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Datre answers Christine.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Christine and her first comment is… “I am curious about the white race on this planet and its propensity for meddling in the religions of other peoples. Is this really an issue of the Christian religion, which sought to convert all and sundry to its beliefs, or is it the white race itself, having taken up the Christian faith, that served as a vehicle for growth and development for the entire planet? (In the way that other faiths have added to the evolution of the people over time)”

DATRE: Well, what has happened is, the white race is the ‘youngest’ race on the planet. It is like an adolescent child that wants to receive attention. When a child is in the process of maturing, they become very dogmatic in their thoughts and ideas, and from their standpoint – they’re right. And, don’t tell them they’re wrong, because then they rebel.

So, what happens is, the white race, being the newest race, is the most energetic and experimenting with everything. So, you’ll find the white race is more ‘dynamic’ in appearance, because, being the youngest, there are more of them and they are very outspoken. Like teenagers, they want to try and change things ‘their’ way. A teenager, as you well know, never wants to adapt. That is one thing a teenager does not want to do – they don’t want to conform.

So if you look at the white race as being ‘teenagers’ you’ll get an understanding of what propels them. So, continue.

JOHN: And she continues with… “According to my understanding of the Datre material, we are not really seen as being of different “races” but as “energy squiggles”.”

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: She goes on to say… “If we, who choose to shun “conventional” religious thought, were in some way to change the thinking of this planet so that others would free themselves of the guilt fed to them by some religions, it would surely take a few thousand years?”

DATRE: I think you will be surprised by my next comment. There are great changes taking place right now. There is a ‘push’ for change and there will be change. This year 2000 is going to show you many things, because there will be a dramatic ‘split’ in thought patterning. There are those that want to go forward, and they ‘will’ go forward. Those peoples that have the zeal and excitement for ‘life’, that want to ‘live’, because that is their enjoyment. That excitement will push them in a different direction than those who have an ‘I don’t care attitude’ or those that have the attitude that, ‘I will not change, everything is fine the way it is’. Can you see the dramatic difference between the two thought patterns?

That is why you have the situation that exists at the present time, because of those that wanted to ‘hold’ everything exactly as it has been for long periods of time. And one of the things that has resisted change, is your religion. So, there are many that are looking for change, and change ‘will’ come about. And the ‘split’ will come about, because of the excitement of those who want to go forward in evolution and those that want everything to stay status quo.

If you watch carefully, you will begin to see the ‘split’ – 2000, 2001-2002 – you’ll notice it. Then those that wish to go forward are going to stand out – it’s going to be a dramatic difference. Those that have been wanting change, are going to be very excited, knowing that they’re not a minority any longer. That does not mean in numbers, numbers don’t count, masses don’t count in evolution. It is the ‘intensity’ of the individuals that make changes in evolution. You can have large ‘masses’ of humanity that don’t want change, that want everything to stay status quo. But, you see, there’s no drive, there’s no intensity. It’s just – stay the same. Do the same thing; because my father did it, my grandfather did it, my great grandfather and all the way back.

You have begun to notice the change in many areas. Men are very uncomfortable in many areas because things are changing. They can no longer look to the ‘past’ to set up their future. Woman are finally being allowed to be themselves. That is making great changes.

So, for those that are looking for change. Those that are interested in excitement of evolution, watch what is coming. Because your joy and your excitement in living and evolving is what makes the changes. Next question.

JOHN: She continues with… “How can we accomplish change?”

DATRE: I guess we’ve already covered that.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Or would this be presumptuous to think we are responsible for the spiritual development of others?”

DATRE: You are never responsible for anyone but yourself. It does not help to go out to preach to another person. It may be a ‘momentary’ excitement. But when the other peoples leave, they go back to thinking their own thoughts.

So regardless of how many peoples you put into a big stadium or church or whatever – its momentary. They’re caught up in the excitement. Then they go back to work the next day, and everything becomes status quo.

Now, if you have excitement for living and for evolution and watching what is happening, and the excitement wells up within yourself – if you were to equate it, in numbers to other peoples, your one body of excitement is the equivalent to probably 25-30 people or even more, that are not interested in evolution and are not excited about ‘life’. So, you see, the numbers don’t count. It’s the ‘excitement’ of ‘life’. Continue.

JOHN: That was it that was the end of her questions.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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