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Datre answers Dennis and Hans

JOHN: Today we have a question from Dennis, and his question is… “For over the past two years I have been noticing “11’s”. These are most commonly seen on digital clocks as… 2:11, 4:11, 9:11, 11:11, etc. If I look to a clock VERY often it is at this stage. Dozens of times in the period I have awoken from a deep sleep to see 2:11, etc., on my clock. Also, I tend to notice license plates, etc., with these numbers. The license plates seem to belong to MOSTLY cars that swerve in front of me, or in some way grab my attention BEFORE I notice the license number. Though I am aware I may have become psychological obsessed with this apparent occurrences, I believe I can truthfully say there is simply MORE to these “sightings””.

DATRE: There’s definitely more to this than you realize. Now, many years ago, John and Aona began to notice sequencing numbers. Now, for them, it was 3 in a row, like a 111, 222, etc. Now, because of the recurrence of… let’s say, a 1-1-1, and it would go on for several days, sometimes several weeks, so that more than once during a day, they would see those numbers. They could be on, like you say, house numbers, billboards, license plates, clocks, whatever, and it became a fascination.

Most people will relate a 1-1-1 as ‘new’ beginnings. In other words, that’s the first number in your numbering system. So that would be something ‘brand new’ that was coming into your OBSERVATION. So, when you see the 1-1-1, you think, well, its ‘new beginnings’. Something’s going to change, that’s going to make something ‘new’.

Now, for them it was a challenge to find out what the numbers meant for them as a ‘collective’. Now, when you work with one person, its easier than when you work with two, because the ‘two’ has to be whatever the number comes up to be, for the ‘two’ people, it has to be reverent to ‘both’ of them.

So, what started was, they began to pursue, with diligence, what the numbers meant, until they figured out through OBSERVATION, what all the triple numbers meant, from one through nine. This did not happen immediately, in fact I think it took them over two years to figure them all out. You see what a ‘fascinating’ thing OBSERVATION can be?

In other words, if you consistently see a 3-3-3, what does that mean to ‘you’? What message are you trying to give yourself? We’re not going to give you the numbers, for a specific reason. Because, in starting you out with a simple thing like numbers, you will become a ‘greater’ OBSERVER than you would have been previously. You see a number, consistently, and then ‘watch’ what happens ‘after’ you see the number. If you see a number like I said, in the triple’s, because ‘that’ was for them, so I have to use them as an example. You see a triple number, and you’re driving down the street and all of a sudden, you have an ‘impulse’ to go to a certain store, a certain restaurant, whatever, and you say, ‘I hadn’t planned on that’. But, you got the impulse to do it – do it. Watch ‘why’ you go to where you go.

What you’re doing is, you are giving yourself ‘information’. You’re giving yourself ‘clues’. Follow the clues, because, this is important – it is ‘you’ talking to you. You see, this business of the ‘YOU that you are’ and the ‘you’ in physicality, is still “you”. But, how are you going to get your attention in the physical? There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it. This is the easiest way that you have found to get your attention. You don’t know what those numbers mean. But, through diligent OBSERVATION, you will find out what the numbers mean. Then when you find out what the numbers mean, do like Aona and John did, take a little book and put it down.

When it comes to you and you say, ‘every time I see that number, such and such happens’. Either there’s going to be money coming in or going out. There’s going to be a ‘new’ experience. There’s going to be… ‘I’ve been drudging along and nothing seems to happen, and now I’m getting these numbers, well maybe this drudgery is going to end’. But, you see, nobody can tell you that. That is what ‘you’ have to figure out for yourself. We have said many times, that being in the physical can be very fascinating, IF you become an OBSERVER.

Now, what could be easier, than having numbers in front of you for ‘you’ to figure out what you’re trying to tell yourself? So, have fun. Play with it, become that OBSERVER. This is an easy way to do it. It’s a faster way to do it. Not only that, so it took over two years for them to figure their numbers out, it still was a fascinating project, because in watching the numbers, they also became ‘grander’ OBSERVERS. They were always looking for ‘clues’. You get ‘clues’, every day, every minute, of your ‘waking’ existence but, because you don’t OBSERVE them, you don’t know ‘what’ you’re trying to do. You don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish. It may not be a very big thing, but its ‘grand’, in that you have learned – because ‘you’ have taught yourself.

