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Datre answers Veteran Human being.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from veteran Human being and her first question is… “One topic I haven’t seen addressed in full by Datre is the nature of religious worship. Is this a man made phenomenon in the sense that a savior has been invented by so many wishing so that he actually manifests in the flesh??”

DATRE: Now, you talk about religion, and then you narrow it down to Christianity. If you’re speaking about religion, then you use a broad brush, because, religion has existed upon your planet ever since you were that which you call a “cloned” reality. You have always looked ‘to’ something to help you.

A cloned reality, was a reality that existed, because all thought and everything was brought into, shall we say, one little shopping bag full of things.

JOHN: Consensus opinion.

DATRE: Yes! So you put that into the shopping bag. Then when you wanted to have any action to anything, you’d reach into the shopping bag and dig around until you found something that worked for you and you would work off of that. Then when you were through with it, you would put it back into the shopping bag again so someone else could use it. But, what happened is,
someplace down the line, there was a little ‘spark’ in one individual that said, ‘well, I’d just as soon not always use what everybody else is using, I’d just as soon use some of my ‘own’ thoughts, instead of always rehashing someone else’s’. And that was the beginning of what you call your ‘individuality’. You were breaking away from that ‘cloned’ reality.

I know this is very simplistic. There’s a lot more to it than this. But I’m just putting it all down very simple. So that is how you eventually begin to break away from that which you called your ‘cloned’ reality. Then as you break away from your ‘cloned’ reality, you wanted to go another step further. You wanted to have two sexes, male and female. Then you’ll say,
‘well, why that?’ That’s EVOLUTION, that’s pushing the envelope. You hear that all the time, about pushing the envelope. That’s what the ‘forward’ thinking individual has always done. They push the envelop and say, ‘well, why do we have to go this way? Why don’t we do this? Why don’t we do that?’ That’s evolution.

What would happen if everyone stayed ‘cloned’? You would have a ‘dead’ society. Then being a ‘dead’ society, there would be ‘nothing’. You can’t have a ‘dead’ society. That is why, when you began to separate, you still held on to something you thought was greater than yourself. And that’s ‘all’ religion is. It’s thinking that somebody, somewhere, somehow, is greater than ‘you’ are, so that you have something to ‘aspire’ to.

That’s what they talk about with children. The children need ‘role’ models. You specifically mentioned that one they call Jesus – a role model. You see that’s what religion is all about. It’s finding a ‘role’ model. Buddha was a role model. Krishna, a role model. You could even go to the point of
saying Gurdjieff was a role model. You can even go to the point of saying that Carlos Castaneda is a role model.

People are always looking for another in the human construct that they can emulate, or look to, or learn from. And religion comes in many different forms. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in that which you call a church. Why do you go to listen to one particular minister, when you’ve got a church on each of four corners? Because, you’re using him and his ideas, that he projects, as a role model. Why don’t you go to the other three?
Because, you’ve probably been there, or somebody has told you this is the best, or whatever. But you see, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS doesn’t very often go out and search for themselves. Searching for yourself, is what makes an INDIVIDUAL. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “My own intuition tells me that man made gods are false, that man as the Individual is god in the flesh and just does not know it. If so; why are some so enlightened and others are complacent with being murders or rapists?”

DATRE: Well. Again as we have said, are you really ‘you’? We go right back to the beginning, which we’ve talked about many, many times. How much of you is ‘you’? Which was a very interesting thing that Aona saw on television recently. That someone was talking to an audience as a guest speaker, or something, and said to the audience, and one person in particular, “how much of you is ‘you'”?

And we thought that very interesting, because you see, ‘this’ information “is” being broadcast. Its making people think. When you stop, if you want a real good exercise, and I’m sure we’ve given this at sometime before, you start thinking about ‘what’ you believe and ‘why’ you believe it. And you will find that the ‘majority’ of that, which you call ‘you’, is what has been taught you since you were a child.

