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Datre answers Rob.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Rob, and his first question is… “I realize that there is no right and wrong but that it is our beliefs that cause us to think this way. We do get pain and pleasure, it this pain or pleasure contributing to our belief system…

DATRE: That is not contributing to your belief system, it is for you to OBSERVE and analyze. Why have you got the pain? Why have you got the pleasure? That’s what its all about. If your belief system is “contributing” to your pain and/or pleasure, that’s the way it works.

In other words, you’ll say, ‘oh, its cloudy today and there’s a lot of moisture in the air, oh I’m going to be stiff and miserable, I’ve got arthritis and this is the worst kind of a day for me’. What is that? That’s a ‘belief’ system. You have told yourself – repeatedly – ‘its cloudy and its damp and I’ve got arthritis’. You’ve told your brain ‘you have’, so the brains says, ‘okay, its cloudy, its damp and I have arthritis’. Okay, on those three things, the brain computes and says, ‘all these things exist, therefore, I will be miserable today’. That’s what a belief system is.

See how insidious a belief system is? Someone will say, ‘everyone in our family has had diabetes’. ‘Everyone has had it, the parents have it the grand parents have it the kids the relatives; everyone in the family has had diabetes. Therefore I better go to the doctor because I’m going to have diabetes too so I better start taking precautions’. Who says you picked up that gene?

JOHN: And if you did, who said that you turned it on?

DATRE: That’s right, you don’t have to. You can have everyone in the family die of heart attacks, that doesn’t mean that that’s what you’ve decided that’s what you’re going to do.

You see a belief system is something ‘you’ set up. In other words, if I go out today and I work in the yard and I haven’t worked all winter long, I’m going to be ‘stiff’ and I’m going to hurt and I’m going to ache and I’m not going to ‘feel’ good because I worked so hard. What are you telling your brain? You’ve told the brain that you’ve worked hard and you’re going to be ‘stiff’, what does the brain say, ‘body be stiff’.

Those three words are words you use constantly and never blink – ‘I am tired’. What does the body say, ‘oh, I have to follow the dictates of the brain’. The brain say’s, ‘I’m tired’, the body reacts, ‘I’m tired’. Your brain and your body ‘reacts’ to what ‘you’ give it. We’ve said that many times. The brain is a little child; the body is a little child. You’re the one to ‘train’ it. But, it is like everything else; you don’t pay much attention to your children either. They run helter skelter and lay down on the floor and kick and scream and cry because they can’t get a certain toy that they want. Then the mother or father or both of them walk off and, ‘come on, lets go’. Then if the child doesn’t go, they pick it up and carry it and they’re talking to each other and the child is screaming and nobody pays any attention to anybody. That’s what you do with your bodies. Your bodies are little babies. Your brains are little babies. And you ‘teach’ them all the time, but you don’t pay any attention to what you’re teaching them. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues with… “Or is it more to steer us in the direction we need to go towards to neutralize/be aware of our belief system. Could Datre elaborate on this?”

DATRE: I think we’ve said enough on it. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “In physicality we seem to be imitating or trying to do things on a physical level what is already done on the non physical level…”

DATRE: Nothing is being done on the non physical level. Why did you think it was being done on the non physical level? Things are being done ‘here’, because of the YOU that ‘you’ are trying to get a message through to you to lead your life into a life of understanding what physicality and planetary existence is all about. That’s what this whole thing is. And, the thing is, you’re not paying attention. What ‘other’ peoples do, what ‘other’ peoples experience, is ‘not’ your experience. Each individual is an ‘individual’.

The only way that you can know, the ‘oneness’ of the whole experience of physicality and planetary existence, is for you to become ‘first’ an ‘individual’. When you become an ‘individual’, then you will begin to understand what its all about and ‘see’ the cohesiveness of the whole pattern. But you want to see the whole thing as ‘one’ – and what does that do? It doesn’t get you any place. If we are all ‘one’, then why bother with ‘individualization’? It was a silly thing to do, if you want to be all ‘one’, then you might just as well go back to being ‘clones’ – then you can be all ‘one’. But you didn’t want that. That is a cookie cutter existence, and you’ve been through it. Continue.

