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Datre answers Estherella and Wanda.

JOHN: Estherella’s first question is… “Is it true that one seems to have “another life” at night?”

DATRE: Yes, you do very definitely. Because, at that time you connect up with the YOU that ‘you’ are. You connect up with all the other individuals that you’re planning to write your ‘script’ for to make up your play and put it on stage. The stage is physicality. In other words, your nighttime activities are like those that are ‘planning’ and making up their script and making up the players and all of this. Getting the actors and actresses together in that which you’re going to perform. Then when you get your play all written and the director and all the circumstances and all of this straightened out, then you come back into the body and you work it out. This is your stage.

So, yes, you’re in a different part of that which you call your
construction of your ‘life’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I feel as if I have worked or trained all night! And if this is so, what happens?”

DATRE: Well, that’s just exactly what I told you. That you ‘are’ different at night. And what you’ve been doing is, as you say, if you feel like you have trained, then maybe you are setting things up and getting ready for your play. The only thing is, there might be some ‘awareness’ that you’re doing these things. Then what you’re doing to is, you may be working with your ‘self’ in the construct of bringing more of that which you already ‘know’ into the physical knowingness. So you could feel that as a training period.

And who’s the ‘teacher’? None other than you. But you see, in sleep you’re not ‘separated’. It’s only in physicality that you’re separated, because the physical body could not ‘contain’ all of ‘you’ and all of its knowingness, because it wouldn’t comprehend physicality. And the energy construct of ‘that’ which you are, cannot be contained within one physical body. So, next.

JOHN: Her final question is… “I know that I go on travels from time to time, but why isn’t the experience more conscious?”

DATRE: It doesn’t ‘need’ to be. It really doesn’t need to be. If you’re traveling, you’re probably going to other places to ‘observe’ what’s going on. You’re going to another country to see what’s happening in an earthquake. You’re going to another country because you want to see the flowers in bloom or something. You’re going to another country to learn how another culture is existing and living. These are things you do all the

You see, because you think you’re sleep, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hours a night, whatever it happens to be, that that is your limitation. And how can I go anyplace and do anything in that short period of time? Well, there again, you see, the ‘clock’ time is only what you agree upon with another individual. Or, if living alone, out on the mountain top all by yourself. You’re setting your ‘time’ by setting your scenery of the sun coming up and
going down and the moon and the stars and all that kind of thing. But, you are the only one that sets your own time. Nobody else can do it for you.

So, you see how ‘limitless’ you are, and yet you will ‘limit’ yourself. And why do you limit yourself? Because, you came here with an understanding that you will learn, X, Y, Z, and then when that’s over, you’ll move on to something else. But coming into physicality was so long ago, and so little in this time has been learned, because it’s been lost, this is the difference. Then because you have had so many, what you call, lifetimes, in
so many different ‘time’ spans, cultures, and everything else, that you have a mish mash of many different things.

But, this is what you call ‘your’ evolution in ‘this’ particular ‘time’ span. And your evolution has been very definitely ‘technically’ oriented. That’s been pretty much the whole thing. Then you’ve had what you call, persistent wars. You’ve always had ‘battles’ with something. You’ve always been fighting ‘against’ something. You’re fighting against ‘poverty’. You’re fighting against people of different colors, different races. You’re fighting against different ‘isim’s’, ‘osophies’, religions, whatever. But, you see, you have become – in the physical – very ‘defensive’ people. And that has been something that has come through, what you call, your physicality.

The mistrust of individuals, because there are so many on the planet at the time, and so many of you are living in what they call the ‘large’ cities, that you have built up ‘fear’ and distrust. That is unfortunate at a time when you should be having ‘other’ things that should be taking the forefront. But, this is the way your ‘evolution’ has been. That is living in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. So, the thing is that this is your ‘evolution’, and the more you can understand ‘about’ your evolution and about yourself, this is the greatest learning experience of all. Then, when you really, truly, know what it’s all about, then there will be no need to do it again – it’s
‘redundant’. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, now we have some comments and a question from Wanda in Australia… Wanda say’s, “A great polarization has taken place effectively splitting Queensland into fundamentalism and the other. It means that something similar might take place in the federal sphere, although the percentage will vary for as you go further south east its more conservative i.e., NSW, VIC, ACT, SA and more Queensland aligned in WA… Datre’s words about this shift has certainly taken place in the Fall, our Fall. How about
a State of the world address from Datre? We’ve not had one for a while.”

DATRE: Now, the question keeps coming up consistently, about things happening. Well, I think you would have to be living in a cave, not to see what is happening. That is one thing that is happening in the country you call Australia. There is also a great deal of unrest with the aboriginal people and the other people living in Australia. There’s all of this going on constantly. That is one country.

You’re finding ‘other’ countries that are warring against different nationalities within their countries. You are watching all of these “unusual” happenings throughout the world, as far as that which you call your weather. Now, we have told you about the weather, because of the location of that which you call your planet, the changes that are taking place. You cannot go into a ‘different’ area of ‘space’ or change ‘slightly’ your orbit – your orbital path – and not have dramatic changes in that which you call your weather.

