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Datre answers some comments and questions on “them” continued.

JOHN: And continuing on… “I can tell when I’ve been worked over or borrowed?? Because I have small scalpel cuts appear over my veins on my arms and the backs of my hands the following morning. There are bruises as well that appear to be in 3 finger mark groupings on my legs and back.”

DATRE: Why are you ‘allowing’ this? That is the question you need to answer. Why are you ‘allowing this, are you not writing your own script? The ‘master’ knows he’s the author of the script, he’s the one up on the stage, he is the director, he is the producer, he is the ‘whole’ ballgame. And what exists around a ‘master’, is something that he OBSERVES as ‘illusion’ – because he ‘knows’ it is an ‘illusion’. Because, he knows he
‘is’ and he knows his ‘body’ is and he knows the ‘difference’ between the two.

Now, you ‘know’ that you’re ‘not’ your body. Your body is that which you come into for experience. When you go to sleep at night, you don’t take your body with you. Why be encumbered with anything like that? You’re encumbered many hours within the body. When the body produces a chemical to put it to… the physical ‘particles’ – what you call, to sleep. It slows down everything, so that you are able to leave. The body is able to
rejuvenate itself, take care of itself, because you’re out of the way. And you’re off doing whatever ‘you’ want to do. Working with ‘others’ on the planet, to arrange your ‘next’ play that you’re going to take part in.
When you have satisfied yourself that you have all the pieces and people together that are going to enact this play that you have set up to play in for the next however long day, week, month, year, whatever the length of your play. One, two, three acts, whatever you want. And you have decided, ‘okay, this is the way the plan is going to work, this is the way the play is going to come out’. Then you’ll go back into the body again. Now, how long have you slept? Have you slept 5 minutes, have you slept 10 minutes, have you slept 3 hours – have you slept 5 days?

Somebody will say, ‘well my goodness, I couldn’t have slept 5 days’. How do you know you can’t sleep 5 days? If this is an ‘illusion’ and you’re writing the play, you’re not going to come in and put all the actors on stage to start your play if you haven’t completed writing it. So how long is it going to take you to write it? But, what difference does it make as long as they’re the ones that are going to act in your play?

Now, it may be the other way around. You may be acting in somebody else’s play. But they are not going to start their play until they get ready. So you have to wait for them to start their play. How long is that going to take? You don’t know how long you sleep. Oh yes, everybody agrees, you slept… ‘Oh, you’re up this time’, ‘did you get a good nights sleep?’ ‘Yeah’ ‘how long did you sleep?’ ‘Oh, I slept about 7 hours last night’. So everybody agrees you slept 7 hours. Well of course you did, because ‘that’s’ your play. You wrote it, all you’re doing is acting it out.

That’s why a MASTER say’s, when they ask him or her about what they dream about? What does the MASTER say, ‘I live my dreams’? Because he ‘knows’. That’s when you get to ‘total’ awareness you ‘know’ – you ‘know’ what you’re doing. And that’s what you want to achieve. Because in that ‘knowingness’ you’re able to go someplace and ‘do’ something because at ‘that’ point you begin to ‘know’ who you are. Continue.

JOHN: And moving along… “I understand a master plan is in place but in I’m beginning to get a real Christ complex over the why’s, where’s and how’s of how I fit in the overall scheme. I haven’t heard from “THEM” for about 2 weeks now and wished Datre knew just who “THEM” are because some of the physical pain I’m enduring feels almost inhumane and cruel.”

DATRE: Why did ‘you’ write that play? If you are writing your script, then why do you write that type of a scenario? What are you trying to tell yourself? There is a definite message there. What are you trying to tell yourself when you set up for yourself ‘that’ type of a scenario? Are you setting it up to ‘allow’ yourself to be manipulated? You are the ‘only’ one
that can answer that question. Do you wish to continue with ‘that’ type of manipulation? Because, NO ONE can do it ‘TO’ you – it is an impossibility. And ‘why’ you would want to do this, we do not know. We do not know ‘who’ “they” are, because the “theys” are those who ‘you’ have contacted for whatever reasons ‘you’ wish to contact them – IF there is a “them”.

You see you can pick up information constantly. Where do you suppose an ‘idea’ comes from? You get an idea about something, and where does it come from? That is for ‘you’ to figure out. That is what everyone on this planet needs to figure out. Where do your idea’s come from? Who is the instigator? You see, when you really and truly begin to understand that you are – absolutely, totally and completely “alone”, that no one has any effect on you – in any way, shape or form, except what ‘you’ allow. Your strength is in ‘knowing’ who you are. Then when you ‘know’ who you are, you begin making decisions from ‘that’ point. And the interesting thing is, when you ‘think’ you’re going to make decisions from ‘that’ point, you no longer ‘have’ to make decisions – because you will become the AWARE OBSERVER. Then decision are not necessary.

