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Datre answers Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Kevin, and his first question is… “I’m trying to better understand the nature of holograms. Datre says that our holograms are being changed by the energies/frequencies/waveforms entering our planetary bubble. Our holograms are also being maintained by the “YOU that you are”. To what extent are our holograms under the control
of our “singularity” vs. the influence of the Universe and its Entities?

DATRE: Well, first of all, your HOLOGRAM is ‘yours’. This is what you are functioning from.

Now, the HOLOGRAM, once it has been started, so we say, when the planetary existence was started for that which you call ‘human’s’, the HOLOGRAM was started and the HOLOGRAM has ‘evolved’ – because that is your “electrical” system that you function from. The ‘particles’ are those that belong to the
planet. But, the HOLOGRAM is maintained, that does not ever… its never done away with. Once a HOLOGRAM is made, a HOLOGRAM remains a HOLOGRAM.

Now, the YOU that ‘you’ are has many different ‘experiential’ patterning’s going on all at the same time. But it’s very hard for you to understand, and it becomes very complicated. But, you’re not the only one that’s using the HOLOGRAM. Every “aspect” and every “face” in every “time” span reality, that is that particular portion of expression of the YOU that ‘you’ are, it ALL works off of the same HOLOGRAM.

JOHN: And the ‘particles’.

DATRE: Yes, the ‘particles’ too. The ‘particles’ are just ‘rearranged’ by those that want to be using them at whatever time they want to be using them.

Now the closest thing that we can come to describing the HOLOGRAM is a laptop computer screen. It has to be a laptop and we’ll explain.

Now, the screen is the HOLOGRAM. It has hundreds of thousands of active devices that compose the screen (LCD). Now each device responds to a specific signal. When a signal is sent out, each device picks up its own unique signal and activates its own individual color (expression). Now each device, to use the term loosely, is a ‘you’ in physicality, regardless of gender or ‘time’ line.

Now the whole screen is the HOLOGRAM that the ‘YOU that you are’ is using. Each device is unaware of the devices that go into comprising the total picture. No one device is dependent on any other device.

But, you see, the thing is, ‘it’s all pictures’. In other words, its like the HOLOGRAM that you’re using, is standing still. And let’s say that you can only see that which is in ‘front’ of you. But, there is someone else using the ‘same’ HOLOGRAM, that’s looking at a different ‘time’ span and viewing ‘other’ pictures. So that becomes very complicated from ‘your’ standpoint. Its best if you don’t think about those things and just be concerned about what “you” are doing in the HOLOGRAM, at the present time.
Because all this ‘other’ stuff is just going to get you into a state of confusion that’s really not necessary.

That’s why its so easy for you to bring in your “faces” and your “aspects” and your different one’s from different ‘realities’ and different ‘times’ – its because you’re “all” together. Its that you have some… what do they call it here, you have selective amnesia? So like I said, some of this can be very confusing from a ‘physical’ standpoint. And all it does is get the brain confused. And the brain does not have a program in it for understanding. In other words, you’ve only ‘taught’ your brain up to a certain point. And why try and explain to the brain something that… its only if you are working ‘with’ the physical brain and from a physical standpoint, all it does is, like when you have a program that doesn’t function – it just ‘glitches’. And you can’t get anything out of a ‘glitch’.

So, do not be concerned. The thing that’s happening is, what ‘you’re’ experiencing at the present ‘time’, is the changing of the “energies”. The changing of the “energies” changes the “electrical” content of the HOLOGRAM that you are residing within.

Now, the more, what you call, ‘electrical’ content, for lack of a better word, and that’s a horrible analogy, but its the only thing that you’ve got to work with, is the fact that the ‘more’ you contain, for ‘your’ experience, the more you are ‘able’ to experience. In other words, if what you’re experiencing has very little ‘electrical’ content, you’re not going to experience a heck of a lot, because you don’t have the facility to do so. The more ‘electrical’ content that is contained within that which you call, your ‘physical’ body, the ‘finer’ the vibration becomes the more you are able to perceive, because you’re ‘vibrating’ at a faster rate. Vibrating at a faster rate, allows you to “see” and “experience” and “feel” different things, that someone that’s vibrating at a very ‘slow’ rate cannot even be ‘aware’ of.

