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Datre answers Susmita.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is… “If our original purpose was to experience and understand physicality (so that we can create grand physical systems/forms for our experience), why did we need physical emotions like anger, jealousy, love/hate etc? Seems like we have been so much caught up in emotions of our own and others for such a long time that we no longer know who we are! Is emotion
necessary for having complex physical forms?”

DATRE: That is something you set up for yourselves. You see, you have no conception of ‘when’ you began. Your history only goes back so far. You have no idea how long it has taken you to get to the point where you are. What happened, in your evolution of the physical construct, you continually added emotions. Because you were ‘frustrated’ in being unable to express your self’s in different ways. Words have always been something that has caused confusion in expression. So in order to add to your, what you call your physical words, you added ’emotion’. And that is how you have come to have as many different emotions as you have. It was a process of evolution – nothing more, nothing less. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Does consciousness exist only in physicality? Is physicality possible without consciousness?”

DATRE: No, that is a part of that which you call physicality. You do not have to have consciousness, if you reside in the Raw Universe. What would you do with consciousness? Where would you put it? What would be the need of it? In physicality, that is one of the two that you need. So continue.

JOHN: She further asks… “Does our body-consciousness also evolve individually (as Datre mentioned before that our bodies have their own agenda)?”

DATRE: Of course! The YOU that ‘you’ are is that which you connect up with at night. It is that which you are in the daytime also but a smaller portion of you that goes into physicality, because you can’t bring ‘all’ of YOU in here. The body could not comprehend and ‘you’ could not comprehend. So the small portion that is the ‘you’ in physicality, is training the
physical construct to know it and work with it. That’s what its all about. Is giving you, who are so mired in physicality, that you don’t ‘know’ your own GRANDNESS. You can’t see beyond the physical. But at some point in time you will. There are those that are beginning to ‘see’ that, in GRAND numbers and in GRAND experiences. And they can tell you. But, has to be a ‘personal’, individual, discovery. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “I understand we create our own experience and attract people/situations etc. according to our own beliefs and expectations in order to learn something about ourselves. What happens when we completely stop setting any pictures before us?”

DATRE: Well, that does not happen. That does not happen, because you will continue that in the ‘life-death’, ‘life-death’, ‘life-death’, process. Why would you ever want to ‘discontinue’ that?

JOHN: You would discontinue.

DATRE: Well of course you would discontinue. In other words, if you decided that you didn’t want any more ‘pictures’, then ‘you’ would discontinue being. You would never be again, because that would be gone. Absolutely, totally and completely, and you would no longer be in ‘any’ state of existence.

So, do you want that ‘complete’ annihilation? Absolute, total, complete, annihilation, that’s what it would be. The ‘essence’ of all of you and your experiences would be ‘absorbed’ into the whole, because experiences are never lost. But they would no longer have anything to do with you, your experiences, anything. That would ‘not’ belong to you in any way-shape or form if you decided on that ‘total’ annihilation. There would be ‘nothing’.
And there are some of those that are deciding that ‘this’ is what they want. But do they realize what they’re doing? With all the experiences that you’ve had, not only in ‘this’ particular mode of physicality at this time, but ‘all’ the experiences that you’ve had since the beginning of putting ‘bodies’ together and having experiences and having evolution. Why would you toss it all away? Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to say… “I recently came to know from the biography of J. Krishnamurty that he under went severe headache, physical pain over a period of several years etc, before bringing his message, which to me seems universal in nature. Is it the first time some human body was prepared for delivering universal message? Is this body adjustment
necessary because of our dense particlization?”

DATRE: He’s not the only one, this has been going on ever since you began your evolution in physicality. The reason there is as much ‘pain’ to go through, is because of the ‘total’ realignment of the brain. That is necessary for that who is bringing through information, to have the ‘total’ realignment of that which you call your brain, because ‘you’ have to understand the information that is being brought through. If you don’t
understand the information that is being brought through, you will ‘fight’ it, and in fighting it, you will ‘destroy’ your physical containment. It is simple as that. You don’t understand, probably what I’m talking about, but this is true. This has happened to anyone who has brought through Universal
information. And that did not just start in your lifetime. This has ‘always’ been going on. So, nothing new.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “I guess my psyche has to stay in the background so as not to interfere with that part of me which wants to experience/understand physicality, but why is it so difficult to shut my brain and understand the language of psyche even when I sincerely want to establish such a communication? Why has it to be fragmented and in bits and

DATRE: Well, number one, I think you’re looking at your ‘psyche’ in a different way than we have tried to explain it. Your ‘psyche’ remembers EVERYTHING. That is ‘everything’ from the very beginning of evolution in terms of ‘your’ evolvement in planetary existence.

