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Datre answers Hans.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “I realize that to get anywhere I have to know who I am. I also understand that the only way to do this is to forget about concepts, beliefs, books, teachings etc. and be my spontaneous self and live fearlessly in the here and now. Is there anything I should do or not do or know to progress on
this way?”

DATRE: First of all, you don’t have to get rid of anything. It is not necessary for you to get rid of beliefs and concepts and everything. The name of the game is to EXPLORE that which you are interested in.

If you’re interested in going to a book store and picking out books, that you think you are interested in, and seeing what ‘their’ idea of reality is all about – that’s fine. You can make comparisons. You can compare the one that writes the book, and gives his idea of what ‘his’ reality is all about, with what ‘you’re’ idea of what reality is all about. And you may want to change some of ‘your’ ideas. So it does not matter. The only thing is, that if you find someone that your thought patterns, shall we say, more or less parallel, and are in agreement with many of the things that you are comfortable with, then read as many things by that particular author as you can. Because, there might be one little ‘snippet’ in there that will say something to you that you’d never thought about before.

You see, we say that because, its something you’ve thought about, but had not brought into your physical construct from the outside to put into your brain. So you don’t have to throw the “baby out with the bath water”, that is not what we’re saying. We’re saying, that when you read something, or you experience something, or whatever, it’s relating it to where you are at the present time with your belief system. You can’t exist without a belief system; you have to have one of some sort or another.

But the thing is; you relate it to what you feel at the present time. And, many times you’ll say, ‘I had forgotten all about that’. Now, that is a phenomena that is happening more often then you would believe right now. Because this “new energy” that came in recently, is doing lots of things to lots of people. The energy is quite ‘potent’. And you’ll be finding that you’ll be forgetting a lot of things – very simple things.

But, that’s beside the point, but make comparisons. You know, when you go to listen to a piece of music, you’ll say, ‘oh, I like that, it’s something new and different’. New and different than what you’d heard previously. You’ll go to look at a painting. You like this one, you don’t like that one, you’re making comparisons. That is ‘not’ judgment. That’s comparison.
Reading books, reading philosophies, and all of that – its making comparisons.

And sometimes, you’ll find, even in your television, as we’ve mentioned with Aona. There are certain things that she will watch, and in pushing the buttons will go by a station, and she will hear one sentence. And it is as if she gets shivers, because, that one sentence stands out to her as being important. It’s related, or correlates with some of the Datre information,
it may correlate with some of ‘her’ ideas about herself, as she exists at the present time.

So, you see, everything you do is make ‘comparisons’. Really, that’s what a lot of OBSERVATION is, is making ‘comparisons’, but ‘not’ making judgments. You see an OBSERVER does not ‘judge’ a situation. An OBSERVER “observes”. He (or she) is making comparisons with his beliefs that are his thought patterns – and ‘learning’ from it. That’s a lot different.

Most people will look at a situation and ‘judge’ it. But you don’t learn from ‘judging’ it, you… when you ‘judge’, you shut off everything else. You look at something and say, ‘that’s wrong’ – end of subject. That’s a ‘judgment’. If you look at something and say, ‘I really don’t like that. Well, why don’t I like it?’. You see it’s always the questions.
You’ll notice a child wants to know. The child is constantly asking questions. The women talk about the children, they go through a stage and its always ‘why?’, ‘why?’, ‘why?’. And the mother and the father become exasperated, because the child wants to continually ask ‘why?’.

Well, they grow out of that. As they grow ‘bigger’ they stop asking why. That is one of the things to get back into. If you want to know, you ask. You can ask another person, you can search for the answer in a book, you can ask ‘yourself’. As long as you get an answer. And if you don’t settle for anything unless you find it.

And sometimes, those take a long time. In the case of John and Aona, with John, just recently some information came through, and he said, ‘that clears that up, I’ve wondered about that, and wondered about that – many years’.

So you see, you don’t forget. Those things are always there, and they’re still asking why. So don’t throw everything out, but keep asking ‘why’. Because, that’s how you find out ‘who’ you are. That is at least ‘one’ of the ways. Continue with the next question.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “My daughter recently had a psychosis and is still tortured by several voices. One of this voices is very negative and she calls it a demon. It would help her and me to better understand what is really happening to her.”

DATRE: Now, we’re going to answer this question, because everyone is going to be going through this or know someone that is going to go through it.

Because of the ‘fluidity’ of that which you call your ‘realities’, there will be many connections that will be made through the physical construct. Now, one of the things that is happening is that you are beginning to ‘absorb’ your “faces” or “aspects” in different realities and different “time” spans.

That is one of the things that are happening. The other thing that is happening is, that changes are taking place within the physical construct and individuals are “opening themselves up to different vibrations”. Then what is happening is, they are beginning to ‘hear’, or they’re beginning to ‘see’, or they are beginning to ‘speak’ in different voices.

JOHN: Even in different languages.

DATRE: Many are bringing things through in different languages. But, you see, what happens is, you need the strength of character to be able to handle these situations.

