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Datre answers Dennis.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “I have been told that we are fully responsible for our actions. We are NOT responsible for the actions or welfare of others. Still, as a parent I am responsible to and for the welfare of my children and my spouse. Further, there is a feeling and a certain need to look to those who are less fortunate, even strangers to us. What is the Datre’s view regarding responsibility and charity?”

DATRE: Well, you see, responsibility is a word that encompasses many things. You feel a responsibility to your wife and to your children. That is part of that which you call the physical existence.

Now, being responsible to them is how ‘you’ feel it is necessary to be. In other words, you’re responsible to your wife as ‘you’ see your responsibility TO her. Not as ‘she’ sees it, but as ‘you’ see it. You see you don’t know what the other person is thinking. So the only way ‘you’ can ‘act’ with other people, is from ‘your’ individual standpoint. That again comes down to your ‘basic’ belief system.

In other words, you set up something that ‘you’ believe that you need to do this and that, in order to satisfy yourself. Then, as you satisfy yourself, you will find that you satisfy ‘others’.

Now, as for children, you have a responsibility to them. In other words, you have to ‘teach’ them until they are old enough to make their own decisions. But, you cannot accept ‘blame’ for them. In other words, if the child turns around and say’s, ‘well, its all your fault, because you told me such and such’. They’re trying to lay a ‘guilt’ trip on you that you are not responsible for. You are teaching and responsible from your individualistic self. And you do the best you can do from that standpoint.

But, if someone complains about what you’re doing and how you are doing it, it is not up to you to ‘accept’ that blame, if that is not what you feel that you have accepted as your responsibility. That you have done what ‘you’ feel is the way ‘you’ want to do it. But there again, as an OBSERVER, you can watch what you’re doing and what ‘other’ people are doing. That’s why you get into family situations.

In other words, if there were not lessons to learn, being a husband and a father, you would not have chosen that. You would have ended up being by your self. It was ‘your’ desire to be in that role and play out that role, because there were lessons that ‘you’ wanted to learn.

Now, if your wife and children had lessons that they wanted to learn ‘with’ you, they joined you. In other words, if your wife had lessons she wanted to learn, and the situation was compatible – you joined together – to learn together.

All right now, the children choose you. You don’t choose the children. The children choose you, because you have set up a situation that they want to be involved in – for ‘their’ learning. You see, from what I’m saying, you’ll say, ‘well in other words, we’re all ‘selfish’?’. Yes, you are. You have to be ‘selfish’ in that, ‘this is what I chose, what am I to learn ‘from’ it? I didn’t just get into this willy nilly. I went into it ‘purposefully”.

Now, they talk very much about “crib death”. Much of “crib death” is the fact that a child comes into a situation that they OBSERVED that they wanted a part of. Now, because the child is born, the wife or the husband starts bickering, first thing you know, they’re constantly arguing, they can’t do this because of the baby, we can’t do that because of the baby. You’re giving too much time to the baby. We can’t do the things we used to do. Then the baby say’s, ‘I don’t want any part of this, I’m not going to learn anything from this situation’, and leaves.

Now, there’s a great deal to be learned from just that. It sounds very simplistic, but there’s a great deal to be learned by that. Now, in many cases that will split the two because of the animosity that has been built up. In many cases it will draw them closer together and the next time they have a child, they will act differently. And how do you know that that same child doesn’t come back again.

You see there are so many things about physicality that you do not see – in the physical. You can’t, because you’re working from ‘this’ construct. But, as an OBSERVER you will ‘see’ many things and you will understand.

Now, as to the business of ‘other’ individuals, there again, other’s will put a ‘guilt’ trip on you because, ‘why aren’t you donating money to this cause?’. Now, there are a lot of things to be said in that area also. But, at that time, take a good look at what ‘you’ believe and what you think of the situation. Is it better to write out a check and give it to someone and feel satisfied with that? Or is it better, at some point in time to find someone that needs help, and help that individual? And give a check to an individual or say to the individual, ‘I will give you the name of some company that needs help, you can fill their need, here is someone to go and see’. Talk to that individual and give him the prospect of a job.

You see there’s many ways of handling things. But don’t feel that you need to accept a ‘guilt trip’, because that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will make you feel guilty. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will make you feel ‘fearful’. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, if you buy into that, can make you “react”. And what we’re trying to tell you, is “act”. Don’t allow them to put ‘guilt trips’ on you. You do what you know ‘you’ want to do – not because you have to do it – because you don’t have to. It is “your” evolution. It is nobody else’s. And you can go as far as you want to go. And when you become an OBSERVER, you’ll see what you’ve set up for yourself, because, when situations occur, you’ll take a good look at it.

