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Datre answers some comments and questions about “them”.

JOHN: We have some comments and questions from one of the subscribers and Datre would like to make some response to. It say’s, “thank you John for giving my questions to Aona. My major problem right now is physically becoming very ill after every major energy transfer.”

DATRE: Well, what you’re talking about is an energy transfer. Now what I would like to know is, what you’re referring to as an ‘energy’ transfer? Perhaps that will be explained, continue.

JOHN: “This involves being instructed to go to a geographic place…”

DATRE: Now, who is instructing you to go to a geographic place? That’s another question, continue.

JOHN: “the last one was Salt Lake City. I spent 3 days literally sitting in a crappy hotel room with my ankles clamped around a toilet base: immobilized to move or act as I felt tremendous energy transferring from the top of my head and spine through my feet into the ground. My lips chapped; my neck swelled as though I had juvenile Mumps and I thought I was going to die.”

DATRE: What you are doing is, putting your body and yourself through a great deal of stress. Let me begin by saying one thing, we have many that write to us that say, ‘I was told I had to do this and I was told I had to do that and I was told I had to do something else.’

Now, are you questioning ‘that’ information? Or are you accepting what you are “hearing” as to what you should be doing? Now, one does not realize while in the physical construct, ‘who’ the ‘master’ is. ‘You’ have a great deal of power. In the physical construct, that ‘power’ is forgotten about. And it is very easy for you to ‘allow’ “your chain to be jerked”.

Now, in the present time, the ‘energies’ that are coming into this and on to this planet, are ‘different’ than ‘energies’ that have ever been upon ‘this’ planet before. You are getting a great deal more of that which we call ‘the WAVE’ energy. Which is ‘raw’ energy from the Universe. Now, your scientists talk about ‘wave’ energy – we can measure ‘wave’ energy. What they’re measuring is the ‘particles’ within the wave. They are measuring
what they can see, feel, taste, touch, whatever, because the body is a ‘tactile’ instrument. The ‘wave’ energies are very different ‘energies’ and they will affect the body in many ‘different’ ways. But, you can’t detect them in any appreciable way. There’s no way. You have nothing within your physical body that can detect the ‘wave’ energy. You have nothing of a ‘mechanical’ apparatus that can detect a ‘wave’ energy. These are RAW Universal energies.

Now, when RAW Universal energies are coming on this planet, it is different, and you are going to soon discover that many people that are trying to work with these energies are encountering a lot of physical problems.

You see, for all the time that humans have been on this planet, there has been meditation groups, there have been mantra’s, there have been out-of-body experiences. There have been ‘mediums’ that have been able to project their ecto-plasma to form peoples that other peoples will recognize. Because the ecto-plasma comes out from the body of the ‘medium’ and forms a ghost or ‘smoky’ type figure that is recognizable. Then the
‘medium’ can pull that ecto-plasma back into their bodies again.

This has been one of the things that has been going on ever since the physical body has been on the planet. You have worked with the physical body in many different ways.

Now, there have been those that say that they’re getting information from the ‘spirit’ world. There have been those that have opened themselves up to ‘allow’ – what they call – the deceased from a family to come in and speak through a ‘medium’. They speak through that which they call the ‘trumpets’.
But now, the new form of bringing forth information is “channeling”. That is the new “catch word”. It comes in all different forms. But, those that are channeling information from the dead-zone and those that are bringing forth information from that which is called ‘Universal’ sources, is entirely different. The preparation of the bodies are entirely different. The effects upon the physical bodies are entirely different.

With those that bring through information from the dead-zone there is little or no effect on the physical construct of those that are bringing forth the information. No problem, they sit down, answer a lot of questions, they write books, they do all of these things and their physical body is not that much effected one way or the other.

JOHN: That’s because the one that’s coming through that body is an ‘Aspect’ of them anyway.

DATRE: Absolutely! That is the only thing that those that bring through information from the dead-zone are ‘only’ bringing through information from their own ‘genetic’ line – or themselves in a previous time span or a ‘future’ time span. Whichever way it works. But it’s ‘all’ connected by that which you call ‘genealogy’.

