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Datre answers Mahrouk.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mahrouk, and her first question is… “Datre I am trying to figure out this whole thing about Free Will. You say, “THERE ARE NO “VICTIMS”. Everyone ‘writes their own script’ in their own play” and you also say, “There is a Universal ‘timing’ with everything…”

DATRE: Okay, now, you do write your own script. You, in your nighttime sleep, go out and OBSERVE the possibilities and probabilities that are available for your learning.

Now, those that have begun to OBSERVE what is happening, beginning to ‘know’ and understand, what this process is all about, begin to ‘release’ the physical in such a way, that you are ‘not’ trying to ‘write’ your script from your ‘waking’ hours. That is where the problem comes in. That instead of ‘watching’ what is happening, and making ‘decisions’ from that standpoint in your everyday ‘waking’ environment. Its what everybody does, but they do it from the standpoint of ’emotional’ REACTION. An OBSERVER does not ’emotionally’ react. Now, that may sound very far fetched, but it is the truth. An OBSERVER ‘takes’ action, from an OBSERVATION of an event.

You see you don’t have to go through the same experiences, again and again and again, with just little variations here and there to learn what you want to learn. But, if you constantly “re-act” emotionally, it’s gone, you haven’t learned anything. The learning comes in the OBSERVATION, and then the “action”. And it has nothing to do with anyone but “you”. That’s why we say, ‘you’re all free to make your own choices’ and there are no ‘victims’.

In other words, if you’re driving down the road in an auto, and someone comes through a light or stop sign, and slams into you, and you slam into another car and another car and another car. And you’ve got a great big pile up with all kinds of people hurt. There’s a reason ‘why’ you’re there, because you ‘planned’ that for whatever reason ‘you’ wanted to experience it. If you don’t want ‘that’ experience, you are not going to be there.

You see, you have lived for so many hundreds of years – and I don’t know beyond that – in this business of being a ‘victim’, that you don’t know how to function otherwise. You’re always afraid something is going to happen. You’re afraid somebody’s going to burglarize your house, so you put in burglar alarms, and you do this and you do that, and you do something else, so no burglar comes in. So what happens? Your “fear” attracts. Fear contains tremendous amounts of energy. So that energy is followed. You don’t realize that. When that happens, you ‘automatically’, according to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, become a ‘victim’. That is the way everything is set up.

Why do you have insurance? You’re going to have insurance, because you’re going to be a ‘victim’ of something. So, you see, that is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS mentality. When you begin to move ‘out’ of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS mentality, you’re going to ‘think’ entirely different. Its not easy to function from a different standpoint, but you’ll find that you’ll do something and you’ll OBSERVE it and you’ll say, ‘oh, I know what that was all about’. That ‘releases’ something within your physical construct. In that OBSERVATION, you have learned what you wanted to learn. So you were smart enough to know you don’t have to do it again – you got it. So then you’ll try something else.

So, that’s what we’re saying about “free will”, it has nothing to do with the ‘other’ person. If you hadn’t wanted that experience, that ‘other’ person wouldn’t have hit you – it’s as simple as that. Yet, those that are so involved in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and don’t ‘think’ beyond that point – they immediately become a ‘victim’.

It’s just a simple thing that many people do not know about, and I think we’ve mentioned this before. There is a study of the human anatomy, and its old, old, old, and it’s called ‘Sanpaku’ (The book is “You are all Sanpaku”). A Sanpaku Master can look at you and know what part of your body you’re going to damage.

In other words, he can look at you and he will know that when you walk out the door, you’re going to fall down the three front steps that you came up to get into the building. He can tell you whether you are going to hurt your knee or your elbow or your head, or whatever because, the body is out of adjustment, and the body will adjust itself whether you want it to or not.

Now, Aona and John have used Sanpaku for years. John introduced it to Aona, and said, the first time it happened to her, she hurt her leg, he said, ‘say to the body, ‘thank you”, you needed that. And go about your business and ten, fifteen minutes later, you’ll find it doesn’t hurt. The body has done what it wanted to do, what it needed to do for its own adjustment. But, you see, that’s from a physical standpoint.

Now, working with the Datre material, you’re working from a physical standpoint – but, you are ‘teaching’ your brain – and the brain will do exactly what ‘you’ teach it. So, if you teach the brain that it’s not a victim, things will change. Continue.

JOHN: She asked about how this relates to Universal timing.

DATRE: It has nothing to do with Universal timing; it only has to do with ‘physical’ timing. And physical timing is ‘your’ timing, it’s nobody else’s. You can take as long to learn ‘one’ lesson, as you want. You can take lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, to learn ‘one’ thing. It is all up to you as to what effort ‘you’ put into it.

