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Datre answers Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude and his first question is… “For most human, saying that time as we know it, with a past, present and future, doesn’t really exist, is very hard to understand.”

DATRE: Now, have we ever said that ‘time’… there was no ‘past’, ‘present’ or ‘future’? Because, in every physical existence you have that as a remembrance. Because, as you live today, you remember when you live tomorrow that you had today. You see you can always look backward you can’t look forward, because you don’t have that ‘sight’ that sends you ‘forward’ into your own future.

Now, what happens is, that you have been living in that which you call ‘time’ and we have said that ‘time’ has run out as far as the original set up was concerned. In other words, your ‘past’ – your ‘time’ element – the BIRTH ‘should’ have occurred at the ending of your ‘time’ cycle.

It’s like reading a book. You have to have a beginning, you have to have a middle and you have to have an end. In any ‘engineered’ reality – like the one that you are in – there is a ‘beginning’, there’s a ‘middle’ and there’s an end. Now, you have reached the ‘end’ of your book. But, none of you have ‘realized’ that you have ended the book.

Vibratory levels will be increased to help you with your understanding and ‘knowing’ that you are out of ‘time’. That is what will happen. But, you are so used to a ‘linear’ existence that you are still functioning with that very thought pattern. So, continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and say’s… “I have read in ‘Conversation with God’ that instead of visualizing it as an horizontal line, we should rather see it a vertical way, as a note-pick. It is easier to conceive from that point.”

DATRE: That is easier for you to conceive because you’ve always believed that there’s something ‘higher’ than you are. So, everything that you conceive of in your thought patterns, you think of as ‘up’. The higher it is the better it is, the grander it is. It doesn’t work that way. You can set up your ‘time’ lines in whatever way you want to. You can set up your ‘0500’s’ all the way to your ‘1900’s’ in whatever direction you want. But, actually, it’s all very ‘simultaneous’. But, you have ‘separated it so you don’t get confused. You have narrowed it down to the ‘minutest’ quantity for your understanding. For you to conceive that ‘complexity’, your brain would go off line totally, because it has nothing that it can relate to. Your physical brain cannot contain that sort of understanding. So,

JOHN: He further continues and asks… “Now with that concept, all the events of our past, future or even past lives become accessible to us, or can at least be visualized. But, can they be changed without altering the life of relatives implicated in the same event?”

DATRE: Why would you want to ‘change’ anything? Every event that has occurred through your individual ‘life’ – ‘death’, ‘life’ – ‘death’ process has brought you to where you are now. You go back and change one iota, and you change your whole ‘future’. You could very well end up being something you don’t desire to be.

You see, that is the same misconception as, before people die, ‘oh, if only I had had time to do this’, ‘oh, if only I had done this, instead of that’, ‘believe me, if I ever have a chance to do this again, this is what I’ll do’. In the mean time, you forget all about it, you come back in, totally erased the whole thing – because you didn’t want to take any of your ‘sins’
back in with you – so you gave all your ‘bad’ experiences – as you call them – away, so you don’t have an awful lot to come back with. And, you’ve totally lost any direction, so you come back in as ‘totally’ oblivious to what you were last time. And you continue to do that, because you don’t maintain any continuity.

If you were to take your ‘life – ‘death’ processes in a continuum, and ‘build’ on them, you’d be sitting out there at the edge of the ‘bubble’ someplace enjoying watching the show until the BIRTH came. And picking up the Universal information that you could, from the ‘outside’ of the ‘bubble’ to incorporate with ‘you’. But, because of the total ‘oblivion’,
from one – what you call life span – to another ‘life’ span, you come back with nothing every time. And we’ve said it, time and time again. So why change anything? You’re where you are – ‘build’ on it. Every experience that you have is to be ‘built’ upon. That’s what ‘experience’ is all about.

Everybody thinks that you have to have a ‘totally’ blissful life, all happiness, and love. life, laughter, oh hugs and kisses and love all over the place. You don’t want any of the ‘other’ stuff – why not? It’s like taking a chair with four legs and putting two legs on it and saying, ‘now, sit down’. You’ve only got two back legs to set the chair on. What’s going to happen to the front of you, you’re going to tip forward. You need four legs underneath the chair to round it out, so that you can sit on it. You want to take one leg of a chair – eliminate the other three – and fall flat on your face, because, you haven’t had the ‘experiences’. And you don’t want the ‘experiences’, because they’re ‘bad’, they’re ‘evil’, they’re all the connotations that you’ve put on them. Continue.

