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Datre answers Rosy

JOHN: Today we have some questions and comments from Rosy, and her first question is… “When I was working on this rather thorny emotional problem, I finally (after two days) got to a realization; I found a belief of mine that was “at the bottom” of it all (thank you, Datre for your emphasis on OBSERVATION).
Somehow, having that realization allowed an internal “shift” — the pressure went off that problem area, and I got a sense of relief. It was a big deal.

DATRE: Any time that an individual discovers a belief system that has caused a blockage in ‘free’ understanding of situations, when that ‘blockage’ is released, there is a ‘surge’ that goes through the body, because, it opens up different areas in the physical construct that have been blocked.

We’ve talked about the vibratory construct of the body. Now, you’re all familiar with ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’ and all of that. But, you don’t think of them in the construct of the ‘energy’ that they contain. There is ‘energy’ containment within your body that you are not aware of. You think of the body as being… almost to the point of being just ‘mass’. In other words, there’s parts of your body that is bone, so that’s hard. There’s parts of your body that’s soft and that’s the stuff that goes around the bones. Then you have the liquid that’s within your bodies that you’re aware of. Then you have the eyes and the nose and the mouth and the digestive system and all of that – and that’s all ‘liquid’. So, that’s the way you think of your body.

That is why when the operate on the body, or do anything with the body from the ‘medical’ standpoint, that is also the way ‘they’ look at it. They’re fixing things that are soft, or things that are hard, or places where ‘liquid’ goes, like the blood and the vein’s in the body, and that sort of thing. So, they look at it from that vantage point. They clean out the arteries, so that the blood can flow through.

But you see they’re looking at the body from a point of things that work together, that are ‘mass’. When ‘we’ look at a body, from ‘our’ standpoint, we look at it from a standpoint of a ‘vibratory’ construct. And, what causes the ‘vibration’ that we are able to perceive, is… if I say the word ‘electricity’, you’re going to get it wrong. But, I don’t know what else to call it, because, that actually is the ‘electrical’ circuitry. And it is within every atom and molecule within your body.

You have that which you call ‘atom’ smashers, and you understand the ‘explosive’ quality when that ‘atom’ gets ‘smashed’. But, do you have any idea what’s in your body? You don’t, but they’re beginning to bring this out into, what you call, the ‘open’ because, they’re finding that they’re having more and more bodies “exploding” on operating tables. They’re opening up these bodies for surgery, and these bodies are “exploding”. And its scaring everyone. And they don’t know what’s causing it.

But, they don’t realize, the ‘energy’ construct that’s contained within the body, can “explode”. Because, they’re cutting through different areas of ‘circuitry’. This is NOT the ‘nervous system’ we’re referring to, but it’s the ‘core’ circuitry, and that’s a part of your body that nobody knows anything about. Its like… the ‘words’ are going to be wrong, and I’m reminding you of this, because you don’t have a ‘word’ to ‘describe’ what I’m trying to tell you. But, it’s like cutting different ‘wires’ within the ‘circuits’ of your body that you’re not familiar with. But, they are there. That’s what’s happening, that’s why the bodies are “exploding”.

This is why you have that which you call, “spontaneous combustion” – you’ve heard about that. Where bodies absolutely disintegrate, but the clothes are not burned.

You see, there is that ‘vibratory’ construct within the body, that when its ‘interacted’ with, under certain conditions, they will disintegrate. Now, this is not to give you ‘fear’, you’re ‘not’ going to disinter grate. That is a minute number that that ever happens to. And the possibility of everything being – right – shall we say, to have that happen is very, very tiny, very small. So don’t get all upset by me telling you this. But, I need to tell you this, in order to explain to you what happened.

You have this ‘internal’ electrical system, that is… here again, the explanation is not quite right, but I have to do it this way, so you can understand. The ‘electrical’ system within the body, is from that which you call your brain.

Now ‘you’, coming into the physical body, take over this ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment, and operate it. If you have a piece of equipment, and it’s malfunctioning, you try to fix it. That’s what you do with a ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment. But, you’re so used to coming into this physical ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment, that you have built up all of these different ‘electrical’ systems, throughout the physical body, but ‘you’ don’t know how to ‘fix’ it – because you’re not aware of what the body is composed of. The only relationship that ‘you’ have with the composition of your physical body, is that when its hungry – you feed it, if its thirsty – you give it something to drink, if it needs to eliminate – you take care of that. If it hurts, you get it fixed. But it’s always in regard to the “mass”, because the ‘electrical’ system within the body, within the brain, is something you don’t know anything about.

