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Datre answers Thelia.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Thelia and her first question is… “I know I make time (what an amazing discovery, when I first noticed it the first time). But I don’t understand how it works that I have to sleep (at least) 8 hours a day, because that’s still using hours. (I avoid looking at my watch unless I have to) is it enough to sleep enough, i.e. until you wake up?”

DATRE: That’s what you do. What difference does it make as to how many hours you sleep? You know why you sleep 8 hours? Why some people sleep 5 hours, why some people sleep 7 hours, why some people sleep 9 and 10 hours? It depends on how much you’re doing when you’re out of the body. From the physical standpoint, you probably are very ridged in your ‘structure’ of ‘observation’ and work and all of these things that you do. If you’re ‘structured’ you will set yourself up for that 8 hours. Now, those that aren’t ‘structured’ have to have a radio or alarm clock or something to wake them to bring them ‘back’ into the body. Because they’re so busy ‘out’ of the body that they forget they have to come back in to go to work.

So you see, ‘time’ out of the body does ‘not’ exist. ‘Time’ in the body ‘does’ exist, because you are so ‘convinced’ that it does. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ‘convinced’ that it does. Then, in those cases where you have a work structure, that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS sets up the whole thing of ‘time’. See, you’re ‘out’ of ‘time’, but MASS CONSCIOUSNESS won’t release it. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS wants to ‘stay’ the same. They want to ‘continue’ this game they’re playing, they don’t want to release it.

So, everyone on the planet is ‘out’ of ‘time’. But, it isn’t released because of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You tell someone that ‘time’ is your own, and they laugh at you, they don’t understand. Because the vast majority on the planet, is ‘not’ interested in any of this that we are talking about. They’re interested in science. They’re interested in medicine and being shopkeepers and all of that. But they’re ‘not’ interested in ‘evolution’.
I mean, like the woman that said, when they were writing out an insurance policy which had a clause that said, and this will be until you’re 85 and then beyond that… And she stopped them and she said, ‘I don’t want beyond that, I don’t want to live to be that old, I don’t want to be 85. I certainly want to be out of here before that.’. Now, what does that tell you? They are so convinced that they are going to be able to get ‘out’ of here then come ‘back’ and do it again, and come ‘back’
and do it again, that if anybody tried to convince them, that the ‘time’ is going to run out and you’re ‘not’ going to be able to play that game any more, they wouldn’t believe you. And that’s where the majority of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is.

So, you see, when you have 95 percent of your planet that has that ‘attitude’. And the other 5 percent that is interested in ‘evolution’ and learning the ‘flow’ of ‘life’ and ‘death’ so that they understand the ‘whole’ thing ‘this’ time so that they don’t have to play these games any more. They then can play a ‘different’ game in a ‘different’ setting, with different characters. That’s what they’re looking forward to. You see, that 5 percent is a small minority – not the majority. So that’s why you’re ‘still’ lock-stepped in that which you call ‘time’.

Do not be concerned that you sleep 8 hours. Do not be concerned that you sleep 9 hours. ‘You’ put the numbers on the clock. What difference does it make? What are you going to do with one more hour?

You know, you can do a ‘million’ things in that which you call ‘one’ day, ‘If’ you OBSERVE ‘what’ you’re are doing, because one thing flows into another, into another, into another. And you can tell people where you’ve been in a car and the things that you’ve done and the things that you’ve seen. And they will say, ‘you can’t ‘do’ that in a day. You can’t, because to drive to this town, then go to that town, and go to that town and have
lunch. Your mileage alone, you can’t do it unless you’re driving 120 miles an hour between places, because the mileage is too much’. Now, that has them baffled. They don’t understand ‘how’ you can ‘do’ that, because the mileage is more than the hours that you did it in. Then you just look at them and smile and say, ‘well we did it’. Now, where’s the ‘time’? Next

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can’t I shrink the time I need to be asleep so it’s shorter in terms of hours?”

