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Datre answers Ron.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Ron, and his question is… “Let’s say that the “you that you are” has set up in its play a disease for itself to experience in the physical. According to Datre, we in waking consciousness should observe this disease as it progresses through its stages and learn what we can from it. Wanting to heal ourselves then would seem to be a fear based reaction and would interfere with what we need to learn from this disease. I would think that taking control and attempting to heal ourselves would be a much better way of handling the situation than to just watch the disease to progress but it seems this “taking control” would be “fighting a physical happening” instead of allowing what has been decided by the “you that you are” to run its course.”

DATRE: Well, now I’ve never said… the thing is, that you can be a fascinated watching the healing process as you can watching the deterioration process of the disease. In other words, if you have decided on something – like a disease – you’ve got to take the first step and that’s “analyze” the word that you have spoken DIS-ease. That’s what disease is all about. Disease is caused by tension that you build up in your body. It causes ‘knots’ in your body that restrict the ‘natural’ flow of the fluids within the body. Its ‘uneasiness’ that causes those things.

If you are relaxed within that body construct, that will be an entirely different situation. That does not mean that you’re not going to get something occasionally, because your bodies need to keep their ‘immune’ system active. That doesn’t mean that if your relaxed within the body, you’ll never get a cold. But, if you get a cold – you decide this is what you want – to see what makes it work, to keep the ‘immune’ system in proper order. That does not say that you have to ‘keep’ it. You don’t have to keep a cold any longer than you ‘want’ to. I know you’re going to ‘disagree’ with me. Because the ‘doctors’ and all the people in the medical community say that this is how long you have a cold. So, there’s a belief system you buy into. ‘Oh, you’re going to have that cold for ‘this’ period of time’. Why? If the body gets what it needs in a day, why have a cold longer than a day? It’s ‘your’ decision.

But you see, in trying to heal to heal yourself, what you’re doing is “trying”. That’s the operative word. I’m beginning to learn to use your language a little better. That is the operative word – T R Y I N G.

Now, you can say it is impossible to heal a disease that you have had or that you have got, without ‘trying’ different things. I hear you peoples use the word ‘fight’ a cold or ‘fight’ a disease. It is NOT a contest or a battle – ‘you’ are the one in control – not the body. Can’t you make a decision that you’re going to take something and that’s going to take care of it? You can tell your body – if you’re working with it, like you should be – all right body, this is what you’ve got and this is what you’re going to get from me. I’m going to give you this medication. Now, this will take care of it and you will be fine. HOW STRONG IS YOUR BELIEF? Are you saying that with ‘conviction’ or are you saying it with – if this doesn’t work, we’ll try something else?

The body is no dummy. The body works with what it is given. Now, if you want to ‘heal’ a disease, where is your intent? If your intent is to ‘keep’ it, and watch it, that’s what you’ll do. If your intent is to be through with it, so that you and your body can ‘enjoy’ being together and working together, than ‘that’s’ what you’ll do.

You see the simplest things are the hardest things for you to do – because you have been ‘trained’ out of SIMPLICITY. Do you realize how much you have trained yourself ‘out’ of SIMPLICITY? You have things that are so complicated; that you think ‘everything’ has to be complicated. Your medical field is so complicated; they can’t get out of their own way. They have set up parameters, just like the scientists have. “This is a ‘fact’. This does this and this does that and that does something else. Therefore, since we have said it and we are an ‘authority’ you believe it.” You don’t have to. That is what we are telling you about – being an individual.

You don’t have to go down the same road everybody else does, simply because that’s the way they’re going. Don’t you want to do things that are different? They’ll say, ‘that person used to be sick all the time. Now look at them, they’re as healthy as can be, I don’t understand it.’. And from a point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, they never will.

But, there is an individual that has taken a ‘sick’ body and made it the way ‘they’ wanted it to be. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with that one called, Teddy Roosevelt. Why did he become the robust individual that he became? Because, his intent was to have a healthy body. He didn’t lie around and take all kinds of medication. What did he do? He went outdoors. He learned to ride a horse. He got out and ‘experienced’ life – because that’s what ‘he’ wanted to do. I can imagine everyone in his family told him, ‘Oh, you better stay in bed and take this medicine, you’re not strong enough to do that. Oh, you can’t do that, you’re not strong enough, you might hurt yourself.’ I can hear all the family members now, because that is your ‘ritual’. But, there was an individual that had an ‘intent’ – and his intent was to do what he wanted to do. He wanted a healthy body that he could ‘play’ with and have fun with.