Now, that information can be thought of in whatever way you want to think of it. If it feels valid and you think its ‘valid’ then to you it is ‘valid’. If you think it’s not of any ‘value’, then it is not of any value. But you see you’re the one that needs to make the decision.

Now, in opening yourself up to ‘any’ form of information – if you’re beginning to have information coming to you – do you sit down and ‘analyze’ that information or do you just ‘accept’ it? I know this sound like nothing of great importance – but it is.

I will not tell you how many years and how long it took for Aona to ‘believe’ us. Then when she finally did, that is when the ‘training’ began. That was not an ‘easy’ training either. But ‘you’ are the ‘only’ one that is going to be able to make the decision. Like with Aona, she would say, ‘get out, I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to have any part of it – I don’t want it’. You see that was ‘her’ decision. It remained ‘her’
decision until she was thoroughly convinced – after years – that this was ‘valuable’ and ‘viable’.

Now, if someone is coming to you and asking you to do these things and handle these energies, are you sure ‘this’ is what ‘you’ want to do? You are the master. You are writing the script. You are in control. You do not have to do anything you do not wish to do. Now, to put yourself in a position where you become ‘that’ ill, and you are working with those energies that will cause these physical things to ‘happen’ to you – of what
value is it to ‘you’ as an individual? What does it ‘do’ for ‘you’? What does it do for others?

Now, whatever it does for you, I do not know, that decision has to be ‘yours’. But what you’re doing for ‘others’ is unimportant. Everyone on this planet has their own physical construct to do ‘with’ as they wish, at any time they wish. And whatever ‘you’ do has ‘nothing’ to do with ‘their’ existence what-so-ever.

Now, handling energies is unimportant – because you can’t. There does not have to be anyone working with these energies. The ‘energies’ are ‘there’, no one is ‘putting’ them ‘there’ – no one from the Universe is asking you to work with the ‘energies’. These ‘energies’ are something that happens from a UNIVERSAL standpoint.

You can’t change what happens to your planet. That is ‘not’ within your control. You control ‘your’ physical construct. The planet takes care of itself in whatever way “it” so desires. And whatever ‘you’ do does ‘not’ have any effect on it what-so-ever.

Because remember – you’re a HOLOGRAM. And your existence depends upon that which is called your “grid structure”, which surrounds your planet. And don’t think that its a single layer – like a piece of ‘chicken’ wire – that goes around the planet and you’re sitting on a piece of ‘chicken’ wire. No! That is ‘not’ the grid. The ‘grid’ extends ‘into’ the planet and extends upward from the planet and it is layered and layered and layered in ‘both’ directions.

Now, what can ‘you’ – as a HOLOGRAM – do to ‘change’ anything? You cannot, because you don’t have that ‘power’ within a physical construct. You can manipulate the physical, in whatever direction you want to. You can go ‘out-of-body’, you can come back into the body, you can transport the body – teleportation – you can do ‘all’ of these things with it. But you can’t do thing ‘one’ with the planet. You can’t do thing ‘one’ with ‘energies’ – because energies “are”. You can’t dissect them, you can’t change them. You can change an ‘atom’. But look at the piece of machinery that needed just to change ‘one’ atom? They call them an ‘atom’ buster or something like that? They travel at great speeds – a little bitty atom – and goes down and explodes into gillions of little pieces. Big deal – that’s ‘one’ atom.

Now, if that one atom explodes to ‘that’ amount then what is your body capable of doing? Nobody ever stops to think about that. How many atoms have you got in your body? What ‘power’ do you contain within your physical construct to do something with? Now, we’re not ‘teaching’ and we’re not ‘preaching’; we’re trying to get you to ‘think’ for your ‘self’. And try and understand what that which you call “life” is all about.

That is what you’re ‘here’ for; it is ‘not’ to wreck your physical construct so that it is ‘incapable’ of doing that which you want it to do for your evolution. There are ever so many on this planet that want to work with the energies and we have yet to understand ‘why’. It is something that is incomprehensible as far as we are concerned.