So, what I’m saying is, your ‘belief’ systems are more important than you think they are. A belief system “released”, will ‘untangle’ some piece of ‘electrical’ equipment within your body that will cause a ‘rush’. It’s like you had a ‘kink’ in the wire, and the electricity won’t go through. Or you take a hose and you ‘kink’ it, and you’re out watering the lawn, and all of a sudden the water stops and you think – what’s wrong? Well, you backtrack the hose, and you find that it’s ‘kinked’ itself, so the water doesn’t come through. So you ‘un-kink’ it and whoosh, the water comes through. That’s the same thing that happens when you have that which you call, a ‘kink’ in your ‘electrical’ system that is throughout your body. It ‘releases’, and in the release you get that which you call a “rush”.

Now my explanations are not probably that good, but you get the general idea. That’s where your “rushes” come from. Your “rushes” come from recognizing a ‘belief’ that has ‘stymied’ you, that you are not ‘aware’ of, because its never caused you any problem before. But, ‘recognition’ releases it – “rush”. There are many ways that you will get “rushes” throughout that period that you call your ‘lifetime’. You can get “rushes” through OBSERVATION, because you will ‘see’ something, OBSERVE something, and you will recognize something, and in recognition, that too will cause a “rush”. So, that is what we call an “ah ha”. All right, continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “That’s when these energy flashes started! It happens in quite moments, like when I’m reading or just thinking. It seems to have a “surge” quality: like it reaches a peak, and then it’s gone. And if I pay attention, there’s some kind of inner sound that goes along with it, like thunder way in the background, or a rumbling.
What is happening when I feel that little “rush” of energy?”

DATRE: That is what happens, you feel that “rush” of energy, and it can, in some individuals, create that which you call a ‘thunder’. What happens is, you see, its like the… we get back to the hose again. It’s got a ‘kink’ in it. When you ‘un-kink’ it, what happens to the hose? You can ‘hear’ the water rushing through, and when the water gets to the end of the hose, it goes ‘whoosh’ – that’s what happens in your body.

It ‘within’, but because you have that which you call, ears, you can hear ‘inside’ as well as ‘outside noises. But, that is another thing that you’re not aware of. You see, just because you hear noise, sounds, whatever you want to call it, striking that which you call your ear from the ‘outside’, and that’s what you call ‘hearing’. You don’t realize, that you also ‘hear’ without hearing from the ‘outside’. You also ‘hear’ from the ‘inside’, but you’re not aware of that.

If you could hear what is going on within the physical construct of your body, it would ‘scare’ you. I’m not being funny, this is guaranteed. If you had any idea what your body felt like – on the ‘inside’ – there are times when you wouldn’t want to get into it. But you ‘block’ yourself from that, in order to be able to function. Remember, this physical body is a ‘mechanical’, “robotic”, that ‘you’ animate.

Now, how can I tell you these things? I can only tell you these things because of the OBSERVATION we have had with Aona’s body. Now, this is very hard for you to understand. But those that have gone through, that which you call, the “death” experience, perhaps, have had this. We are not sure, because we have never been in anyone else’s body.

We can tell you, that there are many times when Aona doesn’t want to get back into the body. Number one, in coming back into the body, from that which you call, an ‘ordinary’ nights sleep, and waking up and crawling into this ‘mass’ of ‘squishy’, moving stuff, is not always the first thing you want to face, first thing in the morning.

Now, you see, if you don’t have those experiences, then you’re not ‘aware’ of what its like. But, all these many years, there are times when that will happen. And Aona will not want to get into the body. Now, when you come back into the body in the morning, you open your eyes, and you’re there, and that’s beautiful. And that’s what she wants all the time. But, sometimes, she will do this, to make herself ‘aware’ of the ‘mechanics’ of the physical construct.

You see, once you’ve had these experiences, like we have had with her, then we can explain them to you. Now, as to her ‘electrical’ system within her body, she has avoided that. She doesn’t want any part of that. The squishy stuff and the gooey stuff and all of that, is enough for her, she ‘cuts’ it at that point. Someday she may decide to go through and discover the ‘electrical’ system within the body. But you see, ‘that’ is of such a ‘fine’ vibration, that it is ‘not’ detectable. That is why the people don’t know about the ‘electrical’ system within the body.