That is not a ‘passive’ thing. This business that they talk about – go with the flow – they think they’re just supposed to “lolly gag” through life and – well, just go with the flow – and be bounced all over the place. Going down the river on a raft and if the hit a rock, oops that puts me on the left shore. Oops I hit a tree; whee I’m over on the right shore. That’s “not” going with the flow – absolutely not. When you begin to realize that you are being ‘PULLED’ into your FUTURE, by none other than ‘you’, it say’s, ‘may the ‘force’ be with you’. You know what everybody thinks of? Somebody ‘pushing’ you from behind. No! It does not work that way – that is inside out. YOU are there, trying to coax ‘you’ in the physical, to pay attention and be PULLED into the ‘future’ in an even flow. That’s a very
difficult concept, but that is the way it works. Continue.

JOHN: And the final group of comments is… “All of my instruction comes from as addressed the moon, sun and earth whom I trust and know to be my parents or am I being used and lied to?”

DATRE: Stop right there. The thing is, who’s lying to ‘who’? If you’re writing the script, then are you trying to fool yourself? You see, when you’re not in the physical, you know ‘exactly’ what you’re doing. You know ‘exactly’ what you’re doing, its when you get into the physical construct that you become confused. Now, the day that you ‘drop’ the ‘pretext’ of someone doing something “to” you or being ‘guided’ by something ‘external’ to yourself, is the day you begin to find out ‘who’ you are. Because, if you are taking ‘guidance’ or ‘direction’ from anything other than ‘yourself’, then you can not become the MASTER that you wish to be.

There are ‘no’ teachers. There are peoples that give you information for you to work with. But the thing is, that all of your ‘isms’ and ‘osophies’ and everything else, are ‘structures’. They tell you to do this and such and such will happen or if you do this, then ‘this’ will happen and all of
these other things. It’s a ‘learned’ process. Everything that you have on the physical planet is a ‘learned’ process. It’s school. It’s everything that you do is, you put this together with this and you come out with this answer. There’s one place that does ‘not’ work, and that is when you begin to find out ‘who’ you are. Because, when you begin to find out ‘who’ you are, then you’ll begin to work from the concept of ‘deep’ FEELING. Then that deep ‘feeling’ will pull within you, the ‘power’ that you want to make the ‘decisions’ that ‘you’ want to make, regardless of anyone or anything else on the planet.

This is what you want to do in life. You want to be able to instruct and work with a physical construct to the very best of your ability. You ‘know’ that you are more than what your physical construct will hold. But what you came here to do, was to see what you could do with the physical. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on… “Pretty bad eh to begin distrusting the intuition I was born with. I know that I was a creator in cosmic form and that I asked to become a creator in human form (I’m a painter/sculptor/writer in this life) at this time in earth’s history – what the F’s really going on??? 🙂 What’s Datre’s take on extraterrestrial (dead zone??) interference? Does he recognize it at all or is it a figment of human imagination. I know what I’m enduring to be true and
document able.”

DATRE: Yes, absolutely, you can document anything you want to. There are individuals that John and Aona have met, that can name you any kind of a guru that you want to name. That they have studied under. That they have suffered under. That they have done all of these things. They have walked on hot coals. They have gone through excruciating pain, and yet, they don’t understand why they can’t understand. And you know why? Because they are all working from the point of ‘intellect’ and ‘structure’.

That is one of those catch-22’s that you have on your planet, is thinking that you can be manipulated by something or someone else. You cannot. The only time you can be, is if you ‘allow’ it. If you ‘allow’ someone to jerk your chain, then that is entirely up to you. But, if you ‘allow’ it, then look at it and ask, ‘why am I allowing it?’. What am I doing this for? Why am I allowing this to disrupt the beautiful life that I should be living?

You said you know you are a cosmic being. All right, then if you are a cosmic being, then why are you ‘not’ being a cosmic being? A cosmic being would ‘not’ allow anyone else to guide, manipulate or anything else. That is why this information does not have many people that are – oh yes we have those that are on the net reading it – then there are those that all of a sudden beginning to find out things that are ‘shocking’ them – because of their AWARENESS and their OBSERVANCE, and they’re finding that ‘life’ is something that is fantastic. But they never expected that. It’s supposed to be a life of pain and anguish and hurt and anger – but those are all emotions. Now, when you become an AWARE OBSERVER, that does not mean you throw out emotions – you don’t. You ‘enjoy’ emotions. But, you don’t have
to have the emotion of ‘pain’ to the extent that “you” have an emotion of pain.