Someone that’s vibrating at a very ‘slow’ rate of speed does not have as ‘acute’ hearing, or ‘seeing’, ‘tasting’, or ‘touching’, or ‘smelling’, or any of that. None of the physical attributes of the body are ‘enhanced’ by the vibration. So, when it’s a very low vibratory level, you can’t experience a lot.

The faster the ‘particles’ in the HOLOGRAM vibrate to this ‘electrical’ energy shall we call it, the more you will be able to appreciate an experience. That’s all that’s about.

That’s how come people can go into different realities so easily. The vibratory content of their body allows them to get into different realities. The vibratory content of a body that is very ‘slow’ is going to have to stay here. Number one, they’re not ‘interested’ in any research in different realities. But they couldn’t if they wanted to. Because ‘realities’ are separated by ‘vibration’. That’s ALL that separates a
reality. That’s what separates you from the ‘dead-zone’ – vibration. So maybe that will help with your understanding. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Also, I’m somewhat confused by the assertion that we exist here as holograms while the planet and other creatures on it do not as they are “realized”. If their material forms are not based upon holograms then how are they maintained?”

DATRE: Being “realized” and maintaining a HOLOGRAM are two different things. Everything here is HOLOGRAPHIC. The fact that something is “realized” has nothing to do with whether it is or is not a HOLOGRAM. Everything that is here is HOLOGRAPHIC.

So, being “realized” is, shall we say… at the time of A BIRTH, on a planetary construct, there are those that are “realized”. At that point, their evolutionary construct is maintained at ‘that’ vibratory level from there on. That’s why we say that a ‘cat’ here, will not necessarily be a ‘cat’ on another planetary existence. Because the ‘vibratory’ construct on different planets, has a great deal to do with the interpretation of the
‘vibration’ upon a planetary construct.

You see, planet’s that are “realized”, maintain a planetary construct. And that is what happens, this planet say, is a “realized” planet. When everyone is off ‘this’ planet, the vibratory construct will be maintained by the planet, so that ‘others’ coming on this planet will have basically the same vibratory construct that ‘you’ had when you came on this planet.

Does that make sense to you John?

JOHN: Yes, in other words, that’s a ‘base’ system.

DATRE: It’s a ‘base’ system, yes, that’s exactly right. Now, that’s what’s going to happen in this BIRTH. There are those that have made the decision that they want to be “realized”. In other words, they are satisfied with what they are at the present time and they wish to maintain ‘that’ particular ‘vibratory’ construct. Then there are others that don’t ‘want’
to be “realized”. But they can ‘both’ go through the BIRTH. It’s a ‘choice’ that is made at the time of the BIRTH, as to what they want to be. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “Datre said recently that we will not ‘blow up our planet’ because it would affect the Universe. This implies that there is some overseeing force/entity governing our activities at an individual or Mass Consciousness level. With the increasing prevalence of nuclear weapons across the globe and destabilization of global politics, the possibility of a nuclear conflict seems much more likely. How would this be avoided/prevented from a Universal standpoint?”

DATRE: Well, now, it does not have to be from a Universal standpoint. You are probably going to have nuclear skirmishes and nuclear wars, to a degree. But, you must realize too, that when you get into those areas, there are going to be those “upon” the planet, in a physical existence, that are “specialists” in these areas, that are going to be able to
‘control’ from ‘that’ point. You see, from a Universal standpoint, we can’t come and put our finger in your… on ‘your’ planet and change things. The only way anything is ‘changed’ upon your planet is to have someone ‘volunteer’ to come into a physical construct, to make ‘changes’ upon your

That is why we have said many times, that it is ‘important’ that the words be said through a ‘physical’ construct. Because that’s the way it can get ‘on’ to your planet. There is no way that the influence can get any other way, except through a ‘planetary’ existence. So if it comes to the point of getting close to blowing up the planet, there are those that do ‘not’ want
to see this planet destroyed, or anything else destroyed. And they will ‘volunteer’ to come into physical existence to ‘maintain’ a certain amount of ‘stability’. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I’m having some difficulty reconciling something: Datre says that our physical bodies are being dramatically changed due to the influx of energies pouring onto the planet. These changes are seemingly intended to help accelerate our evolution. But then at some point in the very near ‘future’, we can expect to all leave our particulate bodies and everything else on this planet behind as we are birthed into a new existence.”