When someone comes and says’s, ‘we want you to donate to such and such an organization’, and you say, ‘I’m not interested right now’. And they put a ‘guilt trip’ on you; take a good look at it. Is it ‘your’ problem, or is it ‘their’ problem? And if you don’t want to, why do you have to because someone puts a ‘guilt trip’ on you? You see that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that’s not thinking. That is ‘not’ thinking – that’s ‘reacting’. Why did that person say to you, things like putting a ‘guilt trip’ on you? That person wasn’t ‘acting’ – that was a ‘reaction’. Mad because you wouldn’t give money to something. You see that’s a ‘reaction’ – that is not an ‘action’. So watch these things carefully. It is ‘your’ decision, but it is ‘not’ anyone else’s decision to lay a ‘guilt trip’ on you. That is a very good question, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “There are humans who greatly excel in understanding the physics of the universe as we experience it. Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking, for instance. Further, there are those who have an unusual knowing or psychic abilities. Are these kinds of humans closer to where they need to be or are these abilities and “knowledge” irrelevant to our growth?”

DATRE: Well, you see what happens is, that those individuals like the Einstein and Hawking, had an ‘intent’ and had a ‘purpose’. Now, all I can say is, many come into the next, shall we say, ‘awake’ process or ‘birth’ process, bringing through a ‘knowingness’. They will pick and choose specific genetics that will take them in the ‘direction’ they wish to go.

Now, those that have ‘specific’ psychic abilities, as you call them, that is something that they have had previously, or have begun to develop. So through the process of bodily aging, they die. But they keep that ‘remembrance’ of what they want to continue to do, they want that continuation, they want that ‘ability’. So, they will choose genetics that will maintain that genetic patterning and maintain those abilities. That is a choice before they come into the physical again.

While there are many now who have no ‘psychic’ ability that they are ‘aware’ of – and I say ‘aware of’, because, every single one has it. Your ‘psychic’ ability is your ‘connection’ with “YOU”. It is a ‘knowingness’ that you’re ‘connecting’ with “YOU”. But then it’s explained in so many different ways, that it becomes all muddled. But, your greatest ‘psychic’ ability is to get to ‘know’ who “YOU” are.

As to those that have psychic abilities, it is not important what another person is going to experience. That another person is going to get a great big fabulous job in the next two months, or whatever. The only thing that individual is doing when they give out ‘that’ information, is satisfying ‘themselves’. You see if they were not doing it, they wouldn’t know the difference, nor would the ‘other’ individual know the difference.

You see, it all comes back, and its such an ‘individualistic’ thing, that you’re not even aware of it. But, ‘psychic’ abilities, that is part and parcel of your existence. Some people have it developed more than others, and it depends upon what they do with it. If they’re just going to sit and read other peoples futures – probable futures – picking up the possibilities and probabilities of ‘other’ people, and this is what they do all their lives, then what are they doing with their own? How far are ‘they’ going? So, to answer your question, does it matter? No, it doesn’t!

The thing that matters, is for you to find out “who’s” running the show – is it “you” or is it your “body”? Then, if it’s a ‘joint’ effort, it is a ‘magnificent’ thing. Then in working as a ‘joint’ effort, with ‘you’ and your ‘body’, you will make tremendous strides in getting to find out ‘what’s’ going on. But it becomes a fascinating game. Continue.

JOHN: He goes on to ask… “Is there a distinct benefit to actually experiencing things first hand as opposed to reading a written account of another person’s experiences? Or is learning through reading, meditation or actual physical experience of equal benefit?”

DATRE: That depends upon the individual and what the individual wants to do. You can sit and read as many books as you want to. You can sit and meditate as long as you want to. And it does not matter, it’s what ‘you’ gain for your own experience.

You see it is in the ‘interaction’ with ‘other’ physical beings, that you can OBSERVE. Sitting and meditating by yourself, you can take yourself into different ‘realms’ – I think we did one recently where they were speaking about that one called Jane Roberts of the Seth material. Jane Roberts could travel to many different places. She had ‘grand’, what you call, ‘psychic’ abilities. She was able to connect up into different realities and have many ‘grand’ experiences – on her own – other than bringing through the Seth material. But, because she had ‘fear’, and never really got to the point of OBSERVING and understanding that ‘underlying’ fear, she did not accomplish what she wished to accomplish.

There’s many ways of learning. And that is an ‘individualistic’ thing. You don’t ‘have’ to be always in the ‘psychic’ communities. You don’t have to be ‘always’ reading the books and all of that. It helps with your understanding. But, we find that the peoples that are making the greatest strides, having the GRANDEST experiences, finding out what physicality is all about and understanding from the point of having ‘experiences’ that are “individualistic” and working from ‘that’ standpoint of being a GRAND OBSERVER. Every one of them, have very responsible positions in the job market. They have wives and children. They’re hard working individuals. They don’t have ‘time’ to spend hours meditating. But, every waking minute of their day, they’re OBSERVING. Then in their OBSERVATION, when they have that moment, when they are able to sit and just OBSERVE, they’re coming up with “magnificent” experiences. And maybe they only have a moment – a fleeting moment – and they will have a GRAND AWARENESS that they will write and tell us about.

So you see, people are doing different things different ways. They’re all doing what they want to do in whatever way they want to do it. But, you don’t have to start out with anything grand and glorious, because you forget – “you” are the GRANDEST “you” can be. It’s only that you don’t ‘recognize’ it when you get into a physical body. You have POWER that is unimaginable. You have ‘resources’ that are unimaginable. But, you ‘limit’ yourself. You ‘limit’ yourself, because you can’t handle ‘knowing’ WHO you are. If you were to have any idea how GRAND you really are, you couldn’t handle it. So, you go through that which you call, a ‘learning’ process. And it’s only those that are interested in learning that will ever find out. And the GRANDEST TEACHER you have – is “YOU”. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Can a spirit leave their body and travel to any time and space, including off this planet AND remember the experience? How?”