JOHN: He continues along and says…”E.g.: our communications with cell phones, the net etc. are becoming faster and faster, medicine is trying to cure more and more etc. These things seem to follow what can be done naturally on a non physical level.”

DATRE: No – that isn’t true. What you’re doing is, experimenting in all directions and you’re doing that on a physical level. You’re doing it because you found something that you’re interested in doing. You’re interested in being a scientist, you’re interested in being a doctor, you’re interested in being a teacher, you’re interested in being a painter, so you pursue your interest. Then, in pursuing your interest, you are bringing about changes in your self. And in the changes in your self you are also bringing about changes in ‘others’.

In other words, you talk about the ‘net’, that is expanding, expanding, because peoples get ideas. ‘Oh, if this does this and that does that, and this does something else, what happens if…’. And there you go. Someone is off on a grand experience. And who knows what happens when they try that? That’s what makes ‘evolution’. That’s evolution on a physical scale. That’s evolution with ‘particle’ reality. That’s what you are – you are ‘creators’. The only thing that you forget about is the greatest creation that you have is ‘you’ – and you put that in the background – because that gets in the way of what you want to do. But, without the physical construct, you couldn’t do anything. So, continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Are we trying to physicalize and physically experience what is already a non physical reality?”

DATRE: You are making your reality “continuously”. It is a moment by moment evolution – it’s a continuation. And you think of ‘life’ and ‘death’ as beginning and ending, but it isn’t, it is a continuous evolution. But, the majority of the people on the planet cannot see it as such – but it is. Just because you ‘die’, that doesn’t mean that ‘you’ are dead – the body is dead.

So, the thing is that you continue to evolve. But, you don’t ‘see’ it, because you’re not interested in looking. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “When we go to sleep do we take our daytime awareness with us into the sleep state…”

DATRE: Yes, that is one of your problems. You take ‘all’ your problems, ‘all’ your frustrations, everything you didn’t get done today that you’ve got to do tomorrow, and you take all of that ‘garbage’ into your sleep state. Then you wonder why you can’t connect up with the YOU that ‘you’ are and bring back anything that makes sense? You’re much ‘smarter’ when you’re asleep than you are when you’re awake – because you have a better connection. But, the thing is, you’re not interested in the ‘connection’ because you’ve got all these problems and worries and deadlines and everything else.

So, you’ve got your opportunities set up in front of you. Its as though you go into a great big department store and there’s nobody in there but ‘you’ and the clerk that’s waiting on you – is the REAL YOU. The physical part of you goes in there and the clerk says, ‘can I help you?’. ‘Oh, I just want to look around’. So you go through this great big department store, you go upstairs and upstairs and upstairs, and look and look and look, and you’ve got all these ideas – all these magnificent ideas. Then you come down and the clerk says, ‘can I help you?’. ‘Oh, I’ve got all these magnificent ideas’. ‘Have you chosen one for something for tomorrow?’. ‘Well, I haven’t quite decided yet’. So, the next thing, you wake up, and where are you? Back in the same place you were yesterday. Very simple in explanation, but, that’s basically what happens.

You see, the YOU that ‘you’ are does not say, ‘this is what you have to do tomorrow’. The YOU that ‘you’ are says, ‘can I help you?’, ‘oh no, now I’ve got all these other ideas.. da… da.. da.. da da’. And you don’t get any place. You have to be an OBSERVER in the daytime and you have to be a ‘listener’ in the night time, and quite dragging everything with you – its not ‘you’ anyway. The ‘you’ that existed yesterday, has nothing to do with the ‘you’ that exists today. So, continue.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “…if not what happens to it? And what does happen to our awake awareness when we die, is this clouded by our belief systems?”

DATRE: Nope! When you die it is just another continuation of your daytime existence. Those that return from that which you call the ‘dead’, will tell you again and again and again – they write books about it all the time – that they feel no different than they did when they were ‘alive’. It is very hard for them to accept that they are no longer in a physical body. It has nothing to do with your ‘belief system’. You carry your ‘belief system’ with you. But your death is not a result of your ‘belief system’.