Now, I will tell you one thing, there are those that use, that which you call pain, to bring them back into their body. Because, there are many who spend their time, shall we say, outside the body, observing the body, instead of being “in” the body. It’s really quite a bit easier. Because the body is very intelligent, the body knows what to do. The body knows how to
do many things.

So it’s very easy to get out of the body and watch the body do mundane things. But, that which is called ‘pain’ is to get the individual back into the body, because ‘that’s’ the game you’re playing. You came into physicality to learn the way the physical body and ‘you’ work as a unit. Now, if pain was to continue, the body would finally shut off and you would not be able to communicate with it, because the body would say, ‘what’s the
deal here, why do you keep abusing me? If you keep abusing me, I’m going to kick you out and I will not let you back in.’. Then the body will continue in a ‘robotic’ manner until it dies, shall we say. But the body will only continue with just so much of that – if ‘you’ are inducing it.

Now, why is it that there are those that can withstand tremendous amounts of pain that “someone else” is inflicting upon them? You were talking about some of this other stuff. There’s a Biblical story about how those peoples were in with the lions in the Bible and the lions were tearing the bodies
apart and yet the people were still singing. Now, stop and think of that. You can use the intellectual brain to do so. Those people were out of the body. The only time you feel pain is when you’re in the body. If you’re out of the body you don’t feel pain.

Now, as an example, there are times when we will come into the body of Aona, if she is having some pain of some kind. Like a severe headache, when changes are being made within her body, if the change is going on within the jaw area and so forth. Then we will come into the body and let her go out and we will do a transcript or we will come in and talk to John, to relieve her. Then when she gets back in again and in that time, many times
the energy construct has been changed, and the pain is no longer there or if it is still there it has been lessened. But, we do that with her, because what she is doing with us – it is a mutual thing.

So whoever ‘you’ are doing anything with – if that is your feeling that you are doing it with someone – then why are they not helping you like we help Aona? Why do ‘they’ not come into your physical body so that you can have a rest that you deserve? If it is doing something that is that important? That is just an example.

We’re trying to get you to find out ‘why’? There is not a child that does not come into this planet that does not have very strong connections with – that which you call, in the term of everything else – the ‘spirit’ world. Most of them have ‘playmates’ that no one else can see. The majority of them do. The majority of them come in with a lot more understanding than
they do by the time they’re 20. You have ‘intellect’ by the time you’re 20. But the ‘connection’, the majority of the time is broken. That is the way it works. That is the way it has worked for… because that is the way you want it. But, it’s the ‘wanting’ that makes the difference. Continue.

JOHN: That’s it!

DATRE: All right, now you mentioned about being and artist, a writer, a sculptor. To use your phrases, those individuals are the most ‘intuitive’ there are, because of one thing, they are ‘creators’. They are taking an idea and making it ‘visible’. Someone said to a sculptor one time in watching them, ‘how do you know how much clay to take off?’. They know how much clay to take off, because they already see what is inside that piece
of clay and all they do is remove the excess. Because they have already, so strongly visualized what that clay is as a finished product, that all they do is take off the access.

You see, ‘that’ is the power of creating with ‘particles’ and because it is easy for you, you think of it as being ‘unimportant’. A writer will write and write and write. But they’re never satisfied with their writing and people say, ‘it is fabulous that you can write like this’. And they always
think within themselves, ‘but my next novel will be better’. There again, they’re working with ‘particles’. They’re taking and making their ‘particles’ visible. That is being a ‘creator’.

Creation comes in many different forms. The creation that is of the utmost importance at ‘this’ time is the creation of a physical construct that you can be happy living with and working in conjunction with for the ‘enjoyment’ of both.

I don’t know whether we have helped you in any way. We have given you examples. We have given you questions for you to ask yourself. You are the only one that knows the answer. There was no one on Earth or outside of the Earth or in the Universe that can give you the answer, but ‘you’. You ‘can’ become a MASTER. You’ve already made steps in that direction. Now you have to begin to ‘feel’ deep within you, I AM – ‘I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE – and I will experience ‘all’ that I can possibly experience, wherever I am at anytime within my periods of existence’. And that goes far beyond what any numbers can be put on paper.

Because of the number of peoples that are taking instructions of many kinds and many different ways, we wish to have this information given to all on the Datre Net. These questions and many others need to be seriously considered by EVERYONE. Think on these things, ask the question and then wait for the answer that comes with a deep, deep FEELING, not a surface emotion.

We have enjoyed talking with you. Keep in touch with us if that is your desire. We’re always anxious and willing to talk. We’ll leave you now, we’re Datre.


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