Now, did you find out a stove was hot because you put your hand on it? Or did you find out a stove was hot, because your mother said it was? You see, that sounds very simplistic. But when you start with ‘simple’ things like that and get into the complexities of that which compresses that which you call ‘you’, you will find that you can go back and find where ‘that’
particular thought pattern originated.

Now, why are they content to be murderers? There’s more than one reason for that. It could be genetics. It could be, that person ‘wants’ that experience. It could be, that person was working strictly off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in a neighborhood where murder is an everyday occurrence. But the individual that ‘becomes’ an INDIVIDUAL, has searched out and tried to find out, “just exactly ‘who’ am I”? What makes me tick? What makes me
react the way I do? Why do I act and react in a certain manner? So continue to the next one.

JOHN: And her next question continues with… “Do they choose the life as one animal spirit remains animal but simply drifts from one body to another?”

DATRE: Well, you must realize, animal spirits have nothing to do with human inhabitation – it doesn’t work that way. You are evolved to the point that you don’t have animal spirits inhabiting human form. Now, you’re going to say, ‘well there are those that can turn themselves into animals and project as animals’. Yes, that can be done by those that practice that and
understand that. But, that does not mean that they’re invaded by an animal spirit. So let’s cross that one off the list.

Animals are animals, and humans are humans, and you work off of entirely different principles. Animals work off a ‘group’ mind, shall we say. And the way ‘you’ work off of ‘group’ mind is if you’re just pulling off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, you still have enough individuality that you’re not ‘completely’ a ‘robot’.

So no animal ‘spirit’ drifts from one place to another. It might ‘look’ like some people are animals, and ‘act’ like animals. But, you see, if you ‘notice’ that, then you should OBSERVE something, and learn by that individual’s behavior. Watch that individual, and they become very fascinating, if you are observing from the point of OBSERVATION, and not getting involved in it. And what’s funny, the more you ‘watch’ it, and the more you OBSERVE it, the funnier it gets. And that’s true of ‘all’ humans that have what you call ‘bizarre’ behavior. They become extremely funny to watch. But you see you’re looking at it from the standpoint of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, instead of just looking. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to say… “One murderer changes bodies to be another murderer?”

DATRE: Well, you see, that’s one of the things that happens is, that people don’t pay attention between that which you call ‘lifetimes’. If an individual is just working off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS constantly, and they die, then they discover, ‘oh, I guess I’d better get back into physicality again’. Then they get pushed and shoved around another life expression, and
they’re hating it and doing all these things, and maybe they’re murderers again. But, that’s because, they’re in a physical body, but they’re not doing anything ‘with’ the physical body – except existing in it. They think they ‘are’ the body. Until you know you’re ‘not’ the body, and working from the standpoint of ‘training’ the physical body and the physical brain, they don’t know any different. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I am under the impression that to coordinate/spend time on this planet is a difficult undertaking. Too many want the experience so why is not there a system in place that all existing here would be Winston Churchill’s??”

DATRE: Why? That is not making an individual out of anyone. You had one, why have another? You see, you need to get away from the idea that you ‘all’ have to be something. Why can’t you just be YOU and enjoy it? Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to say… “Why the dichotomy of hate, valueless ness life and destruction pitted with all of the values a 12th century Knight would have??”

DATRE: Well, you see, the ‘evolution’ of that which you call ‘human’ in physicality, is different. We’ve said that your planet is a ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’ planet. Now, the other thing is, that the information that you put in front of you, is information that ‘you’ want, or you wouldn’t put the picture there.

Now, you see, take a Sunday newspaper, and have two people read it. One person reads, that what you call the ‘comics’, and reads all the scores on golf, and tennis, and baseball, and football, and basketball, and soccer, and swimming and all of that. That’s the focus of that individual. The other person will pick up the paper and read about all the ‘killings’ and all the automobile accidents, and about all the little wars that are going on in your foreign countries, and all the disasters all over the world that are taking place. Where people are murdering each other, where there’s disastrous floods, where there’s fires, where there’s earthquakes, and that’s what that person reads.