Your death comes when you’ve become disgusted enough with living that you don’t want any more part of it. That’s why some people die at 2 or 3, some people die as babies, some people die in their teens, their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, what ever you want. They die when they are no longer ‘fascinated’ by ‘life’. So they say, ‘I’ve had enough’, and they quit. How come, the other day someone died at 104? Why didn’t they go before? Their friends were dead, all their relatives were dead, and they didn’t have anybody around any more, what did they want to live fore? Apparently, they wanted to get everything they could. And, if it was an intelligent individual, they took it all with them. My, what a grand bunch of experiences – good, bad and indifferent.

So, you see… they talk about suicide. Every death is a suicide, if you want to look at it that way, because ‘you’ decide you don’t want to live any more – you ‘pick’ the way you want to go. You choose. You choose what day you want to go. They’ll say, ‘oh, wasn’t that a tragedy? Right when they were starting life, and now its cut short by an accident.’. That’s a ‘belief system’ – if I ever saw one. There’s no such thing as an ‘accident’. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre has said that we don’t know the real significance of lightning. I think this is true for all our weather and especially storms. Just in the last number of years it was discovered that storm clouds produced lightning geysers on top of the clouds that shoot upwards into the atmosphere. Can Datre tell us what these might be or what is happening with electrical storms in relation to nature and man?”

DATRE: Well, that’s another thing that’s connected with your planet. Now I’ll tell you something that you probably don’t want to believe, but that’s all right. The majority of your lightning comes from your ground. It is a ground disturbance that shoots up – instead of coming from the clouds down. It works both ways – but, same appearance, so it’s lightning. It doesn’t matter if it goes from the ground up or from the clouds down. Or whether it goes ‘sideways’ – and there’s a lot of that. There are many, many pictures, taken over large cities where your lightning goes ‘horizontal’ – great big long streaks of horizontal. Why doesn’t ‘that’ go up or down? You see lightning has many different patterns. But that is planetary.

There is a great deal more to lightning, but I don’t have physical words to tell you about it. We’ll leave that up to your scientists. Because, what they think of as lightning and what we know as lightning, are two different things – two different phenomena’s. Lets put it this way – two different ‘descriptions’ of the same phenomena – and we are not into technicalities. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “In society many people are in a rush, e.g.; eating toast, driving, discussing work all at one time. People don’t have time they want for family, self or even their job, no time for what they want to do. Is this a mass learning on how to create time? Is this an evolvement towards learning about simultaneous time or a wider range of focus or is it lack of focus, just destructive and stressful?”

DATRE: Now, as we’ve said before – ‘you create your own ‘time”. The clock does not create your time. The sun up and the sun down creates ‘time’ to a degree. But, its just a cyclic thing, its a planetary cyclic evolution, and the ‘time’ you put on that cycle, is ‘yours’.

How come, one person says, ‘I don’t think this day is ever going to end, it just drags on and on and on’, and the other person says, ‘I have just exactly the opposite, I can’t believe that the day is over already’. They’re looking at the same clock. How much was achieved by one Vs how much was achieved by the other? Because, that’s the way you measure things, you measure things by physical achievement – you don’t measure it by a clock. You measure it by, how fast can I go to get this much done? That’s your clock – ‘I have to get all of this done today, I have this and this and this to do’.

So, you get yourself in a panic and rush around to get everything done. Why? Time is entirely up to you. The person next to you has an entirely different schedule. They say, ‘its going slow’ – ‘its going fast’. Two people, in the same room, with the same clock in front of them. Doesn’t that tell you anything? It tells you what ‘time’ it is according to a physical instrument – but ‘you’re’ the one that sets the ‘time’ on that clock. You can make it go as slow or as fast as you want to. You don’t ‘believe’ it, so therefore, whatever you decide – that’s it.