DATRE: That is entirely up to ‘you’ – nobody else shrinks it and nobody else extends it. And, like I said, what do you need an extra hour for? If you begin to ‘manage’ your own ‘time’, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. It your ‘intent’, when you say, ‘I’m not going to hold to that which is called ‘time’. I’m going to do what I’m doing, right now. Then the next minute I’ll do what I’m doing right now.’. You know, if you all lived as if there wasn’t another hour, it would be a lot different. But you’ve set yourselves into such a ‘rigidity’ that it is a very difficult task to do. Don’t allow ‘time’ to be your master. You master it. Watch what you’re doing. Don’t ‘project’ into… from 9 o’clock in the morning; don’t ‘project’ into 3 o’clock.

You see if you let 3 o’clock surprise you, living becomes more fun. Don’t think, ‘well he gave me this work to do and I have to have it done by 3 o’clock’. You know what you do? You set yourself in a great big amount of stress, your fingers get tight, your head spins and you get all excited, because you have to get this done by 3 o’clock. ‘Well, if I just have somebody get something and I can sit here at my desk and eat…’. Hey, wait a minute, how much time are you spending thinking about 3 o’clock? You know at 2:30 he can come and tell you, ‘you don’t have to have this done until tomorrow’. Now, what happened to your whole day? You ruined the whole thing worrying about 3 o’clock.

See what we’re saying? Do what you’re doing ‘now’. Then if someone hollers at you and say’s, ‘hey, its time to go to lunch’, what do you need a watch for? Its time to go to lunch, everybody’s getting up to go to lunch. ‘Oh, is it lunchtime? All right’. Then you go to lunch. You see the difference? You take all the stress off the body. Continue.

JOHN: A comment about sleeping 8 hours or whatever number of hours. One of the things that happens is, that when you wake up, if you have the sense that you’ve done a whole lot of things during sleep. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, I did so many things, I must have slept a long time’. So ‘you’ then put the appropriate numbers on the clock.

DATRE: Sure!

JOHN: But that’s how it works. There’s no real hours for being gone, you could have been gone 3 days.

DATRE: Yes, it doesn’t matter and how long do you think your 8 hour day or 16 hour day is? It’s ‘exactly’ as long as ‘you’ want it to be. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Another thing, about dreams; I’m not completely clear on whether or not we should remember our dreams or not. Or isn’t remembering really that important as long as you keep your mind clear before going to sleep?”

DATRE: With the dreams, it is ‘not’ important to try and remember your dreams and I’ll tell you one of the big reasons why. In your ‘dream’ world it is ‘entirely’ different. You come back into physicality – into the body – and you try to figure out what your dreams were all about and your brain gets all confused, as to what you’re trying to tell it, because ‘it’
doesn’t understand dreams. So it gives you all kinds of things. You can say, ‘I can’t understand what this dream was all about, I need an interpretation. I was walking down a street and it became a forest and I was concerned about the baby. Then when I looked in the buggy and all I had in there were three oranges and some stones. Translate my dream for me.’. It doesn’t make much sense, John’s laughing. But that is true, and you try
and translate your dreams, why? Why not ‘live’ your dreams?

“Live” your dreams. Well, you’re going to say, how is that possible? Simply by being ‘aware’, because. What you have ‘planned’ in your dreamtime, is being played out in a physical construct, if you ‘watch’ what is happening. There’s the difference.

You don’t have to say to a ‘master’, ‘what do you dream about?’. Then the ‘master’ will say, ‘I dream my ‘life”. Because, that’s what they do. They don’t care about the next hour or the next 5 minutes, because they work with what’s in front of them. They OBSERVE what is in front of them and take ‘action’ from that point.

Now, ‘action’ and ‘re-action’ are all together different. ‘Re-action’ doesn’t take anything. I mean, that’s just like a leaf blowing in the wind. Everyone ‘re-acts’ in physicality. But, to be able to take ‘action’ has to come from someone that has OBSERVED a situation and made a ‘decision’. And, who’s ‘decision’ is it? That individuals, nobody else’s. And don’t say, ‘well, they should have done this or they should have done that’. The person that takes ‘action’ knows what they’re doing. And how do you know which person is taking ‘action’ and which person is doing ‘re-acting’? There’s no one that ‘knows’, except the person that is ‘doing’ it. Continue.