Now, what you’re doing is, you’re not struggling with your ‘psyche’, you’re struggling with your physical brain. Why do you have to shut your physical brain off? You need to work WITH your physical brain. In other words, you forgot that ‘you’ were the teacher. You are the one that is teaching the physical brain. You are putting the information on a ‘disk’ to be put into a computer (brain) and put into storage so that you can bring up the information on your computer at any time you want to. And you’re adding ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ to your computer brain all the time. Why do you want to shut it off? That is what you’re here in physicality for, is to see how far ‘you’ can evolve the physical construct in knowingness.

That is indeed a ‘grand’, ‘grand’ experience. And there are individuals that are doing it now. And they’re having a ‘grand’ experience, in physicality, because they ‘know’ what it’s all about. But, it is ‘not’ shutting anything off. It is ‘teaching’. And no one can teach ‘your’ brain, except you. Continue.

JOHN: She now asks… “Is knowing how to handle/manipulate different energies essential in becoming “individual”?”

DATRE: No! Why worry about handling energy? You don’t have to ‘handle’ energy. The ‘energies’ are there – you don’t ‘handle’ them, you ‘allow’ them. You wouldn’t know what to do with a ‘wave’ if you got one. You don’t know ‘how’ to handle energy. You put electricity through a cord and plug it in, in order to contain it. But you don’t have to know how electricity works in order to plug it in. In other words, if you wanted to plug in a
light. You don’t say, ‘well, I wonder how that’s going to go through that cord and what’s going to happen and what is all involved in putting that electricity from the outside into the house and into the cord and into the plug in order to turn on a light’. Don’t get so specific about things. Relax in your body. Don’t be concerned about handling energies. If you feel energies that are ‘different’, allow them. But don’t fight and don’t have
to explain. It’s a process of ‘allowing’. Continue with the rest of that sentence.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “We do not know how we create and sustain our physical bodies for ex ample or our everyday experience for that matter.”

DATRE: Well, you do on another level, but why be concerned about it here? You don’t have to be concerned about it. When you get to the point that you and your body work together, it’s not a struggle any more. If you sit down and say, ‘I don’t know what I want to eat’ and wait, the body will tell you. ‘I want something salty’. So eat something salty. ‘I want something sweet’. So eat something sweet. ‘I want liquid’. Drink something. It’s working with the body that I cannot tell you how to do. The only thing I know is when I am in this physical construct, that I can ‘feel’ these things, just as Aona does. But you see, she does not ‘fight’ her body. She works ‘with’ her body constantly. It’s not a fight. And that is very difficult for peoples to understand.

If the body is upset, if the stomach doesn’t feel good. Then find something to sooth the body. The body will tell you. It probably wants a different kind of food. Or maybe it wants to go out side and get air. Maybe it wants to relax and read a book. Maybe it wants to watch television. But just find out what is comfortable.

If you’re at work, take a deep breath. Mostly, people walk around and you’ve got your breath held to ‘tight’ that you’re in the state of ‘restriction’. ‘Well, I’ve got to do this and I’ve got to do that’. And you’ve got your bodies so ‘tight’ that they can’t even breath. How many of you, during the day, stop to realize that you’ve stopped breathing? You have, you’ve become so ‘intent’ on doing something. It may be something you thoroughly enjoy; maybe you enjoy your work. And you’re so thoroughly involved in it. Then all of a sudden, you take a deep breath, ‘oh, I forgot to breath. I was intent on what I’m doing.’. You see, the body doesn’t stop. The body takes care of itself.

You work ‘with’ the body. But you don’t have to say, ‘okay; now throat, this is the way you swallow. Okay, now liver, this is the way you work’. Who knows what their liver does? What difference does it make, except to a doctor, if he’s trying to ‘fix’ it? But you don’t have to be that concerned about your body. The only concern you have to have for your body is to
relax, breath, take off that tension. That is what causes your death, more than anything. If you close your body down and push it, push it, push it. Then the body gets to the point that it rebels.