In teaching yourself, you will get AH HA’s. In getting AH HA’s, you’re untying the ‘knots’ that are in your physical body, making it easier for you to live in physicality. We’ve enjoyed answering that question, continue.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “Having looked at most religions, guru’s new age teachings etc. I’m fascinated with the Datre material. Datre doesn’t give you any escape to a God, Guru or whatever, you have to do it yourself, find your own answers. I understand that we got stuck too long into physicality and as a result we put our psyches too long on a hold which is becoming a waste to the universe as we are not using the capabilities of our psyche’s. I also understand that Datre can’t recognize individuals on Earth but I gather that Datre can identify our psyche’s and if we link up sufficiently to our psyche’s we would be able to communicate with the universal beings like Datre, which means that the essence of us is universal.”

DATRE: Now, the thing is, you don’t want to connect up with me, that would not help you a bit. What you want to do, is connect up with ‘you’. YOU know what ‘you’ want to experience in physicality. I haven’t the vaguest idea. I haven’t the vaguest idea what Aona and John want to do in physicality. That is up to them, they are the ones that are writing the script, they’re the ones that know what they want to learn. We don’t know what anybody wants to learn. What we are doing is, because we can check into physicality, we can use the physical experiences that we have, to help ‘you’ get in touch with YOU.

The ‘you’ in physicality is but a small portion of what YOU really are. Now, that’s not a ‘higher’ self. That’s “you” – period. You don’t separate your physical body into parts and say, ‘well, this is ‘higher’ than that part’. It all works together. And the idea of connecting up with anything but ‘you’, is of no importance. You’re the “whole ball game”, this is “your” evolution.

You see, unfortunately, you think that physicality is all there is. Now, what if physicality was done away with tomorrow? Where would you be? What would you be? Could you function? That all depends… that all depends on what ‘you’ know about yourself. If you “know” that you’re not your body – no problem, you continue to exist. What would you do? Everyone would have to make that choice for themselves.

But you see, you have ‘limited’ yourself to physical existence. That’s NOT ‘you’. YOU… you’re not your car. In physicality, you get into a car and you drive the car. But, you’re “not” the car. You go in and out of the car whenever you want to. The same thing with physicality. You go “in” and “out” of a body whenever you want to. But, because you’re all so “stuck” in your body, you don’t realize that’s an option. You don’t even ‘think’ of it as an option. The only time you think you can get out of your body is when you go into meditation – or sleep. But that isn’t true. You go in and out of your body whenever you want to. You ‘pop’ in and out of your body, many, many times in a day.

But, if you ‘knew’ about it, you’d scare yourself. So you don’t do that. But, you don’t want to connect up with us, because we can’t ‘do’ anything. All we can do is, when we come into physicality, we can pick up the information that is here in physicality, and from our standpoint, give you what ‘we’ OBSERVE and help you understand “yourself” better.

Now you talk about predictions. Can ‘we’ predict the future? No. The only way we would be able to predict the future is to get into the physical body, use that bodies ‘psychic’ ability, to go to the outer rim of the bubble and pick up the probabilities and possibilities and see which is most ‘likely’ to happen and bring that information back and ‘speak’ it thru the physical body. We can’t tell which “reality” an event will take place in. That’s why predictions so often don’t work. EVERYTHING happens, but it does not necessarily happen in the reality that you are functioning in at the present time. Very simple when you understand the process. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and asks… “My summary is very crude but I just want to know whether I understand correctly.
What amazes me is that with 5 Billions psyche’s on this Earth and many in the Dead zone there is so little wisdom available. I understand this is caused by the fact that the collective desire to experience physicality is greater than the desire to obtain universal wisdom.”

DATRE: Well, you see, you work in that which is called MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, and we’ve done many, many, different ones on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The ‘consciousness’ that exists within your house, your yard, your neighbor’s yard, expand it until you get into the towns… you know, you can get all over the world. And there’s ‘different’ things that make up “consciousness”. What makes up ‘consciousness’, basically, are “belief” systems. That’s basically what makes up your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is “belief” systems.

And if you live in an area where everyone has a ‘basic’ fundamental “belief” system, you’re either ‘in’ it or you’re ‘out’ of it. That has been one of the fascinating things with John and Aona, is all the different places that they have lived. Each time that they get into a different area, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in ‘that’ area is different.