Peoples don’t understand that. They’ll say, ‘well, he was an exception’. Why not ALL be exceptions? Why do you have to listen to other peoples? Listen to yourself. That is the important part.

That one called Christopher Reeves, who has complete immobility, from being thrown off a horse. He can’t breath by himself, he as to have air pumped through a tube that goes through his neck, so that he can breath. He and his big contraption that he has to live in, when he’s awake, weighs over 500 pounds. People have offered him money to take care of his wife and him and his children, and what did he say? ‘I can do it myself’. He flies all over the country. Can you imagine what a process it is to get him from point A to point B? You can’t imagine that. You’ll see him on a stage someplace talking to hundreds of people about those peoples that are in wheelchairs with spinal cord injuries. And you say, ‘that’s magnificent’. Do you stop to realize, what it took to get him from his front door, to that stage in another state? No!

You see, that is one of the things we keep talking about through OBSERVATION. Think about things. Think about things that are important. You have so much ‘junk’ and so much ‘noise’ all the time that you don’t take time to stop and think about anything. Your bodies are so ‘jangled’ with ‘noise’ from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. You have ‘noise’ constantly. The ‘noise’ on your planet is humongous. And I don’t care where you live, you can live in what you call a very ‘quite’ spot, and there is still that ‘noise’ that exists on your planet.

That is distracting you from what you want to become. You want to be the very best that you can be. You want to heal your self? All right, conviction, – “this is what I am going to do”. ‘I’m going to get something, and the body is going to understand that this is going to make the body the way I want it to be, the way the body wants to be, so that ‘we’ can have ‘fun’ together’.

This planet has been called the planet that… the playground. This is what this planet was set up to be – a playground for people to enjoy themselves. And you have turned it into a planet of ‘disaster’. It has become a ‘hospital’ planet – that is the biggest thing you’ve got going. You have things that are going on, that if you will take a real good look at it, you will ‘see’ what you have done as individuals. It has become a ‘hospital’ planet, because you don’t want to take care of your own body. ‘If I go to a hospital, somebody else will take care of it’.

It has become a planet of ‘lawyers’. It has become a planet of ‘layers’ simply because you won’t speak up for your self. You won’t take care of your self. ‘I’m in this job, I’ve been in this job for 25 – 30 years, and all I’m doing is looking forward to the day I’m retiring’. Do you like your job? ‘No, I hate it, I hated it the day I went to work – but I had to do it – because there wasn’t anything else for me to do’. Well, after work did you try and learn anything else, so that you’d be qualified for another job? ‘Well, no, because when I get home from work I’m tired’.

You see you have ‘not’ taken charge. Those that make any step in their ‘evolution’, in evolving themselves to where they want to be, are not those that sit around passively. Being an OBSERVER is ‘not’ passivity. Being an OBSERVER is learning through INTENT. ‘I intend to learn something, and my best way of learning – for me – is through OBSERVATION. Its ALL ‘intent’. ‘Well, I’m stuck here and I’m stuck there and I have to do this and I have to do that’.

You said that ‘you’ and the YOU that ‘you’ are have decided on a disease. Why? Why didn’t you choose an alternative that you could learn the very same lesson from? You did not have to choose disease. Why did you choose disease? Why do you put your body through that? You wouldn’t do it to someone else, so why do you do it to your own body? I’m being very hard on you. And that is not only for those that asked the question. I’m telling this to each and every one of you. Why are you so hard on yourself? Why don’t you have RESPECT for your self and say, ‘I don’t want to cause my body these problems’? Find another way to learn. There are as many ways to learn as there are peoples on the planet, with a hundred million left over – that you’ve never even thought about.

It is important for “everyone” to begin to be an INDIVIDUAL. Take charge of your “life”. Take charge of your “body”. Work with your body, learn from your body, learn from other individuals. It is all a learning process, and it can be a delightful world to live in. It can be ‘fascinating’. You can get up and not know what the day is going to bring.