They’ll say, ‘I don’t know how that person gets so much done? That person is so well organized’. No.. not necessarily so. That person makes time the way that person wants the time to be. But, in physicality, its very difficult to look at anything like that, simply because you have done it for so many thousand years.

And now, you’re not satisfied with hours and minutes on the clock, you have to get down into ‘nano-seconds’ or some other thing. You have to split and divide, split and divide, split and divide. Can’t you just stop and take a deep breath?

I will tell you something very interesting about that. You can be working, doing whatever task you are at, and there will be that moment where it will be like ‘oh’, it will feel like a space – feel that space. Stop, take a deep breath, and relax. Information is coming in for you. From that point, work from there. You don’t realize it, because you don’t ‘stop’. But you all have those ‘tiny’ indications. That’s why your ‘frustration’. That’s why things don’t go right – is because you don’t ‘catch’ the incoming ‘thoughts’. You block them. How are you going to make progress if you ‘block’ everything? Why are you stressed? Things don’t work right. Why don’t they work right? Because you don’t have any new ‘thoughts’ coming in.

You’ll say, ‘well, I’m too busy’. Well.. busyness does not create anything ‘new’. You’ll say, ‘I don’t have ‘time”. I don’t care what kind of a job you work in, physical bodies require bathroom breaks. Bathroom breaks allow you to walk to wherever you need to go to a bathroom. Isn’t that a good time to ‘clear’ your head? Clear it of what you’re doing – don’t take it with you. You’re walking, enjoy the walk. Relax in walking. Don’t scurry, don’t get your body all up tight, you can’t get anything ‘in’ that way, because your brain is going 90 miles an hour it won’t allow any ‘new’ thought. Take a deep breath, and walk. You can get there just as fast in a relaxed manner as you can if you get the body all up tight and you scurry down with little bitty steps. You’ll arrive at the same destination. Only one arrives calm, collected, the other one arrives in the same panic they were in when they got off their chair.

Then you’ll say, ‘how come that person is so calm?’. Because they take the ‘opportunity’, if its only a matter of a few minutes, to allow the body its ‘calmness’, to allow the brain time to relax – then its calm. Then the body settles down – try it. It isn’t going to take you any more ‘time’ to walk from your chair or wherever you’re standing or wherever you happen to be, next time you have to go to the bathroom – because you all have to do it I know. Take a deep breath. Relax the body. Empty the brain. Go in ‘calmness’ and enjoy your walk – however far it happens to be. Then when you come back to where you were previously, then you can get all up tight again. But, I will give you one thing – you will ‘not’ come back to the same level of ‘stress’ that you left with. Try it; it is a fun exercise for you to do. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre states that time is simultaneous and the essence can have many aspects and we are here to learn. It would seem possible and most beneficial to experience both sides of a situation, e.g.; being the victim and the perpetrator, being the husband and the wife etc. can essence do this? Can essence have 2 or more aspects and interact with it’s self?”

DATRE: Now, what you’re referring to when you call it essences, we refer to it as the YOU that ‘you’ are. Of course! You are but ‘one’ portion of the YOU that ‘you’ are that is experiencing. My goodness, the YOU that ‘you’ are, the expanded Entity that ‘you’ are, would certainly not be satisfied with ‘pinching’ a portion of itself off and experiencing only ‘one’ existence – which is ‘you’ in physicality. Why would they ever do anything like that?

That Entity, which is the YOU that ‘you’ are, has had “all” of these experiences. But, because of the ‘inability’ to be able to ‘record’ any of the events experienced, decided to take but a ‘small’ portion and put it in physicality – which is ‘you’ at the present moment – to experience these particular things. It was left to ‘you’ to pick out what ‘you’ wanted to experience, because the YOU that ‘you’ are didn’t care what you experienced, but that you did. And did that with goodness knows how many ‘others’ – thousands. They were “all” part of the YOU that ‘you’ are. Is there only one YOU that ‘you’ are? No! Definitely not.