You see they still work with the concept that the heart pumps blood. The heart does ‘not’ pump the blood. Your blood contains, a lot of the ‘electrical’ current within the physical construct. Your ‘fluids’ within your body, are very important. Those ‘fluids’ are what carry a great deal of your ‘electricity’, shall we call it. We have talked many times about the ‘quality’ of water. Your water contains, what you call, a great deal of ‘electricity’ when used in the physical construct. That ‘water’ is what maintains certain ‘elements’ and ‘gases’ within your body that you need for functioning. So, your ‘liquids’ are very important to you.

That’s why, when you have some ‘diseases’ that spread very rapidly through out the body, most of the time you will find those connected with something that is ‘liquid’. The ‘lymph’ glands within your body contain ‘liquid’. The ‘blood’ stream contains ‘liquid’. Those are the ones that, when those become ‘deteriorated’ or ‘altered’, will work throughout the whole system, very quickly, because they carry, that which you call, your ‘electricity’ for your body to function from.

Now, this may cause a lot more questions, than it gave answers. But, it is like trying to explain to you, as we have tried before, with the ‘incoming’ energy waves that are coming on to this planet. We have said before, the only thing that you can detect in a “waveform”, is the “partial”. Because, you have no instruments to ‘detect’ the “wave”. You can detect the “particle” within a “wave”. But you can’t detect the “wave”, because you have no way of doing it. You have no ‘instruments’ or anything to detect a ‘pure’ “waveform”. And yet, you function ‘within’ them all the time. Its like the ‘air’, unless you’ve got instruments, its something you walk through. The ‘air’ is ‘air’, its no big problem. You breath it, you walk in it. And unless you have ‘instruments’, you don’t know what it contains.

The same way with that ‘electricity’ within your body – there are no instruments that can detect it. So, what you continue to do in physicality is work on that which you can see. It is either, soft or hard, or moving liquid. And that’s all you can do. And that is what physicality is all about. Learning ‘how’ to work with this piece of ‘equipment’ that you have.

So, very interesting, we have never gotten into this subject before, because it is very difficult to explain. But, when you receive that which you call “rush’s”, what you have done is, you have “un-blocked” something that’s in your ‘electrical’ system, and allowed it to flow more freely. So, whenever you receive a “rush”, or an “ah ha”, that causes that emotion that feels ‘good’, your body feels ‘alive’, and things look different for that “magical” moment that you experience it, the trees “sparkle” and look different than they ever did before, what you have done is, you have “released” a blockage within that which you call your ‘electrical’ system of the body. And ‘allowed’ it to function, more GRANDLY.

You see this business of working within physicality is extremely fascinating. And the more you understand about what is happening, the more you will get “enjoyment” out of it.

Are there more questions?

JOHN: An observation!


JOHN: What you’re saying is, that is the ‘root’ reason behind the idea of becoming an OBSERVER. To create more and more of these “unblock ages”?

DATRE: Yes, yes, absolutely. In OBSERVING, it is your way of ‘understanding’. We have said, many times, the thing that holds you from being ‘who’ you truly want to be, is “fear”. Then when you OBSERVE something and you ‘understand’ something, the minute you understand, the “fear” is gone. You can’t have two things at the same place at the same time – you can’t have “fear” and “understanding”. Because, if you ‘understand’, you’re not “afraid”.

That’s why children can sit in front of television and watch these animals and critters and whatever’s, chasing and gobbling and doing all of these things. And these little kids get all excited, and they scream and they holler. And they go to scary movies, and they do the same thing. But, the understanding is there, they ‘know’ it’s a picture. They know they’re ‘safe’. They’re sitting on the floor, or they’re sitting in a chair and they’re watching it happen. What can be safer? They either get up and go out of the movie and go home, or they turn off the TV. They’re perfectly safe. They’ve watched all these ‘horrible’ things, and enjoyed it. You see what I’m referring to? Physicality, being an OBSERVER.

Because the thing you don’t still grasp, is “knowing ‘who’ you are”. And once you work from ‘that’ standpoint, you know you’re ‘safe’. So the physical body dies – you safe, no big deal. But you don’t remember from time to time to time, that’s why you scare yourself with ‘death’.

What can I say? Anyway, this was a good subject to get into, because you body is, not only hard stuff, soft stuff and liquid stuff, but it is also an ‘electrical composition, of which you are ‘unaware’. So, continue to have your “rush’s”. And OBSERVE, and then ‘unblock’ your beliefs. You’ll have a ‘grand’ time. That is the end, we are Datre, thank you.


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