DATRE: Yes, but if you are BIRTHED into a new existence, you will also maintain a certain, shall we say, memory of what your body was like when you were on this planetary existence. You see, what’s happening is, the ‘energies’ are ‘separating’ the “two” different evolutionary ‘paths’.

There are many ‘specialists’ that have come on this planet, that have gotten, shall we say, lost in the morass of things, and do not remember ‘who’ they were.

Now, we’ve said many times that were two “bubbles” that collided. The evolution of the two was two different ‘paths’ of evolution, shall we say. Now, those that are beginning to ‘accelerate’ and are understanding more of Universal information, are ‘separating’ from those that have a ‘different’
evolutionary ‘path’.

Why are ‘you’ interested in things pertaining to the Universe, when the person next to you could care less? It is because you have “two” different evolutionary existences that have worked very well together. But, ‘now’ they need to be separated. Because at the time of the BIRTH, if you don’t have any ‘desire’ to evolve in the area of ‘understanding’ – your planet, your self, the Universe – then you can’t exist on the same planet any more with those that do.

Those that are beginning to ‘be’ interested in ‘evolution’ from the standpoint of ‘knowingness’ and ‘wondering’ and asking ‘why’, they are separating from the ‘others’. You, that are beginning to evolve in that direction, will notice, that those people that at one time you associated with, are no longer within your experiential patterns. Why? You’ve out grown them. You’ve gone a ‘different’ way. And the more that you go a
‘different’ way, the more ‘frustrated’ you’re going to become, because you can’t get the information you want, because the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is too restricting. And unless the energy changes, so that you can get some ‘freedom’, then you can’t evolve at the rate you ‘want’ to.

That’s why this BIRTH is so important, is to ‘make’ that separation. To put those of one desire on one evolutionary path in one place, and those on another path on another, and those on another path on still another. That’s why we talk about the ‘three’ different places. Because you have actually ‘three’ different ‘distinct’ groups on this planet.

Plus the fact that, not only are you in the process of ‘evolution’, so are the ‘other’s’ in the process of evolution – that being your animals, your birds, your fish. They are all evolving too.

JOHN: And the planet.

DATRE: And the planet itself is evolving, yes, definitely. Because, “experience” is ‘all’ there is. That’s why when people say, ‘I can hardly wait to get off this planet’, we wonder why? Experience is experience, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on ‘this’ planet or any other planet. Or if you’re not on a planet at all. We’re not on planets. But ‘experience’ is
where the excitement is. Wanting to know. Why? How come? What happens if? Those are questions, they’re ‘wonderment’s’. And ‘wondering’ is what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “Why the last minute
“re-engineering” when the “product line” is about to be discontinued?”

DATRE: I guess we answered that, without even knowing it. But that is why it is. Because, there are those that want to get as ‘much’ as they possibly can, out of this particular planetary existence. They want to take the “whole ball game” with them. They want to get as much as they possibly can. And in the process of having these ‘energies’ on the planet, it is
‘allowing’ them the vibratory ‘content’ that they need to be able to pick up the information that they want to have access to.

You see, not everyone has to get information from the words of Datre. Those that begin to excel to the point that they can pick up their ‘own’ information are going to want to do so. They don’t want ‘dead-zone’ information; they want ‘Universal’ information. Then in order to be able to connect with that, the vibratory content of the physical construct is going to have to be changed in order to obtain that ‘type’ of information.