You see, you can have all the teachers in the world talk to you, give you all kinds of instructions, all kinds of lessons. You can read the Datre material and say, ‘oh, that’s wonderful information’ from each and every one. But, unless you put it into practice, it isn’t going to… nothing happens. But, it has nothing to do with anything else, but your acceptance of your physicality, and beginning to know what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question continues on and asks… “”Now, you will find that there are many that do not have a discovery gene within them. In other words, they’re not interested in discovery.” My own personal experience is that events ‘happen’. There doesn’t seem to be a timing. My whole life has been ‘guided’ by events that happened without any conscious participation on my part.”

DATRE: That is correct! It is not of a ‘consciousness’ nature on your part. Now, how much in tune are you with what you’re setting up for yourself? You may be setting things up for yourself, and not getting in your own way when you’re awake and watching things ‘happen’, but not ‘fighting’ them.

See, that’s what happens, is the ‘fighting’ physical happenings. So, if it’s not a conscious effort on your part, that’s fine. Because, you make more ‘mistakes’ working from the physical, because, when you’re ‘awake’, you’re in heavy MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And what are you going to pick up? MASS CONSCIOUSNESS! But, if you wake up, and from the time you get up and be an OBSERVER, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time, but, when things – so called – happens, watch it and learn from it. The more you do that, the more you get out of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The more you get out of your own way. Then the smoother your life is going to be. Continue.

JOHN: She further continues on and asks… “I understand the concept of having written my script before I took on this body but once I am born I forget the script. I may have chosen my parents, my genetic make-up and the event that will happen. BUT that is the BIG ‘I’ choosing.”

DATRE: No, that is ‘not’ the BIG ‘I’, you must give yourself credit. The only thing that is different from when you are awake and when you are asleep, is that when you’re “asleep” you are not functioning in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. In that which you call ‘sleep’, you are an OBSERVER. You go out and play in that which is called the “mind” of the bubble and pick and choose what you want for your experiences. You pick and choose, based upon the physicality that you are residing in. You’re the one that ‘knows’ your body. You’re the one that ‘knows’ your genetics. You ‘pick’ because this is what ‘you’ want to experience.

But you see the death process is a process of ‘forgetting’ for 99.99 percent of the individuals. They don’t want any part of what they have done before. So, every time you come into physicality, you start at zero. Now, it’s going to take a long time, if you start over every time.

In other words, as a child, if you go through the first grade, and then you get to summer vacation and you say, ‘I don’t want any part of that any more, I don’t want to remember any of that stuff. I don’t like it.’. Yet, when it comes time to go back to school, you’re afraid to go into second grade, so you say, ‘well, I guess I’ll do first grade again’. So you do the same thing every time. That’s not “evolution” of ‘you’ as an individual. That’s what we’re saying, about getting to ‘know’ who you are. Once you really ‘know’ who you are, you’ll say, ‘good, bad, or indifferent, I want it ALL, every single bit of it.’. That takes ‘looking’ at your physical life with very good eyes.

People will say, ‘well, I’ve done this and I’ve done that. And I’m ashamed of this. And I’m ashamed of that.’. All right, but are you going to put that aside and say, ‘but I learned from it. I learned a valuable lesson from it.’? Then, if you’ve learned a valuable lesson from it, how are you going to be ashamed of it? You’re only ashamed of it, simply because ‘other’ people have ‘shamed’ you – and its none of their business. It is ‘your’ business, and it is your business to learn, and nobody else’s. They can talk all they want to, but they can’t ‘hurt’ you, it’s ‘your’ evolution. Continue.

JOHN: She further continues and asks… “Even one’s emotional reactions to events are surely determined by one’s personality, which is the result of – Genes plus conditioning, both of which the conscious ‘I’ had no choice or control over.”

DATRE: That is not true! You see, you talk of ‘personality’ as if your just ‘one’. You have more personalities than you’ll ever begin to explore. You have many, many, many, personalities. They’ll say, ‘well, he certainly has an obnoxious personality’. The ‘obnoxious’ personality is the ‘dominant’ one. That’s what they’re seeing. They will see the ‘dominant’ one. They will see, that person always has such a happy-go-lucky appearance – that’s what they’re seeing. But, you have ‘multiple’ personalities. If you don’t like the personality that you’re exhibiting at the present time, say to that personality, ‘would you please go and leave me alone for a while? I’d like to have another personality come in for my experience.’. If you do that, with ‘intent’ and ‘purpose’ – instead of just gibbering – like saying something ‘rote’, but really mean it. Then just go about your business. You will feel a ‘click’, a ‘shift’, and you will discover another personality is within your physical construct.

But, there again, that takes ‘knowing’ where you are and knowing ‘what’ you want, and changing that which you are not comfortable with. And if that personality that you didn’t like comes back again, say, ‘are you back again? Come on now, go away for a while, I need something else. Let someone else come in for a while.’. You don’t ‘look’ at your personalities – you ‘react’ FROM them. But, you don’t OBSERVE them. See, there’s little hooks all the way along the line. But, those are the ones that begin to be fun. Those are the ones that ‘change’ your life. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I often get what I ask for but again that wanting and asking is determined by my personality.??”

