wondering about the whole situation too. But, the child will do one of two things, either he will pass it off and say, ‘well, mother and
dad don’t know the answer, so I guess it isn’t that important’. Or, that will stick with him and they will pursue that.

So, do not be concerned that you’re going to be lost, that you’re going to go into the ground and never be seen again or heard of or anything else. The only thing that goes into the ground is ‘particles’. YOU “WILL” REMAIN. Continue.

JOHN: And the next and final question is… “(B) When this dying experience becomes too painful, is there a penalty for ending it myself?”

DATRE: Now, you could look at that in many different ways. Nobody will penalize you when you get on the other side and lament the fact that you did not learn what you wanted to learn when you came in here. Nobody is your judge and jury. All of your ‘life’ experiences are just ‘that’. You are the ‘only’ one that makes the decision as to, so called, right and wrong, good and bad, sin, etc…

Now, one of the difficulties with ‘pain’ is that many do not know how to handle it. There are those that are working with individuals who live in pain and they are doing miraculous work with those individuals. There are those that have ‘chronic’ pain, due to something or other. And there are individuals that have ‘had’ chronic pain and have learned ‘how’ to handle it and are teaching others how to ‘live’ with it.

Now, as long as you say its going to be ‘long’, why don’t you begin to work with yourself and learn what you are ‘capable’ of doing with the body. Now, they’ll say, ‘well the pain is so great, I can’t think’. Now let me tell you something, we’ve told you before, the brain is a computer. When you hit a key on the keyboard of the computer, it prints on the screen. You can’t put two keys down at the same time, it won’t work, you can’t do it,
because the computer will only ‘print’ one key at a time.
The same with the brain. You can only think of one thing at a time. Then someone will say, ‘well how can I sit and type and be thinking about a grocery list?’. Because your body is doing the typing. You’re thinking about your grocery list. Then all of a sudden the body will stop the hands and that will pull your mind away from the grocery list to the hands and wonder why they had
stopped typing. Then read what had been typed and say, ‘oh, I’ve got that all done, I wonder how I did it?’.

You see, that becomes so ‘natural’ to you, you don’t notice it. But, your ‘focus’ is on your grocery list; your body is doing something else. This might sound very simplistic, but these are good lessons for you to learn.

Now, when you are in pain, why not try getting your ‘focus’ out. You can actually – through practice – take yourself out of the body, so that you don’t feel the pain. It ‘can’ be done; it is being done by many all over your planet. Now that is a good experience for you, to learn to separate yourself from the body. Then you’ll say, ‘well the pain keeps drawing me in’ – that’s where your ‘focus’ is. Your ‘focus’ is in the physical. Take
the ‘focus’ OUT of the physical. You can do that many ways. You can listen to a piece of music – I would prefer you take a piece of classical music that is soothing, that doesn’t have any words to it that you can follow the words or anything. I want you to get ‘into’ the music. Get into that music, that’s where your ‘focus’ will be – intently ‘focus’ on that music. That pulls your ‘focus’ away from the body – then the body does it own thing. The body will continue doing what its doing. But you will ‘not’ feel the pain, because your ‘focus’ is not in the body. Your ‘focus’ is in the ‘sound’.

This is a good practice for you, because as you learn to go in and out of the body, in that fashion, at such time that you ‘decide’ to leave the body, it will be no big deal. Because this is what you do in that process that you call sleep. The body sets up a chemical within its physical construct that ‘shuts down’ the body mechanism and that’s what you call sleep. When the body mechanism slows down then it ‘releases’ your ‘focus’.
Now, you see, the body does it in one case, in another case ‘you’ do it.

So what I’m saying is, when the body shuts down, you go to sleep. Now, you’re doing it the other way around. ‘You’ are in control; ‘you’ are controlling the focus of your brain. Your brain is not ‘focused’ in the body, the brain is ‘focused’ into the music. You can take ‘traffic’ noise, if that is what you have and you don’t have music. Focus on all the different sounds of the cars and trucks and whatever happens to be going. Then listen intently to each different sound that you hear of the traffic. Do the tires of this one sound different than the tires of that one? That must be a big truck, this is a little car, there’s a motorcycle.
If you are in a hospital or some such place, listen for footsteps. Soon you will recognize a person before you ever ‘see’ them. See what you’re doing? Your takings your ‘focus’ out of the body. And that is one way of dealing with constant pain, because then when you go back it hurts. But you know that the minute that it gets to the point that you don’t want it any more, ‘you’ are in control and ‘you’ decide what you’re going to do. Let the body do its thing.

Then the more you do that and the more comfortable you become with that, then what’s the big deal about death? You see, the body decides when it’s going to die. But if ‘you’ decide that ‘you’ want to make the decision, then who’s to tell ‘you’ what you did was wrong? It is ‘your’ body; it is no one else’s body. That is one of the things that you are beginning to hassle now in that which is called your ‘moral wars’.

When you see the bombing of the clinics where women are going to get abortions, who is there throwing the bombs? Men! It is not a mans body. Every individual has a ‘right’ to their own body. But men have not ‘allowed’ women to have their own bodies. They will ‘rape’ women. They will have as many wives as they want. They will throw a woman into the street because she doesn’t bear ‘male’ children. It has been ‘male’ dominated.