Now, as an example, if you get down into big cities in Texas, you’ve had a TV program that showed how ‘brothers’ would try to swindle the other one. And how they would fight for being the number ‘one’ and pushing the other one aside. The greed that existed. And when you would talk to people that lived in those circumstances, they would say, ‘that’s mild in comparison to what actually happens’. You get into these areas where it’s what they call, a dog eat dog existence, and those peoples never have enough. They always want more, and they don’t care who they get it from. If it happens to be a family member, it doesn’t matter to them at all. But, if you’re an OBSERVER, you can see what is happening. But, its a very difficult situation to stand away from ‘that’ type of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and not get ‘pulled’ into it, because it has ‘strength’ to it.

Now, if you live in another area where its heavy into play, and all those people want to do is ‘play’. They don’t want to earn a living. They don’t want to do anything else but play. They will exist, and that’s all they want to do is, just exist. You’ll get into another group where you have a Guru, and everyone flocks around the Guru. And everyone starts to ‘act’, as close as they can, as this Guru wants them to ‘act’ like.

You see there’s ‘big’ sizes of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, and ‘little’ sizes of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But you get into different ‘pockets’, different areas. You’ll get into a place where everybody is all ‘Bible’ oriented. You’ll have a whole other concept of what ‘that’ type of living is all about. You’ll get into areas where its very ‘family’ oriented, and that’s ‘another’ existence. You have these all over that which you call the United States. You have those ‘pockets’ in different areas, in different countries, all over the world. But, unless you have gone to different places, and OBSERVED different things, it’s very difficult for you to have that understanding. But, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the thing to be OBSERVED, but not be a part of. Because, when ‘you’ become YOU, it really doesn’t matter ‘where’ you live, because you don’t get “sucked up into it”. All right, did we answer that question?

JOHN: I think so.

DATRE: Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to say… “What also surprises me is that our psyche’s are so passive and are not trying to force a breakthrough.”

DATRE: Well, it is ‘not’ your psyche; it is not necessarily your psyche. It is the ‘awareness’ of ‘you’. Now, you can call that psyche if you so desire, but, what we try to avoid, as much as possible, unless we’re trying to explain something, is to ‘label’ things. What we’re trying to do is… you have had many years, hundreds, thousands, I don’t know how much, years of ‘teachings’. And what we’re trying to do is, eliminate the “structure” of a ‘teaching’ and put you into physicality, knowing that you’re “not” your body, but getting into physicality, and ‘learning’ from physicality. And it doesn’t matter ‘how’ you do it. But, the less “labels” you put on every aspect of physicality, the easier it is for you to just plain be an OBSERVER.

When you drop all the ‘trappings’, all the… we use MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because that is something we have to refer to, so that you can ‘see’ the difference between what ‘your’ life is, and what everybody else’s life is like, because, there is a great deal of difference, once you begin to ‘understand what this is all about. What we want you to do is understand ‘why’ you’re here. What did you come for? Did you come for ‘pain’ and ‘anguish’ and all of these ‘other’ things? Is that what you’re here for? No! You came here to learn. And the faster you ‘learn’, and the faster you ‘understand’, the more you can get yourself “out” of those traps, because, you’re constantly trying to ‘connect’ with ‘you’ in physicality to show you, and its a ‘learning’ process. You come into the physical body to ‘teach’ the ‘brain’, to ‘teach’ the body, and ‘that’ is evolution. But, its ‘not’ evolution of ‘mankind’, its evolution of “you”. That’s what its all about – evolving “you” as an ‘individual’. It’s not evolving anything else.

My goodness, the people in the town, the trees, the grass, all the rest of it, it doesn’t matter what it does, and what ‘you’ do, doesn’t necessarily affect that either. But, what happens is, it’s “your” evolution, because, when the physical body is no more, you want to ‘continue’ your evolution. That’s where the ‘fun’ begins.

You know, you talk about the Universe. If we just stayed as is, you couldn’t have a Universe, because, the ‘name’ of everything is – evolution – in whatever form it is. I think we got off the track. But that was a few things I wanted to get in there. So, continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to say… “There must be significant powers spending a lot of energy and resources to keep us dumb and devoted to their dubious goals.”

DATRE: No! No, its just people not knowing ‘who’ they are. What has happened is, that your… this particular period in physicality has gone way past what was originally planned to do. No one has paid any attention to what they came here for originally, because it’s been so long. If your… I don’t like to use these words but I have to, if your ‘time’ span had been shortened, so that you had ‘not’ lost track of ‘what’ your ‘original’ intent was, things would have been different.