JOHN: His next question continues and say’s… “I have seen in a television program (base supposedly on true facts) that two or more persons can be tied in the same matter that what one does, has an effect on others. If yes, could it be reincarnations at the same time level?”

DATRE: It has nothing to do with reincarnation; it has to do with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s how you get ‘tied’ together. Also, you get tied together with genetics. So there’s a lot of different ‘ties’. But I don’t understand what you’re talking about when you say tied together in the same manner, that does not make sense to me, I don’t know what that manner is.

JOHN: I think its his grasp of English grammar… its like the twin thing. One twin hurts themselves and the other twin feels the pain.

DATRE: That is ‘genetics’. All right, fine, that is genetics. There are also those relationships with ‘other’ individuals that have been “in other – what you call – lifetime’s”, but it has nothing to do with reincarnation, because that is an ‘existing’ sequence of events.

JOHN: Its either an ‘aspect’ or a ‘face’.

DATRE: That is correct. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “I really try to become an OBSERVER, and notice that I sometime get a direction on what I should work on. But it seems I am a long way behind becoming a film director. Unexpected and painful events still occur in my life on which it is not easy to find why I created those situations. Help me become a great director.”

DATRE: The thing is, that you can only live one day at a time. You don’t have to be ‘working’ on anything – but OBSERVING ‘everything’. You can’t eliminate the “bad things” in your life. You will learn more from the “bad things” than you do from the “good things” – because it makes a ‘bigger’ impact on the physical existence. That’s why, when people go back into their ‘life times’ and they think about what they’ve done in this life
time what pops up more often than not? The things that they didn’t like. The things that were ‘tragedies’ in their lives. The things that they did that they called “wrong”. ‘If I had only done ‘this’, instead of that’. Why didn’t you? How are you ever going to learn?

There is something very interesting about those that work on any type of ‘project’ of any kind. Be it a ‘craft’, be it a ‘computer’, or be it a piece of ‘wood’, anything that you do. Where do you learn? You learn when you make a mistake. If you hit a wrong note on a violin, it’s a mistake. You learn the next time you play that passage, when you come to that note, you’ll spot it, and you won’t do it again. See, it’s by ‘mistakes’, doing something that you call “wrong” is how you learn. This is what the process is all about. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “Maybe I am wrong, but I think I disclosed impatience in some of your last interventions, as the questioner tried to get information on our everyday physical life. To me it is the base to understand what we do and why we do it. All of us would like to be a step before, but we have to follow our own way. So please keep repeating, as we human are slow in understanding.”

DATRE: Well, the thing is, you see, the way that you use your words is sometimes very difficult for us. Your words are so very limited. When we are doing these transcripts, many times there are long pauses, because, we are trying to find words that ‘work’, to explain things to you. We are not ‘impatient’ with you. We are trying to explain different aspects to you, each time putting a different ‘slant’ on it for you to understand. But, in trying to do that, its very difficult, because you haven’t the ‘words’ that we want to explain to you.

It is like when we did the last transcript, and trying to find ‘something’ in physicality that would help you understand that a HOLOGRAM that ‘you’ work with as a HOLOGRAM in physicality for your bodies, is ‘not’ the same as a “hologram” that is ‘refracted’ light that ‘your’ “holograms” are. The HOLOGRAMS for your bodies are an ‘electrical’ construct. We’ve said before,
we see you as ‘wiggly’ lines. We see you as a ‘vibratory’ construct. The only thing that we can use is those terminologies. That’s why the laptop computer screen (LCD) was the best thing that we could find, and it has taken us a long time to locate something that we could refer to. Because, a
regular computer screen does ‘not’ give you the same thing that we were looking for. That is why it is difficult for us to explain to you. But we are ‘never’ dissatisfied or anything else, by the repetition of the questions. Because, you see, for us it is a ‘challenge’ to try to explain to you, what we OBSERVE when we come into a physical construct.

You see, we can’t ‘see’ anything. We can’t ‘do’ anything, until we enter a physical construct. And that is a ‘challenge’ for us. To be able to find words to explain a situation. So if it sounds like we are unhappy or ‘puzzled’ by things, it’s because, we ‘are’ puzzled in trying to find the ‘proper’ explanation.