JOHN: And now her final question is… “All I want to know (don’t laugh) is; can I walk on water? (if its about beliefs, I’m working on it)”

DATRE: Now, that question has been asked many times. You must realize, that if you want to walk on water, it is not as easy as saying; it’s a ‘belief’ system. Because, you have in your bodies – in your genes – remembrance patterns. So you can say it’s a ‘belief’, but how far back does it go? How far back does the ‘fear’ of water go? You will find some place, be it a thousand years, be it two thousand years, how far back in those genes that you’re carrying in your body today has the ‘fear’ of water existed? And how close to the ‘surface’ is that fear of water?

You see, there is so much more to this physical construct then you have any idea. There are some things that a ‘belief’ system will very easily take care of. There are ‘other’ things that it doesn’t take care of that easily, because of the body. And, like we’ve said before, the body needs to be trained. The body needs to be taught. But, how quickly the whole physiological structure that you call your body can be changed depends on how soon you can ‘do’ something. So there’s very deep seated ‘beliefs’
within that which you call your ‘belief’ structure.

A lot of things are carried in your genes. Then when you begin to recognize that, you will see that many of the ‘barriers’ that you have and you think are like walking on water. That is not really important. So you focus on things that ‘are’ important, to you.

Now, say that you could go out tomorrow and walk on water. What would you have ‘achieved’ in that which you call your ‘evolution’? It would be a ‘fun’ thing to do and say. ‘oh I can do that’. But would doing that translate into any ‘other’ type of ‘awareness’? See, that’s what its all about – its ‘awareness’, its the ‘experience’, its the ‘feeling’ that you
get. And if all you want is the ‘feeling’, that ‘exhilaration’, then find something that’s ‘exhilarating that doesn’t take up that much of your time and effort.

So, if that is a ‘total’ desire, and if you want to spend your ‘energy’ and your ‘effort’ trying to figure out ‘how’ to do it, then that’s entirely up to you. But, how much are you going to ‘miss’ in the mean time?

See, it depends on what your ‘focus’ is, what you want to achieve, where you want to go. What you want to do with ‘this’ life expression. If you want to find out ‘everything’ there is about that which you call ‘life’, then the easiest way to do it, is to be ‘aware’ and OBSERVE. In that way, you function perfectly, as far as ‘you’ are concerned. Then you take off a
lot of the ‘anxiety’ and everything else. Because, you’re so busy living ‘right now’, that you can’t be bothered with all the ‘other’ things, because ‘everything’ becomes fascinating and interesting.

Two things, and its the most difficult two things that the ‘human’ has to do, OBSERVATION and AWARENESS. You know what that does? That does not put you out in high sky meditations, it puts you ‘in’ your body and you function from ‘that’ point. When you become AWARE and become an OBSERVER, there will be… things will change so dramatically for you – things are going to look different, because you will have a ‘totally’ different way of
looking at the whole world.

You can OBSERVE many things. You see that is what’s happening with what you call your television. You are becoming so used to having people shot and killed and car crashes and buildings going up in smoke and tragedy and peoples being killed in all kinds of ways and everything. The young people are so used to seeing that, that it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything to them. Like the boy that shot someone and said, ‘well I didn’t feel anything’. You see, to him he thought he would ‘feel’ something when he killed someone. But he said, ‘I didn’t feel anything’.

Now, you see what has happened, there’s no ‘feeling’ there, no ‘feeling’ what-so-ever. That is what… because they have seen this since they were little children. So, you can see what happens, people become so used to their environment, so used to doing the same things over and over again, that they become bored with it. Then they become, little more than ‘robotic’, because they’re all – what you call – stressed out.

JOHN: We’re all doing ‘reruns’.