But you see, because of your various ‘stages’ of evolution in physicality, it has become so fascinating, so much has been learned in so many different directions, by ‘everything’ on this planet – that is alive – that it has been fascinating to OBSERVE. It has not been like anything else. And your evolution in different areas has been fascinating. The ‘one’ evolution that you have ‘not’ made, is “knowing who you are” and ‘what’ you’re here for. That’s because when you go into the ‘death’ stage, you don’t want any part of what your life had been. So you wipe it out. So when the ‘time’ span runs out – and you’re out of it now – but you’re ‘not’ recognizing that you’re out of it, you’re staying here and continuing, and making up your own ‘time’ as you go along. You’re making your own scripts, you’re writing your own scripts, you’re doing your own thing.

But, if we were to say, ‘okay, now this is it, you can’t go on any further’. And you say, ‘Well I don’t want any part of that life time’. What are you going to do? You haven’t anything to take with you to another existence.

And it isn’t that anybody is making you ‘dumb’, know body can do that. Neither can anyone make you smart. That’s why we say, ‘there’s no Guru, there’s no God, there’s no this, there’s no that, and there’s no nothing else’. You pick up what ‘you’ want. You use what ‘you’ want. That is your individual evolution. The only reason that we’re so different, is because we say, ‘hey, its ‘your’ job, and it doesn’t matter which way ‘you’ want to go about it, you can go any direction you want to.’.

But, when you get to the end of it, say that you’re getting close to ‘death’, what have you got? What do you want to take with you? What have you gained? Do you know who you are? If you know ‘who’ you are, so you put the body down and you walk out of it and you’ve got what you had in that lifetime, you maintained that, you kept it. And you’ll keep that until you decide to come back into another physicality again. But, when you keep giving it away, then you haven’t got anything, you’ve got to start all over again. That’s where the ‘dumbness’ comes in. Its ‘not’ what anybody else has done ‘to’ you. Its what you have OBSERVED, and say, done to yourself. Continue.

JOHN: He further continues and says… “In some transcripts Datre mentions that our time line has run out and that we are living on a pseudo time line or perhaps you can say that we live on “borrowed time”. Some force must have decided that there is a need for this pseudo time and provide energy to create and maintain this time. Why and by who was this pseudo time created? How can we best use this extra time? Which things work better and which worse during this pseudo time?”

DATRE: There’s nothing worse, the only thing that’s better is if you become an OBSERVER and find out ‘who’ you are. The reason its ‘extended’ is because, it is so ‘close’ to some things that are going to be happening in the Universe, that can greatly effect how this is all going to turn out. Now, you can say, ‘well, we’ve got so many years left’. But, that’s ‘your’ timing. Your timing of years and days and months and all that stuff, is the ‘timing’ that you’re using, that everyone agrees on. Its an ‘agreement’ that this is such and such a day, such and such a month, and such and such a year. You agree on that, this is an agreement, that’s a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS agreement.

But, what has happened is, that the information that you were given, to learn from – that information should have been ‘learned’ by now, absorbed, and it could have ended. But, there isn’t enough that we can ‘save’ it. That is our concern, because this has been a ‘marvelous’ evolution of physicality – of humanity. And we don’t want this to be lost, because this would be a tremendous asset to the Universe. It’s never been done before; we want to see ‘how’ it works.

And the ‘greatest’ thing you can do, is get to ‘know’ who ‘you’ are. Be that OBSERVER. Try to find out what YOU are telling ‘you’ in the waking state. So that you can ‘program’ the physicality for understanding. That’s what its all about. And the ‘extension’ is so that we can get enough – so we can ‘save’ it. The information that you have gathered – each and every one of you – over that which you have called, ‘this great expanse of time’, is very, very different and very unique. But, because you’ve been in it so long, you don’t understand its uniqueness.

What we’re trying to do is, because the ‘energies’ are all changing, the things in the Universe ‘all’ have ‘energy’ constructs just like your planet has an ‘energy’ constructs. All of these other planets and those that have different ‘life’ forms on them – now ‘life forms’ are not ‘human’ forms don’t get me wrong. But all of these all have different energy constructs. And all of the ‘energy constructs’ are changing in this portion of the Universe. So what we’re doing is watching the evolution of all of these ‘life forms’ in this portion of the Universe.

And we don’t want this to be scraped. It’s a marvelous experience. It’s a marvelous ‘experiment’, shall we say, that ‘you’ have decided to take part in. And ‘you’ are going to be very disappointed with ‘you’, when you find out you spent all of this “time” and BLEW IT. The sadness is not going to come from any other point, but from YOU. You said, ‘I want to try this’. And you got lost. You got lost in all sorts of trappings of physicality. You haven’t ‘lost’ anything, if you pull your bootstraps together now and find out what you’re all about, and what a ‘magnificent’ experience ‘this’ has been. Then say, ‘hey, I want it ALL’. So, continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “To extend on a previous question. My daughter is still being seriously bothered by voices and she is presently not strong enough to stop them herself. I have tried help from all possible sources with hardly any results. If regular and alternative medicine as well as help from the dead zone do not offer solutions what else could one try in a case like this?”