Sometimes, if we have something coming up – we have transcripts ahead sometimes – and if we have something coming up, we have more or less of a pattern that we follow. That’s why sometimes it takes longer for us to answer your questions, because we try and – with the questions – get a flow. See, we have no idea where you’re looking for answers to ‘what’ questions. So until we get questions, we don’t know what to do. Then when we get questions we set them up in an order so that they will have some

So you see, you are faced with challenges every day in the physical construct. We have just very short periods of time ‘within’ a physical construct to try and put words together that don’t adequately explain a situation. So, without your questions, there would be no need for Datre, remember that. It’s like those that stand on a stage, if there were no audience, why would they act out the play? So, continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “Our planet is apparently going to Birth, and those who are ready will follow her in the same direction, but there would be another planet for those who are not, on which they will continue their path. Any comments?”

DATRE: Well, you’re not going to have ‘any’ contact with this Earth. Earth is not going to be… this planet has been a planet for a certain type of experience. You won’t come back to this planet. Why would you? You’ve already had, I don’t know how many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of thousands of years to experience ‘this’ particular planetary existence. You will have ‘other’ planetary existences. But they’re not going to be like
this. Why would they be? One planetary existence may be somewhat similar, but the ‘concept’ of the learning on ‘that’ planetary existence will ‘not’ be the same as here. In other words, here you have ‘black’ and ‘white’ and ‘day’ and ‘night’ and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and all of this as your construct for evolution on ‘this’ planetary existence. Now, those patterns, that construct, is not necessarily going to be the same.

There may be ‘similarities’ to begin with. But, there again, if a ‘time’ line is so desired – in other words, a beginning a middle and an end – to be put on that existence, then you will have different ‘thoughts’, different ‘constructs’ of evolution that you will work with. That will take you in, maybe, a more ‘accelerated’ existence. We do not know. That is in the process of being decided.

There will be ‘other’ planets that will do different… every planet is different. Every planetary ‘existence’ is different. So, what happens here is, you have such a grand ‘array’ of many different ‘life’ forms. You have ‘humans’, you have ‘birds’, you have ‘fish’, you have ‘animals’, you have ‘trees’, you have all sorts of things that are ‘all’ evolving – all at the same time. As a TV program recently said, the one area you have not explored, is the water.

There again, you see, your thought patterns are going ‘up’. So what do you do? You go in a space ship and ‘up’ you go. Up is ‘bigger’ and grander. But those that go ‘down’ into that which you call your water, found it is a whole new world which no one has ever bothered to explore. Now you are getting equipment so that you can take the physical construct and go down. And people are having a ‘grand’ time. They’re finding something new,
different, interesting. Something ‘different’ to explore.

You have many things on your planet that now that you’re getting to ‘end’ of shall we say ‘time’ here – which of course, there isn’t any more – that you’re just finding out about. It’s been here all the time. But your evolution has been, in some respects, comparatively slow. What you ‘originally’ came here to do, could have been done in a very short period of ‘time’ if anyone had paid attention. But, you went in so many ‘different’ directions, that you got ‘completely’ lost, and you’re still
fumbling around.

So, when the BIRTH comes, changes will be made. But, as to coming back here, it will ‘not’ be. But you see, it’s no different than when you ‘die’. When you come back, after that which you call ‘death’, do you remember who your mother and father were the last time you were in physicality? No! And
that’s only a matter of less than a hundred years – probably fifty years. Is about all you can maintain without ‘blinking off’ or deciding to ‘reenergize’ your HOLOGRAM by going back into physical existence in the ‘living’ stage again. And you don’t have any remembrance of that. So, you won’t have any physical… you will have ‘different’ experiences in experiential patterning’s that will be a ‘sort’ of remembrance that you can ‘build’ on. But, as far as remembering anything here in ‘specifics’ and what happened on Earth, you won’t. It isn’t necessary. Experience is experience.

We don’t even have a brain to put anything in. And yet, all we do is ‘do’. And that is a concept you cannot understand. But to us, that is it. Someone say’s what do you do? ‘Well, I do what I do, but I can’t explain what I do’. But we each have things that we do. We are BIRTHED to ‘do’ something. There’s never a ‘nothing’, because if we find a ‘nothing’ we’re going to do something with it to make ‘something’. That’s the first step,
in being a ‘creator’. That’s why it’s often called ‘sandbox one’, because, learning from physicality to be a ‘creator’ is the ‘beginning’. Some of you are pretty good at it too. Anyway, continue to the next question.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “If I follow this scale: body, spirit, psyche, the you that you are, do I have the good picture? Then, is the you that you are in the big Universe?”