Now, two people, big newspaper, you choose what you want to take part in. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not interested in all the tragedies, you won’t even read it or listen to it. Be it on the television, be it on the radio, you pick up a newspaper, you don’t read that either. Because, ‘that’ is not what your focus is.

The person who reads about the tragedies can get themselves emotionally all worked up, so they’ve got something to talk about with their neighbors next week. The other person is interested in sports. That person will gravitate to a person that’s interested in sports and the next time they meet a
friend, they can talk about that.

So you see, you don’t have to be concerned about all the tragedies. All it does is, get you emotionally upset, and why, what for? Now you see, the reason we have Aona reading the Sunday paper, because that’s all we can get her to stomach, is to read the big lines, the big letters, so that she has information that ‘we’ can use. Otherwise, she wouldn’t bother. She wouldn’t care if she got another newspaper from now until, because it’s ‘not’ of interest to her. Its of interest to us, so that we can correlate what’s going on to help in keeping us up on what you call, what’s happening in what you call your world.

So, it’s where your focus is. As far as Aona’s concerned, the world is fine. She doesn’t get involved with murders. She doesn’t get involved in tragedies and stuff. That is not of interest to her. If it was of interest to her, she might create something like that. But it’s not of interest. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Not being religious in nature I am curious of the whole subject of domination by OTHER and why it has been so successful in Earth/mankind history. I see us all as individual observers; perhaps some were born here to specifically be neophyte murders? What is the process?”

DATRE: Now, you see, there again, we’re rehashing something that we’ve already gone through. Why has religion been successful? Because you’re looking for somebody to ‘help’ you. You’re ‘helpless’ creatures. You whine, you moan, you groan, you complain. You’re helpless, because you don’t know ‘how’ to set up that which you want to take part in.

In other words, you just go around willy nilly. You have all these ‘bad’ things that religion say’s is bad. So what are you going to do with doing something bad? If you don’t have the understanding, that it is an experience that you had, and you don’t want to do it again, and you won’t do it again, because you learned what it was all about, and the sooner you do that, the sooner you can get away from all of that. Because, once you
have ‘solved’ something, you don’t have to ‘solve’ it again. If you didn’t get the message ‘you’ were trying to give to ‘you’, you’ll keep doing the same thing over and over until you do.

If you didn’t get the message, the ‘you’ that is trying to give you the message, will set up a similar scenario so that you ‘will’ get the message. You can’t blame anybody else for it, you’re doing it yourself, to ‘teach’ yourself. So I don’t know, did we answer that one full enough?

JOHN: I guess so, it sort of a scattered type of question.

DATRE: Alright, but that’s what we’re trying to tell you, those that aren’t paying attention, will consistently continue to do something again, and again, and again. That what you call ‘past’ life regressions, we’ve spoken of this before. The person was a dirt farmer. And the next time they came around, the person was a dirt farmer. And the next time around, the person was a dirt farmer. Maybe different countries, but always the same scenario.
Now, why the same scenario? Until something ‘jogs’ that person, to say, ‘hey, what do you keep doing that for? What are you trying to tell yourself?’. When you figure ‘that’ one out, then you can change, and you don’t have to be that any more.

But, change doesn’t come by someone else trying to change you. Change comes from ‘you’ trying to change ‘you’. And why do you want to change you? Because you want to understand. You see people that have very few experiences, won’t get very far either. Take multiple experiences, and you’re beginning to ‘build’ something for yourself. You’re beginning to build different life times. They don’t have to be spectacular. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to be all those things.
Experiences come in many different forms. And they keep hitting you over the head with things, everyday of your life, and until you start paying attention to them, you’ll probably continue doing the same thing again and again and again, in different ways. That’s what we’re saying – be an OBSERVER, and that does not mean just ‘looking’ at something. You keep looking at religion and murderers. Why? What is the fascination? There must be some concern over these things or they would not attract your attention. What are you trying to tell yourself? Become the individual you want to be. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I have been receiving gifts of knowledge lately, I’m being guided by a force that expresses itself in the sky – the sun pinwheels the clouds, creates forms that are unmistakable when I’m being spoken to. Does Datre know who this force is?”

