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Datre answers Christine.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Christine and her first question is… “I would like to know if while we are learning from Datre, the entities in the “dead zone” are also able to benefit from this information too and thus also be able to use this information to grow? Surely this must be helping them too?”

DATRE: Now, if you were one of those that could see, what you call the ‘Etheric’ people from the dead zone – which some peoples can – and you were to sit when John and Aona are doing these sessions, you would see that the room was all crowded. They’re not alone when they’re doing these sessions.

Not only that, there are those individuals that are in that which you call the “sleep state” – in other words, the bodies asleep, but they’re not. They also come in, those that are ‘not’ connected up in any way with that which is your ‘net’ or your ‘web’.

You see, when there is anything of interest that is being put into that which you call your ‘atmosphere’, there are ‘no’ boundaries – none what-so-ever. And that’s why they talk about this being a ‘secret’ and oh, this is so ‘sacred’ and all of that. Well it isn’t so, because from our vantage point it is a ‘wide open’ situation. It is only from a vantage point of ‘human’ understanding that you can keep a secret.

JOHN: And then it’s only ‘pretend’.

DATRE: That is true, it is ‘pretend’, but that’s the play that you play. But what I’m saying, that anyone can go any place they want to go at any time. And were you familiar enough with your body to get ‘in’ and ‘out’ of them all the time, you could go in the daytime. But because of the layering in physicality, you have limited yourself to such a point, that there is such a restriction on the ‘thought’ patterning’s that people have,
through ‘belief’ systems and everything else, that you stay within your bodies all the time when you’re awake.

So, as to the peoples in the dead-zone, yes, very definitely. Does that help those in the dead-zone? If they’re interested enough to come into the sessions and listen, it will make a difference. But, it’s the same as it is on the Earth plane in the ‘living’ people, there are not that many people interested.

You see, as long as you’re being fed information, and told this and told that and told something else, many people only want the information to ‘intellectualize’ it. That is what we are all about is, to try and, shall we say, put a different ‘spin’ on things so that you will realize, it is ‘not’ an ‘intellectual’ game you’re playing.

Now, there are many that can spout ‘intellectually’ for hours and hours and hours. About this and that, this ‘osophies’, that ‘isim’s’, that ‘teacher’, whatever. But, if you look at the way they live their lives in ‘physicality’, it is a ‘contradiction’. You can spout all the ‘intellectual’ stuff you want to, from any ‘source’ you want to. But, as Aona says, ‘yes, that’s fine, they can ‘talk’ about it, but their ‘lives’ has ‘not’ changed one little bit’. It is in the changing of the ‘attitudes’ of individuals toward ‘life’ and ‘how’ they live it, that you can see very plainly, that they’re interested and that they’re doing something with the information.

Now, if those in the dead-zone are picking this up and want to ‘do’ something with this information, they will begin to hone in to such a point, that when they go back, shall we say, into that which you call a ‘life’ again, into a human construct, they take that with them. If that is a strong enough desire. And if they’re just looking for words, they can look for words any place. There’s a lot of information all over the place. And it’s never, never, ever, restricted by anything. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is it okay to raise my children with this information?”

DATRE: Why not? All we’re doing is giving you information. Remember, the interpretation is ‘yours’. As you interpret it, as someone else interprets it. Your interpretation today, your interpretation six months from now, if you are making changes then you will find that the information that has been printed in the ‘net’, were you to go back six months from now, and read it and compare it with what your understanding was and what it is, you will see if you are making changes. No one has to tell you, ‘oh, you’re changed’. You will know it yourself, and who’s the better judge? You are the best judge.

If you go back, and you’ve only read it ‘intellectually’, and you go back and read it ‘intellectually’ six months from now, you’ll find that the material is pretty much the same as it was. Then you can tell what progress you’re making. Are you putting things into action? It is like the saying, that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. People will ‘intellectualize’ from now until they “die”. But, is that changing them in any way? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is – relative to her children… “They are 8 and 10 years old and have never been to church, in fact I have always told them they need not believe in “that stuff” i.e. Christian dogma (thus they have no religious belief system). Or are they too young?”