The magnitude of this particular little planetary existence is beyond your knowingness. But, that does not make you unimportant. That makes you ‘extremely’ important when you realize ‘what’ you’re doing. Because, as you OBSERVE and begin to understand your planetary existence in physicality, you are going to be the YOU that ‘you’ are – in your own right. This is going to be ‘yours’. You can collect it all together, all the ‘life’, ‘death’ processes that you want – that you have experienced.

So, have you been the wife, have you been the husband, have you been the child, have you been the neighbor, have you been, have you been, have you been? Undoubtedly so. And what a grand experience you’ve had. Just that little portion that was pulled off, that said here, I’ll put you in this ‘first’ physical body – play in it. And you have played and played and played and played through the centuries. How many experiences have you gained? What knowledge have you gained? The only thing that you haven’t done is put the ‘life’, ‘death’ business together so that you have continuity. Which would give you a greater understanding.

But, because you ‘drop’ everything, you have remembrance of nothing; you start at square one each time. What a magnificent understanding, if you can take it all with you at the BIRTH. But, that would be up to ‘you’, that would be ‘your’ evolution; it is no one else’s. The Entity is not up there telling you, ‘now this is what you have to do today, this is what you have to experience’. You choose, you pick. The Entity is only there to OBSERVE you. The Entity is giving you this opportunity. Take advantage of it; learn as much as you can. Enjoy life. This was not set up as a prison. Next question.

JOHN: His next and final question is… “Throughout the day the mind is busy with chatter. Meditation teaches to quite the mind and go to levels of pure thought without chatter. Where does the chatter come from and what is its role or significance?”

DATRE: The chatter, is the brain picking up MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Plain and simple. That’s what you run off of is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s why its so very difficult for those who try to get out of running on the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, to be able to get into ‘purer’ thought, because MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is like a bowl of pudding or jello that isn’t quite set. You know how jello gets to a certain point where it starts to get a little congealed and you push it aside and the minute you take the spoon out, it goes right back together again? Well, that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is like. It’s hard to separate it, to get it separated long enough to get any ‘pure’ thought through.

But, that’s what your ‘chatter’ is all about. Its there, you’re living in it. Its there all the time, your brain just keeps picking up, picking up, picking up. Then your belief system sits there and sorts and sorts and sorts. That’s why we say, take a deep breath and get some different ‘thoughts’ into your head.

What do you get in meditation? Meditation should be ‘relaxation’. But meditation is usually ‘pushing’ yourself again. ‘I have to meditate, therefore.’ What are you getting in meditation, where are you going, who are you getting it from? What is that all about? Is it a connection, isn’t it a connection, what are you connecting up to? There again, if it’s just getting out to a nice place to sit by a lake – fine. Sit by a lake, but don’t drag a whole bunch of thoughts in there.

You see, the same thing can be accomplished, in a bare room. Just sit around and look at the room. ‘Gee, I didn’t know there was a spot on the wall, I wonder where that came from?’. ‘That’s interesting, the floor feels a little cold, well its that time of year, its not summer yet’. You see, you can sit in a bare room and enjoy physicality. You don’t have to constantly be doing something. Just being an OBSERVER can be a ‘grand’ trip in itself. Just listen to something. You can become so absorbed in listening that you will just feel a ‘thrill’ within the body. It doesn’t matter what you listen to, its better if you listen to something that sounds nice. But, enjoy being in a body. This is your experience – being in a body. Everyone wants to get ‘out’ of the body, but what in the world are you going to do without one? You haven’t achieved the point of ‘knowingness’ to be able to function without one. So, you better learn how to function ‘within’ one.

You’ll say, ‘well, I’m without one when I die’. No you’re not! No you’re not, you are still with a containment. You don’t know what its like to be without a body. You can meditate, because you know you can always come back to your body. But, what would happen, if you were told, ‘you get out of that body and you can never get back into a physical body again – ever’? What kind of a feeling does that stir within you? For most, it is pure panic. The thought on ‘never’ being able to come back into a physical body, ever, ever, again. So, stop and think of that and notice what you’re ‘feeling’. Feel it ‘deep’, and then, recognize what your body does for you and ‘enjoy’ it. We are Datre.


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