Now, in order to be able to work with these ‘voices’ that are coming through the head, the ‘pictures’ that you see, the ‘voices’ that are coming through you as an individual, you need to have a very, very, strong individual ‘knowingness’ of SELF.

In other words, many do not realize and do not understand, when an ‘invasion’ is present. That can be stopped “immediately”. Aona and John have worked with these people. What happens is, when that individual first comes in, there is a ‘feeling’ within the physical construct of the individual. They ‘know’, because there is a ‘strange’ feeling that happens… that takes place within the physical construct – there’s a change. In other words, there’s that split second, before a ‘voice’ comes
through, or before a picture comes through. Then at that time, that can be ‘stopped’ right then and there.

Now, this is not an easy thing to do. It is like trying to stop anger, when you’re in the middle of a tirade – it’s the same thing. And the thing is, that it takes a while to back it up, to get to the beginning. Then once you get to ‘that’ point, you can stop that, every single time. It takes a great deal of work and perseverance. It’s not something that say’s, ‘oh something is happening to me’. Something “is” happening to you, but are you ‘strong’ enough to say, ‘I will not allow this’. That is your individual choice as to how far you will let that go.

As an example, many years ago, when we started working with Aona, and she would get information that she didn’t like, and she didn’t know ‘who’ we were – she would shut us off. She would say, ‘that’s it, that’s enough’. But you see, she was a very strong individual to begin with.

Now, these peoples that these things are happening to, that’s what they think – ‘someone’s doing something ‘to’ me’. No, no one is doing anything ‘to’ you, it’s that you happen to be ‘open’, and in being ‘open’, that’s when it can occur.

That is why so many talk to the ‘dead’ people. They’re wide open. So all this stuff comes in. And they don’t shut it off, because they don’t ‘want’ to. Many of them make their living by talking to ‘dead’ peoples, for ‘other’ peoples. Or giving ‘past’ life regressions, or what ever. I mean, this is what they ‘want’ to do, this is what they ‘desire’ to do.

But, there again, you’ve got to realize, you’re the one that’s in ‘control’, nobody is controlling ‘you’. You can be controlled, if you’re not ‘strong’ enough in your own ‘beingness’. Then it is when you’re not ‘strong’ enough to say, ‘”no”, I will not allow this’, that they will continue.

Someone is probably, an ‘aspect’, a ‘face’, the pathway is ‘open’, jump in. It could be someone from the ‘dead-zone’. You see, the people in the ‘dead-zone’ love to come into a physical body and raise havoc, because they couldn’t do it when they were ‘living’. ‘Oh boy, here’s a body, let’s jump in and take over this one, I can do what I want to do’.

There is ‘no’ way that anyone can come and give you anything, unless it has some connection to you at some point in the reality of that which you call ‘time’.

Now, all I can say to you is, when you begin to see that there is a ‘change’ in the ‘facial’ expression of the individual, or in the ‘actions’ of the individual, then ‘you’ can be the strength and say, ‘get a hold of yourself “now”‘. That has to be done by the individual that is ‘invaded’, shall we say. There’s someone they don’t want to make connection with.

You see, at the time that that happens, there is a ‘space’ of
‘inattentiveness’. In other words, if there has been a devastating experience of some sort, then what has to happen, is something that is of ‘extreme’ interest to the individual, must be worked on. In other words, if its painting, if its making music, if its sewing something, if its hitting a baseball, if its running, any of these things that keeps the attention
focused in a direction, will be a deterrent.

Two things cannot occupy the same ‘space’ at the same time. In other words, if you will notice, you can be very, very, sick to the stomach and you sit down to do something that you ‘thoroughly’ enjoy doing, because you say, ‘I just don’t feel good enough to do anything’. So you will find something that ‘grabs’ your attention. Read a book, do anything that captures your attention. Then, if you’re reading a book, stop reading. Your stomach doesn’t hurt for that first instant or two, until you ‘refocus’ the attention to the stomach. Then when you refocus the attention to the stomach, you’ll find that it hurts again.

You see what you do when you ‘change’ your attention from one place to another? That’s what transports your thought. Two thoughts cannot occupy the same space at the same time – it’s an impossibility. So that’s why they say, if something isn’t right – you don’t feel good or anything – change your attention span to something else.

So maybe these things can help, I do not know. We’re only speaking from the experiences that we can read the brain patterning of Aona. That’s what we’re picking up. See, we don’t have these experiences, so we can’t speak from that level. All we can speak from is, from ‘her’ experiences. Now, you see, for Aona in extreme pain, in order to get ‘relief’, she can get out of the body. And then go back in the body when it’s necessary. But you see, not everybody can do that. And that would not help in a situation like you have, because, getting out of the body, leaves the body wide open. Because the strength is not there to maintain that construct.
So, what you need for this case is, more of a ‘diversion’. And watching ‘when’ this takes place, and catching it and saying, ‘I want absolutely no part of it, shut it down’. But, that needs to be done with “intensity”. You can’t just say the words. It has to be from your very “beingness” that you utter those words – from the very “depth” of your being. That is where it comes from.

So, we hope we have been of help to you, if there are further questions, we will help you latter, we are Datre.


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