DATRE: Now, you must remember, that the ‘size’ of a physical construct has nothing to do with the, shall we say, the YOU that you are expressing through the physical construct.

Now, I can give you a John, Aona example. They went to visit this woman who was a grandmother. Her grandchild had come over to her house when she had a scientific man that was visiting her. And wanted some of her and her husbands information on scientific things that they had been working on. And the man was discussing with the grandmother about something, the little
girl entered the conversation and told the scientist all of this
information. Then he told the little girl to go out and play; she didn’t know what she was talking about. The little girl turned to the scientist and said, ‘if I had called you on the telephone and given you this information, you would have been very excited, because then you would not have seen my size’. Just an example. An example of individuals that John
and Aona have known personally.

Now, many times, parents have been shocked by information coming out of children’s mouths. The child is ‘not’ being invaded by hocus-pocus or anything else. That child is speaking from a point of knowingness. Size has nothing to do with ‘innate’ knowledge, that, that YOU that ‘you’ are, is bringing through the physical construct. They talk about older people as having so much ‘knowledge’. This is true; they have time to bring it into their ‘knowingness’ and into the physical construct. But there are a lot of ‘dumb’ people that are old, that don’t have any access to other than just going through the physical motions. So size and age has nothing to do with it. Knowledge is from the ‘intellect’, wisdom comes through OBSERVASION.

Now, the decision as to what you want to do with your children is all up to you – whatever ‘you’ want to teach them. I would say that there is nothing in any Datre transcript that is of any harm to any one. We have never ‘taught’ you ‘how’ to do anything. We have given you some information to do with as you wish, depending upon your understanding. But as to ‘young’ and
‘old’, it matters not. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I am a teacher and try to make it understandable to them, am I doing the right thing, or am I in fact giving them a different set of beliefs… should I leave them to discover their own paths to truth?”

DATRE: They will. They will, if you have taught them ‘one’ thing, and its that you have taught them, ‘not’ from a point of ‘structure’, but from a point of framework. In other words, if you teach from a point of a ‘framework’, then they can ‘manipulate’ a framework. But, if you teach them from a point of ‘structure’, that becomes a more ‘solid’ belief.

If you were to take ‘tinker-toys’ and start off with four pieces on the bottom and build from that, everything that you have is built on those four pieces at the bottom. Well, why not start with two pieces at the bottom and then go up and go off to the right and go and attach that some way so it doesn’t fall down. Then bring another piece over and another piece and then add another piece over here and another piece over there. And it ends up being a ‘mess’. But, that’s what a framework is. A ‘framework’ is a ‘mess’ of ‘tidbits’, shall we say, of information that you gather. Then as you gather, you make decisions constantly, if that’s something you want or something you don’t want. Then as you continue to do that, your ‘framework’ will constantly change. Because something that you, shall we say, ‘ignore’ will eventually be replaced by something else.

You don’t ‘have’ to get rid of anything. Because the PSYCHE remembers ‘everything’. So you don’t have to say, ‘well, I don’t want that’. If you don’t want it, just leave it alone. But, you don’t have to ‘declare’ you don’t want it. It will just happen, that’s a ‘framework’. A ‘framework’ just happens. A ‘structure’ says, ‘this is what you do, this is the way you do it, this is the way you believe, this is this and this is this’. That is what ‘religions’ and ‘isim’s’ and ‘osophies’ are all about. They’re ‘all’ structures.

We don’t want you to build a ‘structure’, build a ‘framework’. That does not say, listen to Datre exclusively. No! How are you ever going to know about things, if you don’t search out and ‘discover’ things?

So, your decision is yours, enjoy life. We thank you, we are Datre.


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