It does not matter what your thoughts are on the situation, one way or the other, because they’re ‘your’ thoughts. I’m only bring this up to say, that the body is ‘yours’. It is ‘yours’ to do with as you want to do with it. Remember, “guilt” is an emotion. Emotions belong with the physical construct. Who’s ‘guilt’ is it? Is it something that someone has ‘told’ you? A ‘belief’ system – emotions.

You see, when you get to the point that we are trying to get you to ‘get’ to, ’emotions’ are ‘controllable’. At first, you will ‘control’ your emotions until it becomes such an ‘automatic’ that you’ll realize, ‘I wonder why I ever had that particular emotion?’. Jealousy – an emotion. Anger – an emotion. Guilt – an emotion. Fear – an emotion. But, the biggest one is ‘guilt’, because it has been ‘pushed’ at you as a child. When they tell you, ‘no, don’t do that’ and you do it, then you feel guilty. So you begin from the beginning. Fear is the other thing. Those are
the two that come right from the beginning. Jealousy comes right from the beginning.

You see that is why it is so important to ‘train’ children properly. But today, children aren’t trained. People have children and after they have them they don’t want them. It is not a nurturing society right now.

But, anyway, what we’re talking about, it is ‘your’ body. It is ‘yours’ to handle. You see they talk about ‘stress’. Stress causes ‘constrictions’ of the body. They say, ‘they’re all tied up in knots’. That’s exactly what you do – you tie your body into a knot. Then you don’t ‘untie’ the knots. What happens if you take a blood vessel and you tie a knot into it? Where does
the blood go? It can’t! What happens when the blood can’t flow through that knot, or just a little trickle goes through the knot? Something happens. And it’s called “dis-ease”. It is called a tumor, it is called cancer, it is called a number of things. It’s a knot that is put there by ‘stress’. It is a ‘knot’ that is put there by a ‘belief’ system. Its ‘knots’ within the body, that are causing all of these problems. And the ‘stress’ now is at a high level simply because everything is moving at an ‘accelerated’ pace.

You can’t get a fast enough computer system. ‘I’ve got to work faster, I can’t waste my time sitting and waiting for it to change over, its got to go faster, its got to be more powerful’. What happens to an automobile? Oh, they show it running around the curves real fast. The only place you can drive over a hundred miles an hour is in Germany, where they’ve got a great
big road and if you’re driving less than a hundred, they pass you. You couldn’t do that here, because you don’t keep your ‘focus’ on what you’re doing. Like the picture that Aona laughed at the other day when the man said, ‘you bumped into the back of my car because you were putting on lipstick’. Then the girl said, ‘no I wasn’t’. And there was a tube of lipstick stuck up her nose. He he he he! Oh I laughed at that one. See what you do? You don’t ever get to the point that you ‘think’ where you are – “focus”.

So, I think we have covered those questions. It is ‘your’ decision. Don’t let anybody lay a ‘guilt’ trip on you, because ‘they’re’ the ones laying a ‘guilt’ trip on you – how do ‘you’ feel about it?

You know, someday, one of the greatest things that could be done for any country, in any place in the world, is to pass legislation that each and every person ‘owns’ their own body – and nobody else. That would be a ‘grand’ step in the evolution of humanity, if people were ‘allowed’ the ‘freedom’ to have their own body. You know, the biggest past time, for many, is telling ‘other’ people what to do.

Now, you have something that you need to handle, it is for ‘you’ to handle it. It is for ‘you’ to handle in any way you so desire. There is no one in the universe that is going to say, ‘oh, you were a bad boy, or bad girl, because ‘you’ decided to commit suicide’. You see WE look at ALL death as suicide. You ‘invented’ death. Why did you invent it? Because you were ‘bored’. You couldn’t think of anything else to do, so you said, ‘well, what… how are we going to do anything different? I wish I were 20 years old again, how can I achieve that?’. Well, then they said, okay, lets solve that – so you invented death.

Now, this may surprise you, but that which we call the ‘dead-zone’ is no more than a place to put the HOLOGRAMS until you ‘reactivate’ them. Surprised? True, that is exactly what it is. In the mean time, in that which you call death, there are many people doing lots of things.

Now, where do you suppose a lot of your information comes from in any technology? It is those in the ‘dead-zone’ that are still working on what they were working on at the time they died. There is no ‘barrier’ between the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, ‘this’ MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is not here – and ‘that’ MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is not ‘there’. It’s “all” together. So you pick up a new idea – you could be connecting with someone that’s doing the same thing in the ‘dead-zone’ that you’re doing in the ‘live-zone’ and they may have a different ‘spin’ on it, as you call it, and you pick that up and away you go. Now, you’ve got something ‘new’ on the Earth in the ‘live-zone’. In the ‘dead-zone’ they’ve already perfected it.

So you see, it ‘not’ a big complicated system. It’s a system of ‘learning’. It’s a system of ‘experimentation’. It’s a system of ‘evolution’. This is the kind of ‘evolution’ you’re involved in.

So, maybe in explaining some of this, it helps you to ‘understand’ more about what is going on. So, you said to make it simple. I don’t know if we have satisfied you in what we have said so far, if not, then come back with some more ‘specific’ questions and we’ll see if we can do a better job. We just tried to skim over things to give you ‘all’ – everyone that reads this information – because were not putting a ‘name’ on it. We figured this was something that everyone would be interested in. And the person who wrote to us will recognize his or her own questions. But, anyway, we have enjoyed being with you and we will talk to you latter, we are Datre.


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