What you need to do and everyone else that wants to work on this planet, is begin to work with your ‘particles’, because ‘that’ is what you need to learn to do. That is what this ‘manifesting’ business is all about. It is taking ‘particles’ and making something. You can’t make anything out of ‘energy’. But you ‘can’ make something out of ‘particles’. You can take a
handful of sand and you can make something out of that handful of sand. You can ‘change’ the molecular quality of that sand and make something and hold it in your hand. Because, in learning to manipulate the molecular structure of the sand, you can make gold, you can make silver, you can make precious metals, you can make stones, you can do all kinds of things – if you learn
‘how’ to ‘manipulate’ it. But you’re manipulating ‘particles’ and that’s why people that begin to do that have fun with it, because its something they can see – it’s working with ‘particles’. Anyway, continue on.

JOHN: And continuing on… “I’ve talked to others that are teachers of Mer-ka-ba meditation, under Drunvalo Melchizedek and they are familiar with this; the only advice they could offer was to drink quarts and quarts of water to keep from being burned too badly. The point of the transfer is counteract whatever is there that geographically is clogging the magnetic
fields. Mumbo jumbo—“

DATRE: That is mumbo jumbo. As we have said before, if you are taking energy and pumping it through your body you can burn yourself to a crisp – and to what advantage? How are those individuals that are doing those things? How are they different than the person walking down the street? How much different are they, and how much are they going to take ‘with’ them when they go? What is their power of OBSERVATION, what is their AWARENESS factor? You see we do not wish to have you harm yourself. We
wish to have you become an OBSERVER, become AWARE. We wish to have you ‘understand’ what a magnificent piece of machinery – if you want to call it that – the physical construct is that you have to work with. It really is a ‘magnificent’ thing that is so ‘fascinating’. You have many, many things that you can ‘do’ with it.

In trying to do ‘other’ things, you are taking ‘valuable’ parts of your life and making them very tragic for yourself. Now, that does not mean you ‘shouldn’t do it. You can do anything ‘you’ want to and that is what everyone upon the planet is able to do. You can do what ‘you’ want. But, the main thing is, if you’re interested in ‘doing’ something, do it for ‘your’ evolution.

The peoples that belong to this group – who knows what those people are doing, but those people that belong to that group? And why are they doing it? Are they doing it to ‘impress’ the next person and say, ‘well so-and-so can do this, and so-and-so can do that, and so-and-so can do something else’? What are they doing? Of what importance is it? The most ‘important’ thing is, learning to live “in” the body. Learning to do whatever it is you ‘want’ to do. But, learning to do whatever it is you want to do has to do with ‘particle’ reality.

If you have a burning desire to do something – then do it. But what you’re working with, every time you do anything – is working with ‘particles’. Now, wouldn’t it be far better to take a piece of wood and a knife and start carving and make an animal or a person or a tree? Or cut out the wood and make a scene with a lake with trees all around it. So there could be something that you could enjoy and that someone else could enjoy – work
with ‘particles’. That is of benefit to the body, it is of benefit to you, because you are being satisfied. You’re doing what you want to do. It’s of benefit to other people, because they will look at it and admire it and maybe want to buy it from you and have great appreciation for what you are doing. Then in turn, that other individual gets enjoyment from something
that you have created.

So, we’re saying, if you’re going to work with anything – particle mass is the best option. If you want to take a physical construct – thought pattern – of the physical construct into “another expression” after the BIRTH wouldn’t you far rather have a ‘good’ physical construct to relate to? Instead of relating to one that was badly bruised and broken? Because the
‘thought patterns’ are what is going to be there. You see, that unique part of yourself that is called the PSYCHE – which is but one part of that which you will take with you when the BIRTH occurs – PSYCHE ‘never’ forgets. The PSYCHE will never forget ‘anything’ that has happened to you within a physical construct. So, wouldn’t it be far better to have the remembrance of a healthy happy body and ‘you’ enjoying ‘it’s’ existence and ‘your’ existence within it? Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along… “I’m also a bit confused because over the last 2 months I’ve grown an inch in height, I’ve developed a body that is “completely” different than the one I’ve had for 30 years , grown another pineal gland at the base of my spine and have grown another acid duct in my stomach. My eyesight is different every day. Some days I can see
some I’m blind enough not to be able to drive.”