Disease is what is very well named as far as your words are concerned. Dis-ease, your body is not at ease. When the body is at ease, it will take care of itself. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “Many spiritual traditions ask us to see the unity (in the unmanifested dimension) behind the diversity of the objective world, but Datre is emphasizing that everything in the universe is individual! It seems like a paradox!”

DATRE: Well, that is because of different teachings. Different teachings on your planet have taught different things. Now, religions, and ‘osophies’ and ‘isim’s’ have all had different teachings. But if you will get down to the ‘bare bones’ of some of your ‘older’ teachings, you will find that ‘individuality’ is what they’re looking for. But, because of the way it is stated, many times it is not comprehended.

Your Christian and Judaic religions are perhaps more concerned with that which you call ‘oneness’. But you see, in that case, you are all looking to ‘one individual’ concept. And you figure, that when you die, you will join with the ‘one individual’ concept. And many will stay in the dead-zone, because ‘that’ is their belief system. And that is where they’re at.

But what we’re trying to do, is get you ready for a BIRTH and
‘individualism’ is the way to go. You cannot go past physicality if you do not have ‘individuality’. That is a ‘fact’. That is not a ‘wonder if’. In other words, if you wish to function in comfort, in a physical construct, in a physical reality, you need to become an ‘individual’. When you become an ‘individual’, is when you get rid of that boggy man called ‘fear’, which is the biggest deterrent of everything and anything. And when that is absolved, you will ‘enjoy’ living on this planet. You will enjoy setting up your experiences. And your body will respond in kind. Continue.

JOHN: She then goes on to say… “Are the processes that operate in creation and maintenance of physical forms in our earth bubble similar in physicality’s elsewhere in other planetary bubbles?”

DATRE: There are ‘some’ forms of physicality in other bubbles. But not the same. They are ‘all’ different. Your next “physical existence” will not be like this physical existence, because of that which you call ‘evolution’. In other words, in another physical construct you won’t go ‘back’ to get yourself up to where you are now. You will go from where you are now –
forward, into that which you call another experience. So everything is different – constantly. The ‘individual’ experience is what makes everything different. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “When Datre said that “ours’ is an engineered Universe” did he mean just our planet or the Big Universe? I wonder how such projects are jointly undertaken by many unique individuals!”

DATRE: Well, you are an “engineered universe” in that you are working with ‘particles’. You’re working with HOLOGRAMS; you’re working with ‘particles’. Engineered is the best word that you can understand because you understand engineering. You understand making things out of wood and stone and plastic and everything else. You understand ‘how’ things are made from that standpoint. So if we refer to it in that context, you’ll realize
that the physical “containment” was engineered, and is being engineered constantly by your evolution. Your physical forms are ‘changing’ all the time. We’ve told you that before. So that’s why it’s called ‘engineered’.

Now, this is ‘engineered’, it is within this ‘bubble’. And you will continue in an ‘engineered’ reality until you ‘understand’ it. Then when you ‘understand’ it, why do you have to do it any more? And the amount of “time” it takes you to ‘understand’ it is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter.

But, in the Big Universe, it is NOT engineered. If you want to put it another way, we are the ‘engineers’. But you see, that is the wrong context also. But, do not be concerned about all of these things as to ‘how’ they work and ‘why’ they work and all of that. The main thing is to be interested in ‘where’ do ‘you’ want to go? What do ‘you’ want to learn? What do ‘you’ want to become?

In the physical, you say, ‘I want to become a teacher’ or ‘I want to become a doctor’, ‘I want to become a computer analyst’, ‘I want to become ‘this’, I want to become ‘that’. You want to become something in the physical construct.

Now, let’s look at it this way. What do “you” want to become? How much do “you” want to understand? How much do “you” want to experience? And where do “you” want to go? What is your aim, what is your goal? Do you want to go out in the Big Universe and function ‘without’ a physical body, without a physical brain? And function from PURE thought? Is that something that sounds exciting to you?

That which is called the Ram (Ramtha), wanted to become the wind, because that’s what his brain, at the time that he was living, could understand – was to become the wind. That was ‘without’ containment. That is what ‘he’ wished to experience – to become the wind. What do “you” want to become? Other than that which you can do with the physical construct? Enjoy a
‘grand’ experience. We’ll leave you now, we are Datre.


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