You see, when you get close to the end of ‘any’ experiential ‘evolution’, when you get near the ‘end’, there is an ‘extreme’ intensity of ‘everything’. Everything ‘on’ the planet ‘and’ the physical construct.

Now, if you were to go back, even in that which you call your ‘history’, go back into 1700’s, 1800’s, the construct of the physical form was different. The clothing the individuals wore on those constructs was different. Can you imagine anyone living in that which you call, the Mediterranean countries or that which you call the state of Texas, Arizona, peoples in the 16, 17, 18th. centuries, running around in shorts and tee shirts? Now, if anybody can’t figure that’s a change, then I’ve got my history wrong.

You see, you don’t ‘see’ the ‘quickness’ of the ‘evolution’ in a very short period of time. At that time, you had those who were, what they called, ‘scoundrels’ who cheated you. And then there were people that when you decided upon a job or whatever, a handshake was all that was necessary – the deal was closed. How often do you go to rent an apartment or buy a house or an automobile or any of these things, and you shake hands with
someone and the deal is set? It is unheard of. You have paper that stacks up two feet high that you have to sign and all of these things. Then you have to go to banks and you have to go here and you have to go there and everybody has to ‘approve’ what you do. You can’t… you are in a stage now, where you can no longer just “do”.

You have “evolved” to that point. You have evolved to the point that you rely on other people – like your governments – in ‘all’ countries, to make your ‘decisions’ for you. That is the point that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has gotten to. ‘I don’t want to be bothered with making decisions, let the government do it’. You have heard that and that’s not only in the United States, that is in other countries also.

You see you have lost the ability to be ‘who’ you are. Because, you don’t want to take the ‘responsibility’ for being ‘who’ you are. Now, that does not mean that you have to be pious or anything like that. You don’t have to be that perfect ‘pious’ person. That is ‘not’ what its all about. But being ‘who’ you are, and owing up to it.

There are those that are sitting in jail, that say, ‘yes, I did that. I did what I did’ and not making any excesses for it. Now that person is further ahead than somebody else that say’s it’s someone else’s fault. Can you see where I’m trying to make the difference?

Aona was telling John about what she heard on the radio. That there’s been some changes in laws in California where these ‘lawyers’ have taken money from people, put it in the bank and when the case is closed, you can have that money to pay for my fee and when the case is closed, then they take that money and put it in the bank and close their offices. And nobody can
get at that money and they’ve already taken theirs out. Then there’s very little left and the banks are being asked to say how much money is in these banks that belong to ‘other’ people. But the bank can’t do anything, because they don’t have the ability to give that money to those people, because the attorney has to give it to those people and the attorneys cannot be found.

Now, can you see what is happening there? I’m bringing this up for a very ‘specific’ reason. Because, I want you to see what happens in the steps that you’re going through in your ‘evolution’ of mankind. Who has been making all the money stepping on the necks of other people? The lawyers make more money than probably many other professions. And, they do not care if you are ‘innocent’ or ‘guilty’, because, they don’t want to ‘know’ whether you are innocent or guilty. All they want to do is ‘win’ the case for themselves.

Now, look at that process. When are people going to stand up for
themselves? You are ‘not’ standing up for yourself, if your only recourse is having to go to an attorney. Because, you don’t ‘know’ your own ‘power’, you don’t know ‘yourself’. If you knew how ‘powerful’ you were, you would ‘not’ be writing these scripts for yourself to play out. Then if you ‘were’ writing the scripts for you to play out, why are you writing ‘that’ script?
Are you trying to ‘teach’ yourself?

You see the lessons are all ‘individual’. And they have to be learned by ‘you’ as an ‘individual’. And no one else can give you advice, because, as you become more and more of ‘that’ which ‘you’ are, their advice will not be needed. Because, their advice is coming from an ‘intellectual’ standpoint. Then you’re in the big ‘trap’ of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Then everyone will say, ‘well, how can I get out of it?’. You can get ‘out’ of it, if you will begin to learn and look at why you are doing what you are doing.

You don’t have to take a magnifying glass and go through every step of the day, to find out why you did what you did. That isn’t what I’m saying. But, if you ‘learn’ the lesson that you wanted to ‘teach’ yourself – not Datre, not the guru, not anyone else – ‘you’ wanted to ‘teach’ yourself. Then when you know the answer to that, you will never be faced with that situation again. And you will learn more than ‘one’ thing, because as you go into it and really find out what its all about, you will learn a great deal. Then, the more you get into the ‘habit’ of doing that, you will find that you will have less and less of the ‘tragedy’. Because, you can ‘see’ what’s happening, and change.

After all, how many times have there been peoples on a stage in a play and someone has forgotten their lines? Then there’s that blank space and everybody gets a little jittery, and you have to do what they call ‘add lib’? All right, adlibbing is ‘changing’ the play. You see what I’m trying to tell you? We’re getting back to the same thing that everybody says I don’t seem to come up with anything ‘different’. And we’ve said the same thing so many times. But I really, really… if I can impress upon you
nothing else, if I can give you no other “words of wisdom”, just to be AWARE and be that OBSERVER and know “why” you’re doing “what” you’re doing. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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