DATRE: Who’s making up the picture? You have no idea of the pictures you’re putting front of yourself for your own understanding. If you’re picking up energy constructs, that you’re translating into words, you’re showing yourself something that you can understand. Pictures do not always come in physical form. You can set up anything you want. What you’re setting is a
vibration that you can look at, in say the clouds, and you’re information can come from there, because that is what makes you comfortable. You’re getting your answers from that which is comfortable to you. It does not matter which way it comes. That’s the way you’ve chosen, because that’s what you relate to. You relate to getting information from the clouds, more
than you relate to getting information from a book, or from another person.

See, it doesn’t matter ‘how’ you get it, because all you’re doing is telling ‘yourself’ anyway. In a book you’re telling yourself what you want to know. On the computer, you’re telling yourself what you want to know. In listening to another person, you’re only getting that which you want to know. If you’re talking to a tree, you’re getting that which you want to know. Einstein talked to trees and flowers; he got what he wanted to know. You talk to the clouds; you’re getting what you wanted to know – simple as that. Not very complicated. Continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “You would not even believe what has happened to the landscape in which I live, the hills are taller, the mountains loom larger. I’ve been told that when a Creator moves into an area (especially a baron – Arizona high desert) that the landscape does change to suit the one that inhabits it. All others will be blind to it as should be; does it disappear when I leave??”

DATRE: Well of course, because you take your ‘picture’ with you. You see, you don’t realize, that what you’re doing is changing things for ‘your’ convince. You change ‘everything’ the way ‘you’ want it. You’re showing yourself something. You’re showing yourself, ‘yes, I can make that mountain taller. I can make a lake bigger. I can do this, I can do that, I can do something else.’. That’s all you’re doing is showing yourself what you’re
able to do. So why should anyone else see it?

It is like those that see the ‘space ships’. Everybody’s standing around looking, looking, looking, and two people see a ‘space ship’ and how come all the rest of them don’t? You see, ‘you’re’ the creator. You’re the ‘destroyer’. You’re the whole ball game. That’s a hard concept, because you don’t want to ‘allow’ yourself to think you’re that GRAND. You’re not that
‘grand’, its just that you have those abilities to ‘change’ your pictures. And you change them to suite yourself, not to suite anybody else, unless you happen to be living with someone, and it’s a ‘cooperative’ effort. Then you’ll change together.

But, the thing is, that creation is an ‘individualistic’ thing. Two people living in the same house, do not look at the same house the same way – guaranteed. One of them looks at it as a place of comfort, the colors, everything is what I like, I enjoy it. The other person say’s, ‘I don’t know when we’re going to get rid of this old junk?’. Have you heard that said many times? Same difference. You set your environment to suite ‘you’. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a chair in the living room, or it’s a barbeque in the back yard, or if it’s a mountain you’re looking at. From our standpoint, there’s not one iota of difference. ‘You’ make it fit ‘you’.

And we have said it many times, and people are getting sick and tired of it. We’ve had those kinds of letters too. That you seem to be staying on the same thing. We’re staying on the same thing, because it’s the most important thing you can learn. Is that ‘you’ are the OBSERVER, and you’re the one that can ‘change’ it.

So, enjoy your mountains. Don’t be concerned about the size of it or what’s going to happen to it when you’re not there. Maybe when you’re not there, the mountain won’t be there either. You found a place that’s isolated, that can be your own, you put it all around you, the way ‘you’ want it, then enjoy it. Who cares what the next person thinks? They’re not the one that’s living in ‘your’ body. We’ll leave you now, we’re Datre.


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