Because, you see, your brain has to change too. Everything changes. The more you change and the ‘faster’ you change, the ‘faster’ your evolution, and the more ‘expanded’ your evolution. And those that are sitting here, waiting for things to happen, are wanting to get as much as they can. They don’t want to ‘waste’ this lifetime by just sitting around and waiting for
things to happen. They don’t want to just sit around and wait for the BIRTH. They want to ‘cram’ as much as they possibly can cram in – before the BIRTH, so they’ve got a ‘tremendous’ package to take ‘with’ them.

Those are ‘not’ the ones that want to be “realized”. Those are the ones that are the ‘tip’ of the spear. They’re the ones that want to go ‘out’. They want to get into the Universe as fast as they can. And what do they want to do when they’re there? They’ll find out when they get there. Because, the closer they get to those ‘in’ the Universe… it is like those people going to college. They don’t know what they want to be. First year,
well we’ll take this subject. Next year we’ll take that. ‘I’ve only got one year left and I still don’t know what I want to be.’ Yeah. Then there are others that start out, and the first year they know ‘exactly’ where they’re going. They are going to get as much as they possibly can.

How is it that there are some that go to the university, that are studying ‘law’ and ‘medicine’ at the same time? Because they want as much as they can get. You see that’s the difference. It’s that, ‘wanting’ to know. Maybe they only want to know ‘physical’ things. So what difference does it make? That’s what they’re in – physicality. Other’s want to know about the
Universe – what makes that tick. So you see… but it’s that separation of those that don’t care, and those that ‘do’. The ones that want to evolve at a ‘faster’ rate and those that want to go ‘clunking’ along. And when the BIRTH comes, the separation will be made, and you can go ‘lickety-split’ if that’s what you want. All right, continue.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “Exactly which aspects of our current planetary existence will be carried forward into our new environment and how?”

DATRE: It will be carried by ‘you’ in whatever way you want to take it. YOU will always be “you”. That is all I can tell you – “you” will be “you”. You take what ‘you’ want ‘with’ you. That is the thing, we’ve always said, its a singular thing. It is “singular”.

You see, those that are looking for the “oneness” in everything and everybody, don’t want “singularity”. There is a great deal of difference, a “great deal” of difference. Those that want to be “singular”, that want to be a “self”, they want to have as much ‘containment’ as they can have, they certainly don’t want to be a part of “one”. That is ‘not’ their goal. To think of them as being a part of “one”, makes them shudder. ‘No, I don’t
want any part of being “one”. I don’t want that “togetherness”. I’m a free spirit I want to be ‘myself’. I want to be ‘everything’ I can be. I want to be a “self”. I want to be a “creator”. I want to “be”, I want to “be”.’ But, they’re ‘not’ interested in being “part of”.

Then you see there’s another separation. Because, those that want to “be”, don’t want to be dragged down by anyone else. Nor do they want to be ‘pulled’ or ‘pushed’ by anyone else. Like those that you’ve heard them on the planet, that said, “I want to do it MY way. I will do it MY way, I will do it by myself.”. And, it is ‘not’ in the end, it is… you have a commercial that say’s, “life is a journey, enjoy the ride”. That is true.

But you see, everybody say’s, ‘oh, it will be so grand once I get out of here’. Really? How can it be grand, when you’re taking ‘your’ thought patterns with you? How can ‘you’ see it being any grander if you haven’t got the ‘eye’s’ to see that things can be ‘different’, how can it be any ‘grander’ than it is here?

Maybe, sure in the ‘dead-zone’ its different. You don’t have a physical body, for maybe five or ten minutes, because you can’t stand being without one, so you hurry up and get your “body” to the state that you can see yourself and can put clothes on and all that other kind of stuff for your comfort. But, you see, those that want to “be” don’t care – all they want to do is “be”. And they don’t care whether “beingness” is ‘in’ a physical
containment, or without one. It doesn’t matter. But I’ll tell you one thing, they’re ‘not’ going to care, because they ‘know’ its “experience”, and that’s what they want. That is ‘their’ evolution. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, thank you, we’re Datre.


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