DATRE: Number one, you can leave the body, its very simple. You don’t have to have the body to be “YOU”. Who are ‘you’ when you’re sleeping? You don’t have a body – but you’re still ‘you’.

The thing is, that when you get into realms that are distinctly different than anything that you can put words to, there is no way you can come back into the body and ‘express’ it. Because, your ‘language’ only encompasses ‘that’ which is in physicality, that you can ‘touch’, ‘see’, ‘taste’, ‘smell’, whatever.

Now, you can travel into ‘other’ realms, where you will ‘see’ something, and coming back into the physical you’ll say, ‘I saw this or something like that’. Then you will put an explanation on it. That will be for ‘your’ understanding and for satisfying yourself as to what you have seen. Then perhaps you will find someone else who has “seen the same thing” or something ‘similar’ to what you have seen, so you have a common ground to talk about. But, when you get out into ‘other’ realms where you can’t describe them, you’ll come back with a ‘feeling’ – but there are no ‘words’ for expression.

There are those that will go out into other realms and make ‘other’ connections and come back into the physical body, with tears, because of a ‘recognition’, but can not ‘explain’ the situation – because the ‘words’ aren’t there. I hope that answers your question. Continue.

JOHN: He asked how would you do it, is there a ‘how’ to it?

DATRE: Is there a ‘how’ to getting out of the body?

JOHN: That’s what he asked at the end, and remember the experience, and ‘how’ would you do that?

DATRE: How do you remember the experience? That is ‘your’ body that you have to work with. You see, that is the thing, when you’re working to try… actually, you’re ‘training’ the body all the time. You’re the one that’s trying to get the body to understand, because this is what ‘physicality’ is all about.

Its like having… we refer to the car again, its like having a brand new car. You don’t know where all the ‘buttons’ and all those things – what they’re all for. You don’t know what the radio and the heater and the windshield wipers and all of that, so you get into your brand new car and you’re playing with all these things to find out what makes them work. That’s what you do in a physical body. That’s what a baby does when it comes into a physical body. It has to figure out ‘how’ to get things to work. They try to walk and they keep falling down. But they can’t get the coordination. So, it’s a ‘training’ process. Of course, you’re so familiar with physicality that after you’ve been in it a certain length of time, you become ‘bored’ with it – its old hat. You’re so used to it, you have done it for thousands of years.

But, how ‘you’ train ‘your’ body and how you work with your individual body is an ‘individual’ thing and I can not tell you ‘how’. I cannot tell how anyone works a body. I can tell you, when I’m in the physical body, I can move the hands and the arms. I can see through the eyes. I can move the upper torso. But, when the individual comes back into this body again – from the waist down – it has to be a complete realignment, because this body has been sitting immobile and nothing has been happening to the ‘lower’ portion of the body. But, I don’t know how to work that. It is not important for me to have to work it, I don’t have to get up and walk around in order to give you this material.

But you see I’m looking at it from that standpoint and I’m saying that each one has to get in and out of their body in their own way. They need to handle their bodies in their own way. Everyone does it different. You see, you see people walking down the street and they all look the same to you, because they’re all walking. But if you could see the ‘squiggly’ lines of all the peoples walking, you could see that there was such a great variance. Even if you become a very good OBSERVER, you will notice how ‘different’ people walk. They use their feet, their legs, their hands, their arms, their heads, their shoulders – their whole body ‘posture’ is individualistic to that one person. It is how ‘they’ have set these things in motion. That is why physicality is so unique.

So, all I can tell you is that, I have to work from the experiences that I have when I’m in the body for a very short period of time. Now, I can’t tell you how soon I will get back in the body again, if ever I will get back in the body again. Then if I never get back into the body, I have had a ‘grand’ experience.

But, from ‘your’ standpoint, you’ve been in it, ‘oh, I’m getting old’. So maybe you’re 35. You don’t realize that these bodies where set up to ‘live’ thousands of years. Then when the body was no longer functioning the way it needed to function, the body was laid down and another body was picked up and gotten into. That would scare you to pieces. But that is the way it was, before that which you “invented” as death. Now people, oh they’re so afraid to die, they’re so afraid to die. How many thousands of time have you done it?

So you see, from ‘our’ standpoint, it is a very individualistic thing. And the more I keep bringing that to the forefront – that “you” are individualist – it is “your” evolution. That you will begin to OBSERVE ‘what’ you are doing – and what a magnificent thing you are doing. And I don’t care if you recognize you have one iota of ‘psychic’ ability – ‘you’ are ‘still’ MAGNIFICENT and that you are trying to learn what physicality is all about. That in itself is a MAGNIFICENT undertaking. Don’t let anybody put you down – because you are GRANDER than you ‘know’ you are – each and every person. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: That is it, we have enjoyed being with you, we are Datre.


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