DATRE: That is true. And you’re going to have to do ‘reruns’ until that which you call the BIRTH comes. But the thing is, to someone who is ‘aware’ and someone who is an OBSERVER, that is ‘not’ a rerun. It becomes entirely different. This is what we’re trying to explain to you and its very difficult, because until it ‘happens’ to the ‘individual’, its hard to explain it. They think that there’s some secret to it. There is no secret, there is ‘nothing’ secret – everybody ‘knows’ everything. So, there is no secret in any of this. But, then they write to us and say, ‘it happened’ and they don’t have to explain, we ‘know’. We know what happened, they finally… what is your expression… “I got it”. That’s what we want you to do, say, ‘I got it’.

JOHN: A comment! Perhaps the people have difficulty in understanding why is everything ‘known’ if only one person speaks it? That’s simply explained by the nature of HOLOGRAMS. The smallest piece of a HOLOGRAM has all the information of the ‘whole’ HOLOGRAM. Then since this is a HOLOGRAPHIC reality, anything that’s expressed in it, is ‘known’ by everything in it.

DATRE: Yes! But you see, at one point in time, they ‘knew’ that. And they could take the smallest part of that which you call the physical and make another one. But that is so far back – and you have decided how many years you’ve lived – there’s no sense in me trying to tell you that that is ‘not’ right. And it really is not of any importance.

But, there are still places within this which you call your world – and those are soon going to be gone – because peoples are all over. Because they’re so curious, they have to know. But there are peoples that if they get hurt and their arm gets cut off, they can, within a very short period of time, grow that arm back. And they live way beyond hundreds of years. But those places are being sought out. And all you need to do is have a
group of people go in with cameras and all this other kind of stuff and actually ‘change’ the vibration within that construct. Then they will no longer be able to do those things.

JOHN: That brings them into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: That is correct. That is correct, but you see, they have lived in an area where they have not had to deal with concentrations of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. They still have and have had, coming down through the generations, that understanding, that belief.

JOHN: The integrity!

DATRE: Yes! And that has never been challenged by anyone. Now, people come in with cameras and notebooks and ‘how come’ and ‘why’ and all this kind of stuff and the whole vibration of the area will be changed. So that will no longer be either.

Now, there’s no sense in being upset by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The only thing that is necessary is, for you to live in AWARENESS and OBSERVATION then that is not going to bother you, because you will look at things entirely different. You will ‘not’ be out to ‘fix’ the world. It can’t be ‘fixed’ when you have such a vast majority that is going with the ‘other’ thought patterns. The only thing that you can do is, maintain your own. That is
‘all’ that you’re here for. It is a real challenge. They say, ‘well why come to ‘this’ planet?’ Because it’s more challenging. You have so many ‘obstacles’ and when you learn to work from a point of ‘understanding’, they no longer are ‘obstacles’ they’re OBSERVATIONS.

There’s no such thing as ‘victims’ and when you really, truly, understand those things, it becomes altogether different. You don’t get emotionally involved. If your help is needed, you help. If its not needed, then what difference? But you see, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS works from the point of ’emotion’ – NOT from the point of AWARENESS. Not from the point of OBSERVATION. It’s all from the point of ’emotion’. Now, that does not mean that you’re going to be ’emotion-less’, because then there would be no sense in it. But, OBSERVATION and AWARENESS makes everything within the physical construct more ‘intense’. Your ’emotions’ are more ‘intense’. Your whole body is more ‘aware’ of everything. You use your whole body for AWARENESS – you don’t use just your head. Your whole body becomes a ‘field’ of AWARENESS. Your whole body becomes a ‘field’ of OBSERVATION. It is entirely different.

So, what we’re saying is, as long as you’re here, why not enjoy it to the fullest? Even if your scared out of your jibobins by going up in a roller-coaster. You’re scared and you’re screaming and you’re hollering – but remember, you can get off. When it goes around, you can get off and you may say, ‘I’ll never do that again’. But you did it once. That is what ‘life’ is like. That is what many are saying now that are becoming ‘aware’ of
what is going on and what is happening. They’re saying, ‘well, I’ve done the roller-coaster ride of ‘life’ and now I want to get off’. Then I will try something else.

You see, ‘you are’, ‘you have been’, and you ‘always will be’. If that is ‘your’ desire. Next question?

JOHN: That was it!

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we’re Datre.


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