DATRE: No. We all have wants, we all have desires in the physical body. Everyone that’s in a physical body has ‘wants’, they have ‘desires’, and that’s different than a ‘need’. It’s quite a bit different than a ‘need’. You ‘need’ food. But, what kind of food do you need? Do you need a lavish dinner of twelve – fifteen courses of all different kinds of food? Or, do you need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? You see the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’? You ‘need’ food, but what do you want?

You see it becomes really tricky, when you really, really, OBSERVE. This may cause a lot of people to laugh when they read it, but we’re getting to ‘basics’. Watch this ‘action’ and ‘re-action’ of the physical body, it becomes very interesting. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Is Free Will then only for the Higher – unconscious Self with the ego = small ‘I’ being a puppet on a string?”

DATRE: NO! No, the only way you can learn, is by ‘jumping’ into physicality and learning from here. You are not a ‘puppet’ to anyone or anything.

Now, when I say, ‘get in connection with the ‘you’ that you are’. That is connecting up with ‘you’ in the sleep state and bringing ‘that’ understanding – that ‘you’ have – into the physical construct. You have to ‘train’ your brain. It’s as simple as that. The brain will not function in any other manner, than what ‘you’ teach it.

Getting back to the computer. If you put in 25 words into the computer, and say, ‘all right, computer there’s your dictionary’. Your computer’s not going to function too well. You need a lot more than that. So you say, ‘well, I know that’. There’s the trick, “I know it”. That’s the thing you have to remember. You have to “know it” in order to function from it. That’s the only way it works.

“You” know. There are no secrets. There is nothing held from you. You have the ability to bring as much as you can, of ‘your’ knowingness, into physicality to work with it from this framework. ‘This’ is where you have to learn. Its not out there in ‘never, never’ land. This is where you came to learn. If you hadn’t wanted a physical body, to learn from, you would have done something else.

But, no one else can teach your brain, except ‘you’. You are the one that ‘accepts’ or ‘rejects’. You’ll say, ‘well, I don’t like that idea’. What does the brain say? Click, click, click, ‘I don’t like that idea’. That’s what the brain records. You don’t realize, many of the statements that you make, make’s your body and your brain function the way it does. So, that’s why we say, ‘watch, be an OBSERVER’. There’s a lot more to being an OBSERVER, than just looking around and seeing what’s going on. There’s watching and looking and seeing what’s going on, and reacting. Then you’re in a voyeur mentality. And I don’t think that’s where any of you want to be, because you’ve seen enough of that. You want something different. You want something to look at, and from a different standpoint. You’re the one that can do it. So, next question.

JOHN: That was it. I have a comment that seems to come up a lot. She refers to the BIG ‘I’ and the little ‘I’ – there is no such thing.

DATRE: No, there isn’t. Now, if you’re thinking of connecting with the YOU that ‘you’ are… that is not… that’s only ‘you’.

JOHN: Its ‘you’ out of the body.

DATRE: Its ‘you’ out of the body. And when you’re awake, its ‘you’ in the body. But, my goodness, were you to bring all of that which ‘you’ are, out of the body, into the body, the brain would not be able to comprehend. So you have to bring it in, in little bits and pieces. And the more you ‘train’ the brain, the more information you bring in on various subjects, your brain will start making connections. You may get a piece of information and not think a great deal about it.

Take, for example, we hear it all the time. Take a Datre transcript. We have said the same thing over and over, since we started putting it on the net. But, every time we change it, just a little bit, just a little bit, just a little bit. It’s tweaking here and tweaking there. Then we get a letter that says, ‘I finally understood what you meant by… so and so or such and such’.

But, you see, you have put together enough from various different sources, various experiences, from various understandings. So you say, ‘all right, now I’ve got it’. Then when you get to that point, it’s like a ‘belief’ system, ‘I’ve got it’. That causes an exhilaration that causes a ‘rush’. Your body opens up and say’s, ‘ah ha, we got rid of one of those tied up knots in our system’. People get all tied up in knots. They get nervous, they get excited. They’re in a ‘stress’ mode. They just keep tying themselves, tying themselves, tying themselves, and it takes a long time to ‘untie’ those knots. Except, when you have a great big AH HA. When you have a big AH HA, that’s just like opening the floodgates for those few glorious moments. And you will think back during the week, ‘boy, was that great. I wonder when I’ll have that happen again?’. Then, pretty soon, you’ll be getting more information, and nothing will be happening. You’ll say, ‘why isn’t anything happening?’. Then one day, something will be said, and as we’ve said before, when the fruit is ripe, it drops from the tree. All right, we’ll leave you now, we’re Datre.


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