DATRE: Well, you see, the only ‘voices’ that she can be hearing are those that are “aspects” of herself – she can’t hear anything else. So what has happened, is that I don’t know to what extent she’s disturbed, I have no idea and the thing is, no one else would have any idea either. It has to be a search of ‘herself’. Now, you say she is not strong enough to be able to withstand that. Now, is that ‘strong’ physically or ‘strong’ mentally?

You see, there are ‘many’ that hear voices in their head all the time. And you have called those people ‘insane’, you have called them many things. But, it takes a certain amount of ‘strength’ to be able to say, ‘I don’t want this any more’. But its not a physical strength, its ‘reprogramming’ your brain. If the brain is ‘allowing’ interference, then the brain needs to make the discrimination between ‘you’ that are coming into the physical body, and those that are ‘interfering’. Actually, what is happening is… you see, in hearing voices and so forth, you’re picking up another vibratory construct, that’s what it is all about. You see, because you have an “aspect” that’s a thousand years old in ‘your’ counting, doesn’t mean that its way ‘back’ then. It could be right ‘next’ to you and the brain is picking up those vibrations.

You see, you think of everything as being “way back when” – 50 years ago, a 100 years ago, oh my goodness a long time. No, because there is not that separation in the ‘vibratory’ construct. There is getting to be less and less of a demarcation in the vibratory construct. Your vibrations on your planet are different than the vibrations in the ‘dead-zone’. But, that is not the only place that you’re going to get ‘interference’ from.

You see, that is why we’ve said, ‘in order to get ‘our’ information out we need to come through a physical construct’. The people that are getting this information are not just those on the ‘net’. As these words are spoken, what stops them? Nothing ‘stops’ the spoken word, once it is spoken. That is why there are many who realize the ‘strength’ of the ‘spoken’ word, because, it doesn’t ‘stop’. It is very powerful, because it contains an ‘energy’ construct. It contains a ‘vibratory’ construct.

You see, that is one of the things that is hard, especially if it happens to be a ‘younger’ person, because, as a child, they very often have ‘playmates’ that nobody else can ‘see’ or ‘hear’. They’re picking up another vibratory construct, and until they get ‘trained’ out of it, they continue to have it. Now, some children are ‘stubborn’ enough so that they won’t let go, and they keep that ‘friend’ through out their lives. Because, when nobody else will pay any attention to me, ‘I can talk to my friend, and my friend will pay attention to me’. You see where that comes from?

So, it’s a very interesting thing. But, as to how to work with it, I cannot tell you. I do not know what the ‘voices’ are, whether they’re ‘detrimental’ to the person or what. But, there again, it depends on the ‘inner’ strength of the person. Now, children are a lot more ‘knowing’ than grown up’s in these areas. So, a child can be ‘taught’ to say, ‘I don’t want that’ and really mean it and not be ‘afraid’ of it.

You see the one thing that ‘holds’ very often is “fear”. So if there is “fear” attached to it, and it’s going through the “belief system”, it’s only ‘that’ persons “belief system” that can be changed to eliminate that. You see there is a great deal to be learned about being in physicality. And at one time or another, she may have been exposed to something that ‘scared’ her. And she’s so afraid of that, that she is afraid of many ‘other’ things, and that “fear” has opened a ‘door’, because the body say’s, ‘well, let’s try this’. You see the body gets to be a little ‘feisty’ in its own right.

So, until you learn that ‘you’ are the one that ‘runs’ the body, your physicality is ‘backwards’. You ‘allow’ the body to run “you”. That is ‘not’ the way it was intended, that is ‘not’ the way it was set up. It was set up that “you” ran the body. But, ‘time’ has done many things. Its “you” that runs the body. And I don’t know if telling that person that this is the situation. If they will take ‘that’ information and make it a ‘strong’ “belief system” – and this is the only time that I will ever say, that a belief can be ‘beneficial’ – that is what you ‘need’ to believe. “I RUN THE BODY, THE BODY DOES NOT RUN ME”. That is a ‘first’ step in ‘grand’ understanding. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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