But, it is like this beautiful weather that they have been having on the East Coast, and they’ve been having in the Mid West. This beautiful, beautiful weather, and someone says, ‘this is such beautiful weather’, and the person that they’re talking to say’s, ‘oh yes, but I guess that we’ll get a cold spell and then everybody will get sick’. Now, is that any way to look at an existence? You can laugh about it, but where’s that person coming from? Why can’t you enjoy. Aona say’s back to that person, ‘I don’t care if a storm comes tomorrow, I’m not living tomorrow, I’m living today’. Then that person looks at her as if, ‘well what rock did she crawl out from under, she’s got some strange ideas’. Yes, but strange is good, strange is different.

If you’re going to do the same things that everybody else does, then what’s different? Different is important. When you have a disease – go about healing it. That you can watch the process. Watch how quick you can make it work – you can turn it around. Or, if you don’t want to turn it around, speed it up and die and get out of here. There are those that have done that too. Said, ‘I don’t want to be sick forever; this is not something I choose. If the body is in such a state that I can’t use it any more, okay, I’ll take death and come back and get a new one’.

I don’t know what else to say on this subject, do you have a question John?

JOHN: What about so called ‘genetic’ types of illnesses?

DATRE: You have genetic illnesses, very definitely. You have what they would call, a ‘weak’ strain or genetic weakness or whatever that is. But there again, that does not have to be dominant. Did you set that up as a ‘dominant’? If you set that up as a ‘dominant’, then why did you do it? You did it for a reason. Pursue it until you find out what it is. Why did you do it?

You have genes that go way back to the beginning of ‘this’ planetary existence. Then in all of those genes in that gene pool, in ‘your’ lineage… your particular lineage, why did you choose that one? What did you do it for? With all the options that you’ve got, why did you choose to limit yourself? What did you want to do with that ‘limitation’? What did you want to ‘learn’ from it? There are those that have that which they call… I think ‘multiple sclerosis’. There are peoples that are beautiful artists that cannot use their legs and arms, so they put a brush between their teeth and paint beautiful pictures. Why did they limit themselves like that? Maybe, all they wanted to do is paint. They had this longing to paint. An inward feeling that, ‘all I want to do is paint. If I had any other obligations, I wouldn’t be able to paint like I want to.’. Stop and look at that one from that side of the coin.

It’s ALL choice. You don’t realize it – but it is. It’s your choice from the beginning to the end. Then from the beginning to the end, again and again and again. So, there’s genetics, all right there is that. But there is also “you” that dwells in the physical body. And how strong is “your” intent? Your intent can change your physical construct. It is all up to you. But, if you have a ‘disease’ – heal it. If you can’t heal it, then do what ever you want to do. But, ‘learn’ from the doing.

No one else set that up for you – no one. No one can have ‘any’ influence on you what-so-ever – if you do not wish to have influence by anyone else. They can give you all the advice in the world, but if you don’t want to take it, you don’t have to. What we’re saying is, “be the ‘you’ that you are, be an ‘individual'”. OBSERVE, LEARN, that’s what its all about. And the ‘learning’ does not have to be one of suffering. That is one thing that you desire to do for some reason we cannot understand.

Why do you feel that you have to ‘suffer’? We do not understand that. You are in the physical to “enjoy” it. Enjoy it to the fullest, which ever way you can, however you desire you want to do it. It is like the man that say’s, ‘I will pay this man $100 to kill me, I don’t want to live any more. And tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock I will be walking through the park – I don’t want to see you – but I want you to kill me. I will write a contract and all this other kind of stuff if you want it.’. And the fellow say’s, ‘no, just give me the $100’. So the fellow say’s, ‘all right, I will give you the $100’.

So he takes the $100. The next afternoon the man is walking through the park and he say’s, ‘finally this will be over, it won’t be long now.’ The man is already there, he’s ready to shoot him. Then the man spots something in a little child playing with a car on the sidewalk. And the joy in the child’s face, and the child looks up and he smiles and he say’s, ‘I’ve got a car’. And the remembrance in the man of the day he got a little red car that he had longed for, and how he had played with that car. Then he began to remember that of living as a child, and he progressed in his thinking, and he said, ‘I do not wish to die. I have no desire to die. I want to find that joy, that happiness, that excitement that I had as a child.’ He continued walking with that thought in mind. Someone came up and tapped him on the shoulder and the man turned around and it was the man with the gun. And he said, ‘you have changed your mind, here’s your money back’. Who wrote the story? We are Datre.


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