DATRE: All right, what you’re doing is you are bringing energy within the physical construct that your physical is not able to tolerate. Now, number one, I don’t know who told you about the pineal gland at the base of your spine. You might have a growth of some kind there. But the pineal gland is not there and it never will be there. Then as to what you have done with the body, yes, you can grow, you can make your body taller. You can make your body shorter – remember it’s HOLOGRAPHIC. A HOLOGRAM is not a ‘stable’ construct. How do you suppose you grow from a baby to an adult? If a HOLOGRAM was a ‘structure’ that could not be manipulated, you would never get past the size of a baby. You change your HOLOGRAPHIC structure – size wise.

You see, when you work with energy, you can do many things with it, because that’s what a HOLOGRAM is made up from; those squiggly lines are an energy construct. That’s why when people say that they see your ‘aura’, they’re not seeing your ‘particles’, they’re seeing your HOLOGRAPHIC emanation. As
you well know if you are familiar with seeing auras, a person’s aura changes. It can change as you’re standing there watching it. That means that the energy construct within the body is changing. The ‘particles are not changing. The energy construct within the physical make up is changing and there again we’re back to the HOLOGRAM.

So you can change the emanation – color wise, so that you can ‘see’ it. So there again, if you did not have eyes to ‘see’, the squiggly lines could change all the time and it wouldn’t… you’d see nothing. You’d maybe see the squiggly lines, but you would not see the color. Your eyes give you the ability to see the color.

So you see, in shutting down or not being able to use any portion of that physical construct that you have, you are loosing more than you are gaining. Because the AWARENESS and the OBSERVATION comes from the ‘acuteness’ of ‘all’ your senses. Every one of your sensory perceptions comes from your physical. So, from our standpoint, it would behoove an individual to have the ‘best’ physical construct they could have. Because, that would ‘allow’ greater keenness of AWARENESS, and keenness of
OBSERVATION. The better your eyes are, the better you’re able to see – you need the best that you can have.

So in pushing energy through your physical construct and distorting your physical construct – from our standpoint, you are ‘loosing’ and not gaining. Remember, no one can do ‘anything’ TO you, because if you have the ‘strength’ of your conviction, and ‘know’ with a feeling that is so ‘deep’ that it is indescribable, then you ‘know’- I AM. Those are very, very,
powerful words. But you ‘must’ have the ‘feeling’ and from that ‘feeling’ operate in the physical. It does not matter ‘who’ is what, where, how, when, whatever – it is unimportant. The ‘only’ thing that is ‘important’ is ‘you’. Become ‘that’ individual that you are ‘trying’ to be.

That is what you are trying to do; you are ‘trying’ to be the individual that you ‘know’ you are. The individual that you ‘know’ you are – is powerful. But, the power that you ‘know’ you have, and the ‘power’ that the physical construct can contain and ‘work’ with, are two different things. And many have caused themselves many problems in trying to contain and work with more energy than their physical construct is able to handle. It is
‘not’ necessary. The ‘only’ thing that’s ‘necessary’ is to ‘know’ YOU and work from ‘that’ construct – not from anyone else’s construct.

If you were to leave and walk away from everyone and everything that you knew, and went to the other side of the planet within the next 5 minutes, how would that effect anybody else that you knew? It wouldn’t! It wouldn’t, because they would continue on and ‘you’ would continue on. Because that is what everyone needs to strive for on this planet is, INDIVIDUALITY. You cannot be of any good any place – on the planet, on another planet or out in the Raw Universe – you’re not any good to anyone or anything if you are ‘not’ an INDIVIDUAL.

Then people will say, ‘oh, we’re all individuals’. No, you’re not! No you’re not, because you rely too much on ‘other’ people. It’s what ‘other’ people do and what ‘other’ people say and what ‘other’ people ‘expect’ of you. You need to be YOU. And ‘then’ is when you will know your ‘power’ and you can honestly and truthfully say, ‘I AM’. And it does not matter what anyone else is, say’s or does. Continue.

continued on Datre112



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