DATRE: No, the YOU that ‘you’ are is not in the big Universe, it doesn’t have to be. It continues in your BUBBLE. That is why you can make contact with it when you go to sleep at night. If it was ‘outside’ the BUBBLE, you couldn’t make contact. But, you make contact at night. That’s when you set up what you want to do, what you want to experience. The YOU that ‘you’ are will show you what’s available for what you want to experience and
what you want to learn. In other words, let’s put it very simply, it is like you go to your teacher and you say, ‘this is what I want to learn as an end result’. And the teacher will say, ‘all right, these are your options. You can take this, you can take this, you can take this. And any one of these will give you the experience you want, and it will give you the
information that you want for that experience.’

Same thing, you go to the YOU that ‘you’ are and say, this is what I would like. The YOU that ‘you’ are – doesn’t ‘say’ it – but will layout what you can experience to achieve that you want to achieve in physicality. But, it’s that little thing we’ve talked about before. Getting up out of bed in the morning and filling your head with all kinds of things and getting
yourself all stressed out with the “have-too’s”. And ‘not’ getting the message through that you ‘want’ to get through. That’s why so many lives are in disarray. They’re so stressed out and so hyper, so ‘I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that, I don’t have any time’. You split your ‘time’ into the tiniest parts available, to push yourself and push yourself and push yourself.

And so that’s why we say, get up in the morning and be an OBSERVER. That does not mean that you have to sit and meditate or contemplate, or anything else. Get out there and ‘do’ whatever needs to be done, but ‘watch’ what’s happening.

You know, when you stop and think of all the years that you’ve had on this planet and all the ‘layers’ of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, ‘goods’ and ‘bed’s’, belief systems add infinitum, and then you expect that in probably a month or a year to have all the answers, it can not be done. But then, don’t be hard on yourself, because ‘everything’ you learn is to your advantage – its ‘all’ experience. You don’t have to get ‘out’ of here to have experience. You’ve got a ‘multitude’ of experiences – ‘good’, ‘bad’ or indifferent. Nobody ‘labels’ them but you. Of course, your relatives and your friends will try, but you’re the only one that needs to label them. Just remember, it’s all experience. Continue.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “Is it true that our DNA has been manipulated, so that we lost a lot of our capacity to recognize the spiritual things and had to work with fear and survival?”

DATRE: No! If anybody manipulated the DNA, you did it yourself. Nobody… I don’t know where this concept comes from, that there’s somebody ‘out there’ manipulating your body. This is not an unusual question. It comes up time and time again. NO ONE manipulates your body. Energies are coming on the planet. It is how “you” use the energies. We have said many times, water is
a very unique substance. Water can be drunk. Water can be washed in. Water can be cooked with. You can sit by a stream and watch it. You can get into it and bathe in it. You can do all these different things with water. On the ocean you can put boats on it. In the hydroelectric plants, you make electricity with water. You do a lot of things with water. But water does
not change, water is water.

The same thing with your HOLOGRAM. Your HOLOGRAM is your HOLOGRAM. What ‘you’ do with your HOLOGRAM is entirely up to you. There is ‘nobody’ manipulating it. The YOU that ‘you’ are does ‘not’ manipulate your HOLOGRAM. The only time the HOLOGRAM’S can have any work done on it at all, is when ‘you’ are in the body working it.

Now, the body has it own agenda – granted. It will take care of itself while you’re sleeping. It will roll itself over and everything else. But, if your body is thirsty in the middle of the night, it will wake you up to get a drink of water. There are sleepwalkers, yes. But they usually have their own agenda. They don’t get up and drink water.

So you see, the DNA is ‘not’ manipulated by anyone. The energies used by ‘you’ in connection with your physical body, can change your DNA, your RNA, whatever. It has been often changed since you came on the planet. Its in constant change. But, nobody does it, except the indwelling entity which is ‘you’. It’s not done by anyone else.

So, maybe that will help put that one to rest, I don’t know. If there are any more questions we’ll be most happy to answer them. Did you say that was the final question?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: We thank you, we are Datre.


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