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Datre answers Robert and Christine.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Robert, and his question is… “What are your impressions of the work of Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute?”

DATRE: Well, we had John explain that to us and what that was all about and what it is is just an ‘exploration’. Now there are those peoples that want to find out about where they can go and what they can do and are yet fearful of doing it on their own, and not knowing how to go about it, and many other things that come into ‘exploration’. And so, rather than work with themselves and try to figure it out, and do those things on their own, they will read a book that will tell them how to do it or go someplace and have someone guide them and watch them in what they’re doing, so they can eliminate that which you call your ‘fear’. That is all that they do is to… it is like a meditation where they tell you, ‘now close your eyes and do this and do that and do something else’. And then they take you through different steps to go to see different things and so forth and so on.

Now, the ‘guided’ meditation is fine for some individuals. But there are other individuals that don’t want that at all. Because, that is ‘not’ where they go. You see, because of your different levels of what you understand and what you ‘perceive’, will take you into different areas of ‘exploration’. So some peoples will want to know how to go and sit on top of a roof and see what’s up there. Or want to go on down the street and see
what’s going on down there and do that kind of ‘exploration’. Then there are others that want to get totally away from their bodies and go visit other countries. Then there are others that want to go into what you call ‘different’ realities to ‘explore’ and OBSERVE. There are others that want to make connection with that which you call the dead-zone. There are still others that want to go into that which they call past lives.

Actually, all that is, in everyone of the instances that I have described so far, and I may have missed some, but that will give you a good idea of what we perceive is, its an “exploration”, you’re learning to explore. You’re learning to explore without the body. That’s what it is all about, being comfortable being “out” of the body, knowing that you can come back into it. And many are afraid to do it by themselves; for fear that they
might not be able to come back.

So you see, when you go someplace where they ‘tell’ you what to do, you feel secure that those people will come and get you if you can’t get back by yourselves. Well, because you’re “attached”, you never ‘can’ get away from yourself, so it is something that is ‘not’ to be feared. But, because ‘fear’ is such a big number, that is why people go to ‘other’ people to
help them in their explorations.

So, you can do it whatever way you want to, it doesn’t matter. If you want to do it with somebody else, in a group, fine. If you want to go into a class and take instructions, fine. If you want to do it on your own, fine. It doesn’t matter which way you do it, it’s all up to you. Continue.


JOHN: Our next set of questions is from Christine. And her first question is… “I am really grateful to be receiving your information, it is like a gift when I turn on my computer to find something from you! I have often found that when I have a question I sit and think about it and inevitably the answer comes to me, and I think the question I sent you recently need
not be answered by Datre, I have the answer already! Is it possible that I can tune into Datre or am I just using my intellect to figure things out or, alternatively, am I tuning in to “mass consciousness” thoughts? It feels like I am catching the wave of thought which is “transmitted” to us… or am I fooling myself?”

DATRE: No, you’re not fooling yourself. What we have said, this information brought through a physical construct, carries a vibration, and you can pick it up that way. The other way it can be picked up is, through that which you call a piece of paper with the writing on it, that you read. Because, actually, all you’re doing is reading symbols. And the symbols are translated by you, for your understanding. Two people can read the same
information and understand it in two different ways. So all the symbols do is to show you what ‘you’ want to know.

The same way with that which you call your computer. There’s nothing but symbols on that screen. And you interpret them for ‘your’ understanding, not for anybody else’s.

So what you’re doing is, you have questions and things you’re wondering about. In order to form a question, you have to know the answer. So in forming the question, you can’t quite figure it out for the ‘brain’ to understand it. That’s the interesting thing about physicality, that ‘you’ have to ‘train’ the brain. So when the information comes from Datre, you read it, and ‘oh, I understand’. You understand, because you had the answer, but you couldn’t get it into the brain. Okay, now you understand,
you have the answer that ‘you’ are looking for. You put that into the brain, and that becomes another resource. That’s as simple as it gets. Continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “Many of these ideas are not new to me and even the ones that shift my consciousness are very comfortable, it is as if I have been growing towards this all my life. Some months ago I saw the “URANTIA” book, I don’t know if you are familiar with it, but I was not able to read it except for some brief passages, I felt as if this information was not ringing altogether true, and what really put me off was the fact that it has become a cult type of thing, which the authors did not want in the first place. But I suppose I needed to read some of it in any case, otherwise I would not have noticed the book. Isn’t this human existence fun? Can’t wait to see what’s next!”

DATRE: All right, now you were disturbed by the fact that it has become a ‘cult’ thing and from your standpoint, it is not of importance to you. But, in order to, shall we say, notice your ‘benchmark’s’ you will pick up things from time to time, to show yourself where your understanding is – very simple. Now, do not be concerned that that has become a ‘cult’ thing. You see anything that becomes ‘popular’ becomes a ‘cult’ thing as far as the information is concerned. Now, you call it a ‘cult’ thing, simply because it is connected to the ‘New Age’ community, which is “spiritually based”.

All right now, something else that is of importance to ‘some’ individuals that are interested in… Oh, let’s see, what could we call it? Something that would have a lot of different angles written about it, and people were interested in it and they would read it. All right, I thought of something – psychology. How many books are written in regards to psychology?

You start out in your universities with that which you call psychology 101, psychology 102, you go on and if you don’t like the first couple of sessions you take, you quit. But you’ve been exposed to it. Now those that become ‘fascinated’ by it will continue. And they read and they read and they read. They read all kinds of things that have been written about psychology, by many, many different authors. And, there again, you could take ‘one’ of those authors that has been very popular, and everybody
gravitates to, and call that a ‘cult’.

You see, simply because it has that “spirituality” connected with it, you call it a ‘cult’. If its psychology, and everybody gravitates to a certain writer, and a certain book, that could be call a ‘cult’. But because its psychology, you don’t use that word. Do you see what I’m getting at? Don’t be concerned that it’s a ‘cult’. Don’t be concerned that people get ‘stuck’ there, because that is their choice, that’s their decision.

You can take individuals that are interested in any of this information and you can take them just so far and then they’ll stop dead still. And that’s where they stay. That’s what they will do for the rest of this lifetime existence that they’re living at the present time.

Do you call “astrology” a cult? I do not know. But how many people, they begin to look for answers. They’re beginning to try to understand different things. And they get into “astrology” and they’re stuck there for the rest of their lives. They’re “stuck” because they ‘want’ to stay stuck. Any of these things that you get into and you wish to pursue, you ‘stick’ yourself. So it does not matter, because it doesn’t matter what another
person does